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32 lies in 96 minutes

2020.10.23 21:44 coRvid_ice_elation 32 lies in 96 minutes

BIDEN: “[President Trump] did virtually nothing” to combat the coronavirus.
FACT: President Trump took action beginning in January to combat the coronavirus and his Administration has led an unprecedented response to protect American lives.
BIDEN: “And there’s no prospect that there’s going to be a vaccine available for the majority of the American people before the middle of next year.”
FACT: Both the CDC and Dr. Fauci have said a vaccine is possible before the end of 2020.
BIDEN: “I don’t understand why this president is unwilling to take on Putin when he’s actually paying bounties to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan.”
FACT: Top military and intelligence officials have strongly emphasized that the reporting of bounties is completely unproven.
BIDEN: “They’re interfering with American sovereignty and to the best of my knowledge I don’t think the president has said anything to Putin about it.”
FACT: The Obama-Biden Administration’s Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said no one has been tougher on Russia than the Trump Administration.
BIDEN: “[President Trump] has a secret bank account with China.”
FACT: The bank account is neither secret nor President Trump’s.
BIDEN: “When last time he said what he paid he said ‘I only paid that little because I’m smart, I know how to game the system.’”
FACT: President Trump has paid millions of dollars in federal taxes.
​BIDEN: “My son has not made money in terms of this thing about — what are you talking about – China.”
FACT: Hunter Biden attempted to negotiate multiple, lucrative business deals with Chinese partners, and currently has an ownership stake in a Chinese private equity firm.
BIDEN: “What I’d make China do is play by the international rules.”​
FACT: Biden has a history of being soft on China.
BIDEN: “When I met with Xi when I was still Vice President he said we are setting up air identification zones in the South China Sea, you can’t fly through them. I said we are going to fly through them. We just flew B-52 – B1 bombers through it.”
FACT: The Trump Administration, not the Obama-Biden Administration, flew B-1 bombers through China’s air defense identification zone.
BIDEN: “[President Trump’s] never come up with a [health care] plan.”
FACT: President Trump has a health care plan.
BIDEN: “There’s no way he can protect pre-existing conditions, none, zero.”
FACT: President Trump has fought and vowed to protect Americans with pre-existing conditions.
BIDEN: “Not one single person with private insurance would lose their insurance under my plan.”
FACT: Biden’s government-run health plan would crowd out the private insurance that Americans rely on, and Biden broke the same promise when he was Vice President.
BIDEN: “I guess we are going to get the pre-existing condition plan the same time we get the infrastructure plan that we’ve waited since ’17, ’18, ’19, ’20.”
FACT: President Trump released an infrastructure plan more than two years ago, and has repeatedly called on Congress to invest trillions in our infrastructure and included proposals in his budget to do just that.
BIDEN: “Not one single person with private insurance would lose their insurance under my plan nor did they under Obamacare.”
FACT: 4 million Americans lost their health insurance in the first year of Obamacare’s rollout.
BIDEN: “[President Trump] hasn’t done a thing for anybody on health care. Not a thing.”
FACT: This is completely false. President Trump has fought ensure the American people have access to affordable, world class healthcare.
BIDEN: “This is the guy that the actuary of Medicare said if, in fact, of Social Security, if, in fact, he continues to withhold – his plan to withhold the tax on Social Security, Social Security will be bankrupt in – by 2023, with no way to make up for it.”
FACT: This attack from Biden is false and has previously been debunked by fact checkers. The President’s payroll tax deferral will not harm Social Security.
BIDEN: “This is the guy who’s tried to cut Medicare.”
FACT: The Washington Post Fact Checker previously gave Biden two Pinocchios for making this claim.
BIDEN: “Where I come from in Scranton and Claymont, the people don’t live off of the stock market.”
FACT: A majority of the American people own stock either directly or indirectly, meaning they are helped by a stronger stock market.
BIDEN: “But these guys will not help them, not giving them any of the [PPP] money.”
FACT: President Trump’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) saved 51 million jobs.
BIDEN: “We did not separate [families at the border]”
FACT: The Obama-Biden Administration separated families at the border.
BIDEN: “You know my daughter is a social worker.”
FACT: Ashley Biden has not been a social worker for more than 8 years.
TRUMP: “You mean the laptop is now another Russia, Russia, Russia hoax?” BIDEN: “That’s exactly what – that’s exactly what we’re told.”
FACT: The Director of National Intelligence, Department of Justice, and FBI all agree that Hunter Biden’s laptop is not part of a foreign disinformation campaign.
BIDEN: “38,000 prisoners were released from federal prison. We had — there were over 1,000 people who were given clemency.”
FACT: Biden is off by nearly a factor of 20; less than 2,000 petitions for pardons and commutations were approved under the Obama-Biden administration.
TRUMP: “I just asked, I just asked one question. Why didn’t you do it in the eight years, a short time ago? Why didn’t you do it?…” BIDEN: “We had a Republican congress. That’s the answer.”
FACT: The Democratic Party had full control of both houses of Congress during the first two years of the Obama-Biden Administration, yet they failed to pass criminal justice reform.
BIDEN: “Four more years of this man eliminating all the regulations that were put in by us to clean up the climate, to clean up, to limit the emissions will put us in a position where we’re going to be in real trouble.”
FACT: President Trump has taken action to preserve our climate and ensure that every American has access to the most pristine water and the cleanest air.
BIDEN: “And right now, by the way, Wall Street firm (Moody’s) has indicated that my plan, my plan will in fact create 18.6 million jobs, 7 million more than his.”
FACT: The outfit Biden cited – Moody’s – has a history of drastically underestimating the positive effects of President Trump’s economic policies.
BIDEN: “I have never said I oppose fracking.”
FACT: Biden has repeatedly expressed his support for banning fracking, wiping out fracking jobs, and eliminating the fossil fuel industry.
BIDEN: “The guy who got in trouble in Ukraine was this guy trying to bribe the Ukrainian government to say something negative about me.”
FACT: There is no evidence President Trump pressured the Ukrainian government to investigate Joe Biden for the purpose of benefiting him in the 2020 election.
BIDEN: “My response is he is xenophobic, but not because he shut down access from China…”
FACT: Biden accused President Trump of “hysterical xenophobia” the same day the Trump Administration announced its travel ban; as the timeline makes clear, Biden was talking about the China travel ban.
WELKER: “There have been questions about the work your son has done in China and for a Ukrainian energy company when you were Vice President. In retrospect, was anything about those relationships inappropriate or unethical?” BIDEN: “Nothing was unethical.”
FACT: Multiple State Department officials expressed alarm about Hunter Biden’s job with Burisma and the potential for a conflict-of-interest.
BIDEN: “He has caused the deficit with China to go up not down, with China, up not down.”
FACT: The trade deficit with China is falling and “fell sharply” in 2019.
BIDEN: “Schools, they need a lot of money to open. They need to deal with ventilation systems, they need to deal with smaller classes, more teachers, more pods. And he’s refused to support that money, or at least up to now.”
FACT: President Trump has publicly supported another coronavirus relief bill.
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2020.10.16 22:41 stymeth I don't hate Pam but after about 10 rewatches, I really think that Jim lying is not a reason enough to act the way she did

The more my husband and I rewatch the show, the more we become very disillusioned with her reaction. I mean the stubbornness of someone who doesn't ever follow through on anything, doesn't make a lot of money (I'm in the UK so I'm not really sure on this one, but 41,000 dollars or however much Pam says she makes as an office admin is not that much and definitely not enough to raise two kids on), and is absolutely resigned to never changing anything about their life, while knowing that their very talented and ambitious partner is still in a job they never really liked or wanted to make a career out of seems absolutely bratty and self-centered.
We're supposed to think she is opting for the safety of her family, but when you consider that Jim is the main provider and that she is so non-challant about her "I like my life here, continue working in this job you never liked to provide for me and our kids, because I cannot possibly fathom moving to a better city two hours away from where I currently live and would have good chances of finding another job" stance, all I see is someone who is incredibly selfish and unsupportive, and whilst of course Jim acted very badly when he lied to Pam, I think a little bit more concern should be given by her to the fact that her husband felt desperate enough in his current situation to go behind his back to do something that excited him after not being excited about his job for years (by his own admition).
I think Pam digs her heels in too much because of her natural fear of everything and her meekness, but putting the burden of being the main provider on someone else and then being totally unsupportive of their ambitions is very selfish. People move all the time and a move from a place like Scranton to a place like Philadelphia really isn't the tragedy she makes it all out to be. Of course, she does arrive at the right conclusion in the end but it was only by miracle but she managed to get Jim back into Athlead; she gets away with her emotional laziness and selfishness too easily.
P.S. Even her screaming monologue about "I'm afraid you're gonna resent me and that I'm not good enough for you" is delivered in such a tone, it's almost like she knows that what she's asking of Jim is very selfish, but again cannot face to the consequence that he might feel disappointment and regret, and maybe even resentment, and expects that he again will have to do the emotional heavylifting of continuing to adore Pam after she was so clearly dismissive of his dreams and aspirations and a big part of who he is.
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2020.09.19 18:17 KarieNewsom [HIRING] 25 Jobs in salesforce Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
West Monroe Partners West Monroe Partners: Salesforce Developer San Francisco
West Monroe Partners West Monroe Partners: Senior Salesforce Developer Chicago
University of Maryland Division of Information Technology University of Maryland Division of Information Technology: Salesforce Developer, It Engineer College Park
MoneyGram MoneyGram: Salesforce Platform Enterprise Architect Frisco
LOGIXtech Solutions Salesforce Developer Beverly Hills
Mason Frank Senior Salesforce Developer-170k/year-LA/Newport Beach Los Angeles- Newport Beach- Irvine- Costa Mesa- Corona Del Mar
Mason Frank Salesforce Developer-Orange/Remote-$125,000/year Orange
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PSR Associates, Inc. SalesForce Developer - SDFC Developer - SalesForce Software Engineer - SalesForce Programmer Kennesaw
Mason Frank Senior Salesforce Developer - Remote Mount Laurel
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Mason Frank Salesforce Developer - Scranton - $150k/year Scranton
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Pathstream Salesforce Administration Certificate Kongiganak
Cortech Salesforce Systems Analyst Alexander
Pathstream Salesforce Administration Certificate Hot Springs National Park
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2020.09.18 12:50 Enginearrrrr The Cathy missed opportunity

I really think that the writers mishandled the Cathy story arc. They blew their chance to create a much more natural “third party-ish” between jim and pam, and this would have been better than the stupid brian shit because the brian stuff was clearly forced asf just to create a sense of a third party. Cathy being the “third party” in their relationship was natural because her and jim are desk clumpmates, and especially with pam being on maternity leave, that would have been the perfect timing for Cathy to really take advantage of Jim, plus the Florida storyline betwwen them. And there were a lot of subtle ways to make it happen without it being weird for Jim.
-Jim lets Cathy in on his pranks on Dwight? Instead of the xmas episode storyline of cathy being pissed at their pranks -Like in the pool party episode, make Cathy and Jim partners on the chicken fights on the pool because Jim was drunk? -And in the Florida storyline like make jim and cathy drunk at the bar and let’s say cathy kisses jim right? Of course jim will shoo away cathy. But it will still mean a lot of tension and weirdness between them and pam when they go back to scranton. -Then pam would be so pissed and god knows what could have happened there
Any more scenarios that could have made the cathy storyline better because it was clearly a missed opportunity, atleast for me.
P.S. Im still jim and pam for life, but they really this cathy storyline was underutilized.
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2020.08.27 00:47 ArthurDentonWelch What do you think of these lyrics? How do they make you feel?

Strike up the music the band has begun The Pennsylvania Polka Pick out your partner and join in the fun The Pennsylvania Polka It started in Scranton. It's now number one It's bound to entertain ya Everybody has a mania to do the polka from Pennsylvania
While they're dancing Everybody's cares are quickly gone Sweet romancing This goes on and on until the dawn. They're so carefree Gay with laughter, happy as can be They stop to have a beer Then the crowd begins to cheer They kiss and then they start to dance again.
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2020.08.24 17:15 NationofChange Trump’s most catastrophic error: Running every election as if a wingnut GOP primary

By: Robert S. Becker - August 24, 2020
Read the article here:

Spoiled by deviant wins, the Fixated-in-chief risks all by dancing the same, maniacal jig

Derangement aside (if possible), Trump is one dumb politician. That’s related but separate from being our worst president. The first is being too dumb to keep re-election competitive: the second is singular unfitness to govern, a spectacular screw-up on his first big pandemic/jobs crisis. No wonder he’s plagued with an unshakeable 42% support ceiling. That’s what comes from only talking to yourself and deluded base. That’s what comes from repeating the same tiresome shtick – as if boneheaded replays define stable genius.
Bottom line: 2020 is manifestly different from 2016, and only a fool ignores this fact. Being an incumbent now flush with mouth-slapping lies, broken promises, and crazy-talk is opposite to being a political blank slate, boasting his greatest qualification was never successfully being elected to anything. That’s a lesson for the ages. Having no voting, government or legislative experience was branded a positive, however bizarre the logic. Invisible to this day is how Trump could alone fix anything by axing agreements, reversing (not replacing workable policies, like health care) and reducing your predecessor to shooting gallery only worth riddling with negatives.
In retrospect, incumbency removes this core, jaw-dropping argument: “I don’t know much, connive on taxes and deals, cheat partners and vendors alike, abuse women, and am beholden to Putin and oligarchs, but elect me because I am rich and an outsider, so automatically less corrupt than any elected goon.” Well, Trump is now less rich, despite emolument payoffs, but he now dominates the corruption sweepstakes. Even with a too narrowly-restricted impeachment, unpunished Trump crimes leave what A. Johnson and B. Clinton together managed in the dusty dust.
Treating every election the same, and re-election as equivalent to the singular ‘16 GOP primary, invite an electoral shellacking. Trump’s elemental blunder is of such biblical proportions that his election disgrace could help secure his legacy along with high crimes and misdemeanors. Simply treating 2020 against Status Quo Joe as if comparable to battling a greatly disliked Hilary bespeaks a crazed rigidity that must drive his advisers nuts. Even those of us who reject Biden’s insufficient centrist reform know who he is and what he will – and won’t do. Gender differences aside, and they are alas no small factor, Biden as a general election pick is no Hillary – and without the baggage that so weighed her down. To delude yourself otherwise is to dismiss all polling and vectors – even make Trumpian assumptions.

Where fools rush in

The truth is, no politician survives without adapting to curve-balls, let alone hits and errors: that’s why having few solid principles hardly impedes 80% of politicians. Sure, spewing out direct contradictions to early promises, impaling yourself as hypocrite, can hurt. Though aligned with the mushy center, Biden will be less vulnerable than the pretzel-twisted Trump, racked with more contradictions and hypocritical reversals than a guilty sociopath.
Bernie Sanders, the steadfast, principled warrior, revealed how drastically the 2020 primary battleground had shifted since from 2016 when DNC machinations put a heavy thumb on the scales. In 2016 more younger, progressive, adventurous Dems came out in force and Bernie more than matched Hilary who played it so safe she had no vision. Bernie hasn’t changed (bless his heart) but more terrified, right-leaning Dems decided Biden was now safer as Trump-beater. You don’t have to agree to understand why Biden’s popularity took command on his own, thus needing less DNC jiggering.
That Trump cannot shift tactics (indeed worsen as desperation grows) against a different foe in different times will do him in. How does any competitive politician blindly deny a raging pandemic, job dislocations and racial protests? This campaign bozo not only can’t pivot, he can’t stop wounding himself. Look how the last weeks have alienated tons of centrists 14 times without winning new fans:
1) aligning himself with QAnon (making Pence look almost normal) and wacko conspiracies about anti-Trump, cannibalistic (child eating), satanic pedophiles in government;
2) dumping on Goodyear Tire (in key Ohio – where he’s behind!), calling for a BOYCOTT because the firm dared restrain partisan (MAGA) hats at work (with very unRepublican government manipulation);
3) demonizing Miles Taylor, the courageous, ex-Homeland Security official who’s gutting the self-absorbed president in detail (re: mosquito-length attention span, irrelevant distractions, seriously wanting to trade “dirty” Puerto Rico, full of U.S. citizens, for clean Greenland, with few);
4) assaulting the friggin’ postal system, threatening funding, openly exposing bad political motives;
5) sustaining his counterproductive, anti-mail-in voting filibuster – all about disenfranchising voters;
6) ominously threatening to order federal marshals to interfere with voting and violate state oversight;
7) still fixated about defying basic medical/pandemic advice (distancing, mask-wearing), claiming fantasy triumphs while the disease spreads, still irrationally pushing ineffective anti-malarial drugs;
8) attacking the FDA for not rushing untested trials so a “miracle” vaccine will save him by election day.
9) never objecting, let alone pressuring Putin on Russian bounties paid for killing U.S. soldiers;
10) claiming Biden wasn’t born in Scranton because his family moved when he was eight;
11) claiming Biden is senile, his mind “shot” and “everyone knows he’s not there,” so compromised this “Trojan horse” will be a pawn for every leftwing radical –despite that progressives got far less time than pro-Biden Republicans;
12) regurgitating insane birther nonsense, laughably against Kamala Harris;
13) repeating the FBI-refuted nonsense Obama spied on him during the campaign;
14) threatening to defy election results, refuse to leave, while “deserving” an unconstitutional third term.
And the list goes on and on, as Trump endlessly trolls the media, blind to how every outrage offends centrists and wins him no new voters. Name one election-positive tactic since February, by Trump or the rightwing, that upped his standing against Biden. Name anything (lies, stupidities, delusions) that improved credibility among the undecided 5-10%. Name one ploy that offset a dozen self-inflicted blunders, dwarfing every other politician, let alone memorable presidents in history, non-entities like Fillmore, van Buren, Harrison, Tyler, Pierce, Hayes or Arthur. Even against such heroic, ground-shaking giants,Trump is a pipsqueak, shrinking by every juvenile tweet.

Will reality will out?

Imagine his own, hair-pulling advisers: “You own your base, glued to every grievance; they will not forsake you, even martyr you if and when you ever die. But you need centrists to win even the rigged Electoral College. Only losers ignore undecideds, especially when behind by 9% points. Even winning half of those up for grabs won’t do it. Expand your voters or you lose in a rout.”
Perhaps equally dumb first term presidents once existed, equally inept at re-election strategy. Certainly, other racist bigots reigned, like A. Johnson or C. Arthur, demonizing all 19th C Chinese immigrants. Other deranged figures (like Joe McCarthy) could only talk to fellow nutters. But none openly courted white supremacists. Many have lied about things small and large (Bush/Cheney on Iraq, LBJ on Vietnam). Other presidents were fixated, defensive, gagged on good advice, or didn’t understand logic, science, medicine or technology. But no one matches the full witches brew of Trump’s failings, laced lately with irascible resistance to hard, undeniable facts that imperil his own status.
All those underwhelming if deceased presidents can sigh in relief: Trump looks to slime forth as both our dumbest politician/campaigner, inept even as demagogue. Even if shellacked in November – so clearly that sending in the lawyers will be a fool’s errand – the Trump Trauma will not heal quickly. We face ripples for decades to come, if only due to undying rightwing judges. Just the fact this bully of unfitness got elected once – and then wasn’t impeached for conspicuous crimes – will forever stain the land of the free and the home of the brave. As a democratic country, with high sounding foundational rhetoric about justice, we have flunked – and worse still he actually managed to get himself re-nominated. More’s the pity. More’s the permanent shock.
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2020.07.21 12:23 FantasKit My support for Nellie Bertram...

I had originally entitled this "Nellie appreciation post!" but that was auto-removed because usually appreciation posts are nothing. I’ve been tempted to post this for a while but I’ve never been brave enough before! People get very passionate against Nellie but I think that this is a bit unfair.
Nellie is not my ultimate favourite (that changes regularly, but is probably Michael overall), but I still think that Nellie is given a bad rap. As a comedy interviewee – “it’s fun to talk about the rejects,” as Jo Bennett put it – she was a successfully boggling person who added a bit of fun. When she reappeared in Florida, again, she was a convincing ‘fake it till you make it’ project leader and was ultimately able to get the team to create a feasible store, however short-lived the store was.
I suppose people only really started to have a problem with Nellie when she came to Scranton as a full-time character, which may be more to do with her booting Andy out then refusing to yield it back to him than to do with her personality. Had she stepped into Andy’s vacant swivel chair when he had abandoned Erin to go sailing, would we have been so outraged at “her one simple philosophy in business: if the seat is open, the job is open”? I don’t pretend she’s perfect; the stubbornness when Andy returned to claim back his role and her Tinkerbell method of rallying support was not great, and she did not handle the news of Andy’s ‘penile softiosis’ very well. But she did mean well with that incident, and she didn’t expect to it ultimately leading to Andy’s quitting and the rallying of David Wallace who told Sabre to… well, you know.
Overall, I think that her character did a great job of developing from an unqualified wannabe-leader, through to a decent friend (of Pam’s in particular), with her history with Henry the Stage Magician and desire for motherhood revealing itself along the way. Perhaps I’m biased because I know her from The Catherine Tate Show and Doctor Who, and as a Brit I relate – unsuitable as it was to announce in the office, I can completely appreciate that her British friends would have “told her if she moved to America, she'd be murdered”. I think in the short timeframe she was a part of The Office, she was well-established; not overshadowing the top people but more impactful that Dwight Jr. and Plop, though I concede that they had far fewer episodes.
My favourite Nellie moments are:
Suki! Suki… IS HER NAME” – S7, Search Committee. My partner and I say this whenever we speak about socks… ‘sockeeeee!’
Oh look at that” – S7, After Hours. Simple words but the way she says them..!
"I see you've found Benjamin. That's what I call my box full of photos of Henry." – S8, Welcome Party. You may already know, but I’ve never seen it mentioned so thought I’d take it upon myself to share, that the shoebox is a Clarks box; Clarks is a major shoe shop in the UK so kudos to the props team.
When you use a ridiculous font, no-one thinks you have a plan” – S9, Roy’s Wedding.
Why don’t I go and tell Dwight, so he can stop being such a complete nipple?” – S9, The Boat
TL;DR – lay off Nellie, she’s far from the worst.
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2020.06.29 20:16 harvestunofficial Introducing an Unofficial Harvest HOC App- links directly to menus as well as CanPay

Introducing an Unofficial Harvest HOC App- links directly to menus as well as CanPay
Hey guys I'm a Reading-based mmj patient and love Harvest HOC!
I was very excited to walk in the other day and see that they have partnered with CanPay, a service that lets you pay in PA dispensaries using your bank.
I have however always found the Harvest menus difficult to navigate, and CanPay is a great service but their website isn't a whole lot better.
So I took it upon myself to make a crappy lightweight, unofficial Harvest app for Android.
(No iPhone yet but you can still use -- if you're really tech savvy email me and ill send you the files but you'll need a Mac )
It's basically a just web portal,, but everything is in one place and the menus are much easier to read IMO.
Each location in PA is represented, Reading 5th Street, Reading Lancaster Ave, Harrisburg, Scranton & Johnstown.
Unfortunately these will not be on either app store and Android version takes a few moments to set up. IOS users can just use the link.
(If you have ANY problems with the app PLEASE email me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) I am more than happy to help patients or caregivers with this)
Links and instructions are below.
First you need to enable installing apps from outside sources. this can vary depending what phone you have but here is the general process.
Open your settings app, and tap the following options.
Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Advanced -> Special app access -> Install unknown apps
Select Chrome or the Reddit app or whichever web browser you're using to download the file and toggle "Allow from this source" to ON.
Now download and install the apk file from the link above.
IOS users can add "" to your homescreen with a custom icon using this service and the icons below
IOS Icons
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2020.06.29 04:13 southerntiersissy M4T/CD NEPA

25 M switch north of Scranton looking for femme to play with, looking to maybe suck dick, maybe play a partner faproulette or something too.
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2020.06.27 22:42 VydenR41 A rant on Pam, why I hate her and her defenders.

First time watching the office: “Oh Jim and Pam are a pretty good love story.”
2nd watch: “Hmm ok I’ve kinda seen it before still kind of nice I guess. Karen doesn’t seem horrible though. Begin to question if I like Pam as a character.”
3rd watch: “Ok this is actually quite annoying. I’m beginning to hate Pam. Karen was never wrong. Even Jim is a bit sleazy. Pam is overall disappointing I hate her and those who like her.”
Sure you can say Pam became more vocal = growth but after that she pretty much repeats a cycle. She stays quiet on a subject for too long then makes a whole dramatic flare to “speak her truth.” See speaking her truth wasn’t something new for couples counseling in s9. She did it quite a few times in the series before.
First she did it with Roy, and sure I don’t think it’s all harmful to say to your partner “hey we need to spend time together.” Totally harmless but it’s when she finally tells the truth of Jim and her and holds expectations of Roy. You’re dropping a bomb on the man. Sure he wasn’t the perfect bf (which we will talk about soon) but the dude trusted and respected Jim. Waiting to tell him this long just makes everything rush back to him he now knows why his wedding was canceled. Pam breaks up with him as if he is the issue. Like no lady you thought your little boost made you invincible. You didn’t even warn Jim either.
Quickly I’ll go over Roy as a bad boyfriend thing. It felt like Pam was to be solely appreciated and praised even though you hardly see her return the favor. Doesn’t get Roy anything for Valentine’s Day but gets jealous when Phyllis is showered in flowers. She got mad at Roy even though he was saving for the wedding like you asked! Even on the episode when you find out Pam broke up with him before the wedding. “ I’ll never take Pam for granted again.” What has she done for you?!
Moving onto Karen who wasn’t that bad. This one I’ll say can be more of Jim’s fault but Pam plays a big part. Karen was new and is convinced by Jim to come to Scranton. She even becomes friends with Pam as she helps her with the apartment moving situation and when Angela kicks her out of the PPC. She becomes aware of Jim still having feelings for Pam which should be a concern for anyone in a relationship. This isn’t fair to her at all to have a guy convince you to move to a place all to find out some history that’s not her fault. She even stays with Jim even after his history creates drama with a physical confrontation with Roy. She almost started getting marked as a villain because Pam and Jim cant move on. Then comes the campfire scene which now is cringeworthy to me. Pam could have told Jim she missed her friendship but no she had to mention that she canceled her wedding in front of Karen. If this were anyone else they’d be labeled crazy and desperate and told to move on with their lives. But no it’s Pam more power to Pam whoooo. It’s even further reinforced when Karen speaks to her the next day. Is almost depicted like Pam is standing up to Karen (for what?!) when she says she was truthful and sorry if that made her uncomfortable (obviously it would make anyone uncomfortably. Like I said though it’s so two Pam thumbs up! After that Karen is just discarded even though she did nothing wrong. They depict her as crazy and emotional even though they pushed her and played games with her.
Anyways yada yada Jim and Pam start dating and this is when Pam just becomes disappointing. She goes to art school. Jim is very supportive, encouraging and drives up to see her. He almost mistakenly drives up to see her after the 3am voicemail but doesn’t want to be “that couple” (something to note for later.) Then Pam fails artist school which is a failed venture. I really wish they pushed her art more because a picture on the wall and a butt mural didn’t cut it for me. They could’ve had her do more design stuff for crying out loud they had her animate. Anyways she fails that then returns oh then next when Michael starts his own paper company she jumps ship w/o consulting Jim who she lived with. Anyways makes her first sale by literally picking up the phone not all inspirational. Then money troubles and dm buys them back. Then guess what ?? Pam finds out she wasn’t that good of a saleswoman! Yet another failed venture on a character I thought they were making more confident. Her new job just feels like secretary 2.0 just...stupid.
Roy’s wedding made her even more annoying. She starts off being very doubtful of Roy. Started eating a banana she could have finished in the car. She is so concerned about Roy having hotdogs and very rudely says he can’t play piano at his own wedding. She hadn’t seen the guy in years and doubted him meanwhile he had transformed while Pam literally moved 10ft from where she used to sit to have a slightly better job.
Her insecurity drives her to doubt her own husband while Jim never acted on his. Remember “we are not that couple.” Jim also didn’t want to stay at this mundane job all his life. This is where the Pam defenders come out. “She was caring for both their kids!!” Yeah no Pam’s mom helped a lot Jim was gone every other day. Jim and Pam fight but ultimately Jim decides to do what Pam wants. Even after that he yet again has to reassure her that she is enough. The real zinger is all she ever gave Jim was a lousy comic. Giving someone permission to work their dream job and one that would benefit your family is not a GIFT. She did not progress at all probably the hardest she ever worked was caring for her own kids. I hate Pam and her fans!!!
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2020.06.20 18:03 EnnardB A.I. Tries to describe Pam (Beesly) Halpert

Pamela Morgan Beesly was a receptionist at Dunder Mifflin Scranton. She was married to Jim Halpert and the couple had a daughter, Sara, who became a flight attendant and married Frankie Muniz.[3]
In May, Pam is suspended without pay by Dunder Mifflin after she sends out an e-mail chain letters calling for people to protest the firing of one of the partners of her family-owned dental supply company. Due to the incident, Jim gets a promotion and Pam is demoted to Desk Clerk.[4]
Jim and Pam discuss their marriage problems, Jim gets reamed by Pam at the offices in the office. Jim gets a promotion and Pam gets demoted to Desk-
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2020.05.16 05:34 LittleDipper42 The Office Kevin is the Reason The Scranton Branch does so well

Well I don't know if this has been said before me or idk. But here I am mashing up like alot of theories and kinda of debunking some to make a new one. This theory involves the "Kevin is a genius stealing money from the company" and the "The Documentary Crew is buying all the Scranton Branch's paper to keep them on Business".
Okay so my theory states that Kevin is not a genius but is so dumb that he is actually doing insider trading without even knowing it, making the Scranton Branch alot of money even tho they spend alot of money in parties and some don't even do their jobs since they are always up to something crazy.
A little backup to this is in the Scott's Tots episode, yes the cringy one, Michael tells Erin that when he hired Kevin he wasn't even applying to be an accountant but to be part of the Warehouse crew. So that indicates that Kevin is the least indicated to even be an accountant. So there is no way Kevin is a genius, because if he was he would be trying to do better things than to be a warehouse worker. Next set of proof is that in the episode "The Convict" Martin says he went to jail for insider trading. Kevin then tells the doc Crew that he had Martin explain over and over what Insider Trading was because it sounded alot like what he did in the Office. Now many believe this is a hint to him being a genius and acting dumb to defraud the company. But what type of Genius tells a documentary crew that is obviously gonna air the doc, that he does insider trading? Not a smart move in my opinion. Another little thing that made me spark this theory, in the webisode on The Accountants where $3,000 go missing, it is discovered Angela accidentally counted $3,000 on something twice. But before that Oscar discovers that he forgot to sign in some money believing that was where the missing money went but then Kevin says that that he took that money but he lost it but then the Pistons beat the Cavs and he got the money back. Meaning what if the whole documentary Kevin gambles and gambles the company's money and keeps on winning? In the episode Casino Night Kevin says he won a World Poker Tournament. This isn't even a reason to say he is a genius because you can be dumb at most things but there has to be something you are good at. Like I bet you anything that alot of the famous smart guys suck at something like gambling or Black Jack or Poker. So there is enough reason to say Kevin may not be business and numbers smart but is gambling smart.
Now to the last thing to settle this issue is the "He used the money he got defrauding the company to buy a bar". Now I also don't believe that people wanted to buy Kevin drinks after the doc aired because no where in the Doc does it show him making drinks to bring this conclusion. I believe Kevin may have used his severance pay to gamble and win alot of money, enough to buy a bar. I believe this because in the Job Fair episode Kevin goes with Jim and Andy to golf and get a sale from a future client. Kevin then says he will use some pocket money Oscar gave him and turn it into next month's rent by betting in the golfing game. And by the end of the episode it is clear Kevin achieved his goal in gambling. Meaning if Kevin can gamble some pocket money into his month's rent he can for sure make a severance pay of like a thousand dollars into enough money to even buy shares at a bar to become a partner.
So in Conclusion: Kevin is actually so dumb he is doing insider trading without knowing it and uses company money to gamble and consistently keeps winning and making the Scranton Branch's numbers boom making it the top Branch.
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2020.04.12 00:53 Broseph_Stalin1127 Unpopular Opinion (regarding Pam)

First let me preface, I’ve probably watched the office at least 30 times all the way through. Every time I watch it it becomes more evident to me that Pam is a bad partner for Jim. First, Pam wouldn’t leave Roy even though their relationship was always rocky, and she knew Jim had feelings for her. Then, she acts like a whiny baby the whole time Jim is with Karen, like Jim never had to experience the person he liked be with someone else. But the main cause for my opinion is season 9 when Pam basically forced Jim to give up his dream job and company he started all because “she likes their life in Scranton”. Let’s not forget Jim completely supports her when she goes to art school and has to be in NY for 12 weeks, yet she doesn’t support Jim’s ambitions because it’s hard on her. I realize ultimately Jim does end up with Athlead and everything works out but Pam creates a whole load of unnecessary problems in there marriage and acts like Jim shouldn’t be allowed to pursue his dreams if it doesn’t work for her. Thoughts?
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2020.04.09 23:58 hashtagthoughtbomb Last night I watched The Office while high and took some notes

See title. My partner and I watched the run of episodes from 'Casino Night' up to 'Initiation' - probably one of the strongest stretches of episodes across the whole show. Here are a few notes I took from each episode of some things I'd never thought of before:
Casino Night
When Roy asks Kevin if his band will play Roy and Pam’s wedding, he asks Kevin not because he likes the band, but because he’s in charge of organising the band and it’s the lowest effort way of getting it all sorted. This is doubly significant because it’s the last scene we see Roy before Jim confesses his love to Pam.
When Angela slaps Dwight he first looks shocked, then incredibly attracted to her.
Gay Witch Hunt
Jan convinces Oscar not to sue the company by giving him three months of paid vacation and a company car. David Wallace may taken this into consideration when he fired her, because this could be argued to have been bribery.
I never noticed Larry Wilmore’s cameo as Mr Brown in Series 3, when he’s giving some training to the Stanford branch at the end of Gay Witch Hunt.
The Convention
When Jan says to Michael in front of Jim and Josh “I can’t be on top of you 24 hrs a day”, she says it because she knows he’s going to say “That’s what she said” and she’s attracted to how juvenile he is.
When Josh says to Michael “if our branch absorbs yours’ I’ll try to find a place for you in Stamford” this is an indicator that he’s a stationery status-obsessed psychopath who would leverage a position at Dunder Mifflin to a senior position at Staples.
When Michael is at the convention and he’s shown wearing a Microsoft Office T-shirt, this isn’t SWAG from this year’s conference, it’s from a previous conference and Michael wears it every year.
When filming the scene where Pam goes on a double date with Kelly and Ryan, it must have been phenomenally difficult to keep a straight face with Mindy Kaling shoving chips into BJ Novak’s mouth while saying “he loves ketchup.”
The Coup
When Michael tricks Dwight into thinking that he’s the new General Manager of the Scranton Branch, Dwight knows that it’s a trick but he goes along with it to give Michael the opportunity to demonstrate his authority over Dwight. Dwight does this because he wants to give the General Manager position the strongest air of authority for when he takes up the position himself six seasons later.
Michael isn’t offended that Dwight doesn’t like his Sebring, he’s offended that Dwight lied to him that he did in the first place.
Jim has no intention of getting over Pam, he desperately wants Karen to be Pam.
Grief Counselling
Michael isn’t sad because Ed Truck died, he’s sad because he realises how short life is and that he doesn’t have a family yet.
Jim is annoyed when Karen speaks French. He wants to like her, but he’s intimidated by not being the smarter one in a couple.
Ryan’s a bad salesman not because he doesn’t have the skills, but because he’s scared of succeeding and becoming like Jim or Dwight – neither of whom he aspires to be like.
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2020.04.03 19:24 sholland7 Piece of cake

Fan script Written by Seth Holland
Michael is sitting in his office on the phone. He looks emotional. He hangs up the phone. He grabs a half eatin piece of cake on a plate and tosses it in the trash. He goes thru the fridge in the breakroom and is tossing everything in the trash.
Talking head of Michael- So I just found out that I'm a prediabetic... I've always had a weakness for sweets and now my body is attacking itself for it.... in a few years I'll probably look like kevin at best...
Dwight walks into Michael's office.
Dwight- Michael, Jim burried my belongings somewhere in scranton and is making me decipher hieroglyphic clues to find it!
Michael- Not now Dwight! Okay?
Dwight- What's the matter?
Michael- (Sigh)... I just found out that I'm a pre-diabetic... If I don't change my ways I could only have 40, 50 years to live tops...
Dwight- But you're barely overweight?
Michael- What the hell do you mean "Barley Overweight"? I'm not overweight at all Dwight!
Dwight looks at camera as if to imply that he is
Dwight- You should've eatin those beets I've been bringing you.. they are incredibly healthy.
Michael- No one eats beets Dwight! Not even animal's...
Dwight- How'd you become a diabetic?
Michael- "Pre-diabetic".. and it's an addiction to sugary foods that I probably contracted from kevin, Stanley or phyllis...
Dwight- Have you had intercourse with any of them?
Michael- No! God Dwight!... it's probably airborn, who knows... plus all my sexual partners have been smoking hot... you know that
Talking head of Dwight- The Schrutes are immune to practically everything.. even vampire bites... except for possibly a milk disease.. everytime mose gets close enough to a cow to consume any.. he gets violent diarrhea... which is 3 times a day..
Michael watches Kevin eat a cupcake through his window. He shakes his head and comes out of his office.
Michael- Kevin! Stop eating that now!..
Kevin (with a full mouth)- Why?...
Michael- I know this is going to be hard for you all to believe but Kevin and I and phyllis and Stanley all share the same addiction... we are all diabetics..
Stanley- None of us are diabetics Michael, why do you always think that?
Michael- The first step to getting through a disease like diabeticism is to admit you have a problem Stanley... look at merideth. That's what happens when you do nothing about your addiction
Meredith nods in agreement
Jim- Michael, is there any chance that you're making a bigger deal out of this than what it is?
Michael- It had the word "Die" in the name so you tell me, is it a big deal Jim? . Don't enabe my addiction, please?... it's a miracle that I can stand here before you as manager while dealing with this..
Pam- Michael, you know I have a friend who is diabetic and she is an Olympic swimmer
Andy- She any good?
Pam-... Well she's an Olympian
Pam- No she's not any good (looks at camera)
Michael- You see? I'm sure this talented woman could be doing anything with her life but she's forced to settle competing in something no one cares about because of her addiction to unhealthy food..
Talking head of kevin (chocolate on his face)- I eat sweets so that my sugar can't get low.. use your brains people!
Ryan- I've been a diabetic my whole life Michael.. if you manage it and listen to your doctor you'll be fine
Michael and Kelly look shocked
Michael- Wow really?... (Gets emotional) Don't you think that's something you should tell your best friend Ryan?.....
Talking head of Michael- I guess Ryan must've been a really fat baby...
Kelly- (Crying) This is just like "A walk to remember" except Ryan is Mandy Moore and I'm Shane West ...(sobs)
Michael calls Jan
Jan- Hello
Michael- Jan.. there's no easy way to tell you this... I... I took a random blood test and I failed it... I am in the beginning stages of Diabeticism...
Jan- (Sigh).... I don't have time for this Michael..
Michael- Look Jan, I'm taking the initiative to fight this okay? I'm checking myself into a 30 day rehab and I will be attending meetings everyday...
Jan- ....
Michael narrates as he's seeing fighting with kevin to keep him from eating a doughnut.. they spill the doughnuts and Michael drags kevin away by his feet as he eats them off the floor) Michael- I feel like the office is in shambles... Phyllis and Stanley are in total denial and refuse treatment... Ryan was already attending AA meetings as it turns out.. that's probably why he looks so good... You know, Today I literally had to drag kevin away from a pile of Doughnuts... why would they have Doughnuts at an addicts anonymous meeting?.... I didn't see a table full of booze and Crystal meth!...
Cue intro:
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2020.03.30 21:51 andreagar I think Pam deserved a better character arc - here's an idea

Out of the 'main' characters (Jim, Dwight, Pam, Michael), I feel like Pam is the one who had the least ideal character arc. She was always seen as a timid and inert person, just going with the flow and never trying anything, even almost marrying Roy despite being engaged for years with no prospect.
We see her character 'grow' through three main phases, and each of this has a catalyst and a reward.

1) Roy Phase - Pam is in a menial job, working for a company that she doesn't really care about (except for maybe Jim), she's comfortable but not really happy with her engagement with Roy because it seems like it's going nowhere.
Catalyst: Jim's Confession – Because of this Pam was able to see that she could deserve better and she takes a brave step by not going through the wedding.
Reward: She's free from Roy, and has a more daring outlook in life.

2) Single Phase - Pam's still 'stuck' in the same job. But she gets her own apartment, starts taking arts classes and is generally more independent compared to before. Her next challenge at this phase is to confront her feelings for Jim.
Catalyst: Pam's Confession - During the 'Beach Games' episode, Pam was the only one brave enough to do the fire walk (except for dwight) and eventually confesses to Jim.
Reward: Pam eventually becomes 'freed' of the burden of her feelings towards Jim. Despite Karen being there, despite risking her friendship with Jim, she was brave enough to admit that she had feelings for Jim too and she misses their old friendship.

3) Jim Phase - Jim and Pam eventually end up together and this is because of both character's choices to be brave and confront their comfort zones. But this for me is where Pam's character gets lost. She get's a few more chances to get into new 'phases' in her life but none of them seem to lead to actual character progression.
Now here's my idea: I think Pam should've been the Scranton Branch's HR replacement for Toby. Here's why:

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2020.02.22 06:01 Epicny [Thank You] Happy belated Valentines <3

Thank you all for sharing the love this Valentines day! My partner and I don't really celebrate it so it was really nice to get some sweet cards from all my internet friends!
u/ladyg8r - Thanks so much for the custom Valentine!!! This is so cute!!! Were the tattoos from you too? I'm bad at keep all the bits and pieces together :/
u/germymany - Thank you for the Valentine postcard!! The first thing I noticed is that it was from Scranton lol! Big the office fan here! I'll cherish this forever! Thanks for your happy tips! I'll keep those in mind for when I need cheering up :)
u/fashbrownz - I love this card!! Thank you so much!! What a sweet little chicken in the sun!!! The paper on the front also feels super nice! I am going to start doing my schoolwork after this! I'm excited but also a bit nervous because I have to balance my study with work this time soooooo.... We'll see!! Good luck to you!!
u/quboudica - Thank you for the Valentines!!! This is cute and thanks for the little magnet and tea! You're so kind :)
u/reclusiverabbit feat Theo and Mona - Thanks guys for the Valentine! The smore is so cute! And so are the doggy stickers! Is this custom printed? So cool! Thanks!!
u/shadesoflanternhill - Thank you so much for this gorgeous Valentine! Wow! It looks like you've put so much effort into this! All the washi and stickers, the envelope and the little paper it came! So beautiful! Thank you!
u/skylineprophets - Thanks for the cute Valentine! It's sparkly and has a kitty, that's right up my alley! I love it!!
u/poisonouskey - Thank you for the sweet Valentine!! I always think chocolate scratch and sniff smells a bit weird lol, but thank you the cookie and the doggie are super cute. And I love your little note! Thanks also to Griffin for helping out! I love it!!!!
u/neona65 - Thanks for this beautiful handmade card!! Would you call this embroidery? Whatever it is I love it! Thank you!! Oh! And the envelope is so pretty too!!
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2020.02.21 19:34 HiddenResetButton Lancaster County’s first medical marijuana growing and processing plant could be up and running by August
Lancaster County’s first medical marijuana growing and processing plant could be up and running by August.
The state Department of Health, which regulates the program, awarded Laurel Harvest Labs a
permit Thursday to grow and process medical marijuana in Mount Joy Borough.
As LNP LancasterOnline previously reported, the marijuana will be grown and processed in a
secure, one-story facility to be built on the nearly 10-acre tract that fronts New Street, near South
Barbara Street, then shipped to dispensaries.
Constructing and equipping the building will cost $8 million to $10 million, according to Andrew
Dodge, a managing partner in Laurel Harvest. The building plan is in two phases, each 52,000
square feet, and he estimated the facility will have 45 to 50 employees within two years.
Dodge said the facility should be operating within six months of receiving the permit. He said the
startup hopes to finalize purchase of the property and start moving ground shortly.
“This has been a long time coming,” he said, explaining that the permit will enable Laurel Harvest to partner with Temple University's Lewis Katz School of Medicine on research. “We’re here to advance the science of cannabis.”
Their clinical trials will be conducted through dispensaries, not the Mount Joy location, he said.
The permit also authorizes two dispensaries, in Scranton and Montgomeryville.
Mount Joy Borough Manager Samuel Sulkosky said in an email that he’s eager for the upcoming
construction of the facility “and the resulting economic benefit to the community.”
He wrote Dodge and partners “deserve a tremendous amount of credit” for selecting the borough for the project and sticking with their commitment to it through the process.
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2020.02.02 17:12 orthomonas The winner of tonight's Superbowl will have won because of the date

They've been trapped in a time loop and used it to perfect their strategy.
Strike up the music the band has begun
The Pennsylvania Polka.
Pick out your partner and join in the fun
The Pennsylvania Polka.
It started in Scranton, it's now No 1
It's bound to entertain you
Everybody has a mania
To do the polka from Pennsylvania
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2020.01.22 23:25 GivingVicky Charitable Contributions Through S Corporations

Lots of taxpayers oversimplify the rules surrounding the charitable contribution deduction. Most people are aware that contributions to public charities were previously deductible up to a maximum of 50% of adjusted gross income (AGI), and that for tax years 2018 through 2025, the deduction may not exceed 60% of AGI. What most commonly catches some by surprise is that lower limitations may also apply. It is important to determine the amount deductible prior to the application of any limitations. Is it the adjusted basis? Fair market value? Or perhaps, something in between?
Rules surrounding the pass through of charitable donation deductions from an S corporation to its shareholders and the corresponding basis adjustments might also surprise taxpayers. This article explores some of the rules for contributions to public charities by an S corporation.

What Is a Public Charity?

In general, public charities (like the Giving Center) are tax-exempt Internal Revenue Code (IRC) section 501(c)(3) organizations that receive support from a extensive base of donors. Public charities are different from private foundations, which are 501(c)(3) organizations that receive support from one or a few sources, such as a single family or corporation [IRC section 509(a)]. Different rules can apply to private foundations.

Charitable Contribution Rules for Individuals

Contributions of long-term capital gain (LTCG) property will produce a deduction equal to the fair market value of the property, which is subject to a 30% of AGI limitation. This rule hasn’t been affected by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). LTCG property is defined as property that is presumed to generate a long-term capital gain if sold by the taxpayer on the date of contribution; it’s the contribution of a capital asset held for more than one year. The contribution of ordinary income property, property that would generate ordinary income if sold, which includes short-term capital gains, generates a deduction equal to the donor’s adjusted basis of the property contributed, subject to a 50%-of-AGI overall limitation. (The new 60% of AGI limitation applies only to cash donations to qualifying charities.)
The charitable contribution deduction is decided at the shareholder level, and the treatment of these contributions might differ among shareholders given the limitations based on shareholder AGI.
There are some exceptions to these rules. First, the contribution of LTCG property that is unrelated to the use of the charitable organization will not generate a full fair market value deduction. For example, if a person decides to donate art, like a Picasso, to United Way, whose charitable function isn’t to engage and educate through art, then the taxpayer will only be able to deduct up to their adjusted basis in the artwork, subject to the 50% limitation. Marketable securities are normally not considered unrelated use. Additionally, if the charity were to sell the donated property immediately after its contribution, even if the property is otherwise related to its charitable purpose, the contribution is considered unrelated use. Looking at the Picasso donation, if the donor were to contribute it to the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, and the gallery decides to sell it off to acquire operating funds, they would again only be eligible for a deduction of her adjusted basis in the Picasso.
Another exception applies to C corporations and is for the contribution of inventory, which is normally ordinary income property. If the inventory donation meets specific requirements, the taxpayer can deduct basis plus one-half of the gain of the property, limited to twice the basis.

Basis Adjustment Rules for S Corporation Stock

Under IRC section 1366, an S corporation shareholder reports their pro rata share of S corporation items of separately stated income (deduction) and items of non-separately stated income (deduction) as reported on Schedule K-1 (Form 1120S). Reporting of these items increases (decreases) the shareholder’s basis in the S corporation stock under IRC section 1367. (An S corporation shareholder will increase their basis for tax-exempt income that passes through to their individual return; this adjustment is necessary in order to keep the tax-exempt income from being taxed at the shareholder level when it is subsequently distributed by the S corporation.)
Amid the separately stated deductions are charitable contributions by the S corporation; shareholders have to report their ratable share of such contributions. The charitable donation deduction is determined at the shareholder level, and the treatment of these donations may differ among shareholders given the limitations based on shareholder AGI. Usually, a shareholder will reduce their basis by the amount of loss and deduction that passes through to them. Lets say for example, if an S corporation has a net IRC section 1231 loss of $10,000 that passes through to Brett, they will report the $10,000 loss on their Form 4797 and reduce the basis in their S corporation stock by $10,000. this is not the case for charitable contribution deductions.
IRC section 1367(a)(2) flush language states that S corporation shareholders will decrease basis in S corporation stock (or debt after stock basis is reduced to zero) by their pro rata share of the S corporation’s adjusted basis in the property donated to charity. In Revenue Ruling 2008–16, the IRS defined that the shareholder’s basis is not reduced by the appreciation of the contributed property. Therefore, while the shareholder reduces their stock (and debt) basis by their ratable share of the basis in the contributed property (but not below zero), they will pass through the ratable share of the contributed property’s basis, limited to their basis in S corporation stock and debt, plus their ratable share of all the appreciation on the contributed property. In short, the deduction is based on the fair market value of the charitable contribution.
Rules that limit the pass-through of the deduction to the stockholder’s basis in S corporation stock and debt doesn’t apply to the appreciation of property contributed to charity by the S corporation. Even when the shareholder starts with zero basis in their S corporation stock (or debt), the appreciation of contributed property will pass through as a charitable donation. This means, the deduction is prorated to the portion limited by (and reducing) basis and to the appreciation. This difference in pass-through and basis adjustments first came up in the Pension Protection Act of 2006 and the Tax Technical Corrections Act of 2007 as a charitable giving incentive. After some congressional extenders, it was made to be permanent by the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015. If a shareholder’s stock basis were reduced by the appreciation in the contributed property, they could potentially recognize more gain on the subsequent sale of his S corporation stock due to the lower basis. The direct contribution of appreciated property to a public charity by an individual doesn’t trigger gain recognition for the donor. Congress amended IRC section 1367 in order to prevent such an inequity.
Here is one example that helps to illustrate the rule: Cora owns 100% of Scranton, Inc., an S corporation. Her basis in Scranton stock is $10,000 at the beginning of the year. In the current year, Scranton has an income of $7,000 and makes a charitable contribution of LTCG property worth $50,000 and has a $20,000 basis. Scranton has no liabilities and no distributions are made during the year. Cora first increases her basis in Scranton stock by the $7,000 of ordinary; thus, prior to any loss pass through, Cora has a basis of $17,000 ($10,000 + 7,000). Next, the charitable donation will pass through as a separately stated deduction. When figuring out the amount of allowable deduction, Cora will experience a basis limitation. She wont be able to deduct the full $20,000 of the deduction associated with the property’s basis because it’s limited to her adjusted basis in Scranton stock of $17,000. This results in $17,000 of the available $20,000 basis will pass through to Cora on Schedule K-1 (Form 1120S); the $3,000 excess will carry over indefinitely until she has enough stock (or debt) basis to pass it through. At the same time, the entire $30,000 ($50,000 − 20,000) in appreciation of the property donated to charity will pass through to Cora in the year of contribution and is available to be claimed on her personal return. Cora has a potential charitable contribution deduction of $47,000 ($17,000 + 30,000) in total. These taxpayer-friendly rules can be helpful in planning charitable contributions through S corporations.

Contributions by Partnerships

The TCJA has also changed the rules relating to the pass-through of charitable contributions of appreciated property by a partnership and brought them into conformity with the S corporation rules. In general, a partnership will pass through deductions and losses to the extent the partner has basis in their partnership interest, referred to as their “outside basis.” Before 2018, the pass-through of charitable contributions wasn’t subject to this limitation. Under IRC section 704(d)(3)(B), the outside basis limitation applies to the adjusted basis in the appreciated property contributed to an IRS qualified charity, but not to the appreciation on the contributed property. The appreciation will then pass through to the partner in the year of contribution, irrespective of the partner’s outside basis.

A Useful Opportunity

Back in 2006 Congress gave S corporation shareholders an incentive to contribute to charities in the form of unique basis limitations on the contribution of certain property. And in 2015 the provisions were made permanent. Under the TCJA, fewer people are expected to itemize their deductions, but for those who do, this benefit remains available when contributing to public charities through S corporations.
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2020.01.13 01:08 mrsensi UPDATE Michael Scott is a business savant, and Dunder Mifflins Dark Knight

This is just an update to this previous post because I found additional evidence.
In season 3 episode 8 "The merger" 25:00
Towards the end Michael Scott explicitly states "Mission accomplished, they're like a bunch of 4th graders (referring to his employees). Sometimes what brings the kids together is hating the lunch lady"
Theory proven.


"May already be accepted but I never saw it posted so I figured I'd give it a shot.
Throughout the series, Michael appears to be completely incompetent. He constantly gets on the nerves of his employees and seems to mishandle every situation that arises. Yet time and time again Dunder Mifflin executives reveal that Scranton is wildly successful, often the most successful branch there is. They express astonishment at the results, as do Scranton employees, everyone convinced Michaels a complete disaster and running them into the ground. He comes up with ridiculous ideas, like the Willy Wonka episode, yet they all seem to yield positive results.
Then there's the case of the Michael Scott Paper Company, where he effectively convinced Dunder Mifflins highest executives to agree to a million dollar plus buyout with nothing but his failing business as leverage. Attribute it to the incompetence of the executives if you want, but that's a tremendous feat of bargaining. Another prime example is the business meeting at Chilis. He endears himself to the (also silly) business partner through a meticulous, multi-hour attempt to appeal to his sensibilities. Only when his counterpart is fully seduced does Michael shut the trap, with a swiftness and completeness that would make Donald Draper blush.
Ultimately, I think he does everything he does, from the antics to the offensive and aggravating behavior, to unite his workers in opposition to him. He actively makes himself a fool to cause business partners to underestimate him, then he strikes. There was an episode where Scranton faced closure (along with several other branches), and in response Michael has them play a role playing game all day long. He does his usual routine, offending people and making himself look silly. Toward the end of the episode Jim, completely irate, scolds him and insists they all get back to work to save the branch. All at once, the act ends. Michael pulls him off to the side, with an austere look on his face never before seen, and essentially tells him "I'm in control, I know what I'm doing, do not disturb this." Jim, taken aback, seems to come to a realization:
Michael draws the vitriol and hatred of his counterparts, leads a lonesome and empty life, to maintain a highly refined and meticulously crafted image of himself. Because he can take it. Because he's the boss Scranton needs, not the one it wants: Dunder Mifflins Dark Knight."
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2019.12.29 04:58 THRILLHOIAF [COMETS HARVEST] Utica Comets (18-10-2-2) vs. Lehigh Valley Phantoms (12-14-1-4)


What's up Canucks Nation, time for a quick turnaround as the Comets hit the road to take on the Atlantic Divisions, last-place, Lehigh Valley Phantoms.
The Phantoms are coming off back-to-back 4-2 losses to division rivals, the Charlotte Checkers, and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins.
The Phantoms play incredibly dull hockey, having racked up the league's lowest goals-for in 31 games played, with 73 total. Good for 2.35 goals per game. They’ve also allowed the 11th fewest goals in the league with 87. But with a powerplay and penalty kill that ranks in the bottom-four in both departments, it’s safe to say that the Phantoms haven’t quite figured out a way to make boring hockey work for them.
On the complete opposite end of the spectrum sit out Utica Comets, who rank 3rd in the AHL in goals-for per-game, with a staggering 117 goals scored across 32 games played. A rate that works out to 3.66 goals-for per game for the Farm. As for special teams, the Comets have the 4th ranked powerplay in the league, and the 15th ranked penalty-kill in the league.
At one point, the Comets penalty-kill was tops in the AHL, but losing PK staples such as Olli Juolevi and Jalen Chatfield for extended periods has hurt their place in the special-teams standings.
In theory, the Comets should come out of tonight’s intra-conference matchup with two points. The Phantoms have had an atrocious season, and the Utica Comets have proved that they can hang with the best in the league, even when down by three-goals after the opening period.
I posit, “In Theory,” because this is the same Comets team that blew a double-header a few weeks ago to division bottom-feeders, the Binghamton Devils and Bridgeport Sound Tigers.
During this December stretch, the farm has done admirably at picking up points, but they have rarely been games where they’ve thoroughly dominated their opponents at 5-on-5. By my tracking estimates, just three times this month have the Comets controlled shot-attempts at even-strength.
Last night’s comeback attempt against Hershey was a great “character building” effort. More importantly, the game was a fantastic sign of the compete level of this team when up against the wall. At times this season, the Comets have looked incredibly lethargic or appeared to be skating-by on the goal-scoring and play-driving abilities of their Quad-A all-stars that litter throughout the lineup.
After the first-line got shutdown so thoroughly by the Bears, it took a spectacular performance from Justin Bailey and the bottom-six contingent to make that comeback happen. Although the result didn’t go their way, hopefully, it was a confidence builder, and the squad can earn a couple more points in the second last game of 2019 against a relatively weak opponent.
Some pretty crazy line rushes during warmup that might make that job a little difficult, so let's take a look at the starting lineup and get into tonight’s matchup.
Baertschi (#47) Hamilton (#36) Boucher (#24)
Goldobin (#77) Jasek (#9) Lind (#13)
Arseneau (#18) Malone (#17) Bailey (#95)
Sorenson (#74) Bancks (#34) LeBlanc (#3)
Brisebois (#55) Rafferty (#25)
Juolevi (#48) Sautner (#6)
Blujus (#8) Chatfield (#5)
Michael Di Pietro
Francis Perron (eye) Jonah Gadjovich (ill) Dyson Stevenson (fight related)
What is it with the Utica Comets and getting their faces fucked? Also looks like the claim that the Comets had no injuries during the last game was wrong, as Dyson Stevenson still remains injured from his massive tilt with Ben Harpur against Toronto on December 11th.
Healthy Scratches -- -- --
Richard Bachman Josh Teves Carter Camper Mitch Eliot
So, no injury or illness diagnosis for Carter Camper? I can’t imagine he’s a healthy-scratch though, given the Comets dearth of centers. Looks like the team has Stefan LeBlanc slotting in as a winger to fill up the roster. Comets play by play man Joe Roberts states that Carter Camper was scratched due to the “veteran” limit.
So to get this straight, Trent Cull is scratching the only AHL center who can actually distribute the puck, for his penalty-killing “expert” Wacey Hamilton? JFC, what a joke if that’s true.
Camper has four goals and seventeen assists in 24 games played this season with the Comets.
Hamilton has two goals and thirteen assists in his last 38 games played with the Comets.
Baffling, if that’s true
Remind me again, what was the point of signing a bunch of ECHL PTO’s if they don’t ever plan on having more than two healthy forwards available in reserve to battle for spots?
Genuinely don’t understand splitting up the Lind, Jasek, and Bailey line. They’ve been solid together as of late. Now you have an ultra-soft line of Jasek, Goldobin, and Lind? No way that line sticks through the full 60.walked back, haha

1st period

Comets in White

The score at the end of the 1st period: 1-0 Comets

Have to feel bad for the Phantoms fanbase in Allentown, because holy shit that was atrociously boring hockey. I mean, look at this shot map on the period, four shots only, with one being an inconsequential dump-in shot from center? Comets playing to their opponents level a bit, and getting caught playing “ring the puck around the boards.” Which, as a stats-tracker, is amazing for me, but as an appreciator of hockey, it’s absolutely dreadful to watch. Hopefully the Comets turn on the jets in the second and light this team up, because the Phantoms legitimately don’t look like they’re trying.

2nd Period


The score at the end of the 2nd period: 3-2 Comets

Comets almost let the game get away from them, but they pulled it together and started pressuring hard in the back-half of the game. Lehigh doing a much better job at getting their shots on net; Comets missing on many of their attempts. Shots tied overall now at 14 apiece. Good battle-back from the Comets in their back-to-back efforts this weekend. Albeit, they probably shouldn’t have put themselves in a position to “battle back” against this blatantly weak, Phantoms squad. Fingers crossed they don’t let the game slip away from them in the third. The waning seconds of that period weren’t exactly encouraging.

3rd period


Final Score: 4-2 Utica Comets



Period Team Goalscorer Primary assist helper type
1st UTI Kole Lind Olli Juolevi Lukas Jasek 5v5
2nd LV Kurtis Gabriel Matthew Strome Steven Swavely 5v5
2nd LV Gerry Fitzgerald Maksim Sushko Carsen Twarynski 5v5
2nd UTI Wacey Hamilton Olli Juolevi Reid Boucher 5v5
2nd UTI Justin Bailey -- -- 5v5
3rd UTI Sven Baertschi -- -- SH/EN



Comets Three Stars

The Comets Trajectory?
The Comets return Tuesday night for an afternoon game to close out 2019. Their opponents are none other than the division-leading, Rochester Americans. The Amerks are coming off a shutout loss to the division-worst, Binghamton Devils, and now sit just two points ahead of the Comets with 44 points and a 0.710 points-percentage. Big opportunity for the Comets to close out 2019 with a win that ties them for first in the division.
As always, if you want to read up on this Comets Harvest or the 2018-19 Farmies editions, you can find them all at my Comets Harvest Blog here
If you want more Comets coverage from yours truly, you can now find MORE of my writing at
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