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Poland Strategy for 1.30 - Part 2

2020.07.15 00:48 Andoral Poland Strategy for 1.30 - Part 2

This is a part two of my guide to Poland in Emperor.

Back to individual countries of interest

As has been said, you don't technically need to ally them. For Roman's Invasion event to trigger for you, you need to either ally them, have a royal marriage or guarantee them. And you start the game guaranteeing Moldavia.
However, what allying them helps you to achieve is for Moldavia to finish their The Order of the Dragon mission. Moldavia can't finish that mission while a subject, so it has to finish it before Roman's Invasion happens. More specifically, Moldavia has to be allied with a country that rivals or is rivaled by Ottomans.
Which means you. That is also the primary reason why you rival Ottomans as well. And since you can't rival Ottomans before getting Lithuania as a PU subject, that means you're aiming for the PU with Lithuania to happen before gaining Moldavia as a march.
Fulfilling this mission gives Moldavia a permanent claim on both Bulgaria and Silistria areas.

Now, the reason why that's not 100% necessary is because Byzantium will eventually get permanent claims on those areas as well. However, you can think of this as a sort of a contingency plan for a case where you don't manage to vassalize Byzantium. Also, there are reasons why you may not want to pursue this specific mission chain for Byzantium (more on that in their section).
Technically, you will also get permanent claims on those areas yourself once you annex all Teuton lands, but you won't be able to take those provinces for yourself before annexing Moldavia and that is unlikely to happen before your first with with Ottomans.
On top of that, the next Moldavian mission in that chain, i.e. aptly named Impale the Sultan causes Ottoman ruler to die if you successfully siege Edirne and give the control of it to Moldavia. And not only is it fun RP, it can further destabilize Ottomans with things like pretender rebellion or just a weaker ruler (and a ruler weaker than their starting 6/4/6 one is more than likely).
Back to Roman's Invasion. I don't see any difference in code between supporting him with manpower vs supporting him with troops, but personally I had much higher success chance with gold. Just an anecdotal note. Less anecdotally, as I already said multiple times already, manpower is much more precious now so gold may be the better option in general.
If Moldavia does not become your march through this event, restart.
Also, don't feed Wallachia to Moldavia early. More on what in sections about Hungary and Ottomans.

You want Moldavia to fabricate a claim on it. This is your pathway into vassalizing Byzantium. That's also why you set the nation as hostile and the province as one of vital interest. It maximizes the chances of your vassals fabricating claims on it.
However, here's my observation on subjects fabricating claims in Emperor. They seem to be really, really averse to that for some reason. When I tag switched to Moldavia to see what's going on for example repeatedly built spy networks on Ottomans and Muscovy. And sure, both were my rivals at the time, but Moldavia didn't even border Muscovy and at this point in the game it couldn't have used any espionage options against it.
Lithuania on the other hand did fabricate on Livonian Order as was needed, but then when it came to Russian lands, it only fabricated on Odoyev (though it actually turned out to be helpful in the end). It didn't fabricate on a single province of either Muscovy or Novgorod despite having huge spy networks in both countries. I really have no idea what's going on, but it seems Paradox may have broken something there.

Anyway, in case Moldavia refuses to claim it, you may be forced to declare no-CB war on Theodoro instead, with Byzantium as co-belligerent. Now, why not simply no-CB Byzantium? Because you do want Theodoro anyway and you're going to feed Theodoro to Moldavia while Byzantium will become your vassal. And declaring that war on Theodoro is going to make most of your AE from that no-CB declaration apply to Theodoro rather than Byzantium, saving you relationship with your would-be vassal.
Besides, unlike Byzantium, Theodoro will also ally some Orthodox nations in the Caucasus like Circassia, Imereti, Trebizond, Samtskhe or Georgia.
If it's Circassia, Imereti and Trebizond you may also feed them to Moldavia, but I'd suggest doing maximum of one coastal zone as a base for future expansion. Circassia's Adyghe will be the easiest to defend in case of potential rebels and the easiest to connect to Theodoro.
However, the most beneficial Alliance may have may turn out to be Georgia or Samtskhe.

In case Theodoro does not ally Byzantium, they are still of interest to you though. Obviously in that case you will have to declare no-CB war on Byzantium and suffer the penalties it will create to your subject-overlord relations.

Ottomans part 1
So, as has been said at the start of this guide, you will want to improve relations with Ottomans from the start. The reason for that is for them to give you military access while you're at war with Theodoro so that you can vassalize Byzantium.
Obviously, you want to do all of that before Ottomans declare war for Constantinople themselves. But, from my testing, not only do Ottomans tend to wait multiple years (as in five or more) before their first war, they aren't as prone to focusing on Byzantium first as they used to be either. In most tries they actually focused east first.
Most of the time it was Dulkaldir. And the best thing about Dulkaldir is that then Aq Qoyunlu joins in as well (either because it's allied to Ottomans and they promise them land or because it just simply uses the opportunity). Which led to Aq Qoyunly eating some of Dulkaldir themselves, lowering Ottoman's own benefit from the war.
Trebizond and Aq Qoyunlu (obviously when they weren't allied to Ottomans) were also the first targets on more than one occasion.

And even if Ottoman's first war happened in Europe, it still wasn't always Byzantium. It often turns out to be Albania instead. And that's thanks to Lezhë and Krujë being the only remaining unowned Ottoman cores at the game start.
And here's the kicker about Albania. It is guaranteed by Venice. It's just that Ottoman AI doesn't seem to care about that guarantee. Yet, maybe because of the changes to mercenaries benefiting a rich nation like Venice (especially since Italy has some good mercenary companies) or because of something else, Venice turns out to be a pretty tough combatant for early game Ottomans.
In the try that turned out to be my current campaign Ottomans went after Dulkaldir first and then after Albania. And they actually lost the war against Albania. In part it was thanks to Albania's side being lucky with sieges, but eventually it came to blows and Venice's surprisingly large army (again, likely usage of mercenaries on Venice's part) did beat the Ottoman one.
It ended with Ottomans ceding Avlonya/Vlorë to Albania, Sugla/Smyrne to the Knights and Kangiri to Candar.
Though I must refer you to disclaimer two about me playing without lucky nations, so keep that in mind as a potential factor here.

Anyway, let's loop back to military access for your vassalization of Byzantium. There is a pretty significant obstacle for that. And that is Ottomans setting the entire coast of the Black Sea as well as the entirety of Wallachia and Moldavia as provinces of vital interest.
And since by that time you'll control both Moldavia and Lithuania, all of the zones under you control and that Ottomans so dearly want will amount to whooping -90 relations with them. That's also one of the reasons you don't want to feed Wallachia to Moldavia. Since Wallachia is also of vital interest to Ottomans, if Moldavia holds that land the malus here will increase to -113.
Add to that the modifier of being at war due to the pre-start Crusade of Varna (by the time you start your war for Theodoro and Byzantium most it will be partially depleted, but not fully gone; let's say around between -9 and -7), -5 from different religion and -50 from setting them as rival for the purpose of Moldavian mission (and potentially -9 from AE if you are forced to wage no-CB war) and you're looking at around something around -150, -160 relations.
So, even if you get full 100 relations from improving relations you're still looking at -50 up to -60 relations and you need +1 to get them to grant you military access. At this point you may ask yourself, if you're going to get Byzantium that will also get permanent claims on Bulgaria and Silistria eventually, why bother with the whole rivalry against Turkey? That I will explain in a section about Byzantium.

For now, let me say that you're not entirely out of options here. First, as has been explained earlier on, Ottomans tend to rival either Hungary or Austria at the start (usually both). That's why you set rivalries the way I explained. That means you will share a rival with them. Preferably Austria.
Since you share rivals (be it from the start or you just rivaled Austria) you will have enemy of enemy modifier that quickly grows up to 20. Then use scornful insult against that country for additional 25 relations with Ottomans. Then all you need is some cash for a gift for ~10 relations and you're done.
Alternatively, here's where my earlier statement about Theodoro's alliance with Georgia and Samtskhe being more useful than their alliance with Circassia, Imereti and Trebizond comes in. Because Circassia, Imereti and Trebizond all have provinces on the coast of the Black Sea. That means they are of vital interest to Ottomans. That makes Ottomans hate them to the point they won't give them access.
But Georgia and Samtskhe don't have coastal provinces. And that means Ottomans will likely give military access to them. Which, in turn, gives military access to all countries party to your war against Theodoro.

The reason why unlike the guide I referred to at the beginning of my own I suggest vassalizing Byzantium instead of feeding it to Moldavia is twofold. First, it drastically reduces the AE from it. Now, while the potential no-CB declaration won't have much impact on European countries, eating up Byzantium will.
Speaking of which, here's a note on subjects of your would-be-subjects when you're forcing someone to become a subject through war. In case of forcing someone to become a junior partner in a PU, they keep their vassals and their own junior partners become your junior partners. However, all subjects of someone you force to become a vassal just go free. But you actually want Athens to go free.
Back to AE issue, conquering the entirety of Byzantium and Athens (by feeding it to Moldavia as you can't core this land yourself) gives 67 AE. Vassalizing Byzantium and Athens gives 45 AE. Vassalizing just Byzantium gives 35. That is much more manageable. The 67 option would severely slow you down in HRE, because the amount will be so high that the impact of that will be felt even in north Germany.
Technically, in case you do have a CB, the impact of conquering just Constantinople is smaller. But why conquer just Constantinople? Sure, it is what will block Ottoman's missions for Europe, but that's no reason to leave Morea and Athens to them just fabricating CBs.
Besides, like I said, the reason is two-fold. The second part is utilizing Byzantium's amazing mission tree. They get permanent claims across pretty much the entirety of the Mediterranean.

Now, speaking of those missions, here's the reason why I personally prefer to feed Bulgaria and Silistria to Moldavia instead of Byzantium. A plethora of reasons, actually. First reason is that it utilizes Moldavia's claims in the first war against Turkey. Meanwhile Byzantium won't have claims on those areas until the second war, meaning you will spend more diplo power feeding Bulgarian provinces to Byzantium rather than Moldavia in the first war. And every diplo power counts for you. It also allows Moldavia to complete their Impale the Sultan mission.
The second reason is that the Conquer Bulgaria Byzantine mission that follows from one of their initial missions (i.e. Recover Greece) leads to a series of permanent claims across Italy (and a second branch for permanent claims across western Balkans, which is even less optimal; more on that in a second).
And here's the deal with vassals. As opposed to junior partners in a PU, vassals get increased liberty desire from the relative power of all vassals and marches combined as opposed to each junior partner individually and they get another liberty desire modifier from total development that junior partners lack completely.
So, if you feed all North Africa, Iberia and the Holy land to Byzantine to utilize their other two mission paths (starting with the Recover Eastern Islands and Recover the Coastline missions), Byzantium will turn into a behemoth that you won't ever keep in check.
And not only do those two other mission chains give claims on places that less European nations get permanent claims on, making it more valuable by comparison (especially since out of nations with permanent claims in Italy there are actually some that happen to be among the countries of special interest for Poland), but the Balkan sub-branch of the Recover Greece mission chain (starting with the Recover Albania overlaps with Hungarian territory.
And you will get PU over Hungary from your own missions. So until you are willing to wait to integrate Hungary first (and you'll be able to just start integrating it more than a century after the game's start) in order to then give those provinces to Byzantium, you will block yourself in this mission chain anyway. Especially since the Balkan branch of this chain eventually merges back with the Italian one, meaning that you'll need to go all the way to feeding Byzantium Croatia, Dalmatia and Carniola until you can proceed with their later Italian missions.

That's not to say you don't want to complete Recover Greece itself. First of all, it's just a no-brainer, it requires you to give (most of) Byzantine cores to Byzantium and you'll be doing it anyway. Secondly, completing this mission also gives Byzantium permanent claims on Aydin and Hüdavendigâr.
And conquering Aydin and Hüdavendigâr is what allows Byzantium to finish the first mission of their third (and last) mission chain which starts with the aforementioned Recover the Coastline. Slightly weird design, if you ask me, but it is what it is.

Other than that Byzantium's missions and permanent claims are too long to list. Essentially, it's reconquering the former Roman territory. Though, as has been stated, you probably shouldn't give things like Italy and the Balkans and instead should focus on the east, the south and Iberia. And even then there can be some exceptions as you can get some nations with permanent claims on some of those places.

Livionian Order part 1
Ok, let's loop back closer to your heartland a bit. First of all, set Livonian Order's provinces (as well as Riga) as provinces of vital interest. However, you'll deal with Livionian Order after you deal with the Teutonic Order. The reason why I'm covering them first (and why it's part 1 of Livonian Order) has to do with Denmark.
Denmark gets an early mission, The Baltic Fleet, that gives them permanent claims on Estonia area and Ösel. All that mission requires from them is for them to build a fleet up to 90% of their naval force limit. That means they need to have 23 ships out of their 25 starting naval force limit. Denmark starts with 22 ships already. As such, they will almost always complete that mission within a year.
And they will almost always declare war for those provinces relatively quickly. Which is good. Both the Livonian-Teuton circle and Denmark are going to be your enemies. If Livionian Order wins, you got weakened enemies all around. If Denmark wins and grabs some Livionian land, you'll get an easy way to declare war on them.
One thing to keep in mind here is to refuse military access to any side here. The reason for that has to do with Teutonic Order. If you refuse them access that means Denmark won't be able to bypass Teutonic Order. Consequently, when they get to it from Pomerania, they will have to go through all of Teuton's forts one by one before they get to Livonian Order territory from there.
Now, obviously they will go to Livionian Order from the north from the start. However, the purpose here is for Denmark to peace out separately peace out Teutonic Order. Because they'll be attacking it only from the west (to go from the north they'd need to besiege all of Livonian Order and Riga first), that means they will siege Teutonic capital rather early, leading Teutonic Order to submit to a separate peace.
It also protects Riga from being besieged before Livonian Order's forts fall, which achieves the opposite and prevents Riga from being subjected to a separate peace.

Teutonic Order
Ever since the introduction of the The Prussian Confederation Revolts event for Teutonic Order you don't have to deal with them directly. Teutons will generously provide themselves on a silver platter for you as the AI does not take the steps necessary to prevent that event from firing.
When that event fires Danzig will declare independence and it will usually get the following four provinces from Teutonic Order: Danzig, Tuchel, Ermland and Königsberg (though I have seen them spawn with either five provinces or some other combinations). The Teutonic Order will declare war on Danzig and Poland will gain an event to ally with Danzig. Obviously ally with Danzig. Because it's the Teutonic Order that's the aggressor here Danzig will be able to call you into the war.
For that event to happen the year must be at least 1450 and before 1500, with a MTT of 6 months. However, if it hasn't fired before 1466 it has a drastically lower chance of firing, so if that happens, restart. Personally, I suggest that you restart if it doesn't happen before 1455.
There are two reasons for that. First, it just slows down your momentum. The second one has to do with the fact that Teutonic Order is the aggressor. As such, it will be unable to call its own allies as it simply won't have enough favors with them.
The exception for that is the case of Livonian Order. Because if Livonian Order wins its war with Denmark, even if it's just a white peace, Teutonic Order will get a huge amount of favors from Livonian Order.
And you don't want that. Not only is it unnecessary hassle, but that will prevent you from attacking Livonian Order immediately afterwards. That's the reason for handling the Danish-Livonian war the reason I suggested in the previous section.
Now, if Livonian Order doesn't win the war, then Teutonic Order won't get any favors even if it doesn't separate peace, no matter how valiantly it fought. But it's better to cover your bases. Especially since Livonian Order tends to ally with rich Hanseatic nations that hire mercenary companies, which can kick Denmark's ass.

Now, looping back a bit, before Danzig event happens, set Neumark, Dramburg as provinces of vital interest. Typically Lithuania will select Memel as at least a province of strategic utility. If it doesn't, set Memel as a vital interest as well.
Another thing to keep in mind here is Brandenburg's Fate of Neumark event. It can happen before 1466 and has an MTT of 44 months. If it happens the Brandenburg AI will almost always request Neumark and Dramburg while the Teutonic Order will almost always pawn them off.
Now, if that happens, you will still get those provinces as you will more than likely go to war against Brandenburg. But it's preferable that it does not happen before the Danzig event as conquering those provinces from Teutonic order generates much less AE in the HRE than conquering them from Brandenburg.

Once the war happens, preferably with just you vs Teutonic order, you will control Neumark and Dramburg, Lithuania will control Memel and Danzig will control the rest of Teuton territory. Danzig AI is can't core Neumark territory so if it controls it it will just keep the Teutonic Order keep it. It's also rather unwilling to take the entirety of the remaining Teuton territory, which is why you feed Memel to Lithuania. That way Danzig AI will likely demand all of Teutonic territory to be split among the three of you.
The moment the war is over you will fulfill the requirements of The Prussian Confederation mission. Complete it to make Danzig your vassal.

Livonian Order part 2
OK, now you've dealt with Teutonic Order it's time to deal with their Livonian brethren. Lithuania should have fabricated some claims on the area and Livonian Order should be allied to Riga.
Declare war on Livonian Order and set Riga as co-belligerent.
There's not much to say here, the war should be very simple. The only thing of note here is that Lithuania can have a maximum of 57 provinces. You won't be able to form the PLC otherwise.
So let's use a case where Livonian Order kept all of its territory by the time you declare war on them and you fed Memel to Lithuania. You should feed Riga to Danzig. Then you should feed one Livonian Order's province to Danzig as well. I suggest giving them either Reval or Narva.
That way two of your subjects will border Novgorod. Since in my campaign Lithuania was rather averse to fabricating claims on its eastern border, that will double your chances of getting a claim on Novgorod.
Now, you more than likely won't need that claim before you annex Danzig, but in that case it means now you'll border Novgorod yourself and once the need does actually arise you will be able to fabricate that claim yourself instead of counting on your subjects.

As has been said, conquer them in the war against Livonian Order and feed them to Danzig.

Wolgast is a new nation created by fragmenting Pomerania. I don't really know why Paradox didn't divide Wolgast further into Wolgast and Stolp (which would be your target then) as it was historically at this time and instead went with this rather weird border for Wolgast (split in two by Stettin and only connected by a strait), but that's just my thoughts about it.
Anyway, it's time to loop back to Estates. Particularly, the Agenda missions. There are two Agendas that can pop up at the start of the game that will give you a claim on Wolgast. First is a Burgher mission to obtain a port. Like I said back then, Stolp is the only valid target of that mission, so your chances of getting a CB on Wolgast that way is rather high.
The second one is a Szlachta mission to vassalize a neighboring small country. The only targets I've seen pop up in my testing were Wolgast and Moldavia. If you want to maximize your chances, you could wait with the choice to Summon the Diet until you get Moldavia as a march.
Obviously you can always just fabricate the claim yourself. Keep in mind that in the first few years your diplomats are going to be plenty busy, but vassalizing Wolgast is not an immediate concern.
As has been said an Agenda needs to be fulfilled within 20 years, so if you get a CB on Wolgast from that, you'll need to vassalize it (and get Stolp if it's the Burghers' Agenda) by 1464. It's a good time frame for things if you manually fabricate the claim as well. If you follow the Burgher's Agenda once it's completed give Stolp back to Wolgast.
There is a difference in the AE each option will generate. Assuming Wolgast has not expanded from their starting position, here's a breakdown:

Wolgast is a rather useful vassal that will get claims all over western Baltic coast. And subjugating it won't generate all that much AE in the HRE. Let's take a look at their missions. First, there's Unite Pomerania. If you feed Stettin to Wolgast it will get a bunch of permanent claims around it, which will then lead to two different mission branches. Those claims are on Mecklemburg and Neumark areas, as well as the province of Uckermark. If you already have Neumark and Dramburg provinces from Teutonic Order, you can give them to Wolgast.
The first branch focuses on Brandenburg lands. This branch opens with Reclaim the Frontiers which requires Wolgast to have Neumark area and Uckermark province. It gives them permanent claims on the rest of Mittelmark area, which in turn is a requirement Control Mittelmark mission. The rest of this branch focuses on Prussia, which is of no value to you as it's already divided between you and Danzig.

Now, here's some notes on Brandenburg. First of all, there's a chance it will eat Stettin itself before you get to vassalize Wolgast. That is especially likely if it gets Neumark and Dramburg from Teutonic Order through the event, as it allows them to finish their Reclaim Neumark mission that gives them permanent claims on Vorpommern and Hinterpommern. Though obviously it can always just fabricate on Stettin as well.
Also, you may want to eventually vassalize Brandenburg itself as well (more on that in a section dedicated to German vassal targets), in which case this entire branch of Wolgast missions is of no use to you. In which case, you can keep Neumark and Dramburg yourself (if you got them from Teutonic Order, that is) and feed them to Brandenburg instead later on.

Anyway, let's now focus on the second branch of Wolgast's expansionist missions. If you feed them Mecklenburg area it will allow Wolgast to complete their Seat of the Hansa mission. That mission will in turn give them permanent claims on Schleswig-Holstein and Lower Saxony areas.
For the next mission, Control the Lower Elbe you need two things. First, Wolgast needs to own at least 4 provinces, which it obviously will at this point. Secondly, it needs to control either the entirety of Schleswig-Holstein or the entirety of Lower Saxony. I suggest giving them just Schleswig-Holstein, for reasons that will be explained in a section dedicated to German vassal targets.
The last mission in this chain, Struggle for the Baltic, actually has a more trade-related requirement. It requires Wolgast to have a navy size that's at least 90% of their naval force limit while having at least 25 galleys. Build naval force limit buildings in their shore provinces. You can also sell them ships, though Wolgast tends to build galleys on their own. The second requirement is for Wolgast to control at least 50% trade in Lübeck trade node. So build trade buildings there as well.
Completing that mission gives Wolgast permanent claims North Jutland, Denmark, Skåneland and Östra Götaland areas. Now, you will get permanent claims on Östra Götaland yourself once you become PLC and finish The Polish Navy mission that becoming PLC will unlock. But since for Wolgast the claim on this area is simply a reward for the last mission in a chain and not a requirement for any further mission, you simply don't have to give it to them.

Also, your initial war to vassalize Wolgast will be your way to trigger the first war with the Emperor of the HRE, who at this point should preferably still be Austria.
If it's not Austria you will have to wage separate on Austria for reasons described while covering wars with the Emperor in detail.

Once your war for Wolgast is over, you will eventually want to declare war for Stettin if it wasn't conquered by Brandenburg by now. Wolgast should have a fabricated a claim on it by the time you vassalize it. Obviously you may want to wait for AE to tick down a bit.
This is your way to trigger the second war with the Emperor of the HRE. Preferably still Austria.
If it's not Austria you will have to wage separate on Austria for reasons described while covering wars with the Emperor in detail.

If Stettin was already conquered by Brandenburg by the time you subjugated Wolgast, attack Brandenburg instead. Feed at least Stettin and Stargard to Wolgast. If you don't plan on getting Brandenburg as your vassal later on (again, more on that in a dedicated section), also give them Uckermark and Sternberg. If they got Neumark and Dramburg from the event pertaining to the Teutonic Order, give Wolgast the entire Neumark area. Obviously in this case you may space out the war against Wolgast and the one against Brandenburg even more due to higher AE gain in this scenario.
In case Brandenburg ate Stettin, this is your way to trigger the second war with the Emperor of the HRE. Preferably still Austria.
If it's not Austria you will have to wage separate on Austria for reasons described while covering wars with the Emperor in detail.

Austria and the HRE part 1
The Emperor of HRE at the start and your biggest early game enemy aside from Ottomans. Keep an eye on Austria's alliances. If they get something unholy like Castile and Aragon (like I've seen in my Bohemia game where I was checking out the Hussites), probably restart. There's a chance one of these alliances will break because Aragon and Castile tend to rival each other, but in general any Austrian-Iberian alliance is a pain in the ass.
Most optimal allies of Austria at the start are Hungary, some HRE elector (if there are multiple electors even better) and some other HRE or Italian nations. The closer Austria's allies are to you the faster your subject swarm will crush them, leaving you with only Austria to deal with.
In your first war against Austria (subjugation of Wolgast), your goal is to force Austria to release Tirol (keep in mind releasing Tirol will make Austria lose cores on Sundgau and Breisgau as they have Swabian culture instead of Austrian) and give you as much money as possible.
Don't make my mistake of forcing Austria to give Krain to Cili, because that will make Cili unwilling to become Hungary's vassal even once you disband the HRE. Apparently two province Cili is simply too much of an economic powerhouse compared to Hungary that owns half the Balkans. In the end Hungary managed to force vassalize them because of conflicting alliances, but more on that later.
Also, if Austria is rivaled to any electors that you think won't like you too much down the line (particularly Brandenburg, though Saxony is also plausible here), you may want to make Austria drop that rivalry and gently guide them into reconciliation that then leads to them allying with that elector.
If Austria loses the HRE throne early, make whatever peace deal you want with the new Emperor then go to war against Austria (Bohemia likes to make claims on their border) to achieve the above results.

Hungary part 1
At the start of the game Hungary will get Diet of X Year event. It can fire between 1445 and 1470, with an MTT of 6 months. Both options of this event will make Ladislaus Postumus Habsburg the heir to Hungary.
The difference here is that option one will make János Hunyady "regent" but will disallow Hungary to disinherit its heir (which I don't think AI ever does). Option two will keep regency council but make it possible for Hungary to disinherit its heir. Now, Hunyady may have the title of regent, but the game treats him as a monarch. Which means that Hungary can wage wars. It also matters for future events.

Now, here's how things like that work. Once Hunyadi dies, Ladislaus will become king of Hungary. If he's of age, he may instantly get a new heir (because it's the Habsburgs). At the same time, he will continue to be Austria's heir.
Then, if Ladislaus the king of Hungary dies before Austria's starting ruler died, then Ladislaus the heir of Austria will not get Ladislaus the king of Hungary's heir as its own new heir and the PU prospect will die for now. The same applies if Ladislaus the King of Hungary died without an heir.
Likewise, if the starting ruler of Austria dies while Hunyadi is still the de-facto king and then Ladislaus the archduke of Austria dies while Hunyadi still rules Hunyadi, Ladislaus the heir of Hungary will die too. In this the prospect of the PU dies altogether as Hunyadi gets the title of king and starts his own dynasty.
Finally, if Ladislaus dies while still being the heir of either countries, Hunyadi also gets the title of king and starts his own dynasty too, also breaking the prospect of the PU for good.
On a side note, this is how things work for Brandenburg and Ansbach as well, though in that case Albrecht Achilles starts as ruler of Ansbach and heir of Brandenburg. Funnily enough if he dies as heir of Brandenburg he will merrily continue living as count of Ansbach.

And there's yet another option for Austria's PU prospect with Hungary to disappear, Hungarian event Mátyás Corvinus. That event can fire between 1450 and 1457 (though depending on circumstances the real starting point is march of 1455), with an MTT of 1 month.
For that event to fire both Austria must not be in regency (again, Hunyadi's rule does not mechanically count as a regency) and be monarchies. Also, Austria cannot be any subject and Hungary cannot be a junior partner of a PU.
The final requirement is for Hungary to either have no heir or for the heir to be at least 15 years old. That's why I said that depending on circumstances the real starting point of the event's countdown is March of 1455, because that's when Ladislaus Postumus becomes 15 years old. So if he survives, that's the real starting point. If he has a happy little hunting accident after 1450 hits, 1450 (or whenever he dies).
Now, if Ladislaus dies after 1450, the PU prospect here dies anyway because of the third general rule described above, it's just that Hunyadi will get a scripted heir instead of a random one. But if Ladislaus survives to 15 years old while Hunyadi is still "regent", the event will kill Hunyadi and replace him with Mátyás Corvinus as the ruler (though he may be young and end up in an actual regency).
While the event can trigger up to 1457, since it has an MTT of only 1 month it should fire by the end of the year. And since I already suggested restarting if Danzig event doesn't trigger by the end of 1455, I suggest you restart if Hungary doesn't get Mátyás Corvinus as a ruler or the prospect of PU between Hungary and Austria doesn't fail for some other reason by the end of 1455 as well. Though if you want to wait till 1457 it's up to you I guess. Preferable option is Hungary choosing Mátyás Corvinus, because that will remove the historical friendship modifier between them and Austria.
The reason for that is that you want to Balkanize Austria in your first two wars and if you have to force them to abandon a PU over Hungary it throws a wrench into your plans here. Also, Austria getting a PU over Hungary makes Hungary instantly inherit Croatia which you also don't want.

For the record, there's also another version of the Diet of X Year event. In that version Hungary gets only one option and it's to make Janos Hunyadi a king right off the bat, with Mátyás as his heir. For that to happen Austria must not exist when the event triggers.

Moving on, here's the reason why you rival Hungary at the start (well, that and potential implications for Ottomans mentioned before) and don't want to build your army to force limit right off the bat: Hungary's mission Old Alliances. Since Hungary starts rivaling Poland pretty much every single game, the whole good relations part of the mission is irrelevant. As such, the following conditions must be met:
Completing that mission gives Hungary permanent claims on both Moldavia and Wallachia. Moldavian branch of that mission chain is luckily inconsequential (it gives Hungary permanent claims on southern Poland), because you will (if you follow the key parts of this guide) get them as a march. Because you start with a guarantee on Moldavia, Hungary won't attack them at the start even with those claims. And then, once they become your march, Moldavia will forever fall out of Hungary's conquest prospects.

But Wallachia won't. And conquering Wallachia is the branch of this Hungarian mission chain that leads to more interesting claims. That's the previously hinted at second reason of not conquering Wallachia and feeding it to Moldavia early.
If Hungary conquered Wallachia by the time of your attack on Wolgast, then peacing them out feed Wallachia to Hungary or force them to release Wallachia if AE constrains you. Alternatively go the middle route and conquer just part of Wallachia. Specifically, the provinces of Giurgiu, Buzau and Oltenia.

Now, there is a chance that Ottomas will decide to guarantee Wallachia at the start, meaning that Hungary won't have conquered them by the time of your first war with Austria. In this case, during that war when you peace out Hungary, don't break its relations with Austria so you can drag Hungary into your second war with Austria as well and then take Wallachia from them (either by direct conquest to Moldavia, or by releasing Wallachia, depending on your AE situation).
This situation has multiple repercussions. One, like I already implied, you'll have to space out your HRE wars. In this case, it means you will squeeze your first war against Ottomans between the HRE wars. Though in general I suggest you to do so anyway.
Two, by not breaking Austria's alliance with Hungary in the first war you may prevent situations like Austria allying Castile. And like I said, Austrian-Iberian alliance is just a pain in the ass to deal with. Now, by the second HRE war you may have enough favors from Burgundy, but still.
Three, if Ottomans guarantee Wallachia that means your first war against them will be easier as they will have one ally less. So, all in all, Ottomas guaranteeing Wallachia and postponing Hungary's mission progress is something that ultimately still benefits you.

If Hungary conquered Wallachia by the time of your first war involving the Emperor of the HRE, but you couldn't feed it even partially to Moldavia in that war due to AE constraints and as such forced Hungary to release it instead, conquer Wallachia and feed it to Moldavia the moment the truce ends.
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2019.06.13 14:50 elvenoutrider List of headlines for horror on the orient express

Thought this might help people. I’ve put together a list of headlines from around the world to start the days off with. Some of them have been moved around to even them out.
Some of them I made up based on my knowledge of the times.
Some of them, like the announcement of Stan Lee’s birth were just for my players
Some of them are based on the campaign I was running.
Anyways the list is an ongoing project but I hope this helps people. I started the list in late December in case anyone runs a prequel scenario like I did:
(Also sorry for the formatting, I’m operating off mobile from my OneNote files)
December 1922
23 - partisan infighting continues in Poland following assasination of Gabriel Narutowitz
Mysterious deaths continue in London - 4 bodies now found dead from apparent falls from extreme height. Is a rogue aeronaut to blame?
26 - violence continues in new Irish State. Parliament considers troop surge to control the violence
27 - Japanese commission new class of naval vessel - carrier of aero planes
28 - American Stan Lee born today
30 - An empire is born. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and the Transcaucasian republic agree to terms to form a great nation, the Union of Soviet socialist republics. Vladimir Lenin declares a great victory for the proletariat.
1 - Weimar Republic claims bankruptcy. Demands 3 year moratorium on war reparations. British say “THE HUN MUST PAY”
Parliament passes the railway act, nationalizing the British railways.
2 - new political lobby forms in US - molly pitcher club demands immediate end to prohibition
4 - Bolshevik Vladimir Lenin Demands removal of Joseph Stalin. Stalin confident he will survive the vote.
6 - coup attempted in Florida - violent white supremacist mob descends on African American town, razes it to the ground. Mob arrested by national guardsmen after failure to establish white state. It appears America may still have a race problem
7 - communist flags flown at unemployed workers rally in trafalgor square, could the workers revolution hit England?
French expeditions successfully crosses Sahara - triumphant arrival in timbuktu
8 - hundreds of Irish rebels trade fire with British soldiers in Cork. Rebels deploy machine guns and incendiary bombs, dozens of casualties reported
10 - last US troops depart the Rhineland. Lithuanian soldiers defy league of nation and enter Memel
11 - over British protests, French and Belgian troops invade the Ruhr Valley, demanding Germany continue war reparation. Partisan violence is expected
Death of a destitute king - Constantine 1st, Ed king of Greece, dies in exile in Palermo
12 - Irish rebels firebomb a train station. Station burned the the ground with a half dozen engines driven into the harbor impeding boat traffic. Casualties unknown at this time.
13 - political agitator Adolf Hitler stages demonstration in Berlin. Decries Hun surrender as the November Treason.
14 - Opinion NYT - this hitler fellow seems like a bad egg
15 - white supremacist mob responsible for mass murder in US released with no charges. African American protests erupt nationwide
French soldiers open fire on anti occupation socialist protestors - teenagers young as 13 counted among the dead
17 - Spaniard la Cuivero demonstrates new type of rotary wing aero plane. Calls it an auto gyro: is this the future of air transportation? Avionics expert count von Zeppelin says that heavier than air vehicles will never rule the skies.
19 - US treasury and British parliament come to deal on 60 year payment plan for war debts. Both Markets react positively
23 - female anarchist strikes - Melle Berthon shoots Mr. Plateau, Secretary General of the French line of action
27 - national socialists hold congress in Munich - police refuse order to detain them
29 - King George assaulted by crutch wielding shell shocked veteran
1) Ultimatum issued on Lithuanian occupation. Is Europe ready for another war? 
Italian Prime minister Mussolini establishes Blackshirts as police, special forces and political party. Are they preparing for war?
Let the Hun Freeze - all coal shipments into Germany halted
2) United States signed friendship treaty with Latin American countries 3) Major cities in the United States are launching a major initiative to install traffic signaling lights in all intersections. London mayor declares his intention to do the same. Will Europe follow? 4) Lausanne conference stalled - talks between Britain and Turkey break down 5) Mussolini orders mass arrests of socialists and anarchists in Italy 6) Adolf Hitler and supporters launch daily newspaper, NSDAP, in Paper starved Germany. Does he have a foreign supporter? 7) Do you really trust your husband? Invented at the university of California at Berkeley, and tested on the hardest gangsters of LA, now available - the polygraphic lie detector. If your husband refuses the test, what does he have to hide? 8) Soviet Union establishes national airline. So far no European country agrees to accept their routes. 9) Canadians broadast first play by play of sporting event to a of record 500 viewers. Is this a new generation in entertainment? 10) Coca cola - for vigor, for focus, for fun! Coca Cola, the drink for the socialite, and the working man. Coca Cola - mixes well with rum or your favorite whiskey. Buy Coca Cola today. If your store doesn’t sell Coca Cola, what are they selling? Tell them to stock up today. Coca Cola now with 10% more of that Columbian mix you love. (Coca Cola launches international campaign) 12) NSDAP speaks out against Ruhr Occupation. Demands immediate French pullout, warns of violence against occupiers. 13) Allied powers accept Lithuanian occupation of Memel 14) Howard Carter claims to have discovered unmolested Egyptian Pharoh Tomb. Pharoh names Tutankhamen. University of London claims this could completely rewrite all we know of ancient history 16) US wins big in Winter Olympics 18) Has your woodworking become a back breaking affair? Are your hands too hardened to please your gal? Try the new DeWalt electric powered rotary saw! 22) German Republican Party passes laws severely restricting the rights of workers. NSDAP denounces new laws 23) Britain lowers tariffs on Germany from 26% to 5% 24) Us announces thousands of arrests related to organized crime. Largest cooperation of multiple police departments and federal agencies in US history. Suggestions have arisen of a federalized investigative service utilizing the Pinkertons. 25) Inflation in Berlin causes price of Bread to rise to 5000 marks. 26) Italian nationalists and fascists combine into one party 27) Swedish king Gustav begins royal visit to netherlands 28) Gun fight in streets of Sophia - anarchists throw bombs at police 
1) Allies occupy rurgebied over the protests of the Americans and British. One protester killed by advancing troops. French declare the hun must pay their debts! 2) US senate Defies president - declares the US will not be members of The Hague international court 3) First issue of time magazine published featuring an interview with a member of the house or representatives 5) US states Nevada and Montana adopt old age pension laws. Economists around the world watch 6) Cleveland Indian managers declare, over player objection, that their players will from now on wear numbers. Christian groups declare this a push towards adoption of the mark of the beast. 8) Do you lack the constitution for mathematics? Elmer rice may have the answer for you - purchase an electric computational machine today. 9) American Union of calculators sues to end production of Elmer rice’ computational machine. Declares the device threatens tens of thousands of skilled workers. 13) First film with sound debuts in LA 14) German Supreme Court issues prohibition on NDSAP party, demands arrest if Adolf Hitler and other party leaders 15) Warren G Harding becomes first president to file to pay his taxes. Reminds fellow lawmakers that the president is first and foremost, a servant. 16) Just out of Moscow / party leader Vladimir Lenin hospitalized from third stroke. 20) Bavarian minister of interior refuses to forbid Nazi Sturm Abteilung 21) United States state department issues refusal to recognize USSR. Secretary of State turns his back on the Bolshevik delegation. 22) The stars have fallen, the pigs have flown folks. 82nd Grand National: Capt. Tuppy Bennett wins aboard 13-year-old 100/6 shot Sergeant Murphy; first US bred horse to win race 
First dance marathon in New York City; Alma Cummings sets record of 27 hours with 6 different partners
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2016.12.23 18:47 erenoa1213 Fun Run 2 Family

Waking up to voices yelling, I look around and see it's still quite dark. Sitting up, I turn my head to look at the clock. 5:30 A.M it read. What?! "There's no way they're awake just to play Fun Run..." I mumble. Sighing, I slowly pull myself out of bed, heading towards the yelling voices. Standing at the doorway of the kitchen, I see Monkey, Justinfeng and Wittyfeng sitting on opposite sides of the kitchen table, tapping away on their screen. "Justin! You're both cheat... That's it... I quit." Monkey says, placing his phone down and crossing his arms over his chest. "What do you mean you quit? How are we both cheat?" Justin asks. Before making an entrance into the kitchen, I hear yawning. Turning, I see Jesussavesoulz standing near the couch, rubbing her eyes. "They woke you up too?" I ask her. She faces me, and nods her head, pointing behind her. Looking behind her, I see Rob, Bobby and MeMel coming out of their rooms, heading towards the living room. Bobby flops down on the couch, grabbing a pillow and throwing it over his face. You could hear him muttering things. "Who's at it this time?" He finally asks, pulling the pillow away from his face. The other three having already taken a seat on the couch, a tired look evident on their face. I move to the side, viewing the three early birds. "Of course... Monkey... Always the one to be woken up by." Bobby says. I chuckle at his reply. "What time is it anyways?" Melmel asks. Glancing at the clock, it reads 5:40 "5:40" I answer. "WHAT?" JSS exclaims. "I'm sorry, did you say FIVE?" I nod. "You've gotta be kidding me... That explains why I'm still tired." "I second that." Mel agrees. "I third that?" Rob questions, "I uh.. forth that?" Walking over, taking a seat next to JSS. "Hold on, I think some others are awake... Pause the game." We hear Monkey say. "You can't pause the game... You know that right?" Justin asks. "Then just don't move... Something." "Then we'll disconnect..." "Then..." He starts, putting emphasis on the word. "Disconnect." We can hear Justin gasp. "No way dude! That's some valuable points we'd be losing!" "Unbelieavable..." We hear the screetching of the chair being pushed back. "Oh? You guys are awake? Good morning!" Monkey chirps, happily. "Not by choice..." Bobby mumbles, then chuckles. "Good morning Monkey!" "Morning." We answer back. "Wow... All of you look tired. What's up with that?" He asks. Pointing towards the clock, without saying anything. He turns to look and faces us, smiling slightly while rubbing the back of his neck. "Oh... quite early don't ya say?" Bobby answers, by chucking the pillow at Monkey and smiles innocently. "Woah!" Barely blocking the pillow from hitting him. Bobby stands up, and makes his way towards Monkey and pats him on the back. "Good morning." He says again, before almost tumbling over. Monkey catches him, holding him up. "Uh? You okay?" "You're my herooooo...." He smiles, before closing his eyes. "Okay?" Monkey chuckles, making his way over and flopping him down on the couch. "I'll treat you guys... How about it?" "Perfect!" He nods before heading into his room to change. Monkey comes back shortly, dressed in a new pair of clothes. "Seeing as it's too early to go where I wanna go... I'll wait a bit. Go ahead... catch up on some sleep." He turns to face us, but sees me the only one awake. "Huh, I must've bored them to sleep... Do I? I mean, I don't talk that much... well, I do but they're fu-" "Monkey." "Funny. Right? When I talk, I'm not boring a-" "Monkey." I call out to him again. "Oh man! I really am boring! They fell asleep on me!" "MONKEY!" He stops rambling and I couldn't help but laugh. "Yeah?" "Look at the time. It's almost six. We get that you play early in the morning, but seriously, five??" He doesn't say anything for a moment, as if he's lost in his own thoughts. "Oh... right. Ahhh.... I knew I was always funny! Why didn't you just tell me they fell asleep because it's still early? I almost believed I wasn't funny..." I playfully roll my eyes, laughing.

He, too flops down on one of the couches, putting some show on.

Time flew by, by then the sun had already gone up and the mates were still sleeping. Looked like they were soon to wake up from the way they kept stirring. Monkey smiles to himself. He's up to something... He stands up, turning off the tv before walking over to the couch Rob was on. He knelt down, placing his chin on top of the arm of the couch and smiling big. He poked his arm, causing Rob to swat his hand out. "Rob..." He fainlty whispered. No reply. Pokes him arm again. "Rob..." He says a bit louder. Rob moves his head to the side. "Rob. Rob. Rob. Rob. Rob." Monkey starts saying repeatedly, each time he called his name, he said it louder. Soon then, Rob was starting to wake up. "ROBBY!" "What??" He answers, a hint of annoyance. "Rise and shine Mr. Lag! Oh... and hi!" Monkey answers, smiling. Throwing his hands up. Rob quickly picks up a pillow, and throws it towards Monkey. "Woah! Sheesh! A hi back would of been better." He mumbles. "Anyways... now that you're up. Onto my next victim." As Monkey was turning, more pillows had been chucked at him. "Woah, woah!" He sees everyone else awake and catches me quickly trying to make my way back to the couch, as if nothing happened. Smiling innocently, I wave at him. "YOU!" "What I do?" I ask. "Ohh. Don't give me thaaatt..." "Sorry couldn't wake ya on time, Rob." I tell him. "Seeing pillows being chucked at him is good enough for me." He replies, grinning. "NEW RULE. No more pillows.... being thrown at me... please?" He pleads. "Deal. Now... about some breakfast? We're quite hungry. Please?" I ask. "Of course!" Justin and Witty just then come out from the kitchen, greeting us. "You've guys been in there since earlier this morning?" JSS asks. They both nod, pulling out their phones, Fun Run homescreen displayed on their screen. "You going somewhere Monkey?" Justin asks Monkey. He nods. "Just going to get some breakfast." "Cool, I'll come with. Just let me grab my shoes." He quickly heads off to his room, coming out dressed. "Justin, you forgot to tie your shoes... Lemme help you with that." Monkey goes down, and from our view, you could see a smirk. He hums as he's tying his shoes, then rises. "All done." "Thanks bud!" One step forward, and Justin starts to tumble towards the floor. Monkey pretending he didn't see Justin falling, he pretends he sees something else fall and takes a step to the left, leaving Justin to hit the ground. "What the...." Looking down, he sees his laces tied together. "DUDE!" "Bye, have a wonderful time!" Monkey bolts for the door but stops and turns back slowly... Meeting our gazes with amusement in them... "Forgetting something?" We ask. He chuckles. "Uh yeah... keys?" "And you thought you could leave without me." Justin says, tying his shoes properly, standing up with keys in hand. "Bye, have a wonderful time!" Bobby calls out, both of them heading out the door. The scenery had seemed to gotten everyone awake, standing up to stretch. "I'll say... Monkey himself is better than most comedy shows or movies I seen." Bobby admits. "Don't let him know that... Should of seen him this morning when he was asking you all to sleep, but you all have fallen asleep before then." "Do tell." Melmel courages. I explain to them how Monkey was earlier. "Yeah, it's best to not tell him." Rob says.

"Agreed." before bursting out into laughter.

Monkey and Justin both burst through the front door, looking as if they were out of breath. "Soo... I see two of you back...both empty handed?" Bobby observes. Both of them look at each other... "YOU!" They both exclaim at each other. "You forgot the breakfast!" Monkey accuses. "What? ME? You forgot the drinks!" Justin shoots back. Two of them started bickering back and forth at each other, not realizing Courtney had came in. She takes a seat, being greeted. "That lady at Olga's was crazy... She chased us out of the shop." Monkey huffs. Courtney stood up. "That's only because you both wouldn't stop yelling. I assume you both were playing Fun Run?" She questions. They didn't say anything. She laughs. "I figured." "Wait... you were there? I didn't see you..." "I'm a ninja... anyways, I have something for y'all." She pulls out a bag. "YOU'RE THE BEST COURTNEY! Not only are you a good partner in Fun Run but in the for realz life!" Courtney pulls out our breakfast. "Aw, thanks Monkey! Don't be surprised if she let's you come back. Do something to strike a nerve... she'll chase you out again, this time with something in hand." She explains, grinning at Monkey's facial expression. "Th-That's scrary!" "Trust me, it is. I've seen her do it to a few goofballs." She says. "Fair warning to y'all next time." She adds.


After breakfast, we've done nothing but play Fun Run here and there... Story of our life, right? Had a few mates come visit us from time to time throughout the day. Now, we had a few of us sitting around the living room, either in a competitve race or for fun. "Why am I lagging?" Melmel asks herself, frustrated look on her face. "I agree... what is this?" JSS adds, tapping repeatedly on her screen. Here and there, we've all complained about lag. Looking over at Rob who seems to have a peaceful time playing... "Well that figures... while we're all playing through lag, Mr. LagBeatMeUDidnt is doing just the opposite." Monkey comments. Rob looks up from his phone, placing his phone down on his lap. "What?" "Lag free, I see?" "Yes..? Surprisingly." "Surprisingly..." He mimicks. "Give us back our no-lag and take back your lag plague." He tells him, laughing. "Ha... ha... ha... You're real funny Monkey. Since you... asked so kindly, I think I'm going to stick with this lag-free time for awhile more. If anything, I need this after a year of playing through lag." He responds, too laughing. "THIS LAG!!" Bobby yells, gripping his phone tight in his hands, looking as if he's about to throw it. "Bobbs, calm down... you're going to pull a Rob." "Pull a Rob?" Some of them question. Everyone had a confused looked, while Rob looks over at me, playfully narrowing his eyes at me. "Do tell, please mousegirl." I laugh out loud... "Bobby, I suggest if you still want your phone, it's best you don't pull a Rob." Was all I let out. Realization seem to hit and they burst out laughing.

"Yeah, I don't want that happening. Thanks!"

Again, we've done nothing much till now.. The day was ending, almost for some of us to get to bed. We've chatted amongst ourselves as well as playing until we figured we'd call it a night. "Goodnight" We said to each other. Before JSS and MelMel went off to their rooms, they faced Monkey... "Up early again like today... I suggest you hide your phone Monkey." Melmel tells him. He looks shocked, a grin on his face. "What an empty threat..." This time, JSS speaks... "Do you want to test that?" He quickly places his phone in his pocket, and pretends to zip his lips, shaking his head no. She smiles sweetly, "Good." Then they both walked off into their rooms. "Double teamed. Rock on girls!" Bobby cheers. "Or triple, who knows? Welps... goodnight!" I say, before heading off to bed.
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KM CANAVARLARI  Ford Tourneo Connect  Kapak Açmadan 902 ... Ebru Şancı - MEMELER OLAY Being Married Vs. Dating - YouTube Bensu Soral Süper Memeler Breastfeeding on Demand: Breastfeeding a newborn outside ... Memede şekil bozuklukları ve çözümü - YouTube Hülya Avşar Memeler Ortada She can’t resist kissing her best friend and her boyfriend ... A Porn Star - Vanessa Cage Açılay abi (Zanzara) - Memeler açılımı

Memel, die Stadt Memel in Ostpreußen, nördlichste Stadt ...

  1. KM CANAVARLARI Ford Tourneo Connect Kapak Açmadan 902 ...
  2. Ebru Şancı - MEMELER OLAY
  3. Being Married Vs. Dating - YouTube
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  8. She can’t resist kissing her best friend and her boyfriend ...
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Margin Call 4 - Senior Partners Emergency Meeting - Duration: 9:49. Olivier BOSSARD Recommended for you. ... rihanna karpuz Memeler - Duration: 0:14. Bulgaristanli Ejder 14,264 views. KM Canavarları serimiz; dolu dolu giden, çok merak edilen ve çok da izlenen bir seri olarak tam gaz devam ediyor. Daha önce bu seride 4 farklı araç ile sizle... She can’t resist kissing her best friend and her boyfriend. Temptation, infidelity, and betrayal come between relationships in this drama. Download our app t... Would you love to get to know me more? Gain access to exclusive content and have direct access to me via dm at https://only... Beyaz Show- Hande Soral ve Bensu Soral'ın güzellikleri akılları baştan aldı! - Duration: 2:51. Beyaz Show 2,033,534 views Hem kadın hem erkek memesinde şekil bozuklukları görülebilir. Kadınlarda en çok memede sarkma, çok büyük olması veya küçük olmasıdır. Bazen de asimetrik meme... Ebru Şancı'dan İdo Açıklaması, 2. Sayfa Ebru Şancı İdo Benim Kardeşim, Ebru Şancı'nın Kaleci Sevgilisi, Uzun zamandır gündemden düşmeyen Ebru Şancı, ... Ebru Şancı ve Müthiş ... financial support - A Porn Star - Vanessa Cage Overview (3) Born November 19, 1991 in Coral Springs, Florida, USA Nicknames... The difference between being married and dating is HUGE! It’s crazy how relationships change the longer you’re in them. You go from being the perfect girlfri... Açılay abi (Zanzara) - Memeler açılımı mekanikgunler. Loading... Unsubscribe from mekanikgunler? ... Jared Vennett's Pitch to Front Point Partners (Jenga Blocks Scene) - Duration: 8:35.