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How Do I (20M) Try Again with My Ex? (19F) Where Do I Even Start?

2020.02.01 11:22 Xctual How Do I (20M) Try Again with My Ex? (19F) Where Do I Even Start?

My ex and I lasted for only four months, but I left her because I felt unloved. She's a year younger than me and about 5'4. She looks like an absolute badass when she wants to, but usually just relaxes at home in a hoodie and glasses. She's covered in piercings and loves tattoos. Into horrorcore and is a juggalette. I didn't know anything about any of that until just recently, but that's besides the point. I used to be what kids would call "emo" in school. I've grown up, but alternative rock is what I'm into. Due to my "style" I'm an absolute sucker for dyed hair and any girl that looks remotely edgy. Ever since I left high school, finding relationships had been difficult. So I downloaded Tinder and that's when I first saw her. A lot of people would be scared of her style, but I was really attracted to it. We decided to meet up at a restaurant and had a really nice time, and I could tell she was really shy but she was wearing this amazing red and black dress and her makeup was out of this world. I met her mother on that day and ended up going to her house too. She kept complimenting me and saying I was definitely an upgrade compared to her ex while speaking to her mother. I took it as a compliment. At the beginning of the relationship, she was super sweet. Constantly all over me and kissing me and begging me to come over to her house. Since I don't have too many friends and I devote my entire being to my significant other for the most part, I would take an Uber and make my way right over. Her house was also in the middle of my commute to work, so it made it even more convinient to just spend the night with her. I was at her house more often than I was at my own. I loved having a relationship where I could see my girlfriend whenever I wanted. Where I was loved by someone else's family. She even had a pig and I love animals! She uses reddit like crazy, and got me into it. I've had a profile for awhile, but never really post anything. We went to EmoNite which is basically a bunch of punks in a room singing songs together, and that was amazing. More so than anything because she was right there, smiling back at me and dancing on me. Constantly wanting me with her. But two months later, things were starting to change. She didn't want to get out of bed. I was fine with it, until I realized we hadn't gotten on a single date ever since the concert two months prior. She has bad anxiety and takes meds for it and smokes a lot of pot, but it didn't really make sense to me why she could have the energy to dirty dance on stage with hundreds of other people, yet didn't feel like taking a walk to the park or just to grab some fast food or SOMETHING. I wanted any sort of reason to get out of the house and go somewhere as a couple. We went from cuddling and kissing and going on dates, to laying down and watching this british baking show (which ended up actually being pretty interesting although I was reluctant at first) for HOURS on end. I used to tell myself that if I'm with someone I love, I couldn't get bored, but I had never felt so bored before. There were so many things I wanted to in life with someone, and she just wanted to lay in bed and have intercourse. And then the real problems started popping up, three months in she stopped making the first moves. She would kiss me back if I kissed her. She would hold my hand if I held hers. She would grab onto me tightly if I held her, but it was always me making the first move from that point on. Maybe I was reading too much into it, but I started feeling unloved. Not completely of course, but enough to worry about being broken up with. But that's more than likely because I've been cheated on A LOT and the slightest change in the air can make me think I'm going to lose everything all over again. I started asking her why she wasn't showing that much affection anymore and her response was always, "idk". And we got into an argument once and she said she just felt numb. I wasn't sure how to take that. I wanted to be there for her, so I asked her what I could to help her and I still got that infamous "idk what you can do, because Idek what to do". I don't think she was going to break up with me. I know she still liked me, I just don't think she loved me. I was just scared of being left behind, so I made the stupid decision to leave before I got hurt. We were speaking on the phone like usual, and I made a joke but she wasn't laughing the way she used to. I started overthinking and I told her how I didn't feel the affection from her anymore. She said she was sorry. That that's just who she was. Yet, she seemed completely different from the girl I knew four months prior. She told me that it seemed as if I wanted the relationship to end. Even though I did end it, what I really wanted was to make her try and understand how it felt to feel loved one minute, and then have that person seem like they don't care anymore the next. Thoughts of a psycopath probably, I know, but what's happened is already done. After two months I apologized to her. I told her I only left because I felt unloved. And that I did want to be with her. I just wanted to feel that same commitment that we had at the beginning. She said okay and hasn't responded ever since. She's still single, but does seem sad. I've been on a lot of dates and have been trying to find someone I could have a future with, but everytime I think I'm over her, I end up right back here. Feeling like a moron for leaving. Missing going to that house I have to pass by everyday. Missing going to concerts. Meeting weirdos. Hearing oinks from a pig everyday, and basically having a second home and family, and a girl who made me feel like the luckiest guy on earth until she seemingly stopped caring. I think that now I realize she was probably only acting that way because of the medications effect on her and her constantly being stoned. I think I took her reactions for granted and just overthought the entire situation way too much. She doesn't have a bright future ahead of her more than likely because she dropped out of school, and she said she doesn't want kids either, but I just can't stop wanting her. She was so passionate and loving the one time I was grieving over a loved one, and I've never had someone comfort me the way she had. I just wanted to be there for her as well. I still do. I just can't find the right words to say. I don't know if she'll take me back. I don't know if she'll even talk to me. But I want to try. I want to go back to those days of just resting on the bed watching that dumb baking show. I want to take funny photos every chance I get. I want someone to come home to after work every day. And we may not go out that often, but at least I'd still have her. And I realize that's all I need now. And words can't describe how much regret I've been filled with ever since I left because of my selfish desire to have fun and want more affection when there already was enough. She's not perfect by any means. She's a disaster. But she's a lovely disaster at that. And I think we made a lovely mess. My question is, what can I do to get her back?
I'm sorry if this is too long, I put the TLDR thing but idk if that helps too much. Also, I don't know if I posted this in the right place either. Any constructive criticism is valued and appreciated.
TLDR; I left my ex becaused I felt unloved. I think I took her for granted and I really miss her. It's been two months, and I still have feelings, even though I left. How do I get her back?
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2019.12.28 04:25 AngusBeefBorgor AITA For Continuing to Listen to Music my Girlfriend Doesn’t Want me Listening to?

I f(24) have been listening to the Insane Clown Posse since I was 10 or so. I don’t see myself as a Juggalette or anything. I am the opposite of a stereotypical Juggalo/Juggalette.
I’ve been dating my girlfriend for about a year now. We moved in together about 4 months ago.
I like laying on my bed and playing music on my phone without headphones. Not at full blast, just to where I can hear it. I only do this when my girlfriend is gone or in another room.
The first time I did this, she was in the room next to the one I was in. I was playing ICP songs. After about 15 minutes, she asked me to either turn it down or find something else to listen to. I turned the volume down and then played other music (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, etc). Later she told me she was uncomfortable hearing the music as she didn’t like the lyrics. I completely understood and was not upset at all.
The next day, she was in another room and I was alone in our room. I decided to listen to some music, ICP. I had the volume almost all the way down, so I could just barely hear it. The headphones were in another room and I didnt feel like getting up. I had fallen asleep after a while.
I guess she walked in while I was asleep and caught me listening to it, because after I woke up and went to go see her, she seemed pretty upset. She said something like, “I told you I didn’t like you listening to that music, stop it” or something. I didnt recall her telling me not to listen to it, just her saying she didnt like it. I told her that I wouldn’t make her listen to it and I’d keep it quiet, but I can listen to any music I want to.
I’ve continued listening to ICP, quietly or with headphones, but she still “catches” me here and there and is obviously not happy about it. So AITA?
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2019.11.26 19:26 TheBroox Guide to Watching AEW

All Elite Wrestling Content - Year 1

This post lists all of the major All Elite Wrestling "kayfabe" content from the first year of the company. Additionally, it also includes some material that occurred before AEW's first event, Double or Nothing, that were important to the origins of AEW.
Reddit App Users: The official Reddit app cuts off two of the column of the table below. Scroll right within the app to find the links.
# Program/Event Free Premium
1 Being The Elite 95-117 [1]* BTE YouTube
2 SCU Training For All In [1] BTE YouTube
3 All In: Zero Hour [1] Fite[3]
4 All In [1] Fite
5 Being The Elite 118-133 [1]** BTE YouTube
6 All Elite Wrestling Press Conference AEW YouTube
7 Being The Elite 134-137 [1]*** BTE YouTube
8 Double or Nothing Announcement AEW YouTube
9 Vlog 218 - AEW Vlog! [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
10 Being The Elite 138-140 [1]† BTE YouTube
11 Vlog 205 - A Very Elite Vlog! [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
12 Being The Elite 141-153 [1]†† BTE YouTube
13 SCU vs OWE w/ Post Match Comments [2] AEW YouTube
14 SCU Prepares For AEW's Double Or Nothing! [1] BTE YouTube
15 The Road to Double or Nothing 1-17 AEW YouTube[5]
16 Wrestlegate Pro - Pac vs. Hangman Page [2] AEW YouTube
17 Double or Nothing Press Conference & Weigh In Fite
18 Double or Nothing: The Buy-In AEW YouTube - TNT YouTube - B/R Live
19 Double or Nothing B/R Live
20 Kylie Rae's #AEWDoN Post Match Comments AEW YouTube
21 Before the Bell: The Story of All Elite Wrestling AEW YouTube
22 Vlog 219 - Double of Nothing Vlog! [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
23 Being The Elite 154-157 [1]††† BTE YouTube
24 Vlog 222 - An Elite Time In Mexico [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
25 Being The Elite 158 - Control Room [1] BTE YouTube
26 SCU - Shanghai China Uncensored [1] BTE YouTube
27 The Road to Fyter Fest 1-3 Nightmare Family YouTube[5]
28 Fyter Fest: The Buy-In AEW YouTube - TNT YouTube
29 Fyter Fest B/R Live
30 Being the Elite 159-160 [1]‡ BTE YouTube
31 Vlog 225 - Training for Fight for the Fallen [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
32 The Road to Fight for the Fallen 1-3 Nightmare Family YouTube[5]
33 Fight for the Fallen: The Buy-In AEW YouTube - TNT YouTube
34 Fight for the Fallen B/R Live
35 Vlog 226 - Fight for the Fallen Vlog! [1] Sammy Guevara Vlog
36 Being The Elite 161-167 [1]‡‡ BTE YouTube
37 Vlog 230 - Training for All Out [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
38 The Road to All Out 1-7 AEW YouTube[5]
39 Countdown to All Out ITV YouTube
40 All Out Press Conference & Weigh In Fite
41 All Out: The Buy-In AEW YouTube - TNT YouTube
42 All Out AEW YouTube[5] B/R Live
43 All Out Post Show AEW YouTube - Fite
44 Vlog 233 - All Out Vlog [1] Sammy Guevara Vlog
45 Being The Elite 168-172 [1]‡‡‡ BTE Youtube
46 Vlog 234 - Training for TV [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
47 The Road to AEW on TNT 1-4 AEW YouTube[5]
48 Vlog 237 - 1 Day Away From History [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
49 Countdown to All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite AEW YouTube
50 FITE in Focus AEW Dynamite [1] Fite
51 Dynamite Episode 1 AEW YouTube - B/R Live[6]
52 Being The Elite 173 - I'm Just Getting Started [1] BTE YouTube
53 Vlog 238 - HISTORY. [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
54 Dark Episode 1 - Washington D.C. AEW YouTube
55 Dynamite Episode 2 B/R Live[6]
56 Being The Elite 174 - Glass Coffee Table [1] BTE YouTube
57 Vlog 239 - Spanish God [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
58 Dark Episode 2 - Boston, MA AEW YouTube
59 Dynamite Episode 3 B/R Live[6]
60 Being The Elite 175 - Matt Wears A New Piece of Merchandise [1] BTE YouTube
61 Vlog 240 - Little Bit of the Bubbly [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
62 Dark Episode 3 - Philadelphia, PA AEW YouTube
63 Dynamite Episode 4 B/R Live[6]
64 Being The Elite 176 - Merch Freak [1] BTE YouTube
65 Vlog 241 - We Have Tickets! [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
66 Dark Episode 4 - Pittsburgh, PH AEW YouTube
67 Dynamite Episode 5 B/R Live[6]
68 Being The Elite 177 - An Elite Halloween Special [1] BTE YouTube
69 Vlog 242 - Vlogging Live on AEW Dynamite [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
70 Dark Episode 5 - Charleston, WV AEW YouTube
71 Being The Elite 178 - This Ain't Water [1] BTE YouTube
72 Dynamite Episode 6 B/R Live[6]
73 Vlog 243 - What's Under An AEW Ring [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
74 Countdown to Full Gear AEW YouTube - B/R Live
75 Dark Episode 6 - Charlotte, NC AEW YouTube
76 Full Gear: The Buy-In AEW YouTube
77 Full Gear B/R Live
78 Being The Elite 179 - Backstage At Full Gear [1] BTE YouTube
79 Dynamite Episode 7 B/R Live[6]
80 Being The Elite 180 - This is Supposed To Be Fun [1] BTE YouTube
81 Vlog 245 - Vlog Stolen Backstage At AEW [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
82 Dark Episode 7 - Nashville, TN AEW YouTube
83 Dynamite Episode 8 B/R Live[6]
84 Road to the Sears Centre AEW YouTube
85 Being The Elite 181 - We Lied [1] BTE YouTube
86 Vlog 246 - Vlogging On AEW Gone Wrong [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
87 Dark Episode 8 - Indianapolis, IN AEW YouTube
88 Dynamite Episode 9 B/R Live[6]
89 Being The Inner Circle [1] BTE YouTube
90 Dark Episode 9 - Chicago, IL AEW YouTube
91 Vlog 247 - Thing Go Horribly Wrong on AEW Dark [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
92 Dynamite Episode 10 B/R Live[6]
93 Being The Elite 182 - Sprint [1] BTE YouTube
94 Vlog 248 - Don't Vlog on AEW Dynamite [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
95 Dark Episode 10 - Champaign, IL AEW YouTube
96 Dynamite Episode 11 B/R Live[6]
97 Being the Elite 183 - Chris Daniels Botch [1] BTE YouTube
98 Vlog 249 - I Had To Call Security at AEW [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
99 Control Center - 12/17/19 AEW YouTube
100 Dark Episode 11 - Garland, TX AEW YouTube
101 Dynamite Episode 12 B/R Live[6]
102 Being the Elite 184 - Blood On My Hands [1] BTE YouTube
103 Vlog 250 - Giving the Best Gift Backstage at AEW [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
104 Dark Episode 12 - Corpus Christi, TX AEW YouTube
105 Vlog 252 - Wrestling in Israel Volg! [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
106 Road to Jacksonville AEW YouTube
107 Dark Episode 13 - 2019 Year In Review AEW YouTube
108 Control Center - 1/1/20 AEW YouTube
109 Dynamite Episode 13: Homecoming Edition B/R Live[6]
110 Vlog 253 - Would I ever wrestle Le Champion? [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
111 Being The Elite 185 - This is for the Juggalos & Juggalettes [1] BTE YouTube
112 Road to Memphis AEW YouTube
113 Vlog 254 - Vlogging Backstage at AEW Dynamite [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
114 Dark Episode 14 - Jacksonville, FL AEW YouTube
115 Dynamite Episode 14: Anniversary Edition B/R Live[6]
116 Being The Elite 186 - Memphis [1] BTE YouTube
117 Road to Miami AEW YouTube
118 Vlog 255 - Polar Opposites [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
119 Dark Episode 15 - Southaven, MS AEW YouTube
120 Control Center - Bash at the Beach: Miami AEW YouTube
121 Pre Dynamite Live - Miami AEW YouTube
122 Dynamite Episode 15: Bash at the Beach Edition B/R Live[6]
123 Vlog 256 - You Know What That Means [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
124 Being The Elite 187 - Marty [1] BTE YouTube
125 Road to the Bahamas AEW YouTube
126 Dark Order - Exaulted One AEW YouTube
127 Vlog 257 - Vlogging at Bash at the Beach [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
128 Dark Episode 16 - Miami, FL AEW YouTube
129 Control Center - Jericho Cruise: Bahamas AEW YouTube
130 Bonus Match - Joey Janela vs Rey Fenix AEW YouTube
131 Bonus Match - Kip Sabian vs Nakazawa AEW YouTube
132 Pre Dynamite Live - Jericho Cruise AEW YouTube
133 Dynamite Episode 16: Chris Jericho's Rock 'N' Wrestling Rager at Sea Part Deux: Second Wave B/R Live[6]
134 Brandi Rhodes Therapy Session 1 AEW YouTube
135 Being The Elite 188 - The Morning After [1] BTE YouTube
136 Road to Cleveland AEW YouTube
137 Vlog 258 - Jericho Cruise [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
138 Dark Episode 17 AEW YouTube
139 Control Center - Cleveland AEW YouTube
140 Pre Dynamite Live - Cleveland AEW YouTube
141 Cody & Dustin Rhodes Accept The Pro Wrestling Illustrated Match of the Year Award AEW YouTube
142 Dynamite Episode 17 B/R Live[6]
143 Brandi Rhodes Therapy Session 2 AEW Twitter
144 Being the Elite 189 - Room for Cream? [1] BTE YouTube
145 Road to Huntsville AEW YouTube
146 Vlog 259 - True Love at AEW? [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
147 Dark Episode 18 - Cleveland, OH AEW YouTube
148 Control Center - Huntsville AEW YouTube
149 Pre Dynamite Live - Huntsville AEW YouTube
150 Dynamite Episode 18 B/R Live[6]
151 Top Five AEW YouTube
152 Being the Elite 190 - Rocket City [1] BTE YouTube
153 Road to Austin AEW YouTube
154 Vlog 260 - Think About My Offer [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
155 Dark Episode 19 - Huntsville, AL AEW YouTube
156 Control Center - Cedar Park AEW YouTube
157 Pre Dynamite Live - Cedar Park AEW YouTube
158 Dynamite Episode 19 B/R Live[6]
159 Coach's Corner w/ Arn Anderson AEW YouTube
160 Top Five AEW YouTube
161 Being the Elite 191 - Into the Unknown [1] BTE YouTube
162 Road to Atlanta AEW YouTube
163 Vlog 261 - My Future in AEW? [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
164 Dark Episode 20 - Austin, TX AEW YouTube
165 Control Center - Atlanta AEW YouTube
166 Pre Dynamite Live - Atlanta AEW YouTube
167 Dynamite Episode 20 B/R Live[6]
168 Coach's Corner w/ Arn Anderson AEW YouTube
169 Top Five AEW YouTube
170 Being the Elite 192 - Toy Fair [1] BTE YouTube
171 Road to Kansas City AEW YouTune
172 Vlog 262 - He Almost Killed Me! [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
173 Dark Episode 21- Atlanta, GA AEW YouTube
174 Control Center - Kansas City AEW YouTube
175 Pre Dynamite Live - Kansas City AEW YouTube
176 Dynamite Episode 21 B/R Live[6]
177 Top Five AEW YouTube
178 Countdown to Revolution AEW YouTube[5] - AEW YouTube[8] - B/R Live[6]
179 Dark Episode 22 - Kansas City, MO AEW YouTube
180 Revolution Preshow AEW YouTube
181 Revolution: The Buy-In AEW Twitter - AEW YouTube[3]
182 Revolution B/R Live
183 Coach's Corner w/ Arn Anderson AEW YouTube
184 Free The Delete Epsiodes 1-9 [1,5]♦ MATTHARDYBRAND YouTube
185 Being the Elite 193 - Revolution [1] BTE YouTube
186 Free the Delete Episode 10 - The Preperation [1] MATTHARDYBRAND YouTube
187 Road to Denver AEW YouTube
188 Vlog 263 - Revolution [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
189 Dark Episode 23 - Chicago IL AEW YouTube
190 Control Center - Denver AEW YouTube
191 Pre Dynamite Live - Denver AEW YouTube
192 Dynamite Episode 22 B/R Live[6]
193 Coach's Corner w/ Arn Anderson AEW YouTube
194 Top Five AEW YouTube
195 Being the Elite 194 - Mile High City [1] BTE YouTube
196 Road to Salt Lake City AEW YouTube
197 Volg 264 - This Was So Painful! [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
198 Dark Episode 24 - Denver, CO AEW YouTube
199 Free The Delete Episode 11 - The Burial [1] MATTHARDYBRAND YouTube
200 Control Center - Salt Lake City AEW YouTube
201 Pre Dynamite Live - Salt Lake City AEW YouTube
202 Dynamite Episode 23 B/R Live[6]
203 Top Five AEW YouTube
204 Being the Elite 195 - Six Stars [1] BTE YouTube
205 Road to Dynamite AEW YouTube
206 Vlog 265 - He Tried the Deadly One Chip Challenge!! (Bad Idea) [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
207 Dark Episode 25 - Salt Lake City, UT AEW YouTube
208 Control Center AEW YouTube
209 Pre Dynamite Live AEW YouTube
210 Dynamite Episode 24 B/R Live[6]
211 Free The Delete Episode 12 - Damascus [1] MATTHARDYBRAND YouTube
212 Top Five AEW YouTube
213 Being the Elite 196 - Quarantine [1] BTE YouTube
214 Road to Dynamite AEW YouTube
215 Vlog 266 - It Never Happened!! [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
216 Dark Episode 26 AEW YouTube
217 Pre Dynamite AEW YouTube
218 Dynamite Episode 25 B/R Live[6]
219 Taz Reacts to Dynamite AEW YouTube
220 Top Five AEW YouTube
221 Being the Elite 197 - Life At Home [1] BTE YouTube
222 Road to Dynamite AEW YouTube
223 Vlog 267 - This is Why You Should Wear a Helmet!! [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
224 Dark Episode 27 AEW YouTube
225 Dynamite Pre Show AEW YouTube
226 Dynamite Episode 26 B/R Live[6]
227 Dynamite Post Show AEW YouTube
228 Top Five AEW YouTube
229 Being the Elite 198 - On the BTE Compound [1] BTE YouTube
230 Road to TNT Championship Tournament AEW YouTube
231 Vlog 268 - This IS Why You Shouldn't Bump!! [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
232 Dark Episode 28 - Milwaukee, WI AEW YouTube
233 Dynamite Pre Show AEW YouTube
234 Dynamite Episode 27 AEW YouTube[3,5]
235 Dynamite Post Show AEW YouTube
236 Top Five AEW YouTube
237 Being the Elite Episode 199 - ReCut [1,8] BTE YouTube
238 Road to TNT Championship AEW YouTube
239 Dark Episode 29 AEW YouTube
240 Vlog 269 - Wrestling in Australia!! (New Champion?)[1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
241 Dynamite Pre Show AEW YouTube
242 Dynamite Episode 28 AEW YouTube[3,5]
243 Dynamite Post Show AEW YouTube
244 Top Five AEW YouTube
245 Being the Elite Episode 200 - Matt vs Nick [1] BTE YouTube
246 Road to TNT Championship AEW YouTube
247 Vlog 270 - This Knocked Him Out!! (Painful) [1] AEW YouTube
248 Dark Episode 30 AEW YouTube
249 Dynamite Pre Show AEW YouTube
250 Dynamite Episode 29 AEW YouTube[3,5]
251 Dynamite Post Show AEW YouTube
252 Top Five AEW YouTube
253 Being the Elite Episode 201 - A Message In The Sky [1] BTE YouTube
254 Road to TNT Championship AEW YouTube
255 Vlog 271 - You Wont Believe What Happened!! [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
256 Dark Episode 31 AEW YouTube
457 Dynamite Pre Show AEW YouTube
258 Dynamite Episode 30 AEW YouTube[3,5]
259 Dynamite Post Show AEW YouTube
260 Top Five AEW YouTube
261 Being the Elite Episode 202 - An Old Carny Trick [1] BTE YouTube
262 Tony Schiavone Interviews Cody Heading into the TNT Championship Finals Against Lance Archer AEW YouTube
263 Road to Double or Nothing AEW YouTube
264 Vlog 272 - This Match is in Fire! [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
265 Dark Episode 32 AEW YouTube
266 Dynamite Episode 31 B/R Live[6]
267 Dynamite Post Show AEW YouTube
268 Top Five AEW YouTube
269 Being the Elite Episode 203 - Living In the Woods [1] BTE YouTube
270 Vlog 273 - I Got Run Over!! [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
271 Road to Double of Nothing AEW YouTube
272 Dark Episode 33 AEW YouTube
273 Dynamite Pre Show AEW YouTube
274 Dynamite Episode 32 AEW YouTube[3,5]
275 Dynamite Post Show AEW YouTube
276 Top Five AEW YouTube
277 We Got It!! YouTube Silver Play Button! [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
278 Being the Elite Episode 204 - Monologue [1] BTE YouTube
279 Road to Double or Nothing AEW YouTube
280 Vlog 274 - Why I Need A Doctor!! [1] Sammy Guevara YouTube
281 Dark Episode 34 AEW YouTube
282 RIP Vanguard I [1] MATTHARDYBRAND YouTube
283 Dynamite Pre Show AEW YouTube
284 Dynamite Episode 33 B/R Live[6]
285 Dynamite Post Show AEW YouTube
286 Top Five AEW YouTube
287 Countdown to Double or Nothing
288 Double or Nothing: The Buy-In YouTube - Fite
289 Double or Nothing B/R Live
290 Double or Nothing Post Show AEW YouTube
Guide to Watching AEW - Year 2 -->


Bold Features first aired wrestling match(es)
Italics Pay-Per-View
Strikethrough Content is no longer available to stream


# Note
[1] Not official AEW content
[2] Official AEW match hosted by another promotion
[3] Incomplete, use other listed source if available
[4] Requires a cable subscription to access beyond a short preview
[5] Links to a playlist containing multiple videos/clips
[6] Requires a B/R Live Account to access beyond a short preview
[7] Retitled "Revolution Preshow" and edited to remove the Intro/Trailer and the Dustin Rhodes vs Jake Hager segments
[8] Content edited or removed following allegation against Joey Ryan
Symbol Episodes In Range (Ordered)
* All In, The Confrontation[8], Manipulation, Strong Style Evolved, Ninety-Nine, Finale, Premier, Sold Out, Water Under The Bridge, Surveillance, Breaking News, Empire of Dirt, It's A New Day, Alibi, Memorial[8], Family Dinner, All Over The Place, All Out, A Birthday Wish, Broadcasting..., These Boots Are Made For Walking, You Have Failed This City, The Go Home Episode
** Backstage at All In, Tick-Tock, Back Pocket, California Love, Brass Ring, The Elite Society, Sail Away Man, Possessed, Coach, The Exorcism of Cody Rhodes, Premonition, Dumbass, Leaving The Territory, BTE On Christmas Eve, New Years Elite, After Wrestle Kingdom
*** Change The Universe, Full Gear, How Dare You Defy Me, Handshake Agreement
Alpha & Omega, Show Me The Meaning of Being Elite, Windy City Surprise
†† Filler Episode, Dilapidated Toothless Gremlin, AEW Comes To AAA, C2E2, The World Ain't All Sunshine And Rainbows, Pissant, Spellbound, Dead Friend 1, We're Not Young Like We Used To Be, Ransom Note, Tag Team Action!, Upfront, Who's The Best Tag Team In The World
††† Backstage At Double Or Nothing, This Episode Is Live, Dark Order, Viva Lost Tag Belts
Backstage At Fyter Fest, Go Away Heat
‡‡ Backstage At Fight For The Fallen, Escalera De La Muerta, This Is A Private Party, Throwback, Farewell To Independent Wrestling, Country Roads, What Time Is It In London
‡‡‡ Backstage At All Out, What's Wrong With Kenny, Fingers Crossed, Shots To Take And Girls To Date, The Cleaner
The Premonition, The Repercussion, The Consequences, The Transfer, The Conversion, The Woken Deletion, The Sentence, The Hail Mary, The Epiphany
Summaries of all Being the Elite episode ranges can be found in the first comment in this thread.
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2019.05.29 16:06 eventbot What's happening around town (Wed, May 29th - Tue, Jun 4th)

Oklahoma City's event list.


  • Concerts in the Park (Hafer Park - Edmond) Thru Thu, Aug 15th Hafer Park transforms into concert central Thursday evenings in the summer. Head to Edmond for the weekly Concerts in the…
  • Hicks and Booneshine (Noir Bistro & Bar - Oklahoma City) Thru Mon, Nov 25th Live talk show with Spencer Hicks and Kristy Boone.…
  • Horseplay (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jul 14th See Tom Lovell's sketches and studies of horses in the latest Horseplay exhibit at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage…
  • Support Local Art Show at DNA Galleries (Plaza District - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jun 9th Start Time: 6:00pm SUPPORT LOCAL ART SHOW. More details to TBA

Wednesday, May 29th

  • Andy Hedges in Concert (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Songster, storyteller, and guitarist Andy Hedges stops at The Blue Door in Oklahoma City for a special evening of…
  • 🍴 Anthem Drown Night! (HiLo Club - Oklahoma City) Our local friends at Anthem Brewing Co. have some great beers! Every Wednesday night from 9pm to close enjoy $8 Drown Night! Their Power Pils will be flowing!
  • Because It's Wednesday Band (The Deli - Norman) Start Time: 7:00pm Join us on Hump day and rock out with the Because It's Wednesday Band!
  • Bi-Weekly Meetup (51st st. Speakeasy - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm
  • 🎓 Botanical Balance FREE Yoga (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:45pm Botanical Balance FREE YOGA presented by Fowler Toyota, sponsored by Tinker Federal Credit Union and Stephenson Cancer Center Tuesdays, 5:45 pm and Saturdays, 8 am Check in at the Visitor Center and find out location which changes depending on the season Instructors provided by This Land Yoga Bring a mat, water, and an “open mind”…
  • 🍴 Dope Poetry Night (ICE Event Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:30pm Every Wednesday night at the Ice Event Center Sports Bar and Grill located at the heart of Oklahoma City! Sign ups begin at 7pm and show begins at 7:30pmish. Free Admission! Free vendor set up! Bar Restaurant
  • Free Team Trivia Night (Othello's of Norman - Norman) Start Time: 8:00pm Join us every Wednesday for FREE Team Trivia Night at Othello's hosted by Challenge Entertainment! FREE to play! Play solo or bring your friends and play...
  • 🎡 Looking For Something? (The Blue Door - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Andy Hedges is a songster, reciter, storyteller, guitarist, and collector of cowboy songs and poems. The son of an Italian schoolteacher and a rodeo cowboy turned preacher, Andy was born in Lubbock, Texas, in the spring of 1980. He grew up in the small community of Tokio, Texas, where his family paid rent on an old farmhouse by looking after a…
  • 🎓 Managing Stress (Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center - Edmond) Start Time: 6:30pm Being stressed is uncomfortable. When you know why stress happens, you will know how to deal with it and how to antidote it. The trick is to learn the essential tools that stop stress happening.
    Regardless of its origins, stress drains our physical, emotional and mental energy.
    Several myths exist about the causes of stress and the most…
  • Reading Wednesdays, Ages 2-5 (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:30am Reading Wednesdays Every Wednesday, 9:30 am The Garden Classroom FREE Best for ages 2 to 5 Bring your youngster for story time each Wednesday at 9:30 am. Books are nature-themed and selected based on the season. We’ll begin with an interactive song and children will enjoy creating a small craft after the story. Join us the last Wednesday of…
  • 😂 Shang (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Jun 1st
  • SINGO Wednesdays (Lower Bricktown - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:30pm Beat the midweek hump with the new bar game that everyone is talking about! SINGO is a new and exciting musical spin on the traditional game of Bingo. Instead of listening for a number, players are listening to their favorite music. Enjoy 1/2 price domestic drafts & discounted appetizers! Plus we will be giving prizes each night to the winners.…
  • 🏆 Wild Wednesdays (Remington Park - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:00pm Enjoy more winning every Wednesday in May when Wild Wednesdays get started from 6 to 10pm. Just play the Remington Park Casino games while using your...

Thursday, May 30th

  • Art Adventures (Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art - Norman) Start Time: 10:30am
  • 🎓 Blast Off to Summer! Summer Kick Off (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 10:30am Join Purcell Public Library as we kick off our Summer Learning Program with some out-of-this-world fun! Kids are invited to sign up for the challenge,...
  • 🎭 The Comedy Magic & Mentalism of Max Krause 13+ (Max's Magic Theatre - OKC - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:15pm 13+ Ages
  • Disney Trip Tips (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 6:00pm A trip to Disney is a financial investment in family time. We want to help you save some time and money on your next trip to Disney. Come hear tips...
  • 🎓 Family Workshop: Twig Engineering (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 2:00pm Thursday, May 30, 2-3pm The Garden Classroom and Garden Grounds Member $6; Nonmember $8 Best for ages 8 to 11 Register by Friday, May 24 REGISTER HERE Calling all future scientists, engineers and foresters! Kids will use their imagination and STEAM skills to create twig boats out of natural materials. We’ll discuss ideas for successful boats…
  • Johnnyswim in Concert (The Jones Assembly - Oklahoma City) Head to The Jones Assembly in Oklahoma City for an evening of storytelling with Johnnyswim. Married couple and musical…
  • JOHNNYSWIM MOONLIGHT TOUR (The Jones Assembly - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 6:30pm To purchase tickets for this event, please visit our partner website HERE ! Doors at 6:30. Full bar and walk-up food window available. Rain or shine event. No re-entry. No refunds. No smoking. Under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Support acts are subject to change without notice.
  • 🎓 Kharma (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Kharma with Exit Strategy and OTM This show is all ages. $10
  • Music to Meals: An ABLE Benefit (The Depot - Norman) Start Time: 7:00pm Local musicians Ken Pomeroy and Brother Heywood and will be providing the entertainment for our kick-off to summer concert, benefiting ABLE Community Based Services. Both musicians recently performed at the Rodeo Opry, in the historic Stockyards City in OKC. Hors d'oeuvres will be provided, courtesy of, and a cash bar will be available from El…
  • Navy Southwest’s 32nd Street Brass Band performance (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 11:00am Thursday, May 30, 11am and then again at 7pm Bandshell and The Devon Lawn FREE Bring lawns chairs, have a picnic In celebration of Navy Week (May 27-June 2) the Navy Southwest’s 32nd Street brass band will present two concerts in the Gardens. A short performance at 11am followed by a full brass band performance at 7pm. This band, stationed in…
  • Redbud Spectacular Horse Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jun 9th The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association hosts the annual Redbud Spectacular at the Oklahoma State Fair Park. Come and cheer…
  • 😂 Shang (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Thru Sat, Jun 1st
  • Sick Ride // RedWitch Johnny (Blue Note - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:00pm Sick Ride -- disco death rock outta Lafayette, LA https://www.sickridela.com/ RedWitch Johnny -- fuzzy rock & roll from Stillwell, OK...
  • Toadies in Concert (Tower Theatre Studio - Oklahoma City) Catch grunge band Toadies live as they take the Tower Theatre stage in Oklahoma City. With seven studios' worth of…

Friday, May 31st

  • 🎨 Connect:Collect Print as Object (Oklahoma City University - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm Connect:Collect “Connect:Collect” is a print exchange and exhibition which will introduce emerging and mid-career printmakers from Oklahoma to artists...
  • Food Truck Fridays (Moore Central Park - Moore) Sample a variety of tasty, creative eats served up fresh from food trucks on hand. At Food Truck Fridays in Moore, line up…
  • H&8th Night Market (Elemental Coffee - Oklahoma City) Once a year, gourmet food trucks, musicians and local businesses come together for the annual H&8th Night Market in…
  • Layers of Pink (The Deli - Norman) Start Time: 8:00pm
  • 🎭 Line Dance Your Way to the Stars (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 6:00pm Join us as we blast off into summer with a boot scootin' good time! Adults and teens will move their celestial bodies to the tune of Country and Western...
  • Live @ Legacy: John Calvin and Camille Harp (Legacy Park - Norman) Start Time: 7:00pm
  • 🎨 Meeting Gorbachev (Oklahoma City Museum of Art - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:30pm In this absorbing new documentary from the most mercurial master of the form, Werner Herzog (Grizzly Man, Cave of Forgotten Dreams), we witness Soviet...
  • Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic (Central Oklahoma City - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jun 2nd Dedicate your weekend to food, fun, fuel and entertainment at Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic, a three-day cycling…
  • Redbud Spectacular Horse Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jun 9th The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association hosts the annual Redbud Spectacular at the Oklahoma State Fair Park. Come and cheer…
  • 😂 Shang (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) 1 day left
  • Street Noise, Johnny Manchild, & Limp Wizurdz (89th Street Collective - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 7:00pm Presenting one of OKC's newest pop-punk/indie rock bands: Street Noise! Johnny Manchild and The Poor Bastards and Limp Wizurdz will also grace us with...
  • Struggle Jennings - Meet & Greet (Your Mom's Place - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Headliner: Struggle Jennings Main Support: Brianna Harness Big Buzz The Stixxx
  • Summer Celebration Series: Weather (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00am Friday, May 31, 10 am-2 pm Children’s Garden Member $5; Nonmember $7 Join us for the first of three Summer Celebrations in the Children’s Garden as we explore the thunderous topic of weather! Demonstrations, hands-on activities, experiments, crafts, games and more will be available for families to learn about cloud types, storm formations…
  • 🍴 Teen YouTube Night (Guthrie Library - Guthrie) Start Time: 6:00pm This will be a fun filled night of trying not to laugh as each participant tries to get the audience to crack up. Snacks available. The City of...
  • 🍴 Tony and Tina's Wedding (Chester's Party Barn & Farm - Piedmont) Start Time: 7:00pm Due to the overwhelming interest, we have added another weekend to come and see and be involved in this immersive dinner theater show. State Door Theatre, in conjunction with Chester's Party Barn have created a dinner theater experience like no other.
  • What She Said Duo (Redrock Canyon Grill - Norman) Start Time: 6:00pm
  • Wild Rumpus Summer Reading Kick-off with the Navy Brass Band (Edmond) Start Time: 6:30pm Help us celebrate the start of our Summer Reading Program in this event for the whole family! Our Wild Rumpus will feature a performance from the Navy 32nd Street Brass Band live from the stage in Shannon Miller Park. Bring your own lawn chairs and picnic blankets, we'll provide the lawn games, popcorn and water! Snow cones will be available for…

Saturday, Jun 1st

  • Betting On A Cure (Remington Park - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 5:00pm Help us Celebrate 10 Years of Betting on a Cure, Horsemen Helping Horsemen. Join us for an evening of exciting Quarter Horse Racing which includes the $1...
  • 🎓 Botanical Balance FREE Yoga (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00am Botanical Balance FREE YOGA presented by Fowler Toyota, sponsored by Tinker Federal Credit Union and Stephenson Cancer Center Tuesdays, 5:45 pm and Saturdays, 8 am Check in at the Visitor Center and find out location which changes depending on the season Instructors provided by This Land Yoga Bring a mat, water, and an “open mind”…
  • Central OK Heart Walk (Bicentennial Park - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00am The 2019 Central OK Heart Walk in Oklahoma City is a great way to have fun while staying healthy. Heart Walk encourages…
  • 🏆 CMSA Mid Central Regional (Lazy E Arena - Guthrie) Start Time: 8:00am Cowboy Mounted Shooters take on the Lazy E Arena for the Mid Central Regional.
  • 🎭 The Comedy Magic & Mentalism of Max Krause - Matinee Show (Max's Magic Theatre - OKC - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 1:45pm Ages 5+
  • Dance of the Seasons (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Celebrate spring with the Oklahoma City Philharmonic's Classic Concert Series. Dance of the Seasons features violinist…
  • Edmond Electric Touch-a-Truck 2019 (Edmond) Start Time: 9:00am Touch-A-Truck is a fundraising event that provides kids of all ages with the opportunity to experience life-size vehicles and interact with community...
  • 🎓 Epic Charter Schools Graduation (Cox Convention Center - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 3:00pm
  • 🎓 Essentials of Raja Yoga Meditation- a day course (Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center - Edmond) Start Time: 12:00pm Taking time out has always been a vital part of improving the quality of life, refreshing our understanding of events and re-charging the spirit. A day Retreat is an opportunity to step off the conveyor belt of life and spend time in a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere, reflecting upon and exploring the important factors governing our…
  • 🎓 Families Explore: Constellations (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 11:00am Families are invited to come enjoy books and activities exploring the vast night sky and our constellations! Registration is required for these free...
  • Family Fishing Derby (Griffin Community Park - Norman) Start Time: 7:00am
  • Edmond Farmer's Market (Festival Marketplace - Edmond) Start Time: 8:00am
  • Granger Smith in Concert (Starlight Amphitheater @ Frontier City - Oklahoma City) Spend the day splashing in the Renegade Rapids or screaming on the Silver Bullet at Frontier City Theme Park before relaxing…
  • Insane Clown Posse in Concert (Diamond Ballroom - Oklahoma City) Join the gathering of Juggalos and Juggalettes in Oklahoma City this June as hip-hop duo Insane Clown Posse headlines at…
  • Junk Utopia (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 9:00am Search through someone else’s trash for your next treasure at the Junk Utopia Show in Oklahoma City. Whether…
  • Morgan Horse Association Showcase (Purcell Expo Center - Purcell) Day 1 of 2 Come watch riders compete at the Sooner State Morgan Horse Association seasonal showcase at the McClain County Expo Center…
  • 🏆 OKC Energy FC vs. LA Galaxy II (Taft Stadium - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:00pm Experience the excitement of major league soccer in Oklahoma as the Oklahoma City Energy Football Club takes on LA Galaxy II…
  • Oklahoma Route 66 Corvette Round Up (Hafer Park - Edmond) Start Time: 8:00am Browse rows of impressive classic cars at the Oklahoma Route 66 Corvette Round Up in Edmond. This event celebrates historic…
  • Oklahoma Senior Follies Show (Kirkpatrick Auditorium - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 Oklahoma's greatest senior talents will take the stage for a delightful Oklahoma Senior Follies Show. Pick up tickets to…
  • Plant Slant Cooking (Norman Public Library - Norman) Start Time: 11:00am Adults, do you want to learn how to make healthy food and eat a more plant-based diet? Come and join us for some exciting new ideas! Registration is...
  • Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic (Central Oklahoma City - Oklahoma City) 1 day left Dedicate your weekend to food, fun, fuel and entertainment at Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic, a three-day cycling…
  • Red Brick Nights (Oklahoma Ave & Wentz Ave - Guthrie) From May to September, look forward to Guthrie's monthly Red Brick Nights, the town's food truck and live…
  • Redbud Spectacular Horse Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jun 9th The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association hosts the annual Redbud Spectacular at the Oklahoma State Fair Park. Come and cheer…
  • Repticon Reptile & Exotic Animal Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 1 of 2 The Repticon Reptile & Exotic Animal Show at Oklahoma State Fair Park in OKC features vendors with reptile pets,…
  • Route 66 Triathlon (Lake El Reno - El Reno) The 12th annual Route 66 Triathlon held at Lake El Reno will host the sprint distance high school state championship, and…
  • 🏃 Run For The Dream (Stars & Stripes Park - Oklahoma City) http://www.beautifuldream.tv
    Beautiful Dream Society will host its 7th annual 2K Fun Run, 5K, and 10K races to raise funds and awareness for victims of human trafficking and to help the fight against modern day slavery in Lesotho, Africa and in Oklahoma.
  • Saturday for Kids: Cowboy Life (Western Heritage Museum - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 10:00am Cowboy life was not all about taking care of cattle. Out on the range or on long cattle drives, cowboys also had to take care of themselves. Discover how they cared for their day-to-day needs and what they did for entertainment. Free for children and accompanying adults. Available while supplies last.
  • 😂 Shang (Loony Bin Comedy Club - Oklahoma City) Last Day
  • 🏆 Speedhorse Graham Paint & Appaloosa Futurity-G1, Trials (Remington Park - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 12:00pm The $100,000 (added) Speedhorse Paint & Appaloosa Futurity-G1 will be ran at Remington Park on June 1, 2019. View a list of entries here:...
  • Star Spangled Salute Air & Space Show (Tinker AFB) Day 1 of 2 Performances by:
    • F-16 Viper Demo Team
    • U.S. Navy Blue Angels
  • Touch-A-Truck (University of Central Oklahoma - Edmond) Pack the kids into your car and head to the University of Central Oklahoma for the annual Touch-A-Truck event. Children are…

Sunday, Jun 2nd

  • Morgan Horse Association Showcase (Purcell Expo Center - Purcell) Day 2 of 2 Come watch riders compete at the Sooner State Morgan Horse Association seasonal showcase at the McClain County Expo Center…
  • Oklahoma Senior Follies Show (Kirkpatrick Auditorium - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 Oklahoma's greatest senior talents will take the stage for a delightful Oklahoma Senior Follies Show. Pick up tickets to…
  • Oklahoma Victory Dolls Bout (Star Skate - Norman) Catch the buzz as the Oklahoma Victory Dolls put on an electrifying dance of athleticism and grace when jammers and blockers…
  • Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic (Central Oklahoma City - Oklahoma City) Last Day Dedicate your weekend to food, fun, fuel and entertainment at Oklahoma City Pro Am Classic, a three-day cycling…
  • Redbud Spectacular Horse Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jun 9th The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association hosts the annual Redbud Spectacular at the Oklahoma State Fair Park. Come and cheer…
  • Repticon Reptile & Exotic Animal Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Day 2 of 2 The Repticon Reptile & Exotic Animal Show at Oklahoma State Fair Park in OKC features vendors with reptile pets,…
  • Star Spangled Salute Air & Space Show (Tinker AFB) Day 2 of 2 Performances by:
    • F-16 Viper Demo Team
    • U.S. Navy Blue Angels
  • Steve Martin & Martin Short (Civic Center Music Hall - Oklahoma City) Don't miss Steve Martin and Martin Short at the Oklahoma City Civic Center Music Hall. Together, the two Martins will…
  • Sunday Twilight Concert Series (Myriad Botanical Gardens - Oklahoma City) Bring a lawn chair, a picnic and the whole family to the Sunday Twilight Concert Series on the Myriad Botanical…

Monday, Jun 3rd

  • Redbud Spectacular Horse Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jun 9th The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association hosts the annual Redbud Spectacular at the Oklahoma State Fair Park. Come and cheer…

Tuesday, Jun 4th

  • Chisholm Creek Rooftop Hop (Chisholm Creek - Oklahoma City) This summer, prepare for ample live music opportunities. Each Tuesday night, head over to Chisholm Creek to enjoy Happy Hour…
  • 🏆 Oklahoma City Dodgers vs. Sacramento River Cats (Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark - Oklahoma City) Thru Thu, Jun 6th Start Time: 7:05pm Come experience America's favorite pastime in downtown Oklahoma City as the OKC Dodgers take on the Sacramento River…
  • Luis Miguel - Tour 2019 (Chesapeake Energy Arena - Oklahoma City) Start Time: 8:30pm Grammy Award-winning artist Luis Miguel is headed to the Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City. Known for his…
  • Redbud Spectacular Horse Show (Oklahoma State Fair Park - Oklahoma City) Thru Sun, Jun 9th The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association hosts the annual Redbud Spectacular at the Oklahoma State Fair Park. Come and cheer…
  • Wheeler Criterium (Oklahoma City) Once the weather starts warming up, gather your crew and head south of the Oklahoma River for the Wheeler Criterium each and…

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2019.04.23 02:41 WackyBruce_ Soopa Gathering Competitions Announced!

Shimmer Fuckin Forest, Dawg! Family, ninjas, jugglas, and neck cuttaz—Where you postin’ up? Camp Superballs? Hero Mountain? Big Ballas? The masked ninja wants to see you get hype about your home base. Hook that shit up, and your camp could win one of several prizes the masked ninja himself will have as he rolls through the grounds of our Soopa Family Gathering! The best and most creative campsites will win a mystery box full of freshness! Are you ready for the masked ninja to descend on your campsite? May the most ninjatastic campsite win!

This often-hilarious trivia game show will test the entire span of your Juggalo knowledge and then some! Each round, three contestants will attempt to answer trivia questions in order to earn points. For every correct questioned answered, the winner will get to draw a giant card to either add it to their hand to try to get to 21 or give it to an opponent’s hand to bust them out! Whoever is still standing in the end wins! Want to put your Juggalo knowledge to the test? Then come on down! Prizes: 1st place—Collector’s GOTJ Amulet and a chance to win up to a $100 Gift Certificate in the bonus round.

Every artist is welcome to enter their masterwork creations in this epic art contest to see who among them can rate the best! If you wish to join, simply bring up to 3 pieces of your art (sculpting, painting, computer graphics, photography, etc.) to set up your presentation so you can contribute to the massive gallery of dope art that will be on hand. A panel of judges will then rate each exhibit on skill, originality, and inspiration to determine the top three winners, which will be announced at 2pm. Even if you don’t enter, make sure to stop by to check out all the awesomeness. Prizes: 1st Place—GOTJ Gold Plaque, Collectors GOTJ Amulet and $100 Gift Certificate; 2nd Place—$100 Gift Certificate; and 3rd Place—$50 Gift Certificate.

Cascading Faygo glistening in the afternoon sun, as it pours over curvaceous twerk-a-liscous Juggalette hotties…it just doesn’t get any better than this! Join your host Mike Busey and his bevy of Busey Beauties as they take you on a joy-filled bouncy ride along the raunchy wet highway of unadulterated fun! You ready for your adrenaline to kick into overdrive? Then come witness this carbonated chaos-filled spectacle that remains one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. Prizes: 1st Place—$300 in Cash and a Collectors GOTJ Amulet; 2nd Place—$150 Gift Certificate; and 3rd Place—$50 Gift Certificate. Those wishing to compete should show up at least 15 minutes before the contest begins with a white t-shirt, if possible. A Private dressing room will be provided.

Do you want to be in a Psychopathic filmed, edited, and produced music video to be officially aired on the Psychopathic YouTube channel for the entire world to see?!?! Stop playin’, homie! This is one of the greatest fuckin contests of all time and your chance to be immortalized forever! All you need to do is show up for these auditions, wait in line, and when your turn comes, spit 16 to 20 bars of your dopest rap in front of a panel of judges (a beat will be provided). Each performance will be rated on flow, lyrical content, and confidence. Afterwards the names of the top 6 performers will then be posted at the Info Tent. Winners will then show up at Cannibal’s House on Friday at Midnight for the filming of the 2019 Juggalo Psypher!!! So fuckin dope!!!

This wildly fun, albeit underrated, game show hosted by the ambiguously gay Chuck Bareass is an elaborate production to say the least. Anyone can compete by taking the stage to display whatever talent they possess; be it jump roping, clenching a 2-liter in your butt cheeks, burp singing, playing an instrument, a backflip presentation, etc. (but please no rapping). You can perform for up to 2 minutes alone or with friends. If you don’t school it, you may get gonged, but last till the end and the judges will rate your performance, with the top scores winning! Did we mention there will also be tearful man babies, mallet-wielding exotic dancers, glitter showers, scantily clad Bronies, balloon animals, and giant inflatable puppets!?! Prizes: 1st Place—GOTJ Gold Plaque, Collectors GOTJ Amulet, Mr. T’s Latex Headpiece with Sideburns, and an empty Gray Poupon Jar filled with $62.47; 2nd Place—$80 gift certificate, Pair of BluBlocker sunglasses, and a lap dance from a Gong Show dancer; and 3rd Place—Mystery gift.

This is a spectacle the likes of which will need to be seen to be believed. Come witness a parade of costumed visionaries who have transformed themselves into the embodiment of their wildest (and wickedest) imaginations. Here you will see everything from a sword-wielding ninja giraffe to a blood-splattered Santa Claus with a gift bag of severed body parts. This is one of the greatest traditions at the Gathering each year and is a wonderful way to showcase the amazing talent and imagination that our family has to offer.Prizes: 1st Place—GOTJ Gold Plaque, Collectors GOTJ Amulet, and $100 gift certificate; 2nd Place—$100 gift certificate; and 3rd Place—$50 gift certificate.Show dancer; and 3rd Place—Mystery gift.

It’s time to show some skin and pledge your pride to the Juggalo side! The world famous Gathering of the Juggalos tattoo contest returns! Show off your best ink and body art in the Freakshow Tent, where you will be proudly displayed and on stage like the work of art you are. No matter what or where your tattoos are, bring ‘em to the stage and strut your stuff, as we prepare to determine the best of the best before a crowd of your Juggalo homies! Don’t have any ink? Then come and bear witness to this dazzling display of inked flesh at its finest. Back by popular demand, it’s the Gathering of the Juggalos Tattoo Contest! Soooooopa edition! Prizes: 1st Place—GOTJ Gold Plaque, Collectors GOTJ Amulet and $100 gift certificate; 2nd Place—$50 gift certificate; and 3rd Place—$20 gift certificate.

Its back again like herpes simplex Z…its Juggalo Family Feud! In order to compete, gather a crew of 4 or 5 of your homies and head over to the Kapow Club to battle face to face with another crew to see who will come out on top and who will leave the stage in humiliating defeat! During the game, your crew will try to give the top answers to questions surveyed to 100 Juggalos! The first crew to reach 300 points wins the game and earns the right to move on to the fast money round, for a chance to win a $200 gift certificate! Each member of the winning crew will also win a Collectors GOTJ amulet. Survey says…“I’m dope, hoe!”

Are you ready to see just how good your raps really are? Here is where verbal assassins gather in a competition that will put their rap abilities to the ultimate test! It is a mental warfare of creativity, skill, and confidence, with the ultimate casualties being that of pride, dignity, and humility. Many will stand upon the staged arena but only one will remain in the end as the champion of MCs…. Could this be you? For this contest, rappers will first freestyle for 30 seconds to a provided beat. Those deemed worthy by the judges will then move into an elimination style battle, where two rappers at a time will compete directly against each other. In the end, there can be only one! Prizes: 1st Place—GOTJ Gold Plaque, Collectors GOTJ Amulet and $300 in cash; 2nd Place—$100 gift certificate; and 3rd Place—$50 gift certificate.

This tantalizing contest hosted by the beautiful women of Juggalesque will take you on a wondrous journey of silk, satin, lace, and leather, as a plethora of curvaceous Juggalettes free themselves of the restrictive clothing of everyday life to show off some of their sexiest sleepwear. You will think you are dreaming when the lines of fantasy and reality become blurred as you lay witness to sexiness taken to a whole new level of fun! Prizes: 1st Place—$300 in cash and a Collectors GOTJ Amulet; Second Place—$150 gift certificate; and Third Place—$50 gift certificate.

Get ready for carbonated explosive fun as you try to launch Faygo bottles the furthest distance using whatever method you can devise. If you achieve the greatest distance, you will be able to sit on the Faygo throne…that is, until someone beats your score! The last contestant still sitting on the throne at the end wins and is bestowed the honorary title of Faygo King! Prize: Furthest distance—$100 Gift Certificate and Collectors GOTJ Amulet

Got Neden? No? Then this is where you need to be! Five players will be chosen from the crowd for each round of this adult game show for a chance to win a date with a hot Juggalette or debonair Juggalo. Contestants will answer rather bizarre, risqué, and revealing questions from their perspective suitor while they remain hidden from view. If you want to win, you will have to do it on personality alone. Do you have what it takes to master the Neden? We will see my Vaseline-handed friend…we will see. Prizes: The winner of each game will then get to go a date (8pm—mid) while hanging out in the Soopa backstage area!!!

This Name-That-Tune style gameshow pits three competitors at a time against each other as they try to name classic underground songs as quickly as possible. This game will test each player’s musical knowledge to the limit in four different challenges to determine who among them is a true musical guru, allowing them to come out on top. Prizes: The winner of each game will receive a Collectable GOTJ Amulet and go onto a bonus round for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate.

Beauty. Grace. Talent. And that sinister, seductive style. Poised with a perfect stature, yet with a shiny, sharp axe clutched behind her picturesque frame. She is the Soopa Queen of the Juggalos…And she is here to snatch the crown and astound the world as she claims her rightful place on the throne! Do you have what it takes to snatch the trophy and wear the crown upon your perfect, clown-painted brow? Then enter the Soopa Miss Juggalette Pageant and dare to compete in three scintillating rounds! Round 1: Personality, where you will be asked a question as you let your charisma shine. Round 2: Talent, where you will be given several minutes to showcase your skills (anything from acrobatics, to dancing, to fire breathing, to singing, to art, etc.). Round 3: Swimsuit, where you can work the runway and let the crowd be amazed by your beauty! Step up to claim your title–The Soopa Queen! It’s the world famous, notorious, Soopa Miss Juggalette Pageant! Mad love and respect to the Soopa Queen! Prizes: 1st Place—GOTJ Gold Plaque, Backstage Pass, Collectors GOTJ Amulet and $200 Gift Certificate; 2nd Place—$200 Gift Certificate; and 3rd Place—$100 gift certificate.

The DCG Pavilion is a place where you can sit back and play a game or two, from noon til 4am! There will not only be a games library for you to choose from, but there will be various gaming tournaments running throughout the GOTJ (see below). The Masters Tournament for each game will be held on Sunday at 4pm. In order to enter the Master Tournament, you will need to have previously won a standard tournament of the respective game. A player who wins the Masters Tournament will receive a GOTJ Gold Plaque and become the GOTJ 2019 champion for that game!

It just doesn’t get any more politically incorrect, offensive or vulgar then playing a game of Juggalos Against Sanity. The only real question is how far are you willing to go in order to win this tournament which requires all human decency to be set aside? Tournament Prizes: 1st Place—JAS Booster Pack (10 unique cards), 6” DCG Magnet, Collectors GOTJ Amulet and admission into the Masters Tournament. 2nd Place—6” DCG Magnet and admission into the Masters Tournament. Master Tournament Prize: 1st Place Only—GOTJ Gold Plaque.

As the never-ending demonic hoard pours through the rift into our mortal realm, the light of humanity fades amidst the tortured screams of those with the will left to fight. Do you have what it takes to assemble an army capable of defeating such a force of infinite evil? Tournament Prizes: 1st Place—Set of 15 foil Epic cards, 6” DCG Magnet, Collectors GOTJ Amulet and admission into the Masters Tournament. 2nd Place—6” DCG Magnet. Master Tournament Prize: 1st Place Only—GOTJ Gold Plaque.

Shangri-La has come under a dark shadow created by some unknown nefarious power. You have embarked on a dangerous quest to traverse Detroit, the Nethervoid and the Dark Carnival to uncover the mystery of this otherworldly threat. Will you even survive long enough to cross the sacred bridge? Tournament Prizes: 1st Place—Set of 10 Holographic Ending Cards, 6” DCG Magnet, Collectors GOTJ Amulet and admission into the Masters Tournament. 2nd Place—6” DCG Magnet. Master Tournament Prize: 1st Place Only—GOTJ Gold Plaque.

This game is all about being calm and collect even in the midst of extreme pressure. Can you go all in with your tournament life on the line, on a stone-cold bluff and not even bat an eye? It will take much more that, if you want to go deep through the field of sharks! Tournament Prizes: 1st Place—DCG Zippo Lighter, 6” DCG Magnet, Collectors GOTJ Amulet and admission into the Masters Tournament. 2nd Place—6” DCG Magnet and admission into the Masters Tournament. 3rd Place—Admission into the Masters Tournament. Master Tournament Prize: 1st Place Only—GOTJ Gold Plaque and a custom Hatchetman Poker Chip Set.

This dope game of random reality, which is the first DCG game ever produced, would see players engaged in Quests that have them doing an infinite number of various things that encompass the entire range of human activity. Anything can and probably will happen at one point or another when you play this adventurous game long enough…so play at your own risk ninjas! Tournament Prizes: 1st Place (for each member of the winning Inner Circle) —6” DCG Magnet and Collectors GOTJ Amulet. Also, the two players deemed to have schooled it the hardest during the Quest will gain admission into the Masters Tournament. Master Tournament Prize: 1st Place Only—GOTJ Gold Plaque.

Hosted by your homies the Reno Rydas, come try your hand at this game that is quickly becoming a Juggalo favorite (make sure to bring a teammate). It sounds easy enough. All you have to do is throw a football at a group of bowling pins and knock them down. Except it’s not easy. And those pins…they mock you. There is always a few left teasing you…those…pins. You will have nightmares. AHHHHHHHH…THOSE…FUCKIN…PINS! Tournament Prizes (for each team member): 1st Place Only — DCG Zippo Lighter, 6” DCG Magnet, Collectors GOTJ Amulet and admission into the Masters Tournament. 2nd Place—6” DCG Magnet. Master Tournament Prize: 1st Place Only—GOTJ Gold Plaque.
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2018.10.02 00:44 CLaReaK Another neckbeard situation

Same army brat neckbeard, complete different situation.
Mousey: me
Wolf: army brat neckbeard
We will begin this a little towards the end of high school. I didn't spend much talking to the guy after a gun incident, especially since it was trying to get me involved from a hug. I use to go on a chat that was... Okay I'm going to flat out say it. It was a juggalo chat that a friend of mine kept begging/bugging me to come to. Which yes, I listen to the music but I wouldn't call myself a "juggalette" or whatever the label was. I just liked their music, anyway off topic. So I brought him here so I couldn't be to alone because I'm the kind of person where I panic with new situations involving people I don't know. I would just sit and read the chat, the conversations I could chat in but I was too nervous to say anything. Wolf at least helped with that point and I will say if it wasn't for wolf I probably wouldn't be married today. I was in this chat with wolf from 2010 to.... I believe 2012... 2013 the latest I promised. Through all this neckbeard would try to date my friends I've made, I would warn them at least take with caution. Of course they wouldn't listen to me, what am I talking about? This is when I found out wolf was trying to be in the army... for all the wrong reasons, you see... neckbeard was german... a particular german... And he was so excited to get accepted so he can kill people for fun. I was trying to avoid him in chat, but it failed. He would still try to date me, and it would fail. Without my knowledge he would talk to the moderators and the admins to turn them against me and basically ban me from the chat. It worked, they were calling me a racists, and other things that I didn't know what was going on. So I left.
About 5 months after all this, my boyfriend from the chat moved from one state to another for us to start our lives together, I get a message of a head admin sends me a message on Facebook, begging me to come back. All the people basically vanished with a friend of mine was telling them the truth to why I left, compared to everyone saying I didn't care about them anymore. I chose not too, I wasn't going to let this same person invade into my life, and that if they could cast me out on lies. Were they really friends?
After that mess, my best friend rose would basically tell me what happened time to time what happened in the chat after I left, then after my boyfriend, and it was slowly becoming a chain reaction of this chat that was fun to be on.. to a dead zone... because of the lies of a jealous neckbeard...
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2018.09.24 02:38 Loveaffliction666 Whoop whoop Looking for all single juggalos n juggalettes for a Minnesota kik group or Snapchat gotta share the mmfwcl for the family in our state and hook up or date or relationships.

It's hard to find others afraid to get pyscical or hook up so why not go into a app meet some juggalettes and juggalos from Minnesota maybe something more . Message me Kik surrender2me4life or Snapchat loveaffiction. Please be please 18+ or 25+ this will be a adult group thing ya don't see others trying much so I'm here for the family trying help the Los and lettes me I don't care what we say much just don't be a sexist,bigot,racist,facist ,greedy,chicken,Richie devil,or predator on my shit cause you will get banned or worse,come DDF,HIV negative ,
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2018.02.28 01:03 SILENT_TYRANT Why Juggalos Ruined It For Me

Okay, so before anyone calls me out. I want to get one thing straight. I still love ICP, Twiztid, and the underground scene in general. None of that has changed. I still, so desperately, want to consider myself a juggalo, I love what this community of people stands for, but there's one thing I can't stand, and that is the hypocrisy and stereotype that plagues a large majority of this group. I DIDN'T SAY ALL, I SAID MOST.
So a little bit about my introduction into the family, I was about 13 when I met my first boyfriend. He was 17 at the time. We met online and he was a juggalo. I knew a little bit about ICP, I'm a huge metalhead, Slipknot is my favorite band, so I was familiar enough. After listening to more Psychopathic artists, I fell in love with the music. I fell in love with the family, the meaning. And I was head over heels for this guy. Then we lost contact. I still considered myself a juggalette. About 3 years later we got in contact again and were dating serious until 2016. About 4 years.
In that span of four years things had gone wrong slowly. He had gotten a DUI, was constantly under the watchful eye of police for hanging out with drug dealers, and was always high on pot (or so I thought) even on probation. Eventually, his car broke down and my mom and I let him move in with us. This is when things got bad. I paid $700 for him to get his car fixed. My grandma gave him a job making $13 an hour. I never saw my money, which I let slide. Then, he starting coming home super late. I found Craigslist personal ads open on his phone, random numbers texting him "hey sexy". One day, he came home from work and what I thought was food poisoning ended up being a methadone overdose and he could have died.
Finally, November of 2016 rolls around. He had a warrant out for his arrest for missing probation meeting, or I thought that was the reason. Turn out, he tested positive for cocaine and was using since August of that year behind my back. I broke up with him, we kicked him out and forced him to go to jail to serve the warrant.
Not only did he ruin my family experience. His friends that were juggalos followed the same path. Always high and obsessed with drugs. Maybe not everyone is like this, but a large majority of the juggalos I've met are. I love this community, but there's a giant hole in my heart where I can't bring myself to feel the same way as I once did. And I'm sorry, I truly am, because it has been a huge part of my life. But the people I've known as part of this group are not who I want in my life, we are not the same people. I wish it was different. I really do.
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2015.12.30 20:44 biosketch Does anyone else think the documentary film makers manipulated their audience (us)?

The makers of this series distorted facts of this case an omitted others entirely. Their manipulation of the facts, I believe, goes beyond the "everyone has their own perspective" -type bias into outright deception. Here is a short list of distortions. Feel free to add more if I left anything out.
Distorted presentation of Steven's character
Distorted presentation of evidence
Omitted evidence
As a speculative final note, I would like to address the question of why. Why would the film makers present the facts of this case in such a distorted manner, both in terms of Steven's criminal history and also the evidence in the murder case? Here is my theory: The series is called "Making a Murderer." This might lead you to suspect that it would be an exploration of how Steven Avery's character was shaped over the course of his wrongful imprisonment. Get treated like an animal, and eventually you will act the part... that sort of thing. And indeed, that is what the series was going to be about: not an attempt to prove that Steven Avery was innocent, but rather an exploration of the reasons for why he might commit such a horrible crime.
And then came Serial, which was unbelievably successful in large part because it gave us, the audience, something to debate. We chose a side, did our "research," and endlessly argued on social media. They wanted to replicate that success, so they turned their meditation of Steven Avery's character (how this murderer was made) into a whodunnit, though they kept the name "Making a Murderer." And here we all are....
(edit: rubusidaeus points that it's unlikely the film makers re-edited in response to the success of Serial because it takes years to edit film. This sounds like a fair point, and is backed by an comment from Ken Krantz in a recent Maxim interview in which he states that in Feb 2013 the film makers already had a version of the film that he called "advocacy piece created by and for the Steven Avery defense" that they had shown in festivals and such. link So my motive theory doesn't explain why the film was edited that way, though it may still explain some of its appeal.)
Addendum: A few commenters have criticized my characterization of the way the film makers portray Steven's threatening letters sent to prison. A few more claim that the cat incident was not minimized. Time willing, I am going to watch this section of the doc and record what was shown and what was left out. Thank you for helping me make this post better.
2015-12-30 formatting; added one link (more to come); changed wording of ballistics evidence (thanks castle_danger); Fixed "Making a Murder" (thanks Fatgreyclouds); added source for prisoner testimony, towel incident wasn't allowed in court, added cat links, added link about cousin rape plus a newspaper quote, struck muzzle loader claim, added that link was broken to original source of creepy Easter card (thanks ANTIVAX_JUGGALETTE); Added link "Avery struggles with his freedom" (thanks pyjamasbox !); Added link to IM_CASTOR_TROY bolded transcript of Brendan/Mom condo. Thanks IM_CASTOR_TROY!;
2015-12-31 Added a link to info provided by ANTIVAX_JUGGALETTE about trunk latch timing (thanks again!); Added link from charles-babbage that shows the cops really fishing for the hood pop info (thanks charles-babbage!); Added links to the blood vial thing, and another sentence emphasizing how misleading the film makers were in this instance; Added a note that my "motive" theory was probably inaccurate (thanks rubusidaeus); Added screenshots from 9617573 of Lori/Steven correspondence (thank you 9617573!) also linked to transcription of Steven's voice over; Added link to Steven's voice over describing the cat "accident"
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2014.11.13 16:38 jetromburg [OC] Watch new web series Bath Rights! Nashville, Juggalette, dating, apples!

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2014.01.21 01:03 zerozsaber7777 [TOMT] YouTube video

It was a video (not serious video) about a guy who goes on a date with a girl and it's their third date I think and the girl tells him that she's a juggalette. I can't for the life of me remember it and it was humorous. Any help would be appreciated.
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2013.08.01 00:40 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Iam Sean Dunne, documentary director of AMERICAN JUGGALO and OXYANA - AMA!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2013-07-31
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Thanks for doing this AMA. I am surounded by Juggalos daily at my job, and I've seen some crazy things. What's your craziest story from The Gathering? For some reason I picture you working at a mall, Juggalos love seeking employment at the mall.
Craziest thing I saw at the Gathering was a 12 year old kid getting a full nude lap dance from some old washed up Juggalette. The kid was fucking terrified. His drunk dad and uncle stood by, drunk, laughing their asses off. Fucking kid probably has a fear of big, pendulous breasts now. It's a shame.
Have you chosen the subject of your next documentary? Yes. It' called Cam Girlz. It's about the lives of women who make their living jacking off on webcams. We're shooting that now.
Hey Sean, Huge fan of your work! Any advice you would give to a young documentary filmmaker? And any tips you would give on making the subject feel comfortable in front of the camera? You seem to be great at it. Keep killin it! :) Don't go in with any obvious agenda. People naturally want to talk about themselves and share their stories. I don't hold a camera or anything. I give them my undivided attention and the result is often something that feels conversational and inviting.
How does it work? do you do the talking and your other 2 people film it? Yes. I have a wonderful DP named Hillary Spera who makes sure everything looks amazing so I don't have to worry when I'm asking the questions.
Have you heard from anyone in ICP regarding american juggalo? Have they seen it? If so...what were their thoughts? Its a fantastic documentary. Well done, and congrats on its success/popularity. Not at first, they were quiet about it. A journalist I know interviewed them a couple months ago and asked them about it. Apparently they were like "that one on the internet? shit was dope."
What drove you to make a documentary about juggalos? Did you feel that you had to manipulate the material at all to create such a positive portrayal of a subculture that is so widely mocked? I felt they were getting a bit of a bad rap coming off the Tila Tequila incident at the Gathering in 2010. I wanted to make something about Juggalos in the vein of the doc Heavy Metal Parking Lots but we ended up getting something a lot more profound that has really come to define this community. And no, no manipulation whatsoever was required...balance was the key.
What were some of your own life challenges which made you be a better documentary film maker? do you consider yourself a journalist? I lost my little sister Erin a few years back. She was only 15. She struggled with lung disease for 2 years and eventually lost the fight. She never got to see the world or meet a lot of people or do a lot of things and I know she wanted to. When she died it was really tempting to go the other way and become a shut in, but I used it as inspiration to do more and get the most out of life because you never know when it's all gonna end.
I don't consider myself a journalist. Too much responsibility, seems boring.
Have you ever found yourself in serious predicaments while filming where you either nervous or scared, or even thought you might be risking some serious jailtime just to get some really good stuff on film? Yeah, all the time.
On our way out of the Gathering of the Juggalos our van got stopped. We had weed, hash, mushrooms, percaset and adderal in the car. Basically we were about the have the best afterparty ever, until we got pulled over. They searched the car but didn't find anything but an old beer can. The cops gave us an "open container" ticket that needed to be paid in cash on the spot...total scam. That was a close call.
We got legit death threats when we were making Oxyana. Certain people really didn't like us digging around in the drug culture down there and they made that clear.
There have been countless other situations. It's always worth it though. I do better in those situations for some reason. Don't do drugs.
I saw Oxyana at this year's Tribeca Film Festival. Great stuff! In both Oxyana and American Juggalo, we never get much editorializing from you the filmmaker (eg we never hear your voice, and there are aren't many on-screen title cards). Why do you prefer that approach? Do you plan to use it for other documentaries? How much prep work do you do with your subjects before you film them? What does it involve? Thanks for checking out the film! That is a conscious decision I've made as a filmmaker. It's meant to thrust the viewer into the situation, immerse them and let them draw their own conclusions and assumptions about what they are seeing. To me, the most interesting documentaries are the ones that raise more questions than they ever dare to try and answer. This approach is meant to level the playing field and give my subjects all an equal voice. Had Oxyana or American Juggalo had "expert testimony" or cut aways to graphs or title cards I feel that would have made my subjects look like labrats. These films are meant to be more experiential than informational. I want the viewer to join me for the ride and to get to know these people the same way I did and I want them to base their opinions about these people on that experience, not some statistic I flash on screen.
Another question, how close can or should a documentary get to the "truth?" Is it achievable or should filmmakers/viewers embrace the bias that comes with non fiction storytelling? It's not achieveable in the sense that there will never be an answer that will satisfy your entire audience.
With my films I've made a conscious effort to allow the audience to draw their own conclusions based on what I've put forth. For me, it feels like a more honest approach though I don't know if that gets us any closer to the "truth".
I'd say embrace the bias to a certain extent and allow that director to take you for a ride and judge each film accordingly.
Hey Sean, what is your process in preparing for your interviews? I imagine what I would want them to say in an ideal situation and come up with questions that I think would get those responses. Then right before I sit down with the interviewee I throw all that shit away and just talk to them. Most of what I need to say sticks with me, some doesn't. I try to keep it as natural and calm as possible. The interviewee is really looking at me to set the tone and pace of the conversation, it's about respecting that and guiding the conversation more than anything I could do to prepare myself beforehand.
Hi Sean, have been a fan of yours for years. I'm an editor myself and love your tendency to let a piece breathe and the heart that you bring to a piece. Do you ever find yourself disliking the people that you shoot for documentaries and does that colour the questions that you ask? Keep up the good work. I've interviewed some pretty reprehensible people, never in my personal films, but in commercials I often don't have a choice. It's a tough thing to make something about someone you don't like. In those cases I try to keep my personal interaction with the subject to a minimum and just mostly talk to them on camera. I try to focus the questions on parts of their personality that I find less disgusting and hope that some humanity comes out. But it's a case by case basis. Interviewing someone you don't like kind of sucks, unless you're allowed to take them to task.
How do you normally come up with the subject mattetopic of the documentaries? Are you spending most of your time researching online/reading news/ looking for trends and pursuing a topic? Do you have a small group of people that help you with the topic or are strangers/fans reaching out and giving ideas as to what topic you should go into? Thanks for doing this btw!! I constantly take myself out of my comfort zone, that's where I find the most inspiration. I'm drawn to a certain type of honesty and you often have to go to the so called "fringes" of society to find that. There isn't a ton of research that goes into it or anything, just staying out there on the road helps keep my finger on the pulse. I get people sending me ideas all the time, I appreciate that. There are so many great stories out there and I can't find them all on my own, so I always appreciate being sent ideas.
What surprised you most in your interactions with Juggalos? That there was no violence whatsoever that we could see. Going into the Gathering we expected a certain amount of resistance that just never happened. They were fucking awesome, such a great party. Give Juggalos a chance, they're pretty rad.
What is the average Juggalo like? The punkest muh fuckers you've ever met. So nice, so welcoming, so clowny.
Hi Sean, How do you choose the music for your documentaries? That's actually something that starts VERY early in the process. I'll pick a set of songs that I feel defines what the tone should be. A lot of those songs get thrown out along the process, the ones that stick make the film. It's about finding something bold that sets a tone and reflects the subjects. I've really enjoyed doing original music for the past couple projects. That's another whole can of worms, but really fun.
What inspired you to make this film? My father struggled with prescription pill abuse for a nice chunk of years. He has since cleaned himself up and is living a productive life, but growing up around that was really quite terrifying.
I came across Wyoming County, WV on a road trip with my friend Jonny Corndawg. It was one of the most naturally beautiful places I had ever been but there was a this dark cloud over the place that reminded me very much of what it felt like to watch my dad fuck his life up. It spoke to me both personally and as a filmmaker, so we went back and started asking some questions. The result was a horrifying narrative of poverty, coal, Oxycontin and crime.
Hello there Sean, why do we have to pay for the documentary? With my short films I could get away with just paying for them myself and putting them out for free. Oxyana was a way bigger ontaking that we had to borrow money from investors in order to get it made. I have to pay them back, that's really the only reason. It's well worth it though, I wouldn't have put it out this way otherwise.
I don't think you should have to justify selling a movie, even if American Juggalo would have cost something. Making quality production like these just costs money and viewers should be willing to pay for quality - at least I am. I agree, but I get why someone would ask given that my other stuff has been for free. I'm going to keep doing my best to keep these things really cheap or free. I just want people to see and enjoy these things as much as we did making them.
Coming from a far far away place all this juggalo thing seemed like a complete white trash-first world gathering for, but after watching your mini-documentary promos, I realised it's connected to the lifestyle of a lot of lower class people in America. Is Juggalo'ing a "movement" of the luben proletariat of America? I think you're on to something with that assessment. A lot of what they are about and why they became Juggalos seems to be based on a reaction to growing up in shitty situations and always feeling like outsiders.
Hey Sean, I work in post production (mostly on garbage reality shows), but would love to get into editing documentaries. What is your post process like? Do you edit yourself, contract a small production company, hire an editor or two? Good luck! I loved the Juggalo docu :) Hey man. I know the deal. You gotta do what you gotta do to pay the bills, it's good practice though. Kathy Gatto is my editor and creative soul mate. She is the first phone call when I come up with one of these crazy things. The process starts there. We collaborate from day one about what we want to see on screen. This is often months before she ever gets to see what we shot. Once we've shot I like to give her space to work with the footage. She spends time with it and gets to know our subjects through the footage. Having a set of fresh eyes on it really helps us pull out what is most revealing about these people. After that she'll submit something rough to me and we'll begin the process of sitting the edit, finessing and bringing it to life. It's the most important relationship I have in making docs.
Have you been in touch with The Bowler since you finished the film? What is it like to have someone tell you so much about their lives, and share feelings or stories that they might not even tell their own family, and then it just sort of ends for you with the creation of the film? Rocky and I talk quite often. He's still the same, wild. I've been approached about doing a reality show with him. We want to do it our way and make it really dark and real, but also funny because Rocky is effing hilarious. So you may not have seen the last of Rocky.
To answer your other question, it's a huge responsibility. A lot of times speaking with these people on camera can be very thereapudic for them so they end up opening up about things that you wouldn't expect from a stranger. It's really fascinating, but also the reason I often end up becoming close friends with a lot my subjects.
What's your favourite documentary? What are your biggest non-documentary film influences? My favorite doc from the past few years is Photographic Memory by Ross McElwee. All his films are poigniant and beautiful. I worship everything Errol Morris has done. Thin Blue Line might be my all time favorite doc. I also love all the old docs by the maysles brothers, pennebaker, chris marker.
As far as fiction filmmakers, Scorsese, PT Anderson, Coen Brothers, Mallick. Lots of other one off obscure stuff.
Thanks dude! Errol Morris is the man. Whores Glory was amazing. I'm a huge fan.
Oxyana Kickstarter contributor here. No regrets. Thanks for finding a way to get that made. I've only seen American Juggalo and OXYANA of your films, but they seem like they would need a crazy different approach to shoot and tell their stories. For AJ- seems like you had almost too many crazy interesting things to shoot and mix in with interviews. OXYANA seemed to rely way more on interviews only. Was this because it's hard to find ways to show how drug culture impacted people's lives? Was it because of pressure from the town or because the people with addictions didn't DO all that much anymore? You hit the nail on the head. For the most part they were just sitting around trying to score. None of them had any real outside interests, most didn't even have a TV. Oxycontin took over, that was/is their life. Spoke to the sense of hopelessness going on there, you can really feel that in the interviews. We kept it raw for that reason.
Did you find there was a big drug culture among the juggalo's? For some reason it strikes me that there would be a lot of Meth use among them. Not really, but I only spent 4 days with them so it's hard for me to say. There was rampant drug use though. Lots of whippits, lots. They like everything except crack. Many Juggalos told us that the Juggalo community does not condone smoking crack. So, there's that. Whippits are pretty fun though...in moderation.
How did you get to be so empathetic when talking to people? any books you could recommend on being a better interviewer? thanks man your documentaries are amazing. I'm not sure how to answer that. Unfortunately, I've had to deal with a lot of fucked up shit in my life. It's made me a more compassionate person, that probably reflects when I talk to people. But I can't say for sure.
Howard Stern has been a huge influence on my interviewing style. As far as I'm concerned he's the best there is. Listen to his show and appreciate the subtleties.
If you don't mind me asking, how do you make a living? Do the documentaries pay any money, or is it all from commercials? It's really hard to make money making documentaries. I'm lucky enough at this point to have the opportunity to direct commercials to pay the bills. That's been pretty good so far. It's allowed me the freedom to keep exploring and finding stories and documenting them.
I have no idea who you are but whats your favourite flavour milkshake? Banana.
How hard is it to get into the business of filmmaking? Last year I worked as an unpaid Grip and Production Assistant on an independent film titled "In between Engagements", and it was one of the best experiences of my life, but I don't know how to get more work! Haha. Thanks. :) There is not easy answer for this. I would say just keep at it. Figure out what you like doing on set and devote your entire existence to it for a few years. You'll be fine. Send me your resume.
Hi Sean! In terms of pacing/style of [The Bowler] (Link to vimeo.com - how much did you have planned in advance and how much developed in the edit with Kathy Gatto? :) -elisa I was just talking with Kathy about that last night. The Bowler was probably our toughest edit to date. If you ever meet Rocky you'll see why. His stories are so dense and it was really tough to narrow that film down to something that defined him. We planned for as much as we could but even after Kathy had a week with the footage we were still looking at a 2 hour cut. It took a while to get that one right. Kathy was straight up surgical with that edit. Slayed it.
Hey Sean, how do you normally approach your films and the people you want in them? Is it a quick process or do you prefer to build up a relationship before? Thanks for doing this AMA, really interesting to hear your motivations and i really admire your work! Thanks for the kind words, means a lot to me. It happens pretty quickly actually. For instance, I stumbled into a bar one night and this Charles Manson, cowboy looking muh fucker named Jonny Corndawg was about the take the stage. The second I saw him, before he even played a note, I knew I wanted to film him. We met the next day and a week later we were on tour with him. Similar story with Rocky, The Bowler. We met, I fucking LOVED him and we started shooting a couple weeks later. I think what you're seeing in my films is me getting to know these people the same way the audience does. Oxyana is the purest example of that. A lot of the people in that film, dealers, prostitutes, users, we met minutes before.
On average, for your short-documantries (The Archive, Stray Dawg, Man in Van, The Bowler, and the American Juggalo) how much raw footage do you actually record? I get asked that a lot and I really have no idea how much footage we capture. We shot for maybe 5 or 6 hours to make The Archive. Stray Dawg was shot over 5 days, few hours a day. Man In Van was shot in 6 hours. American Juggalo was shot over 4 days, maybe 5 or 6 hours a day.
I don't overshoot, when we got it we move on.
Hey Sean, Did you by any chance make a return trip to the gathering last summer? What was that experience like? I tried but I got booked on a commercial thing at the last second. My friends went ahead without me. One of them got his fucking ass kicked by some rabid ninjas, really sucked for him. I want to go back though. Those are my people. I need to see Maniac again and tell her how I really feel about her.
Hey Sean- Love your work! What type of cameras do you use for your documentaries? and have you ever thought of playing around with small cameras such as gopros or contours? We shot most of the shorts on the Sony EX-3. We shot Oxyana on the Sony F3. I really like those cameras. They're good for documentaries. I've worked with some of those smaller cameras on commercials stuff and they're great, just haven't had a reason to use them in my films yet.
I saw on your facebook page that you went to new zealand earlier this year. what did you film there? Some commercials for a brand called Nurofen. It's like Advil. The spot is on my website. It was an amazing experience. I got to work with the cinematographer Maryse Alberti, she's an inspiration.
What got you into doing documentaries? The only thing I really think I've ever been good at is talking to people and getting them to open up. I'm drawn to honest, stripped down stories. It started when I made a short doc called The Archive and it grew from there.
88 comments so far...and no mention of the blonde with the painted tits? We couldn't figure out for the life of us what she was doing there. We filmed her a few times. Camera LOVES her.
After making the documentary, is there still something that utterly perplexes you about the Juggalo subculture? Not really. I'm somewhat perplexed and bothered by the fact that Juggalos seem to be so universally hated. Those ninjas are more true to themselves than any of the posers out there that shit on them.
Did you ever run into Nathan Rabin, the head writer from The A.V. Club (at the time)? I can't imagine there were too many other outsiders stalking around. Nah. We were amongst the people, deep in the shit. Most of the media seemed to gather in a scared huddled mass next to the stage, we didn't go over there.
How great is Ron Bennington? The best. I have such respect for what he does. Always makes me feel comfortable and he actually seems to care.
Hey Sean, just curious if you know whether that one dude who can cook like a motherfucker ever found a skinny ass little bitch to make fat so that they could lose weight together and bond. I sure hope so. I hope so too. His name is Eddie. He's a fucking hero. I recently put out 10 Additional Minutes of American Juggalo he has some fucking classic gems in there. I ask him "how big is your penis" and without hesitation he goes, "I'm modest by choice." Who says that? Fucking LOVE Eddie. Check it out.
Come to LA so I can chew on your brain. It's filled with tasty little pockets of THC. You never know how that shit will hit you though, so maybe you can try a little then wait an hour and finish the rest.
Link to i.imgur.com. The term "eat shit" has changed my life. Using it responsibly, but with force, has gotten me to where I am today.
Sean, I just wanted to say thanks for your documentaries. From one filmmaker to another! Appreciate it. How can I check out your work?
I have started watching the Juggalo Nation film. I just gotta say, I'm five minutes in and I'm already in love, especially with the cinematography. That's my home girl Hillary Spera. Best cinematographer around. She slays it every time.
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2012.10.15 00:37 tabledresser [Table] IAmA graduate of a high school for emotionally disturbed girls. AMA.

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Did you pull away from family/friends as side effects began to effect your daily life? Did any one notice? If so, how long did it take for hehim to notice? Has that time of your life change you out look on Any aspect of your life?/how has it changed you? Do you/have you ever seen you self as handicapped every, just unlucky, or something else? When you developed OCD were you making things in such away, you could tell what was a hallucination, or was it just a side effect? I was definitely withdrawing socially. My parents were concerned because I spent most of my days in my room but I think they just figured I was being a teenager. My friends didn't really notice. Most of them were stoners so they didn't notice much of anything ever. My outlook on life has definitely changed. I always figured I'd be dead really young so I never took life really seriously. Once I realized I had a shot at living an average life, I started thinking long term and figured out what I wanted out of my life.
I'm not bothered at all. This is an ask me anything!
Wow that is really incredible, thank you for the detailed response, I appreciate it very much. Best wishes to you! Thank you so much! I hope I answered your question. It's hard to explain if you don't have them.
When did you start taking accutane? From what my dermatologist said, they re-did the rules in regards to mental side effects, so it's a smaller dosage over a longer period of time; I was on 20mg for 5 months (I finished in June). I started taking Accutane in the 8th grade. How was Accutane for you? I'm assuming a lot better than it was for me so good on you! I hope you have the most awesome face.
Accutane was great for me! I took it my senior year of high school. it made me feel a lot better about myself. now that i'm in college though, my diet is a little different so i've had a few breakouts here and there but nothing like it once was. I'm so glad it worked well for you. It did wonders for my face but unfortunately I had a hard time with the side effects.
Omg, more power to you in being a midwife, I couldn't stand to watch a live birth. good luck! :D. Thanks! My mom feels the same way. When I told her I wanted to be a midwife, she nearly passed out thinking about giving birth to my sister and me.
Did you or do you ever get any stigma from people you knew from your old school? It wasn't really a problem for me because I don't live close to the school so if I say the name of the school to someone who doesn't live near there, they don't know what it is. I know this was a problem for girls that lived near the school. Most of them had their district schools on their Facebooks because they didn't want people to know they went there.
It always baffels me how important Facebook is for a lot of people, especially teenage girls. I had it for some time and found it added nothing of value to my life ( but cost me a lot of time!) so i deleted my account. Facebook is important for me to keep in touch with people I wouldn't see otherwise and to creep crazy girls from high school. I think it's a lovely tool but it doesn't take over my life.
Alright, how many high fives is it gonna take? I have time. Now I just laughed out loud. You can have your high fives (as long as they're in multiples of three.)
Ah, the Tesla variation. Took me a minute, but I laughed.
Not in the slightest. It's just a strange quirk. Doesn't take any time at all. As I approach a staircase I check if it's odd or even, and by the time I reach it I know if I should start on the first or second step. As long as it doesn't interfere with your functioning, it's not a disorder. I wouldn't worry about it unless it starts stressing you out.
What types of visual hallucinations? People, objects, scenes, what happened? It started with a big tree. I'd see it in my classes and my room mostly. Possibly outside too but it'd be too hard to tell because trees belong outside.
After that, I mostly saw dead people, usually people I was acquainted with but wasn't friends with.
Can you go in further on "dead people". example of seeing dead people? were you dizzy when you hallucinate? i've been wondering how visual hallucination actually feels like, do you just randomly see things appear as in real life? wouldn't that scare you? I'm not sure the words for it exactly. I just knew they were dead. Like they had Halloween makeup on. I used Mary from Kingdom Hospital as an example before because she looked a lot like one of my most common hallucinations.
I was dizzy if I was scared which was most of the time. There was a point when I was hallucinating 24/7 and I got used to it so I was no longer scared and no longer dizzy.
Yeah, it was like I was seeing things in real life but I always knew they weren't real. It's hard to explain but I just knew.
It scared the shit out of me. That's why I assumed I wouldn't live to see my high school graduation because I didn't want to live in a world of hallucinations forever.
Wow, that's really scary (the dead people) glad you're okay now. my husband took accutane for a bit in his teen years and I don't think he has any side effects thankfully. It's a scary drug. Thank you. I'm glad your husband is fine.
How realistic were they? Were you aware they were only hallucinations? I was always aware they were hallucinations which is why I was never diagnosed with psychosis. They were very realistic but I was always very logical. Like, there's really no way there could be a tree in my bedroom or loud screaming no one else heard and I always knew that. But of course, it always did freak me out.
What were the hallucinations? If you scroll down a little you'd see.
Auditory: Mostly screaming, some taunts.
Visual: A tree and dead people.
I've always wondered about visual hallucinations. Were you able to physically walk around them? Were the objects in real three dimensional space? Yes, they were. Especially the tree. My friends at the time (bad crowd, stopped hanging out with them) and I conducted some experiments to see if someone could touch them or hit them. My brain would correct it and they would move out of the way.
Kudos for experimenting with your hallucinations. Hey, I figured why not? If they're not going away, you might as well figure out the perimeters.
For science!! For science!
Do you still talk to most or any of your old classmates? Yes. I keep in contact with them and some of my teachers through Facebook. I see some of them every once in a while but it's hard because everyone lives very far away from me. I had the longest commute in the school for a day student.
Edit: Someone in the school became a juggalette and moved to Utah with her juggalo boyfriend. She's someone I wish I kept in contact with because that's hilarious.
Crazy girls? Any sexy stories? Gonorrhea was passed around the residence for a little while.
Accutane, for those who don't necessarily know, causes extreme birth defects, costs nothing short of a shit ton (at one point i had to pay $900 for one prescription), and is rarely prescribed. this is one of those horror stories that are a reason there are no other brands of this drug. the side effects also include extreme sensitivity to the sun, possible vitamin A poisoning, and, as we learned from the description above, major hallucinations. do not take it unless other treatments do not work, and even then, only if the doctor prescribes it. so did you ever learn what percentage of patients actually suffer hallucinations? Accutane was thankfully covered by my insurance so it didn't cost that much for us but I had talked to someone in the waiting room of the dermatologist's office that was paying for it out of pocket and I remember being shocked at how much they were paying for it.
I know my psychiatrist while I was in high school (I'm now functional enough to see him once a year, sometimes less) had another patient that was seeing him for some kind of psychiatric side effect.
At the time, I believe it was 0.0003% but it's gone up since then. I know depression, anxiety and suicide are a lot more common.
I hope everyone that read this thread that is on Accutane is working very closely with their doctors because I know I wasn't and I wound up ruining being a teenager because I wouldn't tell anyone what was going on.
Considering the mental effects of having severe acne (depression, anxiety etc) I'd say that it's probably pretty ok that the cure can on occassion cause those things if it means that the vast majority gets rid of those problems. That's why it's still on the market.
My side effect was really uncommon.
Are you in college now? If so, how has the transition been? I'm in college. I'm on my last semester for my associate's with plans to move to a bachelor's program.
The transition has been good. My first semester was tough because my high school had a maximum of one homework assignment per month per class and most teachers didn't give any so I was overwhelmed by papers my first semester but once I figured that out, I did really well. I have excellent grades. I decided to attend community college because I felt like it was a good transitional step in between my tiny high school and a university.
Oh wow, thank you for sharing your story. What were your other classmates like? My classmates ranged from people I loved to people I hope I never have to see again.
There was a lot of bipolar disorder. There was a lot of depression. There was a ton of self-injury, although if you were caught, you'd have to be evaluated by a psychiatrist before you could return to school. There were a few on the autism spectrum. There were a few recovered drug addicts but they would have to go to treatment if they were found using. For the most part, I was well-liked. There were a few people that didn't like me because they thought I was a kiss-ass for following rules, doing my classwork and I was well-adjusted enough to do interviews (some of the more functional girls would take prospective students on a tour of the school. I was the intake directors go-to girl for that.)
I was on Accutane around the same age as you were, and i can vouch for the incredible effects it has on your mental state. I think it largely contributed to the development of my depression. I'm glad you were able to recover, best of luck in college (: What is your major? Thank you! If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always available. I'm a liberal arts major now but I'm going into nursing. I want to be a midwife.
You will want to stay on birth control for the duration of college, just saying. I just snorted.
Did you ever try that trick where you put a fresh towel on your pillow at night? People swear by it. I did this in high school. Maybe I'll try it again.
I found birth control makes me break out more. What are you taking? I was on the generic of Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo.
Did you find some other treatment for your acne when you went off the Accutane? Nothing that worked as well but once I finished puberty, my face cleared up quite a bit. I have usually one or two normal sized pimples on my face on any given day with regular washing.
For that matter, did you ever determine for sure that it was the Accutane that caused the hallucinations? No one knows for sure that it was the Accutane that caused the hallucinations but that's the conclusion my parents, my doctors and I all settled on.
EDIT: Got rid of a question that was answered already. Yes, I could tell the hallucinations weren't real. I always had at least one foot in reality.
Have you ever tried Cetaphil? It's this really gentle oil-based cleanser for your face, which sounds counterintuitive, but I was on Accutane for nine months and it STILL didn't really help me that much, and to this day, Cetaphil is the only thing that's ever worked for me. I tried it at the height of my acne and haven't tried it since. It didn't work then but now that my face isn't so bad, it could help now. I've been looking for a new facial cleanser because the one I'm using now makes me really inflamed for a while after I use it (I have really sensitive skin.) I have a problem with feeling greasy (a little residual OCD) so I think why I'm still using the one I'm using is because it really strips my face.
I'm glad you ended up okay. Mental illness sucks, and the fact that it's so stigmatized makes it so much worse. I'm really glad I'm okay too. Thank you. I used to tell people about my mental illness all the time, like as soon as I met them. I stopped doing that once I realized how stigmatized it was and people were making fun of me when I wasn't around. I was a naive I guess.
I used Spectro gel for sensitive skin. It doesn't leave a greasy residue at all. I've had serious problems with my skin easily drying out, but with this face wash my skin feels moisturized and clean. I'm pretty sure that's only available in Canada. I might be wrong though.
It feels awesome. Here's the crazy part, though. My sister was telling me about this! She yells at me all the time for stripping my face because it feels oily and not moisturizing. I can't help it though. I really hate the way moisturizer feels. But then again, I really hate the way feeling greasy feels too. She knows more about those kinds of things than I do.
He also told me that wearing a quality foundation and mineral powder during the day basically catches the grime that would otherwise end up in your pores and makes it easier to wash it out at night. I don't ever leave the house without my bareminerals now. :D. My sister also uses bareminerals. I guess she knows what she's talking about, huh? I really should listen to her more.
Ooh, well I'm from Canada so it's definetly possible lol. Well anyways, it's incredible that you were able to recover from that! Good for you. I hope you have a seriously outstandingly fantastic life. Thank you! I certainly feel like I am. It's a great feeling being normal.
You say you're well-adjusted and your compulsions are manageable now. On the other end of the spectrum, are any of your classmates still emotionally disturbed? Did any of the treatments not work for them? Oh, definitely. There have been plenty of girls that were very resistant to treatment. We also had quite a few on the autism spectrum that really weren't going to get any better but had no shot in a mainstream school. Same for schizophrenics and schizo-affectives.
I have a few bipolar friends that are struggling now that they're out of the school.
There was a girl with love and sex addiction (among other things) that got married right after high school and divorced soon after because she kept having sex with her husband's friends.
But for the most part, if you let the school work for you, it has been known to help drastically.
Hey. i spent a couple months volunteering at an eating disorder clinic (mostly helping with the men). 1) were there people with eating disorders at your school? 2) what where your interactions with them? 3) and what sort of programs were they put on (for lunch, making sure they eat or dont over eat etc)? 1) Yes, there were a lot of people with eating disorders. I have had some food issues myself but I believe they're mostly related to the OCD. 2) My interactions with them were generally fine. I've felt uncomfortable before if I saw they weren't eating but I knew it wasn't my place to tell them to eat. I've also felt judged for being overweight but I don't hold it against them. I've judged many of them for being unhygienic. The residence had to start doing shower contracts because not enough people were showering and as soon as I found that out, I was repulsed. 3) To be in the school, you had to be relatively stable. Most people weren't actively starving themselves or throwing up and if they were caught, they would be hospitalized until they were approved by a psychiatrist to come back. We had some over-eaters but they tend to fall through the cracks. Lunches were labeled for the residential students so if someone didn't go get their lunch, they knew about it. I know dinner was monitored by staff. I don't know about breakfast and I don't know about day students.
Were there anyone who was sent there because they didn't follow their parent's religion, or was not hetero? No. The school is pretty selective about the students they accept and being gay or the wrong religion wasn't a good reason to be accepted. Most of the students were referred from their school districts.
Oh, and I live in a blue state so these sorts of things usually don't happen.
No problem. it was a pretty reward experience because i used to run cross country and you see it all around the sport due to increased appetite and the preparations one must go through the day before racing. My mind was blown the first time I saw someone carbo-load for a race. I didn't know it was a thing. Thank you! I was wondering, since you know a lot more about eating disorders than I do, I recently ran into a girl I knew from high school. She had an eating disorder and the last time I saw her, she was under 100 pounds. She is now overweight. She's definitely not anywhere near morbidly obese or anything but I was wondering how common it is for that to happen. I hope your face is okay. Edit: I hope that question isn't offensive. Edit 2: Accidentally wrote that I hope that question is offensive.
Thank you for your incite. i was very interested. and on a side note: you were definitely right to not tell them to eat. ive been punched in the face 5 times in my life and 4 of them have been as a result of myself and others having to hold down patients and force feed them. keep getting better.
Who was the funniest character in your school, if you can recall? Not like knee slapping, crying with laughter funny. Someone who you when you look back at it, you laugh and think, oh my, they were fucking odd. Oh, wow. This is a great question. I'm not sure I can pinpoint any one person because we were a school full of characters.
There was a girl that would yell at you if you used the wrong color highlighter (anything that wasn't blue.)
There was a girl that wrote Green Day fan fictions whenever she could get away with not doing work (which was often in that school.)
There was a girl that peer pressured everyone into voting for her for prom queen.
There was a girl that acted like a child all the time at school, applied make-up on top of her make-up so people couldn't see her face and posted only hypersexualized pictures and statuses on Facebook (that's more sad than anything.)
There was a girl that became a juggalette and moved to Utah after graduation to be with her juggalo boyfriend. She tried to convince me how this was no joking matter and the juggalo way of life was serious.
There was a girl that got a tattoo of another girls' name to try to get her to get back together with her.
There was a girl that made fun of another girl for having a toucan nose. She made that other girl's life a living hell, dressed up as a toucan for Halloween and eventually terrorized this girl with toucans so much that toucans "triggered" her and toucans were banned from the residence. That girl was badass.
I'll post more if I think of them.
Edit: There was a girl that was CONVINCED without a shadow of a doubt that the guidance counselor was in love with her and was just waiting for her to graduate before he asked her out. This didn't happen. She cried at graduation.
Hahahaha! This is exactly what I meant. Those stories are hilarious! I'm glad I could help! I think there's a good chance the Green Day girl and the toucan girl are Redditors. Hopefully they don't find this.
also what is a juggalette and what the fuck is juggalo culture? Serious business.
Oh, so they're completely normal then? Pretty much.
Congrats on graduating! I had a similar experience with effexor-I was on it all during puberty, and when I went off I hallucinated to the point I was screaming; I saw bugs all over me. I still see them from time to time, I know they're hallucinations because they fly in an erratic non bug-like pattern and they disappear before my eyes. What were your auditory hallucinations about? Did you have any friends with borderline personality disorder? Was there any other trauma in your past that you think contributed to your OCD or hallucinations, or do you think it was solely the accutane? I just looked up effexor. Looks rough. I hope you're doing well now. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always here.
My auditory hallucinations usually came when I was under stress (usually school or my parents yelling about my schooling.) They were generally screams. I used to like to think of them as my emotions on steroids.
There was a period when I was hearing really mean voices. A lot of "you're worthless," "you're ugly," "you should just kill yourself already." This started after my boyfriend at the time broke up with me. You know how teenage girls are. You're in love after a week and you're a piece of shit if they don't want you anymore.
There were a few girls with borderline personalities. There was one girl I was friends with that denied it all the time but it was really obvious and I overheard her talking to her therapist in the lunch room one time about it. I eventually broke off that friendship because she was draining the life out of me.
I had a really great and happy childhood. My parents are together and love each other, my sister and me. I always had low self-esteem and I think that's because my mom does also and I overheard her complaining about the way she looked all the time. I think the low self-esteem explained the school anxiety. I think the hallucinations were caused by the Accutane but were amplified by being so afraid to go to school. I think I used the OCD to cope with the hallucinations.
How was that school? did you talk to allot of girls? It was a really tiny school, 70 girls maximum, usually around 60, 30 or so of which were residential but we all had classes together. Because the school was so small, everyone kind of knew everyone a little bit.
I loved the school, except for the lengthy bus rides and driving yourself to school wasn't allowed. I give it all the credit in the world for my ability to function well now. A lot of the girls were miserable there but these were usually girls that had problems with authority.
What where the other girls like? Was the normal high school drama still around? What is your favorite story about the other girls? There were a lot of mood swings, mostly. You had to watch what you said a lot because you could "trigger" someone.
There was always normal high school drama, just it was never about boys because there were none around. We also had weird fights too, like about people stinking up the hallway the bathroom was in because they were on medication that gave them irritable bowels. Some girls would get SO MAD if you had a smelly poop.
I don't know if I have a favorite story. They banned salt from the school during my last semester because girls at the residence were self-injuring with salt and ice. We had a size limit for the bags we were allowed to carry so one of my friends told the principal that she could easily fit a flask in it. The principal asked to search her bag and she complied. There was a bowl and a bag of weed in there and somehow the principal didn't see it. A few girls got caught drinking vodka in water bottles at lunch and one girl cried and threw up all over the guidance counselor's desk.
"self-injuring with salt and ice" How on earth does that work? I've never heard of it. If you put salt on your skin and ice over it, with a little bit of pressure, there's a burning sensation and it leaves a nasty scar.
I've seen a lot of lawsuit commercials regarding accutane. Have you ever thought about filing something legal for the troubles that it caused you? My mom looked into it at some point. There was one line in the enormous contract that was a big umbrella for them not being liable for any psychological disorders that may be triggered by the use of the Accutane so they covered their asses.
If you signed that contract as a minor, it may be worth further investigation. Just a thought. I'm glad you are doing better now! My parents signed it for me.
It doesn't seem right that they can know that there is a chance of psychological disorders and have no repercussions. But, that's amazing you made it through a hard time like that. Good for you. I agree but I'm not bitter about it. I probably would have been if I was the same as I was a few years ago. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that.
Isn't every high school a high school for emotionally disturbed girls? HAH! A little bit. The difference was whether or not they could function in a regular high school.
Good for you for completing high school and continuing on to college. 1) Do you have a most memorably moment from the school for non-violent, emotionally disturbed girls? 2) What do you study now? Thank you so much! Graduating high school is the accomplishment I'm most proud of. If you asked 14 year old me if I would have graduated high school, I probably would have laughed and figured I'd be dead by then.
1) The most memorable moments were usually the fights because it was supposed to be a non-violent school. There were usually never too bad and were broken up quickly but the shouting matches were usually the best. There was this one time in summer school (mandatory for all students) where a girl found out her best friend was having sex with a married man she met on the internet. She screaming her whole story and calling her a whore for "sleeping with other wives' husbands" (she was not the brightest girl in the world) while she was being dragged out of the gym. Oh! And attempted escapes were always good. These were always the residential girls and they usually succeeded if they tried to escape from the residence but if they tried it at the school, alarms went off and then you'd see a bunch of teachers running down the block after someone.
Were interactions with most students normal? Or was an actual majority of them just weird or batshit crazy? When I hear something like "school for emotionally challenged", I picture a classroom with a teacher huddling in a corner while ALL the students mutter under their breath, scream, fight, and throw paper planes around. How crazy was the school as a whole? The majority seemed off. A lot seemed batshit crazy but I wouldn't say it was the majority. There were a lot that had that dead behind the eyes medicated look.
Very few of us seemed normal. I'd like to think I was one of those. Then there were those that were functional and funny kind of crazy. Those were the people you knew were nuts but they made you laugh and not in a way where you were making fun of them. I was friends with a lot of those people.
Edit: Spelling.
What were the hallucinations like? My hallucinations were mostly really scary for me. I got to a point where I got used to them. That was when I was hallucinating 24/7. It'll exhaust you to be scared all the time.
Did you have visual hallucinations at all? If so, what would you see? I did have visual hallucinations. I saw a tree for a long time. Dead versions of acquaintances, mostly. That was really freaky the first time that happened. I had a man and a girl following me around for a while. Those were the ones I got used to. I remember when that show Kingdom Hospital started, I was really freaked out because the girl in the show looked just like the girl that was following me around.
Can you explain how they would come on? As in, would you slowly start seeing something or would you blink and it would be there? They auditory hallucinations would start whenever. The visual ones would either be there when I woke up or I'd turn and see them. They would never just appear where I was already looking.
Where did you attend school? (Feel free not to answer this one if you feel it invades your privacy) I will say north eastern United States in a suburb outside of a large city. I live in the large city.
Boston? I had a cousin that worked at some sort of mental institution down there. No, not Boston. Thank your cousin for his work for me.
Could you describe the visual halucinations at all? I would either wake up and there would be a hallucination waiting for me or I would turn my head and I would see it. I never blinked and they just appeared. I could just turn around and I wouldn't see them anymore but for some reason, that made them more scary. I felt like I needed to watch them.
Except for the tree, which was my first hallucination and my most common hallucination when I woke up, they were all people I perceived to be dead. Usually people I knew but didn't know well. I had a man and a girl follow me around 24/7 for a long time. I don't know where I knew their faces from but they looked familiar to me. I mentioned it on another comment but there's a little girl on the show Kingdom Hospital that freaked me out when the show started because it looked a lot like her. I thought for a minute I was hallucinating on the TV screen but I realized she was wearing the wrong clothes. My hallucinations were always in black and white. The people were always dressed like they had somewhere important to go--the men in the same suit, the women in the same gray dress, with the exception of the little girl who wore a short black one.
My friends and I conducted some experiments to see what would happen if they tried to touch one or hit one or interact at all with them. My brain would correct it and the hallucinations would always move out of the way.
I never had closed eye hallucinations so I slept a lot to combat them.
That sounds scary. You sound like a very strong person, being able to somewhat hold yourself together while all that was going on. I probably would just fall apart if that happened to me. Good luck for the future, glad you're better :). Thank you so, so much. It really means a lot. You'd be surprised how much strength you have once you're put in a situation like that.
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Do you wear or have you ever worn the ICP clown makeup? If so, would you wear it casually in everyday life or was it more of an "I'm going to an ICP show so I have to look my juggalo-ist!" sort of thing? No I would never wear it in public, thats one of those misconcerptions about us, the only ICP fans (Im not going to use Juggalo to descibe them) that wear makeup in public are looking for the attention. At the Gathering (were EVERYONE is a juggalo) I wore a clown Luchador mask, but everyone paints there face there. The thing about the makeup is that it makes us all the same, when I was there I was camped next to this guy who I became friends with, and he always wore the paint, and I never thought anything of it, and when we shut down and went home, he took it off, and I realized he had sever burns across the whole right side of his face, but with the makeup on, everyone treated him like anyone else, and I realized this was probably the only time a year he gets treated like everyone else, and it made me happy that being a juggalo could do that for him.
Probably the best juggalo story there is. You would be shocked at how common those are, there are alot of people with physical deformities there, and they just either cover it up with face paint, or just go out loud and proud, juggalos couldnt give a shit. Its one of the reasons I will claim Juggalo till I die. In the normal world people treat them like freak shows, but they juggalos couldnt give a fuck, either your cool or your not, thats all we see.
That's really awesome, seriously. I think the most fascinating thing about juggalos is how you guys manage to function as a rational, accepting subculture as opposed to the rabid fanbase the casual observer might assume you are at first. Much respect from me. Thank you. Its just like any other group, most of us are calm rational normal people, but there are a few who want to yell and make a scene and make the rest look bad.
I wear makeup to some shows but not all of them. I have my own custom design that incorporates a tribute to my juggalo homie I miss. I am not the best makeup artist though because I don't really even wear regular makeup everyday, its not that great for your skin. Ive heard that about your skin, but I dont do it because grease paint in your eyes burns like a motherfucker. It makes me laugh when I go into the bathrooms at shows and there are guys doing each others makeup in front of the mirror.
Dear Reddit, OP responds to question with pertinent and respectful answer - Gets downvoted. WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT! Honestly, I am suprised at how cool everyone has been, I never expected it to go this well.
Hi there and thanks for doing this AMA. I have 2 questions. First, how many women have you slept with in your career? And second, what did you think of Rob Schneider's portrayal in Deuce Bigalow? Thanks and good luck. Me? IDK, dont feel like tryin to remember, I usually go with more than 10 and less than 20, but thats not a juggalo thing, I have never dated a juggalette, actually most girls Ive been with have really disliked that I was a juggalo.
I dont remember that part, I saw that movie before I got down. To be honest though, the Workaholics episode was a pretty decent one, up until the end at least.
What the fuck are you talking about? Did I miss the point of that question? Now I feel stupid.
Gigolo =/= Juggalo. Got you, I forget people that arent familiar with Juggalos always make that assumtion.
It was actually a joke. He pretended you said Gigolo instead of Juggalo. You say it was a joke, but you would be suprised how many people pull out the wallet when you say you are a juggalo.
That easy huh? To be a gigolo? If your willing to blow guys, Im pretty sure it is.
DISLAIMER; I am not a gigolo and am not qualified to give any gigolo related advice. Basically this comment is inadmissable in court.
How easy is it to get laid at The Gathering? OK... One by one...
What the hell was with that video asking how magnets work? I have no idea, people walk around with signs saying "wanna fuck?" but I wasnt looking at the time, so I dont know, but I hear its not hard. But be carefull, juggalettes go SUPER hard.
I mean, it made juggalos look like stone cold morons - can you explain what they were trying to do with that? I LOVE faygo, but it is SUPER bad for you, so I only drink it occasionally, if you see some grab a bottle, it really is delicious.
Do you actually like Faygo? About 10 years now.
How long have you been a juggalo? My dad hated it forever, and the one time he tried to be supportive and listen to it he picked THE WORST CD (Axe Murder Boyz, theyre terrible) but now that I'm successfull he could give a shit (unless I get hounded by the cops, then he tells me "what did you expect"). Both my brothers are "down" but there not juggalos per sey. My sister and step mom dont really think anything of it, its just some music I like.
What does your family think of this? Its not even the music or the makeup, ICP loves to say that liking the music has nothing to do it it. I have a friend who HATES ICP, but hes down to the ground. Its all about having each others back, the world is a cold hate filled place, and its nice to know that we have someone who loves us no matter where we go. Thats really what being a juggalo is about, if you love other juggalos, you are a juggalo.
What, actually, is it that makes juggalos different, aside from liking the music and dressing like clowns? EDIT: Forgot about the Magnet one. I dont speak for all juggalos, but me and my crew think that song is dumb as fuck as well. The point of the song was that "miracles are all around us" and they used magnets as one of those things that are like magic because they dont understand them, honestly I dont understand why THAT was the one that took off in meme form, i believe they also ask what a rainbow is, and "why do my his kids look just like shaggy and my little kids look just like daddy?" (not sure if thats the exact quote). We know how genetics and refracted light work.
You forgot the one where he feeds a fish to a pelican. Link to static.fjcdn.com. And it tried to eat his phone, right? That song is proof that people who wrestles take their music seriously are missing the point somewhere.
At some point do you feel that you will outgrow this music? By having such a feverish devotion to a musical act don't you feel that you are missing out on at least some aspects of life? Not at all, once I got into adulthood I listened to ICP less and less, and I only listen to them a few times a month now, but it is such a huge part of who I was growing up, the term Juggalo has way outlasted the music. Growing up I moved alot and caught alot of shit from people at new schools, and there was always juggalos to have my back, so I owe them alot, and I feel its my responibitly to look out for the younger generation the way the juggalos looked out for me when I was young, broke and lonely.
What music do you listen to now? Country, classic rock, quite a bit of rap, folk, I still listen to psycopathic quite often, mostly when Im in my roomates car.
Should have gotten a fucking skateboard. Side note: you ever been to nelson ledges? You people would come and completely disrespect the land and the people. We eventually started to turn the gathering away. Nelson Ledge? Is that Garettsville, OH? I didnt make that gathering, but what all happened? I know that we have a tendancy to leave a mess (we pay people to clean up the campgrounds) but as far as disrespect, I would hope they would be better than that (although it wouldn't suprise me if you ran into one who wasnt). We try and be respectfull to people when we roll into their town, thats your territory, and you are letting us in. I do know that we are not doing it again in Garrettsville though, and I know its because the towns people we not real happy, but I havent heard alot of stories about disrespect (not saying I dont believe they happened).
I may go through phases where I get into other types of music more, but I'm always going to bang it because at this point I consider being a juggalo an immutable part of who I am. Exactly, I'm suprised noone has asked if I listen to other music, because I think it would trip people out the music juggalos ACTUALLY listen to.
So, tell me, what music do juggalos ACTUALLY listen to. Haha, everything. On this I definitly cant speak for everyone, but ME PERSONALLY, I listen to all kinds of shit, being from Texas I love me some country after a few drinks (Lyle Lovett, Johnny Cash, Merle Hagard, even some John Denver). Classic rock (Led Zepplin, Beatles, The Who) and old school rap (Wu-Tang Clan, Biggie, NWA), folk (Bob Dylan is my favorite musician ever), I also listen to more recent shit like Black Keys and Lil Wayne. The only STEREOTYPE for juggalo music would be early 90s rap, a lot of our slang and saying are old school slag ("thats fresh/stale" "word is bond" "flipped my wig"). I saw Busta Rymes, Ice Cube, and MC Hammer at the gathering, there was many more, but those were the best.
It just always makes me laugh when Im all juggalo'd out (hatchet hat on tilt, Twiztid jeresy) and someone looks at me as Im rollin blaring "Thank God Im a Country Boy" out of the car. Also vice versa, when I have on my justins (boots), my stedson (a kind of cowboy hat), and wranglers, and Im rolling around with "Juggalo Homies" coming out the trunk.
On the juggalo reddit there's a feature called metal for juggalos, so I think its pretty safe to say that a lot of juggalos would cross over that way as well.
Ok, there were a lot of lifted riffs from blues even if they made them all around heaviebettedifferent/tighter. Their sources weren't well cited enough for my taste still. I may make jokes about ICP, but talking shit about Led Zeppelin is BLASPHAMY! HAHA. I know what you mean though. You really have to listen to blues along side Zepplin to fully understand it.
Why are people downvoting this guy? Hes trying to enlighten people who hate juggalos and don't know there side of the story. As for you Mr. Juggalo, keep on enlightening these people, show them that everyone ain't so bad. Thank you. I expected plenty of downvotes, but Reddit continues to amaze me with there civility. I have managed to break even on karma, and I didnt do this for the upvotes, I just see all the memes and videos, and I feel like that is the smallest (and worst) part of the story, wanted to have a decently normal juggalo have a chance to plead his case.
So basically juggalos are big fans of ICP? I think people consider all sides of the story, no matter how much you disagree with it. Thats what most people associate us with, but listening to ICP doesnt make you a juggalo. Just as not liking ICP doesn't disqualify you. Also there are a lot of other juggalo bands out there. Zug Izland is a rock band, Boondox is a redneck, Blaze is an old school gangster. Theres different music for different types, and if you don't like any of the music, you can still come. Generally ICP is the band most people associate with us though, because they're the most famous.
So how does one become a juggalo? Just "be down with me, and I'll be down back" as Shaggy said. As juggalos say "Have my neck and Ive got yours". I really cant think of a better example. All you need to do is love fellow juggalos, and be willing to shake off a lot of hate.
Why is it then that most Juggalos hate gay people and that ICP lyrics have so music homophobia in them? ICP doesnt hate gay people. At least not as far as I know, they say "fag" in some of their songs, but I think thats just how they talk, I dont think they mean to hold anyone down.
Sounds like a cult. It would be very cult like if we had a leader. Every Juggalo is their own person, we don't "recive orders" which seems to be how people think it works.
Maybe if we all started thinking like juggalos, the world would be a better place. Thanks for explaining to me man! Yea, its kind of a hippie/rave mentality (dont tell the other juggalos I compared us to hippies) but we love to get drunk and scream obscenities, but deep down its the same. We love each other, and if the world saw each other as on big family, it would be a better place.
How many drugs have you done? Haha, to be completely honest, Ive tried them all, and I was addicted to meth and heroin (at seperate times), but I am clean and sober now, I drink still, but Ive even quit weed.
A juggalo addicted to meth and heroin.. Shocker. Im clean now, but Im not going to hate, its a stereotype for a reason.
Whats your favorite? My favorite what?
All trolling aside, I'm glad you got clean. Its all good, AMA stands for "ask me ANYTHING" so no worries. Im actually supried how little trolling there has been.
Drug? Ha, I just drink now, so Im not going to make any recommendations, but I will say Heroin was my favorite, but its also the best at stealing your soul.
I kinda have this thought that heroin IS like a soul and it just collects fragments from every person it "takes"... I like that, use it enough, and its a person just like anyone else you know.
Did you know it is supposedly a Christian movement, of sorts, and if not how did you feel when that fact came to light? I did know that, and I was not real happy at the time, but I feel like they tried to go that way a bit to balance out some of the straight up evil things they used to say back in the begining. Alot of juggalos left once that album dropped, but then alot of them adopted the juggalo faith as there religion after that (faciciously, like the Flying Spagetti Monester) because from some reason theist cant accept atheists as anything more than amoral hooligans, but if you tell them you believe in a "great dark carnival" in the sky that is against fucking kids and hitting women and being a racist, they are ok with that. I guess its because they say "at least he has SOME morals".
How do you feel about the music that ICP put out that perpetuates violence and bigotry? Did you ever feel drawn in by that or feel that was the norm? What are some of the more realistic stereotypes that the public has about Juggalos? Ok, Im going to drop this bomb again (I had no idea people thought we were racist). Bigotry is one of a very few things that are NOT alowed in juggaloism ("We forgot mister bigot, but can you dig it, got our illusions all packed, but well still cut his neck up). There are plently of juggalos of many races. Racists are one of the people who will be taken out when the carnival comes along with pedophiles and wife beaters.
As far as the violence, the violence is generally committed against those people (racist, pedos, womanizers, check out "The Catch A Predator), so it's not as bad as you thing. Would you feel bad listening to a song about killing a pedophile?
I really have a very skewed vision of the Juggalo community. My neighbor was a very open Juggalo and he was arrested for domestic violence multiple times and I guess paired with the media clips of songs, it gave me the view of the loud minority. Oh sorry. In general, saying super violent things is the norm, but meaning them is not. I think one of the reason that that keeps up is because when your a kid in high school getting picked on and jumped after school, you like that people think you have a potential for violence. As far as stereotype, the only one I know of is that we drink to much and get to loud. I dont really know what the stereotypes are except that we are all stuipd and in 8th grade (both wrong). Someone said they heard we were racists (also not true). If you have any other stereotypes I will try to confirm/deny them.
Also. You only answered one of my questions. As for your neighbor, he sounds like a proper cunt, and he is the kind of person we try and distance ourselves from whenever possible. If his story went public and he went to juggalos to protect him, it wouldnt end well for him.
ICP seems like a band back in the 80's called SOD. SOD meant Stormtroopers of Death and their songs were openly racist. What non fans didn't realize is that they weren't serious and they were just making fun of racists through satire. They're also the ones who made the word 'mosh' famous. Really (about the mosh thing, TIL)? I feel like I have heard of them before. But we never joke about racism, racist "get they throat cut". Racism is 100% NOT ok in the juggalo culture. Its about the worst sin a juggalo can commit (next to pedophilla, and hitting women)
Give us your honest opinion of the average juggalo. ignorant rednecks or is there more to it than that? As a general rule, juggalos hate rednecks "Fuck Your Rebel Flag", "Chicken Hunting" (Chicken is juggalo for redneck "chicken fuckers", the drunken ones who "beat they wives and fuck they kids") but most REAL juggalos (once the intial excitement about becoming part of it wears off) are just normal people, I run into juggalos proffesionally occasionally, once at work I got hella praise because I got a lawyer to come over to our team, and noone else could, but I could never tell anyone it was because we were both juggalos.
As a general rule, juggalos hate rednecks "Fuck Your Rebel Flag" I find that's true of most urban conservatism. They don't self-identify with southern conservatism, but its conservatism just the same. ICP's entire writing motif is Christian mythology and anti-science/anti-education as well heavily trading on conspiracy theories and hating "the other." From my brief exposure to it, its also pretty racist. Have you ever felt uncomfortable with the views expressed by members of your group? Would you recommend becoming a juggalo to a teenager today? Do you feel that you might be a cult? Yes, I have been uncomfortable with view expressed. I would recommend it a teenager if they feel down and out ingnored by socierty, but I would as make sure they undersand not to take it to seriously. I may feel like this was more of a cult, if we had a leader. Noone is in charge, and everyone is free to beleive as they please.
That's weird consider most of the juggalos I've met fall under the "redneck" stereotype. Really? Well there are redneck Juggalos, there are more Juggalo musicians that ICP. Boondox is a redneck from "Newton County, Georgia" and hes probably my favorite juggalo rapper, hes redneck as fuck, and hes one of the main juggalo acts, right up there with ICP and Twiztid. If you like you some redneck music check out "Sippin on Down" and "Cold Day in Hell".
Huh, so it's like the Freemasons but not a club for pretentious snotballs. Huh. Exactly, anyone can be down as long as they are cool. This is one of the advantages and the drawbacks, any idiot can shoot someone and then claim they did it "for the juggalos" and every juggalo in America puts their head in their hands and goes "what a fucking idiot, looks like I have to put all my shirts in the attic for a bit".
Big B is also a good one if you like white trash, redneck stuff. I have a led zeppelin shirt somewhere that he singed and his crew drew a dinosaur on the back, he opened for rehab in my redneck town.
Whats your most exciting memory? As a Juggalo? The Gathering there was over 30 thousand of us together, and I had been down for 8 years and some change and I had never seen more than 4 or 5 together at a time. It was also amazing because I was starting to believe the way most people believe (all juggalos are wierd looking fat kids in high school) and it was great to see that I wasnt the only juggalo out there that went to college and got a real job, I met doctors and lawyers and cops and all kinds of people there, and it completely reignited my love for my "family".
Actually a lot of Christian screamo concerts will have mosh pits and people will help you up if you get knocked down. Thats cool, its a sign of a decent pit when if you start to go down everyone doesnt jump you. Ive seen mosh pits end because "HEY GUYS WATCH OUT THERES A GIRL AND SHE DOESNT WANT IN ON THIS". So mutual respect is always nice, even when beating the shit out of each other. You listen to Demon Hunter?
Yeah he was definitely sober when I met him. Im glad hes sober, but he was may more wild when we has drinking, and I missed that, but I wouldnt want him to go back. I think its funny that people think J and Shaggy are these terrible crazy drug addicts, but Shaggy doesnt smoke weed or anything, just drink (and hes sober now), and all J does is get stoned and take his occasional percocet (which I dont think he even does anymore).
Do you feel like most Juggalos give your community a bad name? Do you have faith that one day the Juggalos will be respected like the punk and hippie movements? I guess the Juggalos by default wouldn't be concerned about either of those things though, am I right? I do think that alot of juggalos give us a bad name, but I also thing the media/internet love to take things out of context for ratings/upvotes, you could take any group of people and find drunken idiots screaming stupid things and make it into a clip. I dont think we will ever get the respect that even things like punk have recieved, because by our nature we take in people that noone else will take in, and give them a place to belong, and if we went mainstream like that, people would start wearing a "uniform" and having to follow "rules" the thing about being a juggalo is spread across a broad spectrum, there are raver juggalos, thug juggalos (the one the FBI hates), stoners, people with families, ect. Juggalo isnt a style, we are all encompasing, if you have love you are a juggalo. Im a huge redneck, wearing flannel and boots right now, but Im just as much a juggalo as any kid in a clown shirt and face paint (if not more).
I respect the Juggalos but the violence bigotry and misogyny scare me, especially when it seems to be indoctrinated. I hope there is more of a respect for women than the media portrays about all of you. Woop woop. Um... Ok.... this is the hard one to explain. The juggalo culture loves to say fucked up things about women, but its funny because usually its the ladies that scream the most fucked up things. I used to worry about the sexism untill I went to the gathering and women were the ones who loved the super sexist songs the most. Juggalos love women, alot of what we say is ment to be taken as a joke, thats the biggest thing people dont understand "bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks" is not ment to be taken seriously, and all the juggalos know that, but it tooks terrible in a sound clip when you cut out all the women screaming it.
As far as violence, its just like horror movies, people like violence, doesnt mean we actually kill people, but sometimes your in a shit mood, and you wanna roll around blasting a song that claims you do.
Biogtry is absolutly NOT accepted in the juggalo community, its one of the only rules to being a juggalo. You are not allowed to hate poeple for things they cant control. ESHAM and the ROC, FOUNDED the juggalo movement (with ICP and Twiztid) and they are black.
Word. I'm glad the Internet had made all of you be able to come together. Do you think the Juggalo movement will ever outgrow the logistics of having a Gathering? No way, Juggalos (I have been warned about speaking for the group) TEND to not use internet communities that much (at least not as open juggalos). At the gathering Twiztid was up on stage in front of thousands of people and screamed "HOW MANY OF YALL ARE ON FACEBOOK?" and it was silent. You have to realize with all the hate we get, its usually not even worth it to get a facebook, or join a website to look for others. I have, on Reddit, said "I think that you made the the right decision" and had people reply "FUCK YOU, YOUR A JUGGALO AND THEREFORE STUPID" (paraphrased of course). After the age of 18 (or college for some) most juggalos just keep it to themselves and secretly sneak out once a year to be with there own kind.
When I watched 'American Juggalo' I came away deeply divided because I love the philosophy of having a readymade family wherever you go but holy shit were there some fucked up things going on in that video. Having been to a couple music festivals in my young life, I understand the idea that you get a little wilder than usual in that setting plus the juggalo aesthetic is just a little more extreme by default, but still, I cringed violently and often. As I read this AMA and read people's negative anecdotes and your responses I was pretty taken by the fact that you never disowned the juggalos in question (ala the 'no true Scotsman' fallacy) but merely suggested that they were failing to keep part of the code. It reads a little like apologism. I also can't help but feel like you, as one of the 'well adjusted' and by your own admission 'successful' juggalos, your view on it is skewed toward framing it as more of harmless side activity. SlayerScylla's responses reinforce this as she is clearly a little more extreme and I imagine she's even pretty moderate compared to what exists. So from all that rambling comes this question: What percentage of the juggalo community would you say is like you (e.g. Only listening to the music monthly, mostly sober, personally and financially successful) and what do you think we would be hearing in response to these questions from someone outside of that fraction? Im glad you said that. I cringed in the video at the preganent lady smoking, and that was a huge controversy at the Gathering last year, wether kids should be allowed. It looks bad in the doc, but "Family with Family" tend to camp with with own (other people with kids) so they dont really interact with the loud, drunk/tripping juggalos. Its real hard to believe, I dont think anyone will understand as I say that, we were firmly against kids at the gathering when we got there, but by the time we left we realized it may be the safest place for a kid. The whole time I was there one kid got lost, and the whole place shut down until we got him back to his mom, (took like 10 minutes once word got out) and its always funny to watch people immediantly sober up, stop swearing, stand up straight, and hide there bottles/pipes as soon as a kid comes near. A fellow juggalos kid is to be treated as if were your own. Still don't really like that it happens, but I understand it more.
I would say most juggalos are like me (by most, I mean north of 50 percent). I dont want to give the impression that I'm not a ride or die juggalo, I have 4 ICP posters and an oil painting of a clown in my living room, and my room is full of Twiztid and ABK flyers from shows, but I keep that in my house. Noone outside of my friends would ever know I was a juggalo, and I feel like most of us are like this. As an adult I meet other adult juggalos all the time that noone but a fellow juggalo would be able to out, problem is they would never admit it to an outsider, there is alot of negativity "normal" people associate with us.
Yeah a common interest brings people of like minds together, I understand and congrats on sobriety. Thank you. Getting sober was hard, but staying sober had been alright. Thanks for the support.
What got you into the music? I had juggalo friends growing up, but once my mom died, I moved to a new town, and one day we had to come to school dressed as our heros and give a report, and a guy I used to ride around and smoke with came as Violent J and gave his report. I was really interested so I ask him, and he gave me a mix CD by ICP, and "The Green Book" by Twiztid. They blew my mind, and they apealled to my lonely, poor, society hating us, attitude I had, and they gave me hope and a family, and Ive been down ever since.
Are all juggalos a product of inbreeding? Nope. Would you want to fuck your sister if she was a juggalo? I think not.
What is the most efficient ratio of fat chicks in the car to faygo in the trunk? The more faygo, the more fat chicks. What do you call that? A positive correlation?
Link to vimeo.com. Thoughts? Im actually in that. One of the people screaming "Piss Yo Self" (long story) on the chopped bus (the "love train" as we call it). That was made by a non-juggalo, but he did a decent job being unbiased. If you want to watch the best juggalo documentary watch "A Family Underground"
How did you feel when you found out your idols who promote violence against women are also creationists who are confused about magnets? Also, what do you credit more for calling yourself a jugallo. Hating your mother or hating your father? ALSO, just for the record, they do NOT advocate violence against women. As for the theism, I just shrugged that off, thats their life not mine.
Hey, OP, don't feed the troll. Much love for the AMA. You would think I would know better by now.
Isn't your whole plan to be outcasts by conforming to what ICP tells you to be? You instantly lose your individuality when you claim to be a juggelo. That's one of those stereotypes I wanted to squash. ICP has no power over us, they don't tell us what to do. The only thing all juggalos have in common is the name.
Do you believe in miracles? I believe in things we cant explain yet. If your asking if I believe god did it, no.
For a person who has no idea what a Juggalo and ICP is, can you explain in short what they are about? Not really, but I will try. The easiest way to explain a Juggalo is that we were people who grew up poor or in a shitty situation (not all, but the vast majority) and got swept aside by society, so we figured we would get together and embrace the hate. We love to say that ICP is "the most hated band on the planet" and alot of the shirts have that on the back. We took all the hate we recieved from society and instead of turning it into destructive behavior, we turned it into love for each other. If it wasnt for juggalos, I would have become a TERRIBLE person, and would probably be in prision (thats BEST case, more than likely I would actually be dead by now). So when you see "Juggalo" spray painted under a bridge, know that that kid has at least ONE person who cares about him, and would more than likely be setting fire to houses, or something equally messed up, if he didnt.
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2011.08.17 14:40 this_AZN ELI5: Juggalos, the "religion," and esp. that magnet thing.

I know they have some relation to ICP but I don't really know anything about it. Inspired by this
EDIT: Thanks for all your response guys. I am now one step closer to understanding the different kinds of people in the world.
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2011.08.17 01:11 juggalofossey IAMA Man who spent 6 months dating a "Juggalette" and got a glimpse into their culture. AMA

UPDATE 1: I need to go pick up a friend of mine (his car broke down) but I should be back in about 30-45 minutes.
UPDATE 2: I'm back and back to answering questions.
UPDATE 3: Alright gents, it's been a pleasure, but it's bed time.
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