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Images of space, taken by amateurs.

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2020.07.26 22:01 TylerFortierPhoto Every item in Collections and Triumph that are marked to be Vaulted, according to Braytech org

Info regarding items/triumphs being vaulted is available to see on


I'm assuming the "Vaulting" part means the exotic quest will be vaulted but the weapons are remaining
LEGENDARY (or lesser rarity) WEAPONS
Weapons with Y2 random rolls will have an \*
Vaulting probably refers to initial acquisition and not re-pulling from collections
Auto Rifles
Scout Rifles
Pulse Rifles
Hand Cannons
Special Grenade Launcher's
Fusion Rifle's
Sniper Rifle's
Heavy Grenade Launcher's
Rocket Launcher's
Linear Fusions
Machine Gun
LEGENDARY (or lesser rarity) ARMOR
An Asterisk\ denotes this armor has random stat rolls*
Vaulting probably refers to initial acquisition and not re-pulling from collections
Open World
End Game
These all support random stat rolls
Vaulting probably refers to initial acquisition and not re-pulling from collections
Ghost Shells
Vaulting probably refers to initial acquisition and not re-pulling from collections


Vaulting probably refers to initial acquisition of the catalyst
Tribute Hall
All triumphs for the following raids
Vaulting probably refers to initial acquisition and not affecting already having come November
The Light
Dusk and Dawn
The Darkness
Vaulting probably refers to initial acquisition and not affecting already having come November
NOT getting vaulted
IS getting vaulted
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2019.04.09 01:06 Carson_Blocks What kind of mileage are you guys getting out of Pilot Road 4s / 5s?

I'm currently running Pilot Road 4s on my MT-01, have a little over 5000mi/8000km on the set, and my front is starting to cup more and more (lots of tread left unfortunately) and the rear is starting to square. I've read the cupping isn't unusual, but am concerned with the rear squaring I've only got another couple thousand km on the rear. I'm almost willing to throw out the half used front at that time due to the cupping and try a set of PR5s or something else entirely.
What are you guys getting on a set of PR4s/5s? Any data points on guys that have moved from the PR4 to the PR5 or from the PR4 to another tire entirely?
For what it's worth, it's a heavy, torquey bike, I'm a heavy rider, and I do mostly interstate commuting and I'm a little hard on the throttle.
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2019.03.21 21:04 ImTheMarmotKing Has the number of Book of Mormon anachronisms decreased since it was published?

So I finally started listening to the Reel/Bennett podcasts, and one thing he says several times is that the Book of Mormon, if it's a forgery, would be "the first forgery to have the number of anachronisms decrease rather than increase over time." I have seen this sentiment quite a bit lately, both here and in the faithful sub. The suggestion seems to be that, given enough time, all the anachronisms will disappear and the Book of Mormon will be vindicated. I find this view... very optimistic, and I confess I am surprised that so many people believe this, since I observe the exact opposite to be happening. My challenge is this: can anyone name a single example of something that was widely known to be "anachronistic" in 1830, but which later was vindicated in Joseph's favor? I haven't found a single one, but am open to correction. Meanwhile, I can think of several anachronisms that have only come to light in post-1830 scholarship.
Bennett himself cited "big cities and metal plates in boxes," both of which I tackle in the "Post-1830 vindication" section below, as well as one other common example I hear. I think by any objective measurement, all 3 have been thoroughly and completely debunked. Meanwhile, I've made an example of a few post-1830 anachronisms that have come to light. Please note that I am not trying to debate the validity of more recent apologetic Book of Mormon models that take adapt to these issues. This is to say nothing of their validity; but the fact that faithful scholars have been forced to adapt their models to account for these anachronisms is evidence of how persuasive they are considered even among faithful scholars as anachronistic.

Post-1830 Vindication

Big Cities in pre-Columbian America

This is one I heard a lot as a kid. This is truly one of the most puzzling ones as well, since conquistadors literally conquered big cities when they got here, so I'm unsure how apologists allege that this was considered an anachronism in the 19th century. Perhaps, you're thinking, those exploits and Mesoamerican empires were unknown to Joseph Smith's contemporaries, being unsophisticated? Not so, according to Dan Vogel, who points out "By 1830, knowledge of the impressive ruined cities of the Maya of Central America and the Inca of South America was commonplace in the northeastern United States."
But perhaps, the anachronism is that they did not believe native americans in the northeastern united states created big cities? This would necessitate a heartland model in order to use this as an example of vindication for Joseph, but alas, it was the local mound-builders that Joseph was most familiar with, and on whom he probably based his descriptions. Again, to quote Vogel, "the inhabitants of those states were almost daily reminded of the building acumen of the early Indians: the remnants of fortifications as well as burial mounds dotted the area. Since most nineteenth-century Americans did not make distinctions among the various cultures and lifestyles of the native Americans and instead thought of these disparate groups as belonging to one race—the Indian—they also tended to see all of these ruins as coming from one group."
We can get even more specific. Again, from Vogel:
On 19 February 1823 western New York’s Palmyra Herald opined that “many of these fortifications were not forts, but religious temples, or places of public worship.” Not unexpectedly, Ethan Smith was also interested in mounds associated with religious worship. According to Smith, the ancient North Americans built not only “walled towns,” “forts,” and “watch-towers” but also “temples.” He compared the temple mounds with the altars or “high places” of ancient Israel. In his 1808 book The History of America, Congregational clergyman Jedidiah Morse asserted that many of the large mounds in North America, especially the Grave Creek mound of Ohio, “were intended to serve as bases of temples.”
Fawn Brodie points this out too:
It was a common legend that western New York and Ohio had once been the site of a terrible slaughter and that the mounds were the cemeteries of an entire race. New York’s famous governor, De Witt Clinton, fascinated by the antiquities of his state, had stopped by Canandaigua in 1811 to examine three mounds and after counting the rings of the trees growing on their surfaces had estimated their age at more than a thousand years. The Moundbuilders, he said, were unquestionably a lost race, which had once been vast in number and greatly superior in civilization to the Iroquois.
There was universal admiration for the palisaded, geometrical forts, the ruins of which were silhouetted against the sky atop the conelike drumlins that dotted the landscape. Since the pottery and copper ornaments buried in the mounds were frequently beautiful in design and skillfully wrought, few believed they were the handiwork of the despised red man. The Palmyra Register in January 1818 pointed out that the Moundbuilders “had made much greater advances in the arts of civilized life” than any Indians, and the Palmyra Herald in February 1823 insisted that the antiquities “clearly prove them to be the work of some other people.”
So the idea that large cities were built by ancient americans not only was well-known in Joseph's time, it was the object of active speculation in his immediate vicinity. The only piece of the puzzle that was missing at the time was that it was the ancestors of the native americans, not a separate race, that constructed it. This view was based on racist notions of the time that the dark-skinned indigenous people were too savage and uncivilized to have constructed it, and that a white race must have been responsible. This is a theme that the Book of Mormon builds on. So actually... this belongs in the post 1830 anachronism bucket if anything.

Metal plates in boxes

I cover this more here, but the Golden Plates are still a massive anachronism. I'm even going to put aside for a second the material (gold or tumbaga, I don't really care). The problems with the plates are:
  1. To my knowledge, no codex of metal plates has ever been discovered anywhere in the world, ever
  2. Codex anything had not been invented yet in 600 BC. That was an innovation that happened around the beginning of the Christian era.
  3. The codex form did not exist in pre Columbian America. The closest thing you'll find there is parchment folded accordion style.
  4. Writing books on metal plates, likewise, was unknown in ancient America. You'll occasionally find labeled pictures engraved in metal, but that's about the extent of it.
So this is an anachronism that continues. I don't know where apologists got the idea that this has been vindicated. I think they are thinking that since writing has been found on metal in the near east, Joseph has been vindicated? He hasn't. The plates are anachronistic for at least four different reasons.


Bennett hasn't mentioned this (yet), but a common example of Joseph being "vindicated" is that the Book of Mormon mentions cement, which was thought to be anachronistic in its day, but has since been discovered. The first issue is this was never actually considered anachronistic, that appears to be an apologetic myth.
To understand just how far back it was observed that indigenous peoples used cement, we read this description of the conquest of Mexico by conquistador Bernal Diaz del Castillo in 1576
Let us return to our entry to Mexico. They took us to lodge in some large houses, where there were apartments for all of us, for they had belonged to the father of the Great Montezuma... And all these palaces were [coated] with shining cement and swept and garlanded...
Everything was made in masonry and well cemented, baths and walks and closets, and apartments like summer houses where they danced and sang...
To be clear, I am not alleging that Joseph read Castillo's book. But using cement to build things is not so novel an idea that we must suppose Joseph have researched it in order to have thought of it. The question here is whether or not this is something that was mocked in Joseph's day, only to be vindicated later.
Here's another example, this one coming from Friar Diego de Landa in 1562, describing a ballcourt in the Yucatan that he mistakes for a stage:
Around this structure there were, and still today are, many others, well built and large; all the ground about them was paved, traces still being visible, so strong was the cement of which they were made. In front of the north stairway, at some distance, there were two small theatres of masonry, with four staircases, and paved on top with stone, on which they presented plays and comedies to divert the people.
So where does this myth come from that it was once an anachronism? FAIR's article on cement cites "John L Smith" as the source of the criticism. They do not cite specifically where here, but elsewhere they cite him as the writer of an article titled "What about those Gold Plates?" in The Utah Evangel in 1986. Looking up this particular publication, I find that John Smith is a Baptist pastor and the "journal" in question is an evangelical publication that targets Mormonism. So it appears the only person to allege cement is an anachronism is a Baptist minister from the 80s. If you can find an earlier claim, I will list it here. But it's clear this is not some recent discovery by archaeologists - cement was still in use by indigenous people when Europeans arrived.

Post-1830 Anachronisms

Ancestry of the Native Americans

In Joseph's day, the peopling of the Americas by biblical Israelites was not only plausible - it was popular. This point has been well covered so many times, that I'm not going to list sources here. We're all aware that we can find this idea in, for example, View of the Hebrews. It was popular and plausible enough to be espoused by the President of the United States:
The theory persisted for half a century that the Moundbuilders were a race of peaceful farmers and metalworkers who had been invaded and utterly exterminated by a bloodthirsty race that was ancestor to the modern Indian. William Henry Harrison, shortly before his election to the Presidency, wrote that the last great battle took place on the banks of the Ohio, where “a feeble band was collected, remnant of mighty battles fought in vain, to make a last effort for the country of their birth, the ashes of their ancestors and the altars of their gods.”
Much research has happened since then. Starting in the 1950's, the "Clovis-first" theory of human migration over the Bering land-bridge developed based on archaeological data. And then, of course, the real clincher - the development of DNA science, and the testing of Amerindians in the early 2000's. This came into sharp focus for the Book of Mormon in Thomas W Murphy's landmark essay Lamanite Genesis, Genealogy, and Genetics, which discussed the ramifications for the Book of Mormon. Murphy was nearly excommunicated for this paper, but it moved the needle in observable ways. The initial response from FARMS discounted our ability to determine lineage that easily, stating "Murphy's arguments are based on the assumption that modern Jewish mtDNA accurately represents the mtDNA of ancient Israel. However, the findings of modern geneticists that the mtDNA of different Jewish groups shares little commonality with other Jewish groups but closely reflects the mtDNA of their host populations flatly contradict Murphy's conclusions." With this argument, they continued to maintain the possibility that the Amerindians were chiefly of Jewish origin. As the DNA evidence became better understood, apologists were forced to retreat from this position, now conceding that the Native Americans are principly descended from East Asians, and using the limited geography theory and genetic bottleneck to argue that the Lehites were an insignificant minority that's no longer represented in the genetic landscape. This view has been espoused in an official essay and is represented in an update to the language introducing the Book of Mormon. In short, the post-1830 evidence has been so compelling that the church itself has had to modify its claim here.


In Joseph's day, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who didn't still believe that Isaiah was the work of a single author. Secular biblical criticism was still in its infancy, and confined to a small group of German academics who would be hardly known in the American landscape, and would have been largely rejected by them. It was these people who started to tease out the authorship of Isaiah (although the idea had been bandied by some Jewish commentators long before that). It took until the 20th century for these theories to gain popular recognition.
Bennett very wrongly tells Reel that "the only reason" for this theory is the mention of Persian ruler Cyrus, and that "if you can explain that, the whole problem goes away." Bennett clearly has no idea the scholarship and reasons for multiple authorship of Isaiah, and his comment betrays that. Cyrus is a single data point in the text that tells us why scholars unanimously agree that Deutero-Isaiah was written after the Babylonian exile, but there are several, including the fact that that entire portion of the text is about redemption from Babylonian exile.
This is a problem since Lehi leaves Jerusalem specifically to avoid the Bablyonian conquest. They cannot have scriptures on their brass plates that haven't been written yet.

Other Items from Biblical Criticism

Scholarship of the Bible actually presents tons of other problems for the Book of Mormon that would not have seemed anachronistic in Joseph's day. I only include a couple for the sake of brevity and time:
  • Nephi claims the brass plates contain "the five books of Moses." Mosaic authorship is roundly rejected now, although it was still considered plausible by nearly everyone in 1830 America. Also, we know now that in Nephi's day, the books of Moses would not have been assembled together the way they are now. By the late 19th century, scholars were unanimous in agreement that the Pentateuch was edited together from various sources. Although portions of the existing Pentateuch would have been available to Nephi and Lehi, they would not have been the "five books of Moses."
  • Sermon on the mount: When Jesus comes to America, he delivers a slightly modified version of the sermon on the mount recorded in Matthew. This is written about extensively here, but a few points of interest are that the KJV of the Bible is based on specific Greek manuscripts, whose wording is challenged by earlier manuscripts. I reproduce a couple examples here:
Matthew 5:27 (NRSV) Matthew 5:27 (KJV) 3 Nephi 12:27
You have heard that it was said, “You shall not commit adultery.” You have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery: Behold, it is written by them of old time, that thou shalt not commit adultery;
The author notes that not only does the Book of Mormon preserve a late addition to the text, it preserves a KJV mistranslation as well. Here's another example:
Matthew 6:13 (NRSV) Matthew 6:13 (KJV) 3 Nephi 13:13
And do not bring us to the time of trial, but rescue us from the evil one. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: for thine is the kingdom, and the power, and glory, for ever. Amen. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.
Here again, the Book of Mormon preserves later additions to the Sermon on the Mount.


This one will probably ruffle a few feathers, but Charle's Darwin's On the Origin of Species was published in 1859. The Book of Mormon clearly teaches that there was no death before the fall, and that humankind was put on earth at the creation of Adam. Darwin's theory so massively disrupted this popular notion that it still invites scorn from fundamentalists today. Chances are, a straw poll of your local ward would come back against his favor. While liberal Mormons, particularly those that haunt reddit, generally accept evolution, it should not be controversial to point out that modern models of Mormonism that incorporate evolution are radical compared to how it was interpreted in 1830. The Book of Mormon teaches a creationist model of human kind's beginning, and makes it inextricable from the atonement of Christ. The fact that I am going to get angry rebuttals to this only draws attention to how overwhelming the support for evolution has become since 1859, and how imperative it is that the Book of Mormon be reinterpreted to account for it.


Credit goes to frogontrombone for this one. He provides this source to show that "In Joseph's time, it was assumed that all native languages were derived from a common tongue (source, see pg 96, using search terms "single, one-language migration"). Since then, it has been shown that there are many diverse language groups among natives."
I would add to this that modern linguistic research is forming a consensus that there some Siberian and Native American languages are still related. Likewise, the Book of Mormon posits a Hebrew origin for Native American languages, which was plausible back then, when Indian languages hadn't been subjected to much study by linguists. This is no longer plausible.
Edit: adding this section per conversation in the comments


A user wanted to know my criteria for choosing how one overturns an anachronism. This is fair. Copying/adapting my comments

What standard should we use to decide what an anachronism is?

If a solution has to be offered to explain an anachronism, then it's an anachronism. This thread isn't about evaluating specific solutions to anachronisms, it's just about counting them. So if we feel the need to explain away something, that's a pretty good indication it's an anachronism. As an example, in the case of steel swords, solutions proffered include loan-shifting (they describe a different metal) or that the Nephites didn't create enough of them to survive the archaeological record. We could argue about the strength of these explanations, but it's beside the point of this post. These are solutions to an anachronisms, rather than the idea that pre-columbian steel is an anachronism itself is being overturned. The Book of Mormon says the Jaredites and Nephites were rich in steel production, and if we surveyed archaeologists, they would come back 100% in favor of the statement, "steel manufacturing in pre-columbian America is anachronistic." So it goes on the list. This is to say nothing about the validity of the solutions to the steel problem. The claim Bennett et al are making is specifically about a list of anachronisms that was defined by critics of the Book of Mormon.

To what authority should we appeal to conclude what the evidence indicates? How do we decide an anachronism is "no longer" an anachronism?

We have to use a scholarly consensus, and here's why: the claim by Bennett et al that the list is shrinking is a direct answer to a claim made by critics. So the critics said, "look at all these anachronisms in the Book of Mormon" and Bennett et al are saying "Yeah, but your list is shrinking!" Since the list of anachronisms we're considering was created by scholarly consensus, they can only be removed from the list by scholarly consensus, otherwise the statement by Bennett isn't true, it's sleight of hand. The list of anachronisms we're considering wasn't created by plucking fringe theories that go against the consensus, they plucked them from the consensus. Thus, it only seems fair that a fringe theory cannot exonerate them.


Honestly, I could come up with several more examples of post-1830 anachronisms. If anyone else has any examples of post 1840's anachronisms or vindications for Joseph Smith, I'd be happy to add them to the list, assuming they pass basic scrutiny. I'm willing to be generous on this too. I just can't think of a single anachronism that Joseph has been vindicated on, while the list of anachronisms that have been discovered since 1830 are abundant, and some of them are absolutely devastating to core Book of Mormon claims.
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2019.01.30 10:59 Trenticus7 Top 100 most streamed monthly rappers (Spotify), January:

As of 29th January:

  1. Post Malone 50.464m =
  2. Swae Lee 43.637m +1
  3. Drake 43.403m -1
  4. XXXTENTACION 37.500m =
  5. Nicki Minaj 33.594m =
  6. Eminem 30.689m +1
  7. Travis Scott 30.465m +1
  8. Cardi B 28.751m +1
  9. Kanye West 28.638m +1
  10. Lil Pump 27.567m +2
  11. Kodak Black 27.127m =
  12. 6ix9ine 26.637m -6
  13. Kendrick Lamar 26.447m =
  14. Future 25.979m +1
  15. Juice WRLD 23.218m -1
  16. Ty Dolla $ign 22.844m +6
  17. Tyga 22.425m +2
  18. 21 Savage 22.120mm +2
  19. Lil Wayne 21.973m -3
  20. Meek Mill 21.925m -3
  21. A Boogie Wit da Hoodie 20.686m +14
  22. French Montana 20.627m -4
  23. Wiz Khalifa 19.331m -2
  24. Gucci Mane 18.811m -1
  25. Migos 18.729m -1
  26. G-Eazy 17.033m +1
  27. DJ Khaled 17.015m -2
  28. J. Cole 16.899m +9
  29. Lil Baby 16.818m -1
  30. Quavo 16.760m -4
  31. Logic 15.757m +10
  32. Metro Boomin 15.658m -2
  33. A$AP Rocky 15.299m -4
  34. Gunna 14.677m -1
  35. Sheck Wes 14.596m -3
  36. Snoop Dogg 14.169m -5
  37. Lil Uzi Vert 13.688m -3
  38. Rich The Kid 13.328m +4
  39. Offset 13.271m -3
  40. Childish Gambino 12.829m -1
  41. Rae Sremmurd 12.542m -3
  42. Trippie Redd 12.058m -2
  43. 50 Cent 11.883m +4
  44. Big Sean 11.679m +1
  45. Tory Lanez 11.604m +3
  46. Flipp Dinero 11.536m +6
  47. 6LACK 11.519m +2
  48. 2 Chainz 11.518m -4
  49. Lil Yachty 11.402m -6
  50. Young Thug 10.769m =
  51. Russ 10.534m NEW
  52. The Notorious B.I.G 10.295m +1
  53. Lil Peep 10.151m -7
  54. Amine 10.121m =
  55. YG 10.119m -4
  56. 2Pac 10.031m -1
  57. OutKast 9.860m +2
  58. BlocBoy JB 9.747m -2
  59. Ski Mask The Slump God 9.684m +4
  60. NF 9.389m -2
  61. KYLE 9.237m -4
  62. A$AP Ferg 9.106m -1
  63. Dr. Dre 9.006m -1
  64. Mac Miller 8.986m -4
  65. Stefflon Don 8.855m NEW
  66. Fetty Wap 8.413m -2
  67. Lil Skies 7.841m -1
  68. Mike WiLL Made-It 7.671m +1
  69. Roddy Ricch 7.573m NEW
  70. T.I 7.520m +3
  71. Lil Dicky 7.384m =
  72. Chance the Rapper 7.253m -7
  73. Famous Dex 7.250m -6
  74. JAY Z 7.224m -2
  75. NAV 7.213m -5
  76. Jaden Smith 6.993m -2
  77. B.o.B 6.968m -2
  78. Slim Jxmmi 6.943m -10
  79. Bryson Tiller 6.748m -1
  80. Kid Cudi 6.622m +2
  81. Machine Gun Kelly 6.500m -4
  82. NBA YoungBoy 6.314m +9
  83. Lil Xan 6.301m +3
  84. Jay Rock 6.290m -8
  85. Lil Mosey 6.280m -1
  86. ScHoolboy Q 6.223m -5
  87. Desiigner 6.182m -4
  88. Yo Gotti 6.170m +4
  89. Busta Rhymes 5.953m =
  90. Vince Staples 5.939m -2
  91. Rick Ross 5.878m -4
  92. Playboi Carti 5.836m -7
  93. The Game 5.805m -3
  94. Kid Ink 5.797m +3
  95. Tyler, The Creator 5.642m -15
  96. Anderson .Paak 5.637m -17
  97. Juicy J 5.546m +1
  98. Iggy Azalea 5.545m -2
  99. Wale 5.445m -4
  100. Ice Cube 5.318m -6

Biggest Gainer: A Boogie Wit da Hoodie

Biggest Decrease: Anderson .Paak

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2018.10.12 19:40 njfreddie Captain Q, USMC


The premier episode of Star Trek TNG: Encounter at Farpoint introduced Q. He became an iconic and beloved foil for Captain Picard and fan-favorite, crossing over to DS9 and VOY. What is not discussed often is his appearance in that introductory episode as the Marine captain. Much can be said from the few seconds he wore that persona. He was set up as an antagonist to Picard and humanity, but there were small elements of that uniform that have not been elaborated upon. He may have appeared as an American Marine captain, but he was, in fact, wearing ribbons of valor and giving a glimpse of his military career in the Q Continuum to Captain Picard.

The Scene

Q *dressed as an Elizabeth captain: Captain, thy little centuries go by so rapidly. Perhaps thou will better understand this. *Q A flash of light and he is wearing a 20th century US military uniform, with a cigarette in his hand: Actually, the issue at stake is patriotism. You must return to your world and put an end to the commies. All it takes is a few good men. **PICARD: What? That nonsense is centuries behind us. Q: But you can't deny that you're still a dangerous, savage child race. PICARD: Most certainly I deny it. I agree we still were when humans wore costumes like that, four hundred years ago. Q: At which time you slaughtered millions in silly arguments about how to divide the resources of your little world. And four hundred years before that you were murdering each other in quarrels over tribal god-images. Since there are no indications that humans will ever change. PICARD: But even when we wore costumes like that we'd already started to make rapid progress. Q: Oh yeah? You want to review your rapid progress? Flash, and a change into a padded suit Rapid progress, to where humans learned to control their military with drugs.
The scene; Jump to 1:23



The dialogue reflects the anti-Communist sentiments of the post-World War II era when patriotism was a key notion in the American conscience.
Commie is a pejorative for communist used during the Cold War Era (marked roughly by the American doctrine to limit Soviet expansionism (circa 1947) to the fall of the Eastern Bloc (1989 - 1991) which, obviously happened after the episode aired.
A Few Good Men is a phrase that actually dates to 1799 and was being used by the Marine Corps at the time of the original airdate (1987) in television commercials. It was not used as a recruitment slogan until the 1970s.
Picard's use of the phrase "centuries behind us" is in keeping with Data's line later in the first season in TNG: The Neutral Zone when he tells the cryogenic survivors it is the year 2364; i.e., circa 1964.
Q goes on to mention that 400 years earlier humanity was "murdering each other in quarrels over tribal god-images." The 1500s were marked by the Ottoman Empire Expansion in the Mediterranean, North Africa and India, the Protestant Reformation and its associate assassinations, massacres and The Eighty Years' War, the rise of the Shinto Emperor of Japan above the shogunates and his desire to conquer (primarily Buddhist) Korea and China, and European colonization and proselytization in the Americas and Japan.
The "rapid progress" that Picard mentions would be the hallmarks of the latter half of the 20th Century: anti-war movements of the 1960s and 70s, environmentalism and overpopulation awareness, expansions of democracy and human rights, the ends of imperialism and colonial control, the fall of dictatorships, increased scientific knowledge and its popularization.


Q is ranked as captain by the shoulder pips and the pins on the lapels and garrison cap; he is missing the captain's insignia on the lapels of his khaki shirt. Symbolically and out of universe, Q is meeting Picard as an equal, captain to captain.
Starfleet has been analogized to the Navy on many occasions; the bosun's whistle (TOS: Savage Curtain, ST: TWOK, ST: UC, TNG: Where No One Has Gone Before, Hide and Q, Lower Decks, All Good Things, DS9: 'Til Death Do Us Part, VOY: Alliances, Coda, One Small Step), touring the ship before battle (TNG: Best of Both Worlds, Part 1), dialogue such as, "Captain/Admiral on deck! (ST: Insurrection, DS9: Behind the Lines)" Worf's promotion scene (ST: Generations), Worf and Odo's "keelhauling" dialogue (DS9: Rapture, see Sources below) and O'Brien and his former captain from the Rutledge singing an Irish naval ditty "The Minstrel Boy (TNG: The Wounded)", navy protocols regarding salvage claims (DS9: The Ship) and the person in charge of the vessel being addressed as "Captain (DS9: Behind the Lines)," etc.
A Marine Corps Captain is O-3 pay-grade. A Naval Captain is O-6 pay-grade and, thus, higher ranked than a Marine Captain. If Picard and Q were held to current military rank equivalence, then Q's captaincy makes him equal to an O-3 Lieutenant in the Navy, three grades subordinate to Captain Jean-Luc Picard. One cannot expect Picard to know the subtleties of 20th Century rank equivalence among the branches of the US military--indeed he inquires at his second encounter with Q, "What is this need of yours for costumes, Q? Have you no identity of your own? (TNG: Hide and Q)", and even if he did know (through studying his family history), it would not be worth the bother to mention to an omniscient-like being who threatens his ship, crew and the existence of humanity itself.
Technically, Captain Picard outranks Captain Q in this scene.


Q is wearing the Alpha Service Uniform, mostly worn by Marines when reporting in, or at a formal event that is not so formal as to justify dress blues. It is the civil equivalent of a business suit and is the prescribed attire for a court martial or court appearance. Q's choice of uniform is the perfect tone for the "Trial of Humanity" and a "dressing-down", as it were, of fellow officer Captain Picard as the chosen representative of humanity.
Captain Q should NOT be wearing the cap indoors; it is against protocol as well. A cap is only allowed to be worn indoors when under arms. One could argue that an omni-powerful Q is never weaponless and the garrison cap demonstrates that intimidation:
Q: Knowing humans as thou dost, Captain, wouldst thou be captured helpless by them? Now, go back or thou shalt most certainly die. [Scene Break] Picard: Captain's log, supplementary. The frozen form of Lieutenant Torres has been rushed to sickbay. The question now is the incredible power of the Q being. Do we dare oppose it?
Additionally, that uniform is a mid-1980s style and was a subtle commentary on American international policy, deriving from the image of the Iran-Contra Scandal of the same year (1987) in which Lt. Col. Oliver North, USMC, took partial responsibility for selling arms to Iran and funneling the funds to the Contras (Nicaraguan anti-communist rebels); his uniformed presence before a congressional committee filled the television news cycle that summer (he was convicted of three felonies in 1989 which were later vacated (1991)). Incidentally, making Q a Marine Colonel would have highlighted the connection to Lt. Col. Oliver North.


On Captain Q's left breast are twelve ribbons and three badges. Each has a meaning, telling Captain Q's presumed history with the US Marine Corps.
--- Left Middle Right
Top Row Silver Star Medal Legion of Merit Navy and Marine Corps Medal
Second Row Bronze Star Medal Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters Joint Service Commendation Medal
Third Row Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal Purple Heart with two stars
Bottom Row Good Conduct Medal with three stars Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon Asia Pacific Medal with four stars
Medals Pistol Sharpshooter Rifle Expert Bayonet Expert

Display Order

The US military has designated a specific order in which the ribbons are to be worn and displayed; on Q's uniform, they are not correct, which means this set of ribbons is unlikely to have been taken from an image of a living (i.e., real world) Marine's uniform. The costumers, however, were very close to correct. The Purple Heart should move from Ninth to Fifth Position and the Good Conduct and Navy Unit Commendation Medals should be switched.
No Marine was found having earned all three of the top row ribbons; it would have been interesting to find a real life Marine from whom Q's uniform was copied. Given the error in decoration order and the lack of any single person having earned the Silver Star, Legion of Merit, and Navy and Marine Corps Medals, the costume design for Captain Q, USMC was not modelled from any real world person or photograph, yet was overseen by someone with some familiarity of ribbon protocol.
The proper sequence for wearing these ribbons is:
--- Left Middle Right
Top Row Silver Star Medal Legion of Merit Navy and Marine Corps Medal
Second Row Bronze Star Medal Purple Heart Air Medal
Third Row Joint Service Commendation Medal Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal
Bottom Row Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon Good Conduct Medal Asia Pacific Medal
The American Department of Defense and various veterans' organizations strongly request and urge that any depictions of fictional or historical military personnel be accurate and follow prescribed uniform dress regulations, but there are no methods in place for enforcing such requests. There are experts available for consultation as well.
It is possible the production staff chose to not be 100% correct to emphasize the socio-political statement (see Iran-Contra Scandal, above), but this might be the typical inadvertence of production staff regarding such minutiae that were not meant for detailed scrutiny.
Of course this can be hand-waved as: the STU US Department of Defense does not have the same protocol for ribbon display as the real world US Armed Forces.


Ribbons represent medals of valor earned by a soldier and/or his unit. Criteria are established by their issuing authority for the design and deed for which the medal was awarded.
Silver Star Medal: Navy and Marine Corps naval aviators and flight officers flying fighter aircraft, are eligible to receive the Silver Star upon becoming an ace (i.e., having five or more confirmed aerial kills) (See Asia Pacific Medal with four stars), which entails the pilot and, in multi-seat fighters, the weapons system officer or radar intercept officer, intentionally and successfully risking his life multiple times under combat conditions and emerging victorious
As an officer, he was most likely to be a pilot while other flight crew (if any, depending on the aircraft) would be enlisted personnel. He should be wearing gold wings (badge) above the ribbons
Legion of Merit: Awarded for exceptional service, but NOT during war. Established by an act of Congress (Public Law 671—77th Congress, Chapter 508, 2d Session) on July 20, 1942, it required approval by the President of the Unites States until such provisions were revised March 15, 1955 (Executive Order 10600). After World War II it was typically only awarded to Lieutenant Commander and above (Marine Corps only). The "pip" on the ribbon indicates Q was a commissioned officer at the time the medal was earned; Second or First Lieutenant or Captain
Navy and Marine Corps Medal: Awarded for a life-threatening act of heroism in a non-combat situation
Bronze Star Medal: Established by Executive Order 9419, may be awarded to any person who, while serving in any capacity in or with the Armed Forces or Coast Guard of the United States, after 6 December 1941, has distinguished, herself or himself by heroic or meritorious achievement or service, not involving participation in aerial flight
Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters: Created in 1942 and awarded retroactively until September 8, 1939 for single acts of heroism or meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight; the three clusters indicate 4 awards to Captain Q, one for each naval vessel or three aircraft confirmed destroyed, or 25 flights in which enemy fire was expected, or 100 flights in which enemy fire was NOT expected
The Silver Star, above, is awarded for five or more confirmed aerial kills. The Air Medal with three clusters opens the count to as many as 14 aerial kills
Oak leaf clusters were initially used to denote subsequent awards of the Air Medal. The number of additional awards were so great that the oak leaf clusters did not fit on the ribbon. As a result, the policy was changed in September 1968 to require the use of numbers to indicate subsequent awards of the Air Medal
On the Air Medal, in the interval between November 22, 1989 and September 27, 2006, stars were again used to denote multiple awards. Before and after these dates, gold numeral devices were used to denote the number of Individual Air Medals, Bronze Strike/Flight numerals denote the total number of Strike/Flight awards, and the Combat "V" may be authorized (effective April 5, 1974) if earned in combat
Captain Q is wearing the Air Medal with three oak leaf clusters; so his image is taken from no later than September 1968
Joint Service Commendation Medal: Awarded in the name of the Secretary of Defense to members of the Armed Forces of the United States who, after 1 January 1963, distinguished themselves by meritorious achievement or service in a joint duty capacity
Captain Q of the USMC was attached to a unit from another branch of the Armed Forces, possibly the Army or Air Force, and was jointly serving two branches simultaneously and with distinction
Memory Alpha, s.v., Awards of the American Military misidentified the Joint Service Commendation Medal as an International Military Award, but close inspection shows this is incorrect; the second row-right ribbon is:
Bluebird stripe, White stripe, Myrtle Green stripe, White stripe, Myrtle Green stripe, White stripe, Myrtle Green stripe, White stripe, Bluebird stripe
This matches the Joint Service Commendation Medal, not the International Medal (aka United Nations Medal) which is 9 Bluebird and 8 White stripes alternating. This error has no effect on the fact that the ribbons are in the incorrect order; the Purple Heart should still have been in the second row-middle position and the Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon and Good Conduct Medal switched
Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal: Established in November 1943 as the Navy Commendation Medal (renamed the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal in 1994), outside of instances of combat action, it has typically been reserved for Department Head level officers (Pay-grade O-4), senior Navy Chief Petty Officers (CPO) and Marine Corps Staff Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCO) as an "end of tour" award
Captain Q, pay-grade O-3, likely earned this ribbon in combat or as a reward at the end of his tour of duty
Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal: Established in 1961 as a means to recognize the contributions of junior officers and enlisted personnel who were not eligible to receive the higher Commendation Medal or the Meritorious Service Medal
Purple Heart with two stars: Awarded to service members wounded or killed in action. Between December 7, 1941 – September 22, 1943), the Purple Heart was awarded both for meritorious performance of duty (replaced by the Legion of Merit). Q was wounded in combat three times (or wounded twice and killed once as he may be posthumously wearing the second star)
Good Conduct Medal with three stars: The current Good Conduct Medal is issued to every active duty enlisted sailor and Marine who completes three years of honorable and faithful service since 1 January 1996. A four-year requirement applies for the award from its original establishment until then
Q served 16 to less than 20 years. Given that the Joint Service Commendation Medal was never issued before 1963, and the Asia Pacific Medal was issued only for service in the Asia Pacific Theater of World War II (1941-1945), his service ran from--at minimum--terminus ante quem 1945 to terminus post quem 1963. 18 years. So his service must have been within the years 1943 to 1965
If he met the minimum age requirement of 17 (i.e., did not lie about his age), then Captain Q was born no later than 1928. If he re-enlisted after age 35, he would have requires a waiver
Based on his biography, actor John de Lancie (born March 20, 1948) was 39½ years old at the time he originated Q (Episode Airdate September 28, 1987), extrapolating to the year 1967 for his Marine persona's appearance. This then supposes an enrollment year of 1947--at least 2 years too late to earn the Asia Pacific Medal, the actor's biographical age belies only an approximation
Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon: Established by the Secretary of the Navy on 1944-Dec-18 to be awarded to any Navy or Marine Corps unit that has distinguished itself by outstanding heroism in action against the enemy, but not sufficient to justify the award of the Presidential Unit Citation. A unit must have performed service of a character comparable to that which would merit the award of a Silver Star Medal for heroism, or a Legion of Merit for non-combat meritorious service to an individual
Asia Pacific Medal with four stars: First awarded December 7, 1941 and last awarded March 2, 1946 for campaigns in the Pacific Theater (a list of those Marine Corps campaigns is available); he was a pilot in five of these campaigns between 1943 and 1945
Q served in five Pacific campaigns of World War II

Marksmanship Badges

These badges represent the result of annual testing and assessment of military personnel with weaponry.
Pistol Sharpshooter: Annual qualification with the service pistol, the scores range from 345–400 for expert, 305–344 for sharpshooter, and 245–304 for marksman
Rifle Expert: Annual qualification with the service rifle, scores range from 305–350 for expert, 280–304 for sharpshooter, and 250–279 for marksman
Bayonet Expert: Discontinued in 1968 and available in the skill level of Expert only
Marines in Captain Q's era would have been trained on the Colt Model 1911 pistol which held seven rounds of .45 ACP in its single-stack magazine. The rifle would have been either the bolt-action Springfield M1903 which saw use through World War II or the semi-auto M1 Garand which officially began use in 1937; the M1 was an auto gas-operated semi-automatic.
“Every Marine is, first and foremost, a rifleman. All other conditions are secondary.” Gen. Alfred M. Gray, 29th Commandant of the Marine Corps
A rifle has been ubiquitously in a Marine's hands since the Corps formed in Philadelphia 1775 and annual training is required. Marine Corps training begins with two weeks of boot camp dedicated to rifle marksmanship and maintenance.
Although the bayonet marksmanship badge has been abandoned, a Martial Arts program still trains the Marines with the use of the bayonet, just in case the gun jams or all ammunition has been dispensed in close combat situations.

Marshal of France

The other grand military uniform Q wore was that of a Marshal of France, identified by Data as "from Europe's Napoleonic era, sir. Late eighteenth, early nineteenth centuries (TNG Hide and Q)." The scene continues:
DATA: ...This is a campaign headquarters tent, his uniform is that of a French Army marshal. RIKER: And a marshal outranks even an Admiral. Q: Well, do you think I would go from a Starfleet Admiral to anything else? RIKER: Of course you wouldn't. But Napoleonic equipment on an alien planet. One so different it has twin moons? Q: Well, as you said, I'm nothing if not imaginative. And the game should reflect that.
The Real World Napoleonic Era was defined as the period between Napoleon I's coup d'état to his defeat at Waterloo (1799 to 1815) and Marshal of France was not a rank, but an award for generals (equal in rank to an admiral) with exceptional achievements. Napoleon used the title Marshal of the Empire during his reign and marked his Marshals with seven eagles on the shoulder straps and batons of the position. There was no uniform for the rank of general or Marshal, either, each leader dressing to suit his own style and demeanor. The image Q chose appears to be influenced by Jacques MacDonald, red shirt, both lacking the eagles on the shoulder straps.
Clearly this challenge was defined as a game (**Q: Games? Did someone say games? And perchance for interest's sake, a deadly game? To the game. and **Q: Join me, Riker. A good game needs rules and planning. Wasn't it your own Hartley who said, nothing reveals humanity so well as the games it plays? Almost right. Actually, you reveal yourselves best in how you play). The "viscous animal things" wore British 18th Century soldier uniforms and their guns appeared to be contemporary muskets but fired energy bolts, certainly a fantastical and "imaginative" situation. This entire scenario lacks any Real World relevance and historicity. Other than saying that a Marshal outranks an Admiral in the STU, it would be a fruitless to try to derive much meaning from this persona. It was an entirely fictional scenario.


On the surface the three marksmanship medals represent tested skill with three personal types of weapons. However, it is known the Q translate their Continuum into "mortal terms" for humanity (VOY: Death Wish, The Q and the Grey). A long, barren road stretching to desert horizons as an analogue of the unchanging Q Continuum and the American Civil War as a visualization of the Q Civil War--these are symbols and manifestations for humans' puny minds to comprehend and visualize the existence of the Q.
One can then see that Captain Q's marksmanship badges show the precision, skill and variety with which he can direct his will against a threat. He is not just judge, jury and prosecution, he is also the executioner. He can be precise and broad like a rifle shot, accurate and quick like a pistol round, and one-on-one like the jab and parry of a bayonet.
This explanation is supported by the earlier awareness developed from Captain Q wearing his cover (cap) on the bridge (see under "Uniform" above)--his persona is wearing his hat indoors while NOT brandishing a rifle which violates the dress code of the US Armed Forces. Since a Q is always armed, not by gun or bayonet, but by the power of his will and thought, he is never weaponless and wearing his cover (cap) on the bridge is within regulation. A Q in the Armed Forces is perfectly within the dress code protocols to always wear his garrison cap.
By analogy with the marksmanship badges, one can therefore presume the twelve merit ribbons must also represent Q's conflicts against mortals and other beings. If, for instance, the Asia Pacific Medal with four stars marks an American Marine officer as a pilot of five campaigns in the Asia Pacific Theater of World War II, then Captain Q was also a "pilot" in five campaigns in the Asian Pacific equivalent of the Q Continuum. Q's appearance as a Marine captain hints at a history of war and campaigns between the Q Continuum and an unnamed entity for which the appropriate event in human comprehension is the wide-open, salt-scented air of the South Pacific during World War II. Since the Department of Defense dress code regulations extend to human hat-wearing and Q weaponry, it is not unreasonable to extend other military regulations to additional aspects of his appearance such as his ribbons and badges.
The Navy and Marine Corps Medal was awarded to Captain Q for a selfless act at the risk of his own life in a non-combat situation. This would not be contradicted by Mortal Q being challenged to perform a selfless act by the Q Continuum (TNG; Déjà Q). As a Q officer in service to the Q armed forces, he only had to be selfless when it came to a fellow Q in order to earn that Bronze Star; he can still be indifferent to and even demeaning to lesser creatures. His judgement and restored power by the Q was based on his ability to be selfless and empathetic to the mortal beings of the NCC-1707 and Bre'el IV.
Q chose a Marine Corps veteran of the Pacific Theater of World War II as his "mortal term" for human comprehension. One can therefore expect and tentatively predict an imperial foe blitzing the Continuum, valiant dogfights over the waters of an archipelago, blockades, kamikaze, bloody battles to claim island beaches and the Q equivalents of Pearl Harbor, Iwo Jima and Hiroshima. Perhaps it was even a war on two fronts: Q-European and Q-Asian Pacific.
So little detail is known about Q's past, it would be difficult to write with any certainty on the specifics of entanglements. His contentions with Guinan (TNG: Q Who?, "We've had some dealings" and "Not all the Q are alike. Some are almost respectable") and the gaseous Calamarain (TNG: Déjà Q, "If you think I tormented you in the past, my little friends, wait until you see what I do with you now") were personal and the rest of the Continuum does not appear to be involved.
Although his "time of service" would have included the "Korean War (1950-1954)," nothing in his awards specifically refers to that conflict. Perhaps he was "stateside," or it is more likely there was no "Korea," that this is taking the analogy too far; not every event in the Q Continuum will be paralleled to the history of American warfare. This would explain the 1960s era medals--there meaning is what is relevant--while lacking Korean War medals.
It is difficult to ascertain the boundaries and limits of the visual analogy; the imagination can run wild, but nevertheless Captain Q, USMC would have been a Q version of an American pilot with multiple campaigns, defending Q Freedom and the Continuum Way.


Lieutenant Donald W. Zautcke and Sergeant Joseph Anthony Naradzay were Real-World Marines who each appeared with a single line of dialogue and on-screen credits in Star Trek: The Voyage Home in the scenes before and after Chekov's capture and escape aboard the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier.
Lt. Zautcke became Lieutenant Colonel and Commanding Officer of Wing Support Squadron 373 in Iraq ( He died in Wisconsin in 2017 (
Sgt. Naradzay was formerly a dog handler in the Marine Corps, training PFC Chesty VI, mascot for the Marine Band and Drum and Bugle Corps in Washington, DC (Oman, Anne H., "No Floats, But a Very Snappy Parade," Washington Post, 1979-Jun-19.
USS Enterprise was the setting of scenes in Star Trek: The Voyage Home, having previously been a setting in the 1968 movie Yours, Mine and Ours and the 1986 movie Top Gun. The ship was unavailable for filming, so scenes depicting Enterprise were filmed aboard USS Ranger. Enterprise, the first nuclear-powered vessel in the American fleet, was also the inspiration for naming the NCC-1701 (\(CVN-65\)) and (\(CV-61\)).


Captain Q, USMC:
  1. Was born no later than 1928, unless he lied about his age
  2. Served 16 to less than 20 years, no earlier than 1943 to no later than 1965
  3. Destroyed at least 5 (up to 14) enemy aircraft during five Pacific campaigns
  4. Was attached to and served jointly with another branch of the Armed Forces sometime between 1963 and 1965
  5. Performed a selfless heroic act at the risk of his own life not during combat
  6. Was likely a pilot despite not wearing wings (Aviator's badge) above the ribbons
  7. Is three grades lower rank than Captain Picard
  8. Is wearing ribbons on his breast out of Real World order
  9. Is missing his captain's pins on the lapels of his khaki shirt
  10. Is wearing a 1980s service uniform with the medals and ribbons dating no later than 1968
These Ten Points derived from the uniform and awards representing Captain Q's military achievements in World War II imagery summarize his engagements against enemies and threats to the Q Continuum.


1500s Timeline: 1900's Timeline: Actors in Military Uniform: Age Requirements: ----------: Air Medal: American Doctrine to Limit Soviet Expansionism: ----------: Asia Pacific Medal:–Pacific_Campaign_Medal Aviators and Flight Officers: Award Recipients Advanced Search: Bosun's (Boatswain's) Whistle: Calamarain: Chief Medial Officer u/dxdydxdy's Transcript Search: Defense Imagery Management Operations Center: De Lancie, John: Dogfight: DS9: Rapture Transcript:
WORF: Those quarters are not appropriate for Admiral Colti. She outranks Admiral Veta. ODO: Well then we'll put her in H two, Veta in D nine, and Rifkin in K four. WORF: That will not do. Rifkin commands a starship. Protocol requires he be given equal quarters. ODO: But he's only a captain. WORF: It is naval tradition. ODO: So is keelhauling, but right now we should focus on accommodations.
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Rank Equivalence: Ribbon Order: Schogol, Jeff, "Why Can't Hollywood Get Military Uniforms Right?"" Stars and Stripes, 2011-Nov-03: Star Trek: The Voyage Home Transcript:
[U.S.S. Enterprise aircraft carrier reactor room] CHEKOV: Scotty! ...Now would be a good time. **MARINE LIEUTENANT: Freeze! [Bird-of-Prey transporter room] SCOTT: Chekov! ...I've lost him.
  • Then later:
CHEKOV: Don't move! FBI AGENT: Okay. ...Make nice. Give us the ray gun. CHEKOV: I varn you. If you don't lie on the floor, I vill have to stun you. FBI AGENT: Go ahead. Stun me. CHEKOV: I'm wery sorry. ...It must be the radiation. Chekov throws the useless phaser to the agent and heads off into the ship. VOICES: Gangway! ...Hit the deck! Chekov goes over the side of the ship and lies comatose. [Alameda quayside] **MARINE SERGEANT: Man down! Get a corpsman over here.
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Edit: Inserted break between list of "Q As Oliver North Commentary" Sources and "Rank Equivalence" Source
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2018.07.16 06:15 Royalewitcheese420 [click](

So, I made this forum post to share what weapons TO NOT DISMANTLE. Just a good way for everyone to be informed and share what weapons they have found that are good. After my original post, please feel free to share your own findings, thanks.
This list is also good if you find yourself with a constantly full vault. This way you can just keep one of each of the good ones.
*Note: No exotics listed can retrieve from collection.
UPDATE! (6/23)The List was organized by season and was shortened to show the current meta!
I will be updating the list to be more user friendly and help differentiate the weapons between PVE and PVP
Auto Rifle
•Orgin’s Story (Strikes)S1 ⚔️🔫
•Ghost Primus (Leviathan)S1⚔️
•Scathelock (Devrim Kay/Random)S1
•Forward Path (Iron Banner)S1
•Orimunds Anvil (Iron Banner)S2⚔️
•Duty Bound (Savathuns Song)S2🔫
•Foregone Conclusion (Random)S3⚔️🔫
•BrayTech WinterWolf (Sleeper Node)S3⚔️🔫
•Uriel’s Gift (Nessus/Random)S1🔫
•Positive Outlook(Campaign/Strikes)S2⚔️🔫
•Null Calamity (Mercury)S2🔫
•Kibou AR3 (Anna Bray)S3⚔️🔫
Scout Rifle
•Nameless Midnight (Vanguard)S1⚔️🔫
•Purpose (Trials)S1
•Garden Progeny 1 (Mars)S2
•Telemachus C (Anna Bray) S3
•Niflheim Frost (Sleeper Node)S3
•Manannan SR4 (Gunsmith)S1⚔️🔫
•Pleiades Corrector (FWC)S1
•Frostmires Hex (Iron Banner)S2
•BrayTech RWP MK II (Nascent Dawn)S3
•Vacuna SR4 (Anna Bray)S3⚔️🔫
Pulse Rifle
•Time Worn Spire (Iron Banner) S1
•Relentless (Trials) S1
•Lincoln Green (Devrim Kay/Random)S1
•Redrix’s Claymore (Fabled Glory Rank)S3
•Battle Scar (Random)S3⚔️
•Inaugural Address (Leviathan)S1⚔️
•Infinite Paths 8 (Mercury)S2
•Darkest Before (Trials)S2⚔️
•Requiem 45 (Anna Bray)S3
•Agrona PR4 (Anna Bray)S3
Hand Cannon
•Better Devils (Crucible)S1⚔️🔫
•Midnight Coup (Leviathan)S1⚔️🔫
•Dire Promise (Dead Orbit)S1⚔️
•D.F.A. (Tree of Probabilities)S2⚔️🔫
•Agamid (DO)S3
•Jack Queen King (Mercury)S2
•Nature of the Beast (Crucible)S2
•Ikelos HC (Data Recovery Quest)S3⚔️
•Antiope D (Gunsmith)S1⚔️
•Adjudicator (Trials)S1⚔️
•Motion to Suppress (Trials)S3⚔️
•The Hero’s Burden (Iron Banner)S1⚔️
•Ikelos SMG (EP Level 7)S3⚔️
•Vertical Orbit QSm (Crucible)S1⚔️
•Last of the Legion (SOS)S3⚔️
•Last Hope (Failsafe/Random)S1⚔️
•Travelers Judgement 5 (Mercury)S2⚔️
Rocket Launcher
•Sins of the Past (Leviathan)S1⚔️🔫
•Curtain Call (Vanguard)S1⚔️🔫
•BrayTech Osprey (Strange Terrain)S3⚔️🔫
•Hawthorne’s Field Forged (Devrim Kay/Random)S1⚔️🔫
•Baligant (Asher Mir)S1⚔️
•Perfect Paradox (Mercury)S2⚔️🔫
•Zenith of Your Kind (EOW)S2⚔️🔫
•Ikelos SG (EP Level 7)S3⚔️🔫
•Maxim XI (New Monarchy)S1⚔️
•Alone as a God (Leviathan)S1
•The Frigid Jackal (Sleeper Node)S3
•Ikelos SR (EP Level 7)S3
Fusion Rifle
•Tarantula (Asher MiRandom)S1🔫
•Main Ingredient (Crucible)S1⚔️
Grenade Launcher
•Play of the Game (Crucible)S1⚔️
•Quickfang (Gunsmith)S1
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2018.06.16 20:22 Royalewitcheese420 Best Legendary Weapons in Destiny 2 (Warmind Update)

So, I made this forum post to share what weapons TO NOT DISMANTLE. Just a good way for everyone to be informed and share what weapons they have found that are good. After my original post, please feel free to share your own findings, thanks.
This list is also good if you find yourself with a constantly full vault. This way you can just keep one of each of the good ones.
*Note: No exotics listed can retrieve from collection.
UPDATE! (6/23)The List was organized by season and was shortened to show the current meta!
I will be updating the list to be more user friendly and help differentiate the weapons between PVE and PVP
Auto Rifle
•Orgin’s Story (Strikes)S1 ⚔️🔫
•Ghost Primus (Leviathan)S1⚔️
•Scathelock (Devrim Kay/Random)S1
•Forward Path (Iron Banner)S1
•Orimunds Anvil (Iron Banner)S2⚔️
•Duty Bound (Savathuns Song)S2🔫
•Foregone Conclusion (Random)S3⚔️🔫
•BrayTech WinterWolf (Sleeper Node)S3⚔️🔫
•Uriel’s Gift (Nessus/Random)S1🔫
•Positive Outlook(Campaign/Strikes)S2⚔️🔫
•Null Calamity (Mercury)S2🔫
•Kibou AR3 (Anna Bray)S3⚔️🔫
Scout Rifle
•Nameless Midnight (Vanguard)S1⚔️🔫
•Purpose (Trials)S1
•Garden Progeny 1 (Mars)S2
•Telemachus C (Anna Bray) S3
•Niflheim Frost (Sleeper Node)S3
•Manannan SR4 (Gunsmith)S1⚔️🔫
•Pleiades Corrector (FWC)S1
•Frostmires Hex (Iron Banner)S2
•BrayTech RWP MK II (Nascent Dawn)S3
•Vacuna SR4 (Anna Bray)S3⚔️🔫
Pulse Rifle
•Time Worn Spire (Iron Banner) S1
•Relentless (Trials) S1
•Lincoln Green (Devrim Kay/Random)S1
•Redrix’s Claymore (Fabled Glory Rank)S3
•Battle Scar (Random)S3⚔️
•Inaugural Address (Leviathan)S1⚔️
•Infinite Paths 8 (Mercury)S2
•Darkest Before (Trials)S2⚔️
•Requiem 45 (Anna Bray)S3
•Agrona PR4 (Anna Bray)S3
Hand Cannon
•Better Devils (Crucible)S1⚔️🔫
•Midnight Coup (Leviathan)S1⚔️🔫
•Dire Promise (Dead Orbit)S1⚔️
•D.F.A. (Tree of Probabilities)S2⚔️🔫
•Agamid (DO)S3
•Jack Queen King (Mercury)S2
•Nature of the Beast (Crucible)S2
•Ikelos HC (Data Recovery Quest)S3⚔️
•Antiope D (Gunsmith)S1⚔️
•Adjudicator (Trials)S1⚔️
•Motion to Suppress (Trials)S3⚔️
•The Hero’s Burden (Iron Banner)S1⚔️
•Ikelos SMG (EP Level 7)S3⚔️
•Vertical Orbit QSm (Crucible)S1⚔️
•Last of the Legion (SOS)S3⚔️
•Last Hope (Failsafe/Random)S1⚔️
•Travelers Judgement 5 (Mercury)S2⚔️
Rocket Launcher
•Sins of the Past (Leviathan)S1⚔️🔫
•Curtain Call (Vanguard)S1⚔️🔫
•BrayTech Osprey (Strange Terrain)S3⚔️🔫
•Hawthorne’s Field Forged (Devrim Kay/Random)S1⚔️🔫
•Baligant (Asher Mir)S1⚔️
•Perfect Paradox (Mercury)S2⚔️🔫
•Zenith of Your Kind (EOW)S2⚔️🔫
•Ikelos SG (EP Level 7)S3⚔️🔫
•Maxim XI (New Monarchy)S1⚔️
•Alone as a God (Leviathan)S1
•The Frigid Jackal (Sleeper Node)S3
•Ikelos SR (EP Level 7)S3
Fusion Rifle
•Tarantula (Asher MiRandom)S1🔫
•Main Ingredient (Crucible)S1⚔️
Grenade Launcher
•Play of the Game (Crucible)S1⚔️
•Quickfang (Gunsmith)S1 whatwhatwhat
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2018.04.05 16:28 h4r13q1n [OC]Terra Command: Origins


TO: PR4 MAUSER. PAUL @ Xenological Division Alpha D23 HEADER: informational conflict acquisitions, “Kth’ar Dominon”- extract 35
The translator AI has finished processing the archives of what is their equivalent to a parliamentarian institution. And look what I found. Seems like at least one of these little critters wasn’t happy at all to go to war with us.
Maybe the boys from xenopolitical adjustments want to have a look at this guy. He seems like a promising new leader of the glorious Kth’ar Dominion with all the fear he has for us.
Read his speech in the pre-war-debates. I couldn’t stop laughing. And then I thought, if this guy could see me right now, reading his speech and laughing manically, he’d see his worst nightmares confirmed.
“Honored members of the Council!
‘War is the father of all things’
One of their great thinkers said this; and regarding his own species he surely was right. The first archaeological findings of tools made by this mischievous race are tools murder and malice; a historical fact that they freely share with the rest of sentient species.
Humanity’s history was always dominated by those with the most effective capacities of murder. It took them less than a sh’k between the discovery of nuclear fission and the humans using it against several of their own hives. After that, they established something they called “mutually assured destruction”; our language doesn’t have the terms to describe in short the insane principle behind this human concept. The surprised looks show me that most of you have no idea about the species that some of you intent to go to war with.
In early times of the human species, when lack of scientific means made the world inexplicable to them, they invented cruel idols and sacrificed helpless broodlings to please these idols. Those narratives were perpetuated over many hundreds of cycles, long into the time when humans had the capacity to answer questions by scientific means. The most favored of those narratives depicts how the humans kill their own god by torturing his incarnation to death.
That is the species we’re dealing with, a species that throughout its whole history was in constant war with itself, and that only got united to go to war with the Shraal. Those of you who so keenly cry for war with these abhorrent creatures should check their suar intake, because it might have to be lowered. it’s obviously affecting their cerebral stability.
We all have seen what a devastating humiliation the once great and honored Empire of the Shraal has suffered from Humanity as their widely feared armada of v’thum tried to put them in their place. We all have heard the song of sorrow. For the tenth cycle they sing it, weeping over millions of minds vanished into oblivion in one chain of acts of unseen evil. The v’thum invasion forces had occupied five colony planets of the humans. Since the humans would not lay down their crude yet awful weapons, the v’thum had no other choice than to begin the standard procedure. They subjected the captured human drones to surgical cerebral conversion procedures to break their will, as it is lawful and just.
The song tells us what happened next. Not even half of the human drones where converted when the central reactor of the inner colony planet had a malfunction, resulting in the breakdown of the antimatter containment field. The resulting explosion annihilated a wide part of the main continent and ignited the fragile atmosphere. No mind survived. Huge amounts of planetary material were thrown into orbit, destroying more than twenty v’thum htkah Destroyer. And while the Shraal scientists were investigating the cause of this terrible accident, suspecting war damages to be the reason, the next colony lit up in a time-quaking flash and vanished into oblivion, and then another, and another, and then the last. And the legendary armada of v’thum was history, left in the songs of sorrow. The Shraal Empire was stunned with terror. The same terror that should fill this honored trough.
The Shraal debated, Honored members of the Council, just as we debate today and the following days. The humans meanwhile, they were restless in their efforts in the passing of time.
Humans used to organize themselves in rather loose alliances as it is appropriate for such a primitive species. But in some sort of delusional and fanatic frenzy, suddenly every single member of the species was convinced they had been somehow wronged by the Shraal, albeit the Empire followed inter-species legislation in an exemplary manner.
It was not longer than five cycles after the loss of the Shraal v’thum armada when, united in their irrational wrath, a human sent fleet of innumerable ships, each equipped with nightmarish technology of devastation, entered the Shraal sectors. And soon the first Shraal song of sorrow was accompanied by others, even more gruesome ones.
Five cycles later, and the Shraal empire is but an empty cuticula and now the humans are standing at our door, demanding amends for the losses our support of the Shraal have cost them.
And that is the foe you want to throw our broodlings at, to die, in this time when our economy is struggling to cope with the downfall of a multi-stellar and multi-millennial empire!
Don’t you dare call me a coward, Honored Gtarr. You know very well that I’ve earned my right to speak here with the claw marks on my armor, contrary to you. I won’t have further interjections from your row!
This is where the record ends. The remarks indicate that a little tumult broke out, and the guy wasn’t able to finish his speech. He was member of a minority group within this construct, that’s what we’ve learned so far, so he didn’t have much authority either. Maybe we should change that.
TO: SR3 CARDIGAN. SETH @ In-situ xenological research group ARES
HEADER: personal message 324
This piece and the other extracts you sent me show that our disinformation program was successful. They have no clue how we managed to overcome the Shraal, and their best guess is that it had to be with brute force.
About that guy who made that speech: I seriously doubt he is presidential material. He hates our guts and that shit is pure antihuman propaganda.
Five of our colonies are attacked, half destroyed, occupied, and then the settlers are systematically lobotomized and enslaved, to a point where they desperately decide to blow up the reactors and rather die than be turned into mindless drones. A very human thing to do, but completely incomprehensible to the Kth’ar.
Their sacrifice saved mankind. We had no noteworthy military fleet at this time no matter what the generals say. Their “widely feared armada of v’thum” could have enslaved all humanity without effort.
We’re out here to learn, not to fight.
The sacrifice of these colonists - those who were still themselves - not only saved, but it united us as a species. That's a beautiful, most heroic story - the epic of our time, and read what this little shit makes out of it.
I tell you I don’t like the Kth’ar. They’re pretentious. Listen how they sound even after all cosmetic work from the translator. Every word drips from pretension. We know their communications. Almost every one of them is convinced that we’re barbaric primitives, a race of brutal warrior-beasts.
We both know nothing could be further from truth. We played a very dangerous game against an ancient stellar empire - and won. Had the operators failed to obtain access to the central relay system, our fleet had been devastated, simply as that. Who knows better than you what sacrifices we had to make for the diversionary maneuvers.
But we did it, against all odds. Our operators infiltrated the central distribution node while their forces where dispersed, we hacked their complete battle system - the idiots had no concept of ‘malicious software’ - and we turned their technology against them and that’s it, the rest is history.
Their fleet, their production lines, their bases - they all belong to us now, and rightfully so. Their fault for trying to fuck with us. We’re treating the Shraal much better than their inter-species law demands, we grant them human rights after all, still they see us as nothing more than animals, a pest. They’re the slavers for fucks sake.
You know what? Let them. Let them fear us and demonize us - all of them, the Shraal, the K’tar, those hideous pale things in the Colaris sector. Let them shit their pants, makes my job much easier. It won’t be long until the ethics commission will once again ruin the fun for everyone. But the desinfo-guys still earn a slap on the back when we see them in the tactics meeting next month.
Don’t hesistate to send me more of these gems.
TO: PR4 MAUSER. PAUL @ Xenological Division Alpha D23 HEADER: informational conflict acquisitions, “Kth’ar Dominon”- extract 36
That whole story that you retold there, the story of our people, well that’s a song of sorrow the Kth’ar don’t need to hear so early. Singing insects, imagine that. the universe is full of wonder.
They’re poetic bugs too, and in case the ethics commission reviews these messages, they have much worse names for us, many obviously related to diseases and plagues.
I don’t understand the Kth’ar. They must see that everything they heard about us was wrong - in the way we subdued them! They tried a surprise attack, easily beaten back by the autonomous systems of Shraal drone technology. We destroyed their fleet, but spared their colonies. We left minimal occupation forces, more observers than anything else. We try to negotiate and if we get hold of someone to talk to, we’re met with eager agreement and servility… and then nothing happens. They just try to carry on as usual as long as it’s possible, as if we weren't there. It’s surreal.
Our boys tried to start occasional searches in the homes of the elite. As per standard policy we avoid to bother the broader public. Turns out, we couldn’t do it. It’s not that they fought back. it’s just that in every habitat our inspection teams entered, no one was alive anymore. They’ve simply opted out. But every single one of them left a death poem orderly next to his carcass. Poetic bugs indeed. Extraordinarily gifted in the field of drama. Our boys just wanted to say hello. Make sure there are no spare plasma bombs lying around, so to speak. I think you can say they overreacted from a human standpoint. I don’t know what they’d expected, but their poems speak about an apocalyptic evil. It’d be quite frightening if you wouldn’t know that they’re talking about us.
Howling chaos has fallen over our beloved homeland
has crawled upon my doorstep to maim, torture
unable to withstand lies the dominion
all barja spent - and so lie I, to fade
into the song of my ancestors
That is a pretty typical example. And we’re the weird ones at this party or what.
Well yeah, so we can’t do that anymore. We had no other choice and started to tag them. But you can’t just grab one and shot the sender into his chest plate, because they tend to go nuts if you do that. Ethics commission said it’s indisputable to tag every single one of them by force, so we’re now looking for a nanotech solution. We need more intelligence before we decide what we do with our many-legged new friends. I think Terra Command will want keep the Kth’ar in check but not annex them, peacefully exploiting the vast resources we now have after the whole stellar empire of the Shraal fell in our hands almost completely intact. A bunch of lucky bastards, that’s what we are. If we’d go and conquer the Kth’ar dominion, other races, some of which we might not even know about yet, might get concerned with us. We wouldn’t want that.
If you think what we’ve been through the last decade man. How humanity changed. What we are now. And you and I, measly smugglers in a backwards colony that became leading members of the intelligence agency of Terra Command, we did our fair share, didn’t we?
That’s something I’ll allow myself from time to time. To drink a toast to Humanity, because we turned a total disaster into a windfall and fate had it that I was there and could partake. Gotta be grateful.
Cheers man.
TO: PR4 MAUSER. PAUL @ Xenological Division Alpha D23
HEADER: informational conflict acquisitions, “Kth’ar Dominon”- extract 37
It has been a while, but I think I found our guy. This is an exempt from a report of one of their frigate commanders. He partook in the ‘surprise attack’ against us that they thought would be a smart idea. What he tells about the battle is total rubbish. I mean, they were fighting Shraal drone ships after all, not “human inventions of abyssal annihilation”. Well, with us in their sensor network they had not a clue against whom they were fighting after all. But here is the point: his reports about what happened after the battle don’t make us look like total assholes, and that’s a first.
Mission Report 56 Commander Srjh - “Battle of Sarr”
After the final system checks showed nominal values, I commanded my crew to prepare for engagement. The jump was short and smooth, we left hyper-dimensional space in the Sarr sector at our designated position. And there they were, hundreds of their mighty ships, nothing but gloomy shadows against the red giant sun of Sarr. Our sensors tried to log on, but we couldn’t scan the targets nor get useful information about them. Frenetic activity erupted in the communications bay of my bridge. Hundreds of requests flooded our communications network as confusion spread among our fleet.
I stared at the ships in my oculars, huge destroyers, static in space, lacking any visible activity. They didn’t even bother to take formation. Here we were, the united fleet of the Kth’ar dominion, and they just hung there, watching us motionless.
And then our communications network broke down.
Without a way to contact the rest of the fleet or the headquarters, my crew and I were on our own. My first officer and I agreed that the humans must have had expected us. We both knew that without the moment of surprise, this whole operation could turn into an utter disaster. But yet, no shot was fired. Yet there was hope that we would prevail. But soon the ranks of our fleet got disorderly, hundreds of commanders, isolated in their frigates and destroyers, trying to figure out what to do next. And still no useful data, no way to restore our communications or to even find out what was wrong with the network or the sensors.
And the fleet of the humans still did nothing but be there, inventions of abyssal annihilation that maimed the proud Empire of the Shraal in no more five cycles… Despair broke out among the ranks of my command officers as the time passed and I did everything I could to keep the moral up. But I could understand their lamentations. The way how they just ignored us was horrifying even for me. Now there was movement in our fleet, the far wing starting to engage the enemy while we could see several flashes of ships, frigates obviously, charging into hyper-dimensional space. Defectors!
‘Look at them,’ I told my crew that was near panic in this moment. ‘Look at these cowardly traitors. Do you want to be like them? Raise your courage, we’re fighting for the honor of the dominion!’ I could see my words taking effect. But now there was fire from the far flank. Our brave troops had begun to engage the enemy. And then all hell broke loose. Bolts of utter destruction began soaring through our ranks as all the human ships opened fire in unison, as if they were driven by a single mind.
We were helpless. They fired with deadly accuracy, throwing our fleet in utter chaos. Is was a disaster. My frigate didn’t get the chance to fire a single shot before their fire cut though our shields as if they were nothing than smarg. We had to evacuate and I shared a capsule with my first officer. Behind me my ship was breaking apart, spitting it’s innards into space while we were drifting aimlessly into the blackness, vaguely heading towards the red giant, towards the fleet of the humans. Me and my officer where prepared to die, and solemnly intoned the holy songs preceding the composing of the death poem, when we saw one of the dreadful shadows quickly growing larger and larger, until it eclipsed the giant sun. We both were struck by horror. We would fall into the claws of those beasts, unable to end our lives without a finished death poem, and no time left to even think of starting the composition.
They docked, then they took our capsule into their hangar. We were determined to fight until our death so that they could not capture us alive. It was the only way. As soon as they opened our capsule - the elders know how - we opened fire. Everything went very fast after that. Our blind salves hit some of the figures outside the capsule, searing their dark artificial exoskeletons, but I couldn’t see any other effect before they returned fire. The cerebrum of my first officer exploded, then something hit me hard in the chest and I lost consciousness.
I awoke in a bright room, without means to know how much time passed. My extremities were all tied down, my antennae were numb and the implants useless. Confused and disoriented, I looked around. Several of those figures surrounded me, the part of their artificial exoskeletons covering the cerebrum fixedly turned in my direction.
Those humans seemed to be of another breed than those who murdered my first officer. Nonetheless, lying here, unable to move and surrounded by these creatures I nearly lost my mind. What abominable horrors, what torture was awaiting me? Strange apparatuses connected to my breast plate, seemingly penetrating it, what they’ve done to the rest of my tormented body I could not see.
Finally one of the figures approached me. For a moment it just stood there seeming to inspect me in my entire length. I couldn’t believe my senses when it finally started to speak to me.
It told me to stay calm. It told me that my injuries would be taken care of. It told me that I hadn’t to worry about my future, and that I would be returned to my people once an agreement with our leadership was found. The creature was talking for a long time while I just listened, unable to cope with what was going on. Our races could coexist peacefully, he suggested. He even had the audacity to tell me that he and his kind were explorers and had no wish to be our enemies – after all I’ve witnessed! After all they did to the Shraal, whose songs of sorrow never fade. After some time, the creature actually found it appropriate to tell me his designation, as if he was my brood-kin, not one of the hordes that devastated the pride of our dominion.
I couldn’t process that this thing was talking, even less what it was saying. When the meaning of its words finally penetrated the walls of fright around mind I couldn’t believe them. I was traumatized, shaken by cerebral imbalance, and I could make no other sense out of those words as that they were the prelude to a sadistic mind game. Yet – here I am, writing this report, still shaken, still fighting to find an appropriate suar dosage to restore cerebral stability.
I have no explanation why they spared me and all the other prisoners. The only rationalization that I can think of: they had finished their biological research on us and thus perfected their life obliteration techniques against our species. They simply had no further use for us.
Do you think we could get hold of that medic he’s talking about? Maybe he would recognize him and this we could make our first useful contact in this goddamn sector. Dealing with the Kth’ar is a thankless task so far. Sometimes I think we should just pull out and leave this shithole to rot. We’re trying for months now to get some kind of meaningful contact with them without causing a stampede wherever we show up. So I really hope this here turns out to be a starting point of some sort. I’ve reached the end of my patience.
TO: SR5 CARDIGAN. SETH @ xenological research facility HERMES
HEADER: personal message 1787
I wanted you to be one of the first to read the speech patriarch Srjh of the Kth’ar council will deliver in three days.
It’s crazy if you think about it. To patiently convince the Kth’ar to cooperate and to accept our military presence took us almost as long as to take the Shraal by force. Maybe simply choose the latter in future and glass their colonies. And more than all our asseverations it was the effect it had on their economy to cooperate with both Terra Command and the occupied Shraal territories that convinced them. Fits them, to overcome their fear by greed. I still hate their guts, can’t help it. But I must confess that this speech of Srjh appeased me to a tiny degree. So here it is.
Honored members of the Council!
“If you want peace, prepare for war.”
One of their great thinkers said this; it took us time to understand that this philosophy is the root of their menacing nature that blinded us with dread. We feared them, we trembled in horror as their unstoppable forces flooded into our territory, yes, we despaired.
But no more; after the dark strangers wrestled down our attack forces with ease, they weighted us graciously, and they’ve found us worthy. They restrained from extinguishing our race, and as we bowed to call them masters, they raised us up to call us brothers, to be part of their federation; and so our proud dominion rises once more.
The inconceivable graciousness of Humanity embraced even the Shraal, whose ruthless attack on their unsuspecting homeworlds was a most condemnable deed; and on our side their Empire thrives as part of the Federation.
Today now we regain full sovereignty over our government and enjoy the inestimable protection of Terra Command. Our economy is flourishing and soon we will have overcome the harms of the war. Wholeheartedly do we embrace the changes that our new Allies have introduced to our stagnated societies and the joy of all the freed adscripts, longing to fulfill their future, both in our realm as in the territories of the Shraal, speaks thanks to the human race.
And so we once again unite in this honored trough, where our ancestors took counsel with each other for millennia. And here we are, to open the new council of the Kht’ar dominion, to once again take the fate of our race in our own hands, forever thankful for this unmerited act of clemency.
And from here we will reign to the benefit of our people, as well as to the benefit of our new, powerful allies, to fare into a bright and promising future as a proud member of the our young and thriving Federation.
Please arise Honored members of the council, let us sing the song of glee and let its sonsy tones wash away the songs of sorrow that have weighted down on us for so long. Sing truthfully, Honored! Sing to seal the shining fate of the Kth’ar!
I think that will do. My job here is done and I can’t say I’m sad about it. I expect to see you on my send-off next week, and when you’re fed up with this place, send me a word and I’ll care about your redeployment. Until then, I think this is the right moment to drink another toast to humanity. Either we’re the smartest bastards out there, or the luckiest.
TERRA COMMAND xeno-intelligence classification:
Classified as TOP SECRET by Order Plural Z Alpha
submitted by h4r13q1n to HFY [link] [comments]

2017.12.01 05:15 princessthundercakes Listing All DIM/DT Reviewed Weapons

Preemptive tl;dr: Here's a ranking of weapons based on Destiny Item Manager (DIM) ratings, which is derived from reviews over at Destiny Tracker (DT).
I've searched for community based weapon ranking and mostly land on posts like this one. Unless you have all of the items in DIM, you can't see all of the ratings. There's a similar issue over at DT, though a developer has stated that they hope add features in the future. Their popularity list is great for PvP, but the reviews are inclusive of PvE usage and you can't see all weapon reviews at once.
Instead of waiting, I spent some time (more than I'd like to admit) reverse engineering the APIs and suturing the data together. I didn't build anything that pulls live data out of respect of the developers (Bungie, DIM, DT et al.) and just grabbed a one time static copy. They've worked hard to make all of these tools publicly accessible and I wouldn't want to abuse that. Instead, I would like to thank them for their continued support of the D2 community.
Down to (sweet) business. Here are the tables.
Bonus 1: I've adding a rating based on Wilson Score Confidence: say what? (It annoyed me seeing an item with 1 review and 5 stars next to an item with 100 reviews and 4.9 stars) Bonus 2: The first table is Legendary and Exotic. I added a second one with Rare for our leveling Guardians. Rock on, Smurfs of the Light. Caveat 1: I am missing 5 weapons from each table. Dunno why, I couldn't pull their data. Caveat 2: This is not intended to be a "best of" list, but it can inform that decision along with other data (e.g. most used weapon in X activity, subclass interaction). It's meant to be able to finally see all those community ratings you see in DIM/DT in one place without having to own all of the weapons.

Legendary & Exotic

Name Type Subtype Upvotes Downvotes Total Votes Destiny Tracker Score DIM Rating Wilson Confidence Wilson Rating
Nameless Midnight Kinetic Scout Rifle 1362 15 1377 1347 4.9 98.21% 4.9
Better Devils Kinetic Hand Cannon 974 15 989 959 4.9 97.51% 4.9
Sins of the Past Power Rocket Launcher 484 6 490 478 4.9 97.35% 4.9
Origin Story Kinetic Auto Rifle 688 11 699 677 4.9 97.20% 4.9
Sunshot Energy Hand Cannon 720 12 732 708 4.9 97.16% 4.9
Antiope-D Kinetic Submachine Gun 545 9 554 536 4.9 96.94% 4.8
Merciless Power Fusion Rifle 469 9 478 460 4.9 96.46% 4.8
It Stared Back Power Sword 235 3 238 232 4.9 96.36% 4.8
Uriel's Gift Energy Auto Rifle 836 23 859 813 4.9 96.01% 4.8
Curtain Call Power Rocket Launcher 276 6 282 270 4.9 95.44% 4.8
Hawthorne's Field-Forged Shotgun Power Shotgun 244 5 249 239 4.9 95.39% 4.8
The Number Energy Auto Rifle 233 7 240 226 4.9 94.10% 4.7
Manannan SR4 Energy Scout Rifle 265 9 274 256 4.8 93.88% 4.7
Guiding Star Kinetic Auto Rifle 205 7 212 198 4.8 93.34% 4.7
Prosecutor Energy Auto Rifle 162 5 167 157 4.9 93.18% 4.7
Main Ingredient Power Fusion Rifle 97 2 99 95 4.9 92.93% 4.6
The Wardcliff Coil Power Rocket Launcher 361 17 378 344 4.8 92.92% 4.6
Martyr's Make Energy Auto Rifle 150 5 155 145 4.8 92.67% 4.6
Coldheart Energy Trace Rifle 300 14 314 286 4.8 92.66% 4.6
Play of the Game Power Grenade Launcher 143 5 148 138 4.8 92.34% 4.6
Maxim XI Power Sniper Rifle 86 2 88 84 4.9 92.09% 4.6
Dire Promise Kinetic Hand Cannon 120 4 124 116 4.8 92.00% 4.6
Scathelocke Kinetic Auto Rifle 268 14 282 254 4.8 91.84% 4.6
The Time-Worn Spire Kinetic Pulse Rifle 181 9 190 172 4.8 91.24% 4.6
Pleiades Corrector Energy Scout Rifle 137 6 143 131 4.8 91.15% 4.6
Stochastic Variable Energy Submachine Gun 75 2 77 73 4.9 91.02% 4.6
Blue Shift Power Rocket Launcher 90 3 93 87 4.8 90.94% 4.5
Quickfang Power Sword 174 10 184 164 4.7 90.29% 4.5
Sweet Business Kinetic Auto Rifle 311 22 333 289 4.7 90.20% 4.5
Valakadyn Energy Auto Rifle 143 8 151 135 4.7 89.89% 4.5
Ghost Primus Kinetic Auto Rifle 277 20 297 257 4.7 89.83% 4.5
Galliard-42 Energy Auto Rifle 49 1 50 48 4.9 89.50% 4.5
Etana SI4 Energy Sidearm 75 3 78 72 4.8 89.29% 4.5
Legend of Acrius Power Shotgun 129 8 137 121 4.7 88.90% 4.4
Unspoken Promise Power Sword 56 2 58 54 4.8 88.27% 4.4
Complex Solution Power Sword 55 2 57 53 4.8 88.08% 4.4
Riskrunner Energy Submachine Gun 214 18 232 196 4.6 88.07% 4.4
The Forward Path Kinetic Auto Rifle 129 9 138 120 4.7 88.07% 4.4
Last Hope Energy Sidearm 424 42 466 382 4.5 88.04% 4.4
Retrofuturist Power Shotgun 41 1 42 40 4.9 87.68% 4.4
The Old Fashioned Kinetic Hand Cannon 143 11 154 132 4.6 87.66% 4.4
Minuet-42 Energy Hand Cannon 52 2 54 50 4.8 87.46% 4.4
Tone Patrol Energy Scout Rifle 72 4 76 68 4.7 87.23% 4.4
Annual Skate Energy Hand Cannon 101 7 108 94 4.7 87.22% 4.4
Black Scorpion-4sr Energy Scout Rifle 71 4 75 67 4.7 87.07% 4.4
Nightshade Kinetic Pulse Rifle 126 10 136 116 4.6 86.99% 4.3
Vigilance Wing Kinetic Pulse Rifle 329 36 365 293 4.5 86.65% 4.3
Nergal PR4 Energy Pulse Rifle 58 3 61 55 4.8 86.51% 4.3
Adjudicator Kinetic Submachine Gun 77 5 82 72 4.7 86.51% 4.3
Jiangshi AR4 Energy Auto Rifle 77 5 82 72 4.7 86.51% 4.3
The Long Walk Power Sniper Rifle 56 3 59 53 4.7 86.08% 4.3
Lincoln Green Kinetic Pulse Rifle 132 12 144 120 4.6 86.00% 4.3
Tango-45 Energy Scout Rifle 44 2 46 42 4.8 85.47% 4.3
The Hero's Burden Energy Submachine Gun 62 4 66 58 4.7 85.43% 4.3
Call to Serve Kinetic Scout Rifle 133 13 146 120 4.6 85.36% 4.3
Hard Light Energy Auto Rifle 222 26 248 196 4.5 85.08% 4.3
Halfdan-D Kinetic Auto Rifle 130 13 143 117 4.5 85.07% 4.3
Midnight Coup Kinetic Hand Cannon 59 4 63 55 4.7 84.78% 4.2
Crown-Splitter Power Sword 89 8 97 81 4.6 84.56% 4.2
Phosphorus MG4 Energy Submachine Gun 41 2 43 39 4.8 84.54% 4.2
Perseverance Energy Auto Rifle 49 3 52 46 4.7 84.36% 4.2
Erentil FR4 Power Fusion Rifle 31 1 32 30 4.8 84.26% 4.2
MIDA Multi-Tool Kinetic Scout Rifle 922 147 1069 775 4.3 84.05% 4.2
Morrigan-D Power Rocket Launcher 76 7 83 69 4.6 83.60% 4.2
The Wizened Rebuke Power Fusion Rifle 46 3 49 43 4.7 83.48% 4.2
The Last Dance Energy Sidearm 67 6 73 61 4.6 83.21% 4.2
The Steady Hand Kinetic Hand Cannon 58 5 63 53 4.6 82.73% 4.1
Tarantula Power Linear Fusion Rifle 70 7 77 63 4.5 82.40% 4.1
Man o' War Power Linear Fusion Rifle 35 2 37 33 4.7 82.30% 4.1
Berenger's Memory Power Grenade Launcher 49 4 53 45 4.6 82.14% 4.1
True Prophecy Kinetic Hand Cannon 130 19 149 111 4.4 80.94% 4
Eternity's Edge Power Sword 45 4 49 41 4.6 80.81% 4
Judgment Kinetic Hand Cannon 63 7 70 56 4.5 80.77% 4
Imset HC4 Energy Hand Cannon 24 1 25 23 4.8 80.46% 4
Resonance-42 Energy Submachine Gun 24 1 25 23 4.8 80.46% 4
A Single Clap Power Sniper Rifle 44 4 48 40 4.6 80.45% 4
The End Energy Scout Rifle 66 8 74 58 4.5 80.09% 4
Shock and Awe Power Fusion Rifle 42 4 46 38 4.6 79.68% 4
Royal Dispensation II Energy Submachine Gun 40 4 44 36 4.5 78.84% 3.9
MIDA Mini-Tool Energy Submachine Gun 136 25 161 111 4.2 78.08% 3.9
A Sudden Death Power Shotgun 38 4 42 34 4.5 77.93% 3.9
Borealis Power Sniper Rifle 43 5 48 38 4.5 77.83% 3.9
Steel Sybil Z-14 Power Sword 32 3 35 29 4.6 77.62% 3.9
Heart of Time Energy Pulse Rifle 47 6 53 41 4.4 77.42% 3.9
Traitor's Fate Power Sword 47 6 53 41 4.4 77.42% 3.9
Deadpan Delivery Power Shotgun 20 1 21 19 4.8 77.33% 3.9
Unification VII Power Shotgun 38 5 43 33 4.4 75.52% 3.8
Negative Space Power Sword 18 1 19 17 4.7 75.36% 3.8
Older Sister III Energy Hand Cannon 33 4 37 29 4.5 75.29% 3.8
Show of Force Power Sniper Rifle 28 3 31 25 4.5 75.10% 3.8
Gentleman Vagabond Power Sniper Rifle 23 2 25 21 4.6 75.03% 3.8
Seven-Six-Five Energy Scout Rifle 54 9 63 45 4.3 75.03% 3.8
Solemn Hymn Energy Auto Rifle 35 5 40 30 4.4 73.89% 3.7
Memory Interdict Power Grenade Launcher 16 1 17 15 4.7 73.02% 3.7
Legend of Acrius Power Shotgun 45 8 53 37 4.2 72.95% 3.6
Last Perdition Energy Pulse Rifle 41 7 48 34 4.3 72.83% 3.6
Critical Sass Power Fusion Rifle 25 3 28 22 4.5 72.80% 3.6
Good Bone Structure Power Shotgun 24 3 27 21 4.4 71.94% 3.6
Veleda-D Power Sniper Rifle 24 3 27 21 4.4 71.94% 3.6
Conspirator Energy Scout Rifle 83 21 104 62 4 71.10% 3.6
Frontier Justice Kinetic Scout Rifle 50 11 61 39 4.1 70.53% 3.5
The Prospector Power Grenade Launcher 109 31 140 78 3.9 70.29% 3.5
Orthrus Power Grenade Launcher 22 3 25 19 4.4 70.04% 3.5
Tractor Cannon Power Shotgun 144 45 189 99 3.8 69.63% 3.5
The Showrunner Kinetic Submachine Gun 46 11 57 35 4 68.66% 3.4
Copperhead-4sn Power Sniper Rifle 17 2 19 15 4.5 68.61% 3.4
Song of Justice VI Kinetic Scout Rifle 68 19 87 49 3.9 68.39% 3.4
Agenda 5 Energy Pulse Rifle 36 8 44 28 4.1 68.04% 3.4
Inaugural Address Energy Pulse Rifle 94 30 124 64 3.8 67.57% 3.4
The Day's Fury Power Grenade Launcher 23 4 27 19 4.3 67.52% 3.4
Skyburner's Oath Energy Scout Rifle 149 54 203 95 3.7 66.93% 3.3
Red Mamba Energy Submachine Gun 34 8 42 26 4 66.70% 3.3
Interregnum XVI Energy Sidearm 22 4 26 18 4.2 66.47% 3.3
Contingency Plan Energy Scout Rifle 27 6 33 21 4.1 65.61% 3.3
Somerled-D Power Shotgun 11 1 12 10 4.6 64.61% 3.2
Death Adder Energy Submachine Gun 48 15 63 33 3.8 64.36% 3.2
Wicked Sister Power Grenade Launcher 22 5 27 17 4.1 63.30% 3.2
Foggy Notion Energy Submachine Gun 27 7 34 20 4 63.20% 3.2
Shattered Peace Energy Hand Cannon 24 6 30 18 4 62.69% 3.1
Three Graves Kinetic Pulse Rifle 38 12 50 26 3.8 62.59% 3.1
Mob Justice Energy Submachine Gun 58 22 80 36 3.6 61.86% 3.1
Shepherd's Watch Power Sniper Rifle 23 6 29 17 4 61.61% 3.1
Enigma's Draw Kinetic Sidearm 32 10 42 22 3.8 61.47% 3.1
Restoration VIII Energy Auto Rifle 25 7 32 18 3.9 61.24% 3.1
Gravity Slingshot Power Shotgun 12 2 14 10 4.3 60.06% 3
Swift Ride Energy Pulse Rifle 21 6 27 15 3.9 59.24% 3
The Mornin' Comes Power Sniper Rifle 21 6 27 15 3.9 59.24% 3
Alone as a god Power Sniper Rifle 23 7 30 16 3.8 59.07% 3
Elegy-49 Power Sniper Rifle 16 4 20 12 4 58.40% 2.9
Cadenza-43 Energy Pulse Rifle 20 6 26 14 3.8 57.95% 2.9
Hoosegow Power Rocket Launcher 24 8 32 16 3.8 57.89% 2.9
Daedalus Code Energy Hand Cannon 11 2 13 9 4.2 57.76% 2.9
Persuader Power Sniper Rifle 15 4 19 11 3.9 56.67% 2.8
Out of Options Energy Submachine Gun 18 6 24 12 3.8 55.10% 2.8
Eye of Foresight Power Sniper Rifle 16 5 21 11 3.8 54.91% 2.7
The Guiding Sight Kinetic Scout Rifle 24 10 34 14 3.5 53.83% 2.7
Honor's Edge Power Sword 55 31 86 24 3.2 53.41% 2.7
Good Counsel IX Kinetic Scout Rifle 26 12 38 14 3.4 52.54% 2.6
Rat King Kinetic Sidearm 106 71 177 35 3 52.53% 2.6
Relentless Kinetic Pulse Rifle 43 24 67 19 3.2 52.22% 2.6
Sturm Kinetic Hand Cannon 86 58 144 28 3 51.56% 2.6
Escape Velocity Kinetic Submachine Gun 25 12 37 13 3.4 51.46% 2.6
First In, Last Out Power Shotgun 18 8 26 10 3.5 50.01% 2.5
Widow's Bite Power Sniper Rifle 16 7 23 9 3.5 49.13% 2.5
The Fool's Remedy Energy Sidearm 14 6 20 8 3.5 48.10% 2.4
Does Not Compute Kinetic Scout Rifle 28 17 45 11 3.1 47.63% 2.4
Bad News Kinetic Hand Cannon 38 26 64 12 3 47.14% 2.4
Graviton Lance Energy Pulse Rifle 165 149 314 16 2.6 47.03% 2.4
Drang Energy Sidearm 59 49 108 10 2.7 45.24% 2.3
Pribina-D Kinetic Hand Cannon 15 8 23 7 3.3 44.89% 2.2
Baligant Power Shotgun 12 6 18 6 3.3 43.75% 2.2
Nox Echo III Power Fusion Rifle 9 4 13 5 3.5 42.37% 2.1
Eleventh Hour Energy Sidearm 6 2 8 4 3.8 40.93% 2
Flash and Thunder Power Grenade Launcher 16 11 27 5 3 40.73% 2
Pentatonic-48 Power Rocket Launcher 14 11 25 3 2.8 37.07% 1.9
Mos Epoch III Power Rocket Launcher 18 16 34 2 2.6 36.74% 1.8
Haunted Earth Kinetic Scout Rifle 53 64 117 -11 2.3 36.57% 1.8
Cartesian Coordinate Power Fusion Rifle 12 9 21 3 2.9 36.55% 1.8
Acantha-D Power Grenade Launcher 8 5 13 3 3.1 35.52% 1.8
Minimum Distance Kinetic Sidearm 33 43 76 -10 2.2 32.86% 1.6
A Swift Verdict Energy Sidearm 16 17 33 -1 2.4 32.50% 1.6
Eystein-D Kinetic Pulse Rifle 50 75 125 -25 2 31.83% 1.6
Dead Man Walking Energy Sidearm 14 16 30 -2 2.3 30.23% 1.5
Disrespectful Stare Kinetic Pulse Rifle 25 43 68 -18 1.8 26.30% 1.3
Athelflad-D Kinetic Sidearm 9 11 20 -2 2.3 25.82% 1.3
D.A.R.C.I. Power Sniper Rifle 64 144 208 -80 1.5 24.89% 1.2
Fighting Lion Energy Grenade Launcher 140 395 535 -255 1.3 22.62% 1.1
Urchin-3si Energy Sidearm 5 7 12 -2 2.1 19.33% 1
The Rattler Energy Sidearm 12 29 41 -17 1.5 17.61% 0.9
Bushwhacker Power Grenade Launcher N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Controlling Vision Kinetic Sidearm N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Timecard Energy Sidearm N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Timelines' Vertex Power Fusion Rifle N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Truthteller Power Grenade Launcher N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


Name Type Subtype Upvotes Downvotes Total Votes Destiny Tracker Score DIM Rating Wilson Confidence Wilson Rating
Cuboid ARu Kinetic Auto Rifle 147 3 150 144 4.9 94.29% 4.7
Sondok-C Kinetic Submachine Gun 59 0 59 59 5 93.89% 4.7
Sand Wasp-3au Energy Auto Rifle 71 1 72 70 4.9 92.54% 4.6
Aachen-LR2 Power Sniper Rifle 59 1 60 58 4.9 91.14% 4.6
Cup-Bearer SA/2 Power Rocket Launcher 52 1 53 51 4.9 90.06% 4.5
Lionheart Kinetic Auto Rifle 24 0 24 24 5 86.20% 4.3
Madrugada SR2 Energy Scout Rifle 59 4 63 55 4.7 84.78% 4.2
Armillary PSu Kinetic Scout Rifle 34 2 36 32 4.7 81.86% 4.1
Reginar-B Power Rocket Launcher 23 1 24 22 4.8 79.76% 4
Azimuth DSu Kinetic Hand Cannon 40 4 44 36 4.5 78.84% 3.9
Allegro-34 Energy Hand Cannon 34 3 37 31 4.6 78.70% 3.9
Fussed Dark Mk.21 Power Shotgun 21 1 22 20 4.8 78.20% 3.9
Philippis-B Kinetic Submachine Gun 51 7 58 44 4.4 77.12% 3.9
Ros Lysis II Kinetic Auto Rifle 29 3 32 26 4.5 75.78% 3.8
Requiem SI2 Energy Sidearm 15 1 16 14 4.7 71.67% 3.6
Refrain-23 Energy Auto Rifle 17 2 19 15 4.5 68.61% 3.4
Lamia HC2 Energy Hand Cannon 17 3 20 14 4.3 63.96% 3.2
Furina-2mg Energy Submachine Gun 10 1 11 9 4.5 62.26% 3.1
Trax Lysis II Kinetic Scout Rifle 18 4 22 14 4.1 61.48% 3.1
Weaver-C Power Rocket Launcher 6 0 6 6 5 60.97% 3
Damietta-LR2 Power Sniper Rifle 9 1 10 8 4.5 59.58% 3
Black Tiger-2sr Energy Scout Rifle 19 5 24 14 4 59.53% 3
Psi Cirrus II Kinetic Pulse Rifle 10 2 12 8 4.2 55.20% 2.8
Badlands Mk.24 Power Shotgun 10 2 12 8 4.2 55.20% 2.8
Rest for the Wicked Power Sword 7 1 8 6 4.4 52.91% 2.6
Harmony-21 Energy Submachine Gun 9 2 11 7 4.1 52.30% 2.6
Nanty Narker Kinetic Pulse Rifle 4 0 4 4 5 51.01% 2.6
Yellowjacket-3au Energy Auto Rifle 4 0 4 4 5 51.01% 2.6
King Cobra-4fr Power Linear Fusion Rifle 4 0 4 4 5 51.01% 2.6
Ballyhoo Mk.27 Kinetic Hand Cannon 10 4 14 6 3.6 45.35% 2.3
Encore-25 Energy Pulse Rifle 7 2 9 5 3.9 45.26% 2.3
Nox Cordis II Power Fusion Rifle 5 1 6 4 4.2 43.65% 2.2
Dissonance-34 Energy Sidearm 8 3 11 5 3.6 43.43% 2.2
Agrona PR2 Energy Pulse Rifle 8 3 11 5 3.6 43.43% 2.2
Plemusa-B Power Grenade Launcher 10 5 15 5 3.3 41.71% 2.1
Trax Dynia Kinetic Scout Rifle 4 1 5 3 4 37.55% 1.9
Sonata-48 Energy Scout Rifle 4 1 5 3 4 37.55% 1.9
Future Imperfect Power Sword 4 1 5 3 4 37.55% 1.9
Botheration Mk.28 Power Shotgun 5 2 7 3 3.6 35.89% 1.8
Protostar CSu Kinetic Submachine Gun 7 4 11 3 3.2 35.38% 1.8
Parsec TSu Power Fusion Rifle 6 4 10 2 3 31.27% 1.6
Bayesian MSu Kinetic Pulse Rifle 9 8 17 1 2.6 30.96% 1.5
Stampede Mk.32 Power Grenade Launcher 5 5 10 0 2.5 23.66% 1.2
Requiem-43 Power Shotgun 2 1 3 1 3.3 20.77% 1
Tongeren-LR3 Power Sniper Rifle 3 3 6 0 2.5 18.76% 0.9
Nox Lumen II Power Fusion Rifle 3 6 9 -3 1.7 12.06% 0.6
Whip Scorpion-3mg Energy Submachine Gun 1 1 2 0 2.5 9.45% 0.5
Harsh Language Power Grenade Launcher 1 1 2 0 2.5 9.45% 0.5
Rebuke AX-GL Kinetic Auto Rifle N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Roderic-C Kinetic Sidearm N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Guseva-C Kinetic Hand Cannon N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Vinegaroon-2si Energy Sidearm N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Presto-48 Energy Hand Cannon N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
submitted by princessthundercakes to destiny2 [link] [comments]

2017.10.06 12:52 siminerd PVE ammo efficiency guide and weapon stat/mod sheet

This is a sheet that attempts(™) to analyse which weapons are best for PVE and the most efficient. Actually efficiency value per shot is hard to calculate, but this should give an idea of how 'good' a weapon is and generally how useful a gun will be in any circumstance. With the current rate of ammo drops this sort of analysis can be very useful, as well as otherwise provide an easy to read sheet of all weapon data.
About the sheet
Originally created in excel, copy pasted to google sheets, download the original .xls by clicking file then download as. NumbeIndex were just some placeholder when I was making the sheet. Also some elemental info is missing. Also gave every slot 3 option columns even though no weapon has more the one perk or stock/grip.
I have not played Destiny/D2 because I am a patiently waiting PC player that road the hype train. I have obviously not got 305 Power and every exotic and completed the raid and am the top 1% of PVP players. I am not a statistician/data analysis, I just have basic excel skills and free time.
I’m not going into much depth with heavy weapons since there is limited data and in most cases the effectiveness changes drastically between activities. Getting the most out of the slot for the activity is more important the most out of the shot from the gun.
How to read
Columns B to E are basic info about the weapons, F to T are just data points on the stats of the weapons, U to AF are mods. S/B are scopes and barrels mod slot, S/G are stocks and grips, M/B are mag and battery, Perks should be self explanatory. Perk multiplier is the combination of values from Column N from perk index sheet and picks the best value for each of the weapons slots, ie it will pick the best scope/mag/perk and combine them to make the number in AG. AH is just an average between optimal and body shot TTK times, not really used much. AI is the column that uses the weapons stats to make an analysis on how good a weapon is, more info on how the stats are used later. AJ is AI multiplied by the perk multiplier, this is the column used to analyse weapons for PVE. AK is AJ but with PVP included, don't worry too much about that since I haven't really made the sheet with PVP in mind. I also put the weapon names in column AL for convenience.
The sheet is sorted by weapon class then the value in AJ.
Basically, I applied this formula
(Body*((Range*1.2)+(Mag Size*1.15)+(Reload*1.1)+Recoil+(RoF/Body)+(Stability*0.95)+(Handling*0.9)))/100 
(column AI) and gave all mods a value (AG) which multiplies into the final PVE score (AJ). I also implemented PVP potential (AH basically just ttk times) to give the gun an over all score (AK). For most of the analysis I'm going to be using the numbers form AJ. The /100 is just to make the numbers look better instead of them all being in the tens of thousands and harder to read.
I’ve added weightings to certain stats because they affect the damage/sustained dps of the weapons to certain degrees. Range drop off can reduce damage a lot, so making sure range is high makes sure bullets are doing as much damage as possible, this is given a weight of 1.2. The rest of the stats don’t change damage, but the potential for damage/dps. Mag size/reload is the next biggest limiter to sustained dps so they are given weight of 1.15 and 1.1 respectively. RoF and recoil are reasonably important but rof is tied with impact, so they have no weighting. Stability isn’t very import since most enemies have big hit boxes and don’t move too much, handling has the least impact since ADS time is usually quick enough for PVE in every case, these have 0.95 and 0.9 weight respectively.
Mod descriptions that say ‘slightly increase’ are +1 to the stat, ‘increase’ are +2 and ‘greatly’ are +3. For ‘blast radius’ I’ve assumed that is a damage increase (on grenade/rocket launcher mods). For ‘on effect’ increases I’ve assumed they are +1 to the stats listed (with exceptions, riskrunner for example). I think I might have missed some exotic weapons effects since they aren’t ‘mods’, so some exotics might be under-represented (let me know I can fix it). Things like ‘cause explosions on kills’ I’ve put under the ‘other’ column (with a 1.2 multiplier) at a value of 2. I’ve otherwise done my best to make things as standardised and reasonable as I could. There will of course be changes here as some effects might prove to be more/less useful as testing gets done, for now I think its fine but can improve. ** Ifs/buts/assumptions**
I’ve assumed that all ‘on effect’ mods are active and calculated into the results. I’ve assumed that stats across the weapon types have the same effect on the weapons. This is highly likely to be incorrect, a hand cannon with max range will still drop-off earlier then a scout with minimum range (like 90% sure on this, prove me wrong). If this is not true, then hand cannons are unaccountably the best weapon class in the game (but we’ll save that analysis for later). PoweLight is the same across the weapons, ie everything is compared as if they are the same. I’m not sure exactly how light changes the performance of weapons, but I’d imagine that in every case the higher powelight weapons will perform better. The damage numbers are the cruicible damage numbers, I am assuming that the percent difference between them remains the same in PVE but just scaled more/less (if this is wrong then the whole sheet has basically no meaning). Weapons ammo reserves are different between weapons and are not included here due to a lack of data (and knowledge of this fact when I was making it)
You will likely disagree some of it, and I’ll agree with what you’re going to say. The best weapon is the weapon you are best with. No point using the highest efficiency weapons if you can’t hit the shots and don’t have fun using it. Take this with a grain of salt, don’t get salty.
The results
If you are reading this first and disagree with everything, read the other sections first then come back.
Hand cannons are basically the best for PVE, with only scouts and one side arm keeping up pace in the top 30. High-impact types are generally favored (since they, ya know, do more damage) among all weapon types, but there is a good mix of other archetypes as well. Certain mods are straight up better than others so some weapons will always be better than others because of the mods. With that said some of those effects can be negated with player skill so certain weapons are closer in effectiveness then the sheet might seem.
I’ve started with what I think is the worst weapon category, pulse rifle’s. Leading the PVE performance chart is the Graviton Lance, yeah that graviton lance, the best pulse rifle. Three graves, Inauigral address, Nightshade and Nergal PR4 are the others that make up the top 5. Pulse’s generally don’t have great performance, nothing here really stands out. There are quite a few good kill clip and outlaw, so if you’re a fan of those perks then there are some OK options here.
Again the Exotic here wins the weapon class for efficiency, riskrunner. Following closely behind is the Adjudicator, red mamba, death adder and Stochastic variable. With the risk runner perk being very situationally activated I’d say that it’s probably not worth it if you can’t get it to activate. Mods here don’t seem to have as big an impact and there is a lack of any of the ‘good’ trait perks. They are all mostly consistent, so no matter what you pick it’ll likely be similar efficiency to any of the other options.
Surprisingly or not, the hard light wins this category. Halfdan-D, Uriel’s gift, Ghost Primus and the Number round out the top 5. Generally, autos are consistent but not over performing or the best. Hard light’s high rating probably come from having a stock where every other weapon doesn’t. The others have a collection of mods that make them better, most of which have great perk traits that pull up the perk multiplier more, but since multiple have the same perk it’s probably better to just pick the most efficient.
Side arms
Interestingly, Rat king isn’t the king of side arms, Minimum distance is. Athelflad-D(say that 10 times), A swift verdict, Rat king and Last hope are the 2-5 options. Side arms have more variety with different perks and it seems like most have good usage potential if played correctly. There is also a bigger variety in efficiency values, so some weapons (should) feel notably betteworse than others in this category.
Haunted earth has surprisingly taken lead spot here with a great combination of mods that allow it to have a high perk multiplier. Mida takes out second spot followed by Good counsel IX, Frontier justice and Conspirator. Scouts almost all perform well and all have quite varied perks and usage potential. There’s a good chance there is be a scout that you’ll like, have, and be very good. Also un-assuming that range is equal and realising that scouts have higher ‘real’ values, scouts are the most efficient.
Hand cannons
Now it’s time for the champs to come out, and reveal the most efficient primary. The Minuet-42 is the most efficient weapon. Again take this with a grain of salt, there are probably inaccuracies in the methodology that came up with this result. The mods on the weapon are nothing special, but all have great benefits of 3+, otherwise it has good base stats (5th best). Sunshot comes in second, I feel sunshot is probably better and I may have to adjust the exotic mod, but I rated it as consistently as I could. After that is Judgement, Old sister and Annual skate. HC’s are quite varied with quite a lot of unique perks and mods. Almost all of them are great and worth the slot, with only a few falling behind some of the best scouts.
On heavy’s
As I mentioned, it’s a better idea to use the heavy that fits the activity more than one that is more efficient. But since heavy ammo is limited it is a good idea to understand which are more/less efficient with that limited ammo. I have also added Inventory into the mix and taken out recoil (which only matters on fusions rifles and full-auto modded weapons). Actual damage numbers are mostly not present, and blast radius is ‘damage’ for rocket/grenade launchers. As such there is probably a lot wrong with this, but there’s not much else I can do.
Again starting with the weakest, Flash and thunder is the best of the grenade launchers, and (at least from this analysis) the only good one to use. Surprisingly the fighting lion isn’t the worst, The prospector is. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the prospect is actually better than the fighting lion, anything is better then the fighting lion.
Rocket launchers were the next worst performing, with Sins of the past being the best. However, everyone I know has said that wardliff/curtain call are the best. This may be because of badly represented mod values, and the fact that some stats of the weapon are terrible to account for the very good mods.
Unification VI is the best Shotgun (so far, waiting for legend of acruis to be fully available). This weapon class looks the most reasonable, with hawthorns looking out of place based on what people are saying about it. Otherwise shotguns aren't the best, but not the worst either.
Snipers are probably the most wrong, with Firmly planted ruling the perks slot making Copperhead the best weapon in this class. I mean, it does make them more accurate/stable/handle better when crouched, but these stats hardly matter on a sniper. I don’t know too much about snipers but I feel like Gentleman Vagabond should be higher with dragonfly and armour-piercing being very good perks for a sniper type weapon.
But none of what I just wrote really matters since Fusion rifles are basically god tier compared to them. The Merciless is comparable to D1 Y1 Galahorn (or from what I head) with only a few other weapons coming close in certain activities. This thing is undoubtedly the best heavy right now. Main ingredient is also very good (even matching score with merciless in the sheet), but still suffers from fusion rifle problems that the merciless doesn’t. However, with a rally barricade/hunter dodge and rampage stacks this could out-dps merciless for single-mag potential. In a public event where heavy ammo is a bit more plentiful and has lots of weaker adds, getting rampage stacks could be easier and make it more efficient then merciless. The other fusions probably aren’t as worth it as these two, but still much better than most other heavy’s. The Tarantula/man o’ war are also decent too, but don’t have amazing perks for heavy weapons.
Due to how I’ve done my rating of mods a lot of the heavy weapons are not accurately represented, like I said in the sniper section, some stats just do no matter depending on the weapon type/usage. Also Perks play a bigger role here as they can add unique skills that are going to be much better than an increase in a basically-useless stat.
What does this mean?
It means what you want it to mean. If you don’t care about efficiency and only want to have fun and use what is cool, then do that, I have no problems. If you do care about efficiency then there is a value in this analysis and I would take some of the suggestions into effect if you can. Obviously, it might be difficult to get some weapons drop at high power, in that case you could reasonably use this to try and tell what is worth keeping/infusing. Also, if you just needed a big sheet of all the weapons stats/mods for your own analysis, then I got you covered too. However you take it, remember that everyone plays differently and enjoys the game in different ways. Also just because the sheet came up with these result doesn’t necessarily mean that I agree with it.
Also I'd like to thank the guys at massive breakdown for helping me save time in-putting a lot of the data. I left in the ttk info from their sheet for those intrested. The mods and analysis stuff I did myself.
If you find an error in the data, let me know I can fix it up.
Thanks for reading.
submitted by siminerd to DestinyTheGame [link] [comments]

2017.07.20 15:38 Eterya A (partial) list of PvE damage numbers and multipliers in the Beta

I saw a comment mentioning that in the Beta precision damage/the body to precision damage modifier had been increased to make Precision hits more rewarding. And since I had nothing else to do and I like numbers, here, have some.
Disclaimer: All testing was done in the Inverted Spire along with 2 other players. Since I don't own a capture card or whatever, I had to collect all that data by hand while playing, but I confirmed every value multiple times on different enemies and made sure I was close enough to not get damage falloff. All values are subject to rounding both by me and the in-game damage calculations.
RpM is listed in lieu of Impact since those two are directly related/proportional. The Ultra I used was obviously the Modular Mind at the end of the Strike. Shotgun damage was very hard to track due to the pellets (same with regular Fusion Rifles), and all precision damage is displayed as one number, so the ratio was impossible to determine, thus they're not listed. Also for obvious reasons I could only use weapons I have obtained so far, if I find any more I may update the list.
Name Type RpM Body damage Precision damage Multiplier Body (Ultra) Precision (Ultra) Multiplier (Ultra) Ultra damage reduction
Scathelocke Primary Auto 600 59 153 2.59 55 71 1.29 6.8%
Deathstalker-4AU Energy Auto 720 47 117 2.49 44 55 1.25 6.4%
Nightshade1 Primary Pulse 385 3x61 3x183 3.00 3x54 3x80 1.49 11.5%
Nergal PR41 Energy Pulse 385 3x55 3x165 3.00 3x49 3x73 1.49 10.9%
Does Not Compute Primary Scout 150 161 450 2.80 134 188 1.40 16.8%
Black Scorpion-4SR Energy Scout 260 90 270 3.00 75 113 1.50 16.6%
Better Devils26 Primary HC 140 269+135 269+457 1.80 143+114 143+194 1.31 37.4%
Minuet-42 Energy HC 140 242 653 2.70 208 281 1.35 14.1%
The Showrunner3 Primary SMG 900 57 146 2.56 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Phosporus MG434 Energy SMG 900 51 132 2.59 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Urchin-3SI3 Energy Sidearm 360 113 326 2.88 n/a n/a n/a n/a
Copperhead-4SN Sniper 140 434 2170 5.00 362 905 2.50 16.6%
Tarantula-3FR56 Linear Fusion 567 835 1905 2.28 562 843 1.50 32.7%
1: Damage per bust (obviously) 2: This one has Explosive Rounds, which seem to increase bodyshot damage, and thus skew the multiplier. (If considering only the up-front damage, the normal and Ultra multpliers are 3.39 and 1.70 respectively) 3: With these ones I legitimately could not get close enough to the boss to not have range falloff. (This also says pretty much everything about ever thinking of using an SMG against bosses) 4: Damage numbers were identical to the Red Mamba-3MG 5: Linear Fusion Rifle, instead of RpM, Charge is listed 6: Ultra DR calculated based on body damage


NOTICE that all of these are based on extremely limited data points, as well as obivously being from the Beta, so they're subject to change.
Obviously I'm only human, so if I made any mistakes please point them out to me so I can fix them (but if your actual damage numbers differ, I'd like to see image/video proof). Anyways, hope you found this helpful/mildly interesting. Peace out
TL;DR: The bold and italic stuff near the bottom.
EDIT 0: I can preemptively say I'll have messed up some numbeformatting, so by the time you read this, refresh the page and see if it's fixed. (Called it. Fixed.) EDIT 1: Apparently Scouts already had a plenty high precision modifier, if anything the Does Not Compute has a slightly lower one (whereas the Black Scorpion has the exact same). But the overall point for the other weapon classes still stands.
submitted by Eterya to DestinyTheGame [link] [comments]

2017.06.12 16:18 oopsydoopsy1221 HUGE Table of Statistics From Over 240 Debt Free Screams (Debt,Income,Occupation)

I spent a couple hours putting together this table because I wanted to see the average/median income of the debt free screamers (120-130K). I tried to lower the debt amount when the screamers sold a house or had a windfall, so this information is far from perfect.
What do you take away from this information?
Video Debt Amnt Months Income Start Income End Occupations
Link $109,000 23 80 100 Pro. Mngr+Natural Gas
Link $550,000 40 150 200 Real Estate Agent+Paralegal
Link $75,000 19 65 110 Exercise+City Mngr
Link $16,000 18 30 30 Social Media Marketing
Link ~$120,000 19 63 110 ???
Link $90,000 45 90 150 ???
Link $61,627 32 41 66 Tips
Link $47,000 31 47 51 COOK Medical
Link $345,000 36 150 210 Sales+Accountant
Link $32,000 12 60 80 ???
Link $207,000 84 30 105 Teacher+HR
Link $75,000 12 120 150 Program Mngr
Link $92,000 24 140 150 Retail Consultant+Tech Support
Link $287,000 66 60 150 Therapist+Education Sales
Link $138,000 38 135 150 Auditor+Teacher
Link $50,000 22 95 150 Hospitality+???
Link $92,000 40 98 150 Recruiter+Mech.Engineer
Link $92,882 30 145 175 Nurse+Private Investigator
Link $101,066 22 70 150 Cardio Technologist+Same
Link $107,000 120 85 120 Physcial Therapist+Same
Link $42,663 40 43 80 Special Ed+Data Analyst
Link $25,257 9 71 81 Payroll+CSR
Link $53,263 43 80 90 Recruiter+Small Business
Link ~$20,000 6 45 45 Minister+Same
Link $254,000 98 54 200 Pilot
Link $45,000 22 50 90 Sales
Link $135,339 32 117 155 Fireman+Small Business
Link $41,000 41 100 140 ???
Link $89,000 60 36 72 Small Business+Pizza Delivery
Link $160,000 38 150 220 Lawyer+Lawyer
Link $102,822 41 70 110 Social worker+Web Developer
Link $40,816 14 94 99 Lab tech+Teacher
Link $136,000 47 75 100 Engineer+Mom
Link $40,000 44 70 95 Accountant+Dispatcher
Link $73,000 24 80 154 Nurse+Nurse
Link $22,000 24 70 85 Teacher+Landscape Design
Link $220,569 84 75 120 Accountant+???
Link $71,000 16 110 110 Firefighter+Teacher
Link $45,090 12 30 75 Nurse+Landscape
Link $47,000 15 50 110 Nurse+Army
Link $84,000 31 100 110 Officer+Counselor
Link $49,439 15 75 75 Furniture Sales
Link $144,000 30 100 150 Director+Musician
Link $276,000 40 200 200 Court System + Retired from Boeing
Link ~20K 23 60 135 IT Contractor+Office Mngr
Link $51,526 15 113 120 Recruiter+Insurance
Link $111,290 63 50 115 Tree Farmer+Recruiter
Link $65,000 54 96 132 Technical Writer+Science Coordinator
Link $48,000 18 28 120 Real Estate Agent
Link $68,000 63 55 66 Sales Manager
Link $93,000 34 32 150 Nurse+Quality Control
Link $125,189 27 175 200 Physician Assistant+Engineer
Link $134,000 108 63 103 US Customs Agent+Mom
Link $77,000 21 110 110 Quality Control+Recpetionist
Link $43,000 22 75 122 Civil Engineer+Waitress
Link $338,850 35 220 290 Software Engineer+Defence Firm
Link $65,000 18 70 101 Pharma Sales
Link $60,000 36 29 70 ???
Link $65,000 45 90 120 Officer+Program Mngr
Link $125,000 15 60 120 Nurse+Sales
Link $54,000 11 110 110 Nurse+Accountant
Link $65,000 20 95 120 CARES Team
Link $17,000 17 45 55 Restaurant Mngr+Nurse?
Link $252,000 54 80 115 Lawyer
Link $41,000 60 112 150 Nurse+Network Engineer
Link $82,000 33 100 120 Aerospace Engineer+Legal Assistant
Link $25,000 14 30 30 Office Mngr
Link $217,000 39 190 300 Physician Assistant+HR Systems
Link $57,623 17 135 140 Lawyer
Link $90,000 32 110 120 Web Developer+Mom
Link $13,000 9 68 73 Service Mngr+Salon
Link $67,600 22 80 100 UPS Driver+Mom
Link $136,000 30 85 115 Financial Analyst+Dad
Link $45,000 15 88 103 Maintenance Supervisor+Document Control
Link $195,285 60 62 189 Project Engineer+Financial Analyst
Link $86,717 12 200 200 ???
Link $109,000 13 220 270 Nurse+Technical Adviser
Link $46,000 36 56 72 Teacher+Pastor
Link $52,000 8 262 262 Doctor+Scientist
Link $58,000 25 115 130 ???
Link $32,000 15 80 100 Teacher+Network Engineer
Link $50,000 32 36 50 ???
Link $104,700 54 65 80 ???
Link $42,000 24 50 75 Web App Dev
Link $31,942 18 70 70 Whse Supervisor+Special Ed
Link $33,000 13 40 80 ???
Link $44,000 8 90 130 Teacher+UPS Driver
Link $398,000 84 140 150 Teacher+Teacher
Link $37,000 9 120 120 Headhunter
Link $54,717 38 95 110 Project Mngr+Therapist
Link $80,212 28 79 93 Teacher+CPA
Link $63,000 26 45 80 ???
Link $175,000 84 60 180 Software Engineer+Project Mngr
Link $165,000 32 64 200 Lawyer+Doctor
Link $102,664 35 100 165 IT Engineer+Accounting
Link $69,000 30 56 68 Fashion
Link $130,000 60 90 140 Engineer+Worker Comp
Link $112,000 19 125 160 Phramacist
Link $93,000 40 34 40 Health Care HR
Link $153,000 42 85 180 Realtor+Genetics
Link $97,000 22 95 107 Biologist+Teacher
Link $68,000 32 26 91 ???
Link $280,000 60 45 250 Billing Manger+Land Surveyer
Link $102,000 24 121 171 General Motors+Leadership
Link $101,00 29 70 110 ???
Link $70,000 72 40 88 ???
Link $28,525 12 80 110 ???
Link $135,000 84 50 83 FedEx Manager+UPS
Link $405,000 54 250 250 Pharmacist+Pharmacist
Link $160,000 102 120 180 Nurse+Firefighter
Link $272,000 37 135 175 Real Estate+Operations Manager
Link $260,000 142 60 95 ???
Link $85,000 17 90 152 Fundraiser+Market Researcher
Link $29,000 10 50 70 Sales
Link $97,000 40 80 160 Locomotive Engineer+Nurse
Link $85,000 18 93 93 Military+Office Admin
Link $65,000 16 117 117 Navy Officer+Mom
Link $107,761 28 80 130 HR+Mom
Link $16,500 16 24 30 ???
Link $34,500 16 70 120 Military
Link $55,000 34 95 170 Teacher+Electrical Engineer
Link $376,000 48 190 225 Finance+Mngt Consulting
Link $113,000 44 78 86 Principal+Secretary
Link $73,200 20 130 174 UPS+Business Analyst
Link $50,000 32 53 69 Firefighter+Nurse
Link $51,666 49 25 45 Pastor+Mom
Link $116,900 34 100 170 Graphic Artist/Insurance+Salon
Link $198,000 43 60 85 ???
Link $297,000 82 ? ? Web Programmer
Link $33,100 22 85 105 Business Analyst+Auto Tech
Link $65,000 19 100 120 USPS+Food Packaging
Link $130,000 60 42 90 Production Worker
Link $50,000 25 20 45 Teacher
Link $67,000 25 80 93 Teacher+Teacher
Link $110,000 36 50 76 UPS
Link $70,000 23 160 160 Software Developer
Link $90,000 59 60 115 Teacher+Teacher
Link $54,00 30 45 70 Accounting
Link $250,000 48 120 230 Teacher+Physical Therapist
Link $101,000 43 50 135 ???
Link $60,000 11 101 105 Manager+Counselor
Link $100,000 86 58 89 Surgical Tech+Bus Driver
Link $77,000 8 100 100 Engineer+Mom
Link $10,800 6 36 36 Teacher
Link $19,000 30 80 140 Air Force
Link $75,847 23 110 134 Appraiser+Payroll
Link $25,000 20 50 50 ???
Link $114,000 30 98 134 Teacher+Phara Sales
Link $43,000 11 190 190 Software Sales+Client Services
Link $59,454 22 75 88 Engineer+Photographer
Link $45,226 15 160 185 Occupational Therapist+Construction Consultant
Link $200,000 60 64 130 DoD+DoD
Link $178,000 36 80 98 Electrical Engineer+Mom
Link $37,000 37 65 90 Retail Mngr+Customer Service
Link $400,000 96 140 200 petroleum Engineer
Link $220,000 82 90 170 Lawyer+Lawyer
Link $18,394 7 28 80 Chemist+Marketing Mngr
Link $83,000 76 90 110 Supervisor+???
Link $32,600 13 84 128 Data Consultant
Link $107,000 21 240 305 Finance+Law Enforcer
Link ~$26,000 19 53 75 Xray tech+Firefighter
Link $980,000 36 250 950 Doctor+Doctor
Link $205,300 21 200 276 Product Mngr+Pharmacist
Link $247,000 33 115 210 HR+Pharmacist
Link $116,500 34 97 123 Audit Analyst+Non Profit
Link $103,000 12 205 205 HR+Software Dev
Link $71,000 36 90 105 IT Sales+Mom
Link $41,000 13 56 67 CAD Engineer
Link $31,000 20 60 60 Nurse+Truck Driver
Link $98,000 38 38 48 Manager
Link $~50,000 6 90 135 Physical Therapist+Engineer
Link $135,000 32 130 155 Physicians Assistant+Engineer
Link $180,000 102 108 130 ???
Link $110,000 23 107 173 Teacher+Lawyer
Link $178,000 40 150 163 ???
Link $60,000 14 100 120 Teacher+Project Mngr
Link $53,366 14 110 110 Nanny+Security
Link $86,500 32 130 155 Engineer+Engineer
Link $80,000 48 140 200 Procurement+Oil/Gas
[Link $61,000 18 80 85 ???
Link $26,771 28 51 78 Teacher+Teacher
Link $46,800 30 70 82 Teacher
Link $143,000 38 80 120 Police+Massage
Link ~$58,000 6 130 135 Officer+Social Worker
Link $115,700 43 110 200 IT Consultant
Link $55,000 12 90 105 Programmer+Hair Stylist
Link $220,000 54 130 148 Nurse
Link $555,000 96 250 250 Doctor+Mom
Link $125,000 48 80 160 Teacher+Business Owner
Link $15,000 9 45 45 Engineer
Link $15,000 11 36 36 Pizza Delivery+Mom
Link $228,000 80 100 152 Pilot+Mom
Link $102,000 38 84 102 Officer+Teacher
Link $617,000 79 60 110 Pastor
Link $171,000 90 60 78 Assistant+Director
Link $208,000 120 74 110 Nurse+???
Link $305,000 102 120 190 Insurance+Insurance
Link $105,000 90 28 130 Software Engineer+Mom
Link $195,140 26 100 200 Physicians Assistant+Banker
Link $68,000 17 90 120 HR+Auditor
Link $234,000 108 147 170 ???
Link $50,000 19 85 102 Pilot+Event Planner
Link $46,500 31 35 55 Musician
Link $16,639 17 39 39 ???
Link $45,000 9 113 154 Salon+Firefighter
Link $103,000 62 35 75 Daycare+Wedding
Link $29,837 12 81 81 Insurance Sales
Link $85,000 18 90 150 Nurse+Pastor
Link $59,000 32 80 97 Real Estate+HR
Link $63,540 13 100 140 Hospice+Maintenance
Link $125,000 13 205 205 Lawyer+Business
Link $63,000 20 42 82 Air Force+Title Company
Link $47,000 18 35 80 Business
Link $75,000 60 26 90 Teacher+Sports Marketing
Link $80,000 117 15 65 Software Engineer+Mom
Link $123,000 36 110 165 Engineer+Marketing
Link $285,580 63 78 150 Nurse+???
Link $200,000 125 135 135 Vet+Vet
Link $117,716 59 60 92 Teacher+Nurse
Link $12,900 9 50 50 Instructor
Link $120,000 14 210 210 IT Sales+Finance
Link $47,900 10 102 102 Editor+Communications
Link $144,158 35 205 205 Mechanical Engineer+Communications
Link $109,000 40 70 140 ???
Link $147,000 48 95 200 ???
Link $324,000 75 92 117 Teacher+Engineer
Link $60,000 22 33 75 Counselor
Link $28,000 12 80 80 Office Mngr+Web Dev
Link $34,700 18 40 120 ???
Link $112,000 28 85 120 HR+Auditor
Link $418,400 47 136 170 Programmer+Mom
Link $145,000 76 100 175 Marketing+Accountant
Link $60,000 52 30 81 Real Estate
Link $360,000 41 120 250 Nurse+Nurse
Link $59,00 34 55 105 Budget Analyst
Link $87,000 41 85 130 Oil Field+Mom
Link $100,000 57 190 255 Doctor
Link $49,500 36 46 95 ???
Link $84,000 40 80 120 IT+Mom
Link $192,000 19 360 470 CPA
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2015.05.07 19:28 kaloyankulov 7 Actionable Link-Building SEO Tips for eCommerce. From my personal experience with my first online store (not a blog post!)

I think doing good off-page SEO for eCommerce is a lot like doing a good off-page SEO for any other type of website. It mostly comes down to being good at link building.

I’m going to share with you some great tactics that worked pretty well for my first online store, and you can start applying them right now.
I’ll start with the easiest ones and progress to some harder methods. As you could expect, the difficult ones are where the real SEO juice is, but it doesn’t hurt to do the quick ones, too.
Start by creating an Excel or Google Spreadsheet (I prefer Google if I have to collaborate with colleagues). Name it "Link building campaign" or something similar.
This spreadsheet is going to be your quant-based off-page SEO campaign overview and will aim to give you a bird view of how well you’re doing.
Add the following columns in the spreadsheet:
  • Website - the website you want to position a link on
  • Contacted - Yes/No; if you need to contact a person to request a link on their site
  • Replied - Yes/No. Shows if the person has replied to your email.
  • Linking - Yes/No. If the link has been positioned yet.
  • Contact details - person’s details for contact if needed.
  • Asset type - what you are going to give them in return. The asset is the benefit you offer them. With online stores this could be: A free product. A discount code for their site readers. The “thought leader” tactic - the online store owner shares a relevant experience with the audience.
  • Article Name - your article submission for the website if applicable. Applies if you are doing guest-authoring. Audience - what’s the audience of the website.
  • Most used keywords - what are the most used keywords on the site. A column with a keyword overview of the site. It gives you a starting point for idea generation if you are going to write an article on the site. You can use this tool to scrap most used words on a page -
  • Backlinks - what other sites are linking to the site where you want your link positioned
  • PR - page rank
  • PA - page authority
  • DA - domain authority. For PA and DA use MozBar free plugin.
You can go even further and some marketing analytical stats like:
  • Traffic - traffic that came from that particular link
  • Conversion rate - % of successful purchases made by visitors that came from that link
  • Number of purchases that a visitor who came from the link made.
This quantitative data will be very helpful to track your off-page SEO campaign.
That's how my Link Building Campaign Spreadsheet looked for my first online store.

You can also download the spreadsheet template.

Once you get this done, we can get to the fun stuff that is link building.
You can apply some or most of the techniques I list here. Personally I had best results with guest-blogging and discount/product giveaway to bloggers.

1. Put a link to your online store in your forum profile signature to get some quick links and traffic.

Most message boards use “no-follow” links that don’t bring any SEO juice. They are still worth for the traffic that comes from them.
You can get 5-10 links that way fast.

2. Ask for opinion for your store on message boards or sub reddits

Open a new topic and asks what users think of your online store design, usability, product selection, prices, etc. You don’t want to come out too promotional.
That's how I got my first customer for my online store for novelty gadgets and men’s gifts. I posted a “Let me know what you think of my online store” thread in a web developers’ forum. Is all about targeting the right websites.
Important note: I was told by a person in another community that this is plain spammy and should get you banned in most forums.
Apparently, I didn't articulate my message well enough. I don't ask you to create a hundred new profiles and start spamming message boards with your store link! It's always about being genuine and contributing to the community first.
In my example above, I'm a member of that forum since 2005th! That was not 10 minutes ago; that's ten years.
So if you plan on using that tactic make sure you contribute to the forum fist. Be very helpful first, answer at least few topics before putting your link anywhere.

3. Submit your online store to business directories.

These links don’t have the greatest SEO profile you’d like, but there’s no reason not to do them. You might try a service like RankCrew or do some manual link submissions.
Be careful: Don’t submit more than three links per day! With the Penguin algorithm, you might get penalized for that.

4. If your store has a fancy design, don’t underestimate the web design galleries.

Submit your link to a service like I had great results with my personal portfolio, and we got more than 1700 views on our first day that came from web design galleries. It can work with an online store if you store has some impressive design and product photography.

5. Share your link on marketplaces

If you sell products on eBay, Etsy and other marketplaces you can include a link to your store in your profile or where acceptable in your product description.

6. Product and discount giveaway.

With product discounts and giveaways, I had greatest results.
With an online store, you have one great advantage, and that is physical products bought on the cheap.
Find authoritative blogs in your niche with a big readers audience. You can track backlinks to your competitors and see what bloggers and sites link to them. To do that use a service like Ahrefs and Open Seo Stats, the former one being free. Send an email to the blog owner that you’d like to offer a discount for his/hers readers and send them a neat gift.
With my geek gadgets stores, I approached game bloggers, sci-fi enthusiasts, and other nerdy folks. Here’s a template of the email I use.
Hi there,
I’m Kaloyan, co-founder of a new website for unusual gadgets and all other geeky things -
I’m approaching you because I found out that you like the stuff we have. We do have some cool gadgets; it would be awesome if you could check them. As you are a person that's deep into that subculture, it will be useful for us if you have 2 minutes to check our site. Share your opinion about the products we list and the site in general.
Apart from that I'd like to make a small discount for you and your blog’s readers as we believe they’ll enjoy the stuff we offer. Here’s a discount code for 10% OFF: “discountcode”.
Last but not least I’d like you to give us an address where we can send a small gift we’ve prepared for you. We think you’ll like it :)
Best Regards, Kalo
He got back to us quickly. Later we sent him an excellent 8-bit glasses with a personalized geeky message:
Check here!
We got more than a 1000 views from his site and a link from a PR4 targeted page. Everything costing us: less than 5 quid.

7. Guest-blogging

This tactic involves approaching bloggers and online magazines with some great content. A natural fit are entrepreneurial and marketing blogs. Try to find the blog owner or chief editor’s email and ask him/her that you are currently writing an in-depth article about X. And you believe his/her readers will find beneficial.
It’s easy to write something about eCommerce - share what worked and what didn’t for your store. Again don’t be promotional. The point here is to share insightful content. In the “about the author” section you’ll share a link to your store.
Hope this advice helps you get started with doing some strong off-page link building for your store.
What are your best ways of doing off-page SEO for eCommerce?

P.s. If you are using WooCommerce for your store: I've started a new project that takes care of technical gremlins and helps online store owners with SEO. Drop me a message if you need help and get a discount as a Reddit user.

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2015.05.06 15:17 kaloyankulov 7 Actionable Off-Page SEO Building Tips For Ecommerce Startups (from my personal eCommerce entrepreneurial experience)

I think doing good off-page SEO for eCommerce startups is a lot like doing a good off-page SEO for any other type of business. It mostly comes down to being good at link building.

I’m going to share with you some great tactics that worked pretty well for my first online store, and you can start applying them right now.
I’ll start with the easiest ones and progress to some harder methods. As you could expect, the difficult ones are where the real SEO juice is, but it doesn’t hurt to do the quick ones, too.

I believe this is going to be a helpful advice for you if you are an entrepreneur in the eCommerce field. If you find it useful, please Upvote so I can come up with more in-depth materials like this one.

Start by creating an Excel or Google Spreadsheet (I prefer Google if I have to collaborate with colleagues). Name it "Link building campaign" or something similar.
This spreadsheet is going to be your quant-based off-page SEO campaign overview and will aim to give you a bird view of how well you’re doing.
Add the following columns in the spreadsheet:
You can go even further and some marketing analytical stats like:
This quantitative data will be very helpful to track your off-page SEO campaign.
That's how my Link Building Campaign Spreadsheet looked for my first online store.

You can also download the spreadsheet template.

Once you get this done, we can get to the fun stuff that is link building.
You can apply some or most of the techniques I list here. Personally I had best results with guest-blogging and discount/product giveaway to bloggers.

1. Put a link to your online store in your forum profile signature to get some quick links and traffic.

Most message boards use “no-follow” links that don’t bring any SEO juice. They are still worth for the traffic that comes from them.
You can get 5-10 links that way fast.

2. Ask for opinion for your store on message boards or sub reddits

Open a new topic and asks what users think of your online store design, usability, product selection, prices, etc. You don’t want to come out too promotional.
That's how I got my first customer for my online store for novelty gadgets and men’s gifts. I posted a “Let me know what you think of my online store” thread in a web developers’ forum. Is all about targeting the right websites.

3. Submit your online store to business directories.

These links don’t have the greatest SEO profile you’d like, but there’s no reason not to do them. You might try a service like RankCrew or do some manual link submissions.
Be careful: Don’t submit more than three links per day! With the Penguin algorithm, you might get penalized for that.

4. If your store has a fancy design, don’t underestimate the web design galleries.**

Submit your link to a service like I had great results with my personal portfolio, and we got more than 1700 views on our first day that came from web design galleries. It can work with an online store if you store has some impressive design and product photography.

5. Share your link on marketplaces

If you sell products on eBay, Etsy and other marketplaces you can include a link to your store in your profile or where acceptable in your product description.

6. Product and discount giveaway.

With product discounts and giveaways, I had greatest results.
With an online store, you have one great advantage, and that is physical products bought on the cheap.
Find authoritative blogs in your niche with a big readers audience. You can track backlinks to your competitors and see what bloggers and sites link to them. To do that use a service like Ahrefs and Open Seo Stats, the former one being free. Send an email to the blog owner that you’d like to offer a discount for his/hers readers and send them a neat gift.
With my geek gadgets stores, I approached game bloggers, sci-fi enthusiasts, and other nerdy folks. Here’s a template of the email I use.
Hi there,
I’m Kaloyan, co-founder of a new website for unusual gadgets and all other geeky things -
I’m approaching you because I found out that you like the stuff we have. We do have some cool gadgets; it would be awesome if you could check them. As you are a person that's deep into that subculture, it will be useful for us if you have 2 minutes to check our site. Share your opinion about the products we list and the site in general.
Apart from that I'd like to make a small discount for you and your blog’s readers as we believe they’ll enjoy the stuff we offer. Here’s a discount code for 10% OFF: “discountcode”.
Last but not least I’d like you to give us an address where we can send a small gift we’ve prepared for you. We think you’ll like it :)
Best Regards, Kalo
He got back to us quickly. Later we sent him an excellent 8-bit glasses with a personalized geeky message:
Check here!
We got more than a 1000 views from his site and a link from a PR4 targeted page. Everything costing us: less than 5 quid.

7. Guest-blogging

This tactic involves approaching bloggers and online magazines with some great content. A natural fit are entrepreneurial and marketing blogs. Try to find the blog owner or chief editor’s email and ask him/her that you are currently writing an in-depth article about X. And you believe his/her readers will find beneficial.
It’s easy to write something about eCommerce - share what worked and what didn’t for your store. Again don’t be promotional. The point here is to share insightful content. In the “about the author” section you’ll share a link to your store.
Hope this advice helps you get started with doing some strong off-page link building for your store.
What are your best ways of doing off-page SEO for eCommerce?

P.s. If you are using WooCommerce for your eCommerce startup: I've launched a new project that takes care of technical gremlins and helps you with SEO. Drop me a message if you need help and get a discount as a Reddit user.

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2014.02.22 19:11 tabledresser [Table] IamA Motorcycle Safety Instructor, AMA!

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Date: 2014-02-22
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Questions Answers
What do you think about so many people assuming motorcycles are so dangerous? What is your response if someone says this to you? They are absolutely correct; riding a motorcycle is more dangerous than driving a car. The data we have says you're about 32-36 times more likely to be involved in a serious motorcycle accident than a car accident. The first thing we teach in the course is how to mitigate (reduce) risk.
When someone says it's dangerous, I agree. They usually ask why I still ride, and it's because it's worth it. There's risk in everything we do. It's all a matter of how much you're willing to take. Personally, the risk of riding a motorcycle is worth the rewarding experience it provides.
What's the most egregious accident/stupidity/behavior you've seen on the range? Also: What do you ride? I've never seen any really bad accidents. We're pretty good at preparing students for what to expect and keep them from taking actions that would end up with serious injury. The worst thing I've seen is a student who treated the throttle like an on/off switch. By the second exercise (the first one you actually ride), he dumped the clutch and took off at full throttle. He was on a dual-purpose bike, rode off the range, over a curb, into the street, and finally stopped when he crashed into another curb. He was sent home. EDIT: The stupidest behavior I've seen is when students make a u-turn to change directions and the lead student doesn't leave enough time for the last student to finish their turn. They get really close to having head-on collisions before they stop.
How do you like the GSXR? I always imagined it was the perfect mix of a 600 and a 1000. It's not bad but I'm not amazed by it. It still takes some revving to get into the powerband, but once you're in it I couldn't imagine needing more.
I keep running into things on GTA IV any ideas? Go slower. Works in real life, too.
What size bikes do you use in the class? How many beginners then buy a significantly bigger engined bike and what do you think about that? Our bikes range from 125-250cc. The maximum the course allows is 500cc.
I don't know what beginners buy after the course, and where I live there's no limit to what they can buy. Every instructor's opinion varies on this. My opinion is to start small. Small bikes are forgiving. If you make a mistake on something with 30hp, you have time to think and correct. That mistake on something with 130hp (my bike) will put you at 100mph faster than you can fix it.
General rule of thumb: you're buying your first bike, not your last bike. It's like starting out a pilot in an F-22. Pilots start in Cessna 152s for a good reason.
What's the most common mistake that you've found yourself correcting? That's difficult to answer. New riders need so much feedback that there's no standout one thing. Probably smooth clutch control. People like to treat the clutch like it's an on/off switch, but it's more like a dimmer that requires fine adjustment.
Have you seen the movie, "The World's Fastest Indian"? It's a movie about a man who wants to set a land speed record on an old Indian motorcycle. It's one of my favorites. I've seen that movie, definitely a good one.
Can you elaborate on your answer about clutch control? And how it's a "dimmer"? I don't understand what you mean. Sure. Basically, a clutch lever can't be treated like it only has two positions (engaged or disengaged). It's not all or nothing. It needs to be treated like it has hundreds of positions. As you release it, more power gets transmitted to the real wheel. Release a little more, a little more power. Squeeze it in, it cuts off power. Squeeze it in a little more, cuts off a little more power.
The idea is that you never want to immediately engage all power, or cut it all off. You want to smoothly apply more or less power.
Exceptions apply, like in shifting or coming to a complete stop. But the challenge is usually in starting off smoothly.
So when switching gears on a motorcycle, you'd want to ease into the next one, instead of quickly switching? Shifting is the exception. Once you get good at it you can do it quickly. But it should always be done smoothly.
What else do you do with the clutch? The cluth is used for starting out, preventing the bike from stalling while stopped, shifting, and low speed control.
And wheelies. But we don't talk about that.
Kind sir, how much did it cost to obtain your certification? Was it worth it? How much money, if any, do you make? Would something like this work for an introvert? We're you a natural "teacher" or did you have to Learn as you went? I think it was about $400 all said and done (CPR, First Aid, coach training). It was worth it. We make a lot but it's not easy work, often doing 12 hour shifts on our feet on asphalt with few breaks in between.
We're paid on a per-class set amount, but if you break it down to hourly it's between $30-40. Teaching two classes pays for the cost of getting into it.
I consider myself to be an introvert. It works out alright. The instructions on what we say, what we can say, and feedback to give students are pretty straight-forward. But if you have a deathly fear of public speaking, it's not for you.
it starts to tip too far when you're turning at a moderate or high speed While counter-intuitive, you should accelerate. Acceleration increases the bike's stability and causes it to stand up. Unless you mean tips too far and is no longer on the tires. At that point you're no longer in control and all you can do is hope you wore the right protective equipment.
As for your second question, our course heavily emphasizes planning ahead and having a strategy to deal with evolving situations on the road. If you're only reacting, you'll always be one step behind. You have be proactive about your safety, recognize a possible hazard, and avoid it. A good motorcyclist often turns into a great car driver because of how much situational awareness they develop.
The only tried and true advice is practice, get training, and wear proper protective gear every time.
Thanks for answering, man. Much appreciation. In your experience, does denim provide enough protection in the event of a minor accident, or is it leather all the way? Denim literally does nothing. But you don't have to go straight to leather. Textile is a good intermediate option that's cost-effective and highly protective.
That said, I'll wear jeans on my commute to work. Personal choice.
So why does the MSF require and accept denim for the BRC? In our parking lot at 15mph, it'd be cost-prohibitive to require anything more.
Do students have to use the bikes you provide or can they bring their own? How about scooter owners? In CA the DMV skills test allows scooters. If allowed, how do you deal with scooters in the course? You can use your own bike if it's street legal and under 500ccs, or use ours. Scooters are treated like motorcycles in the course with small variation. They're easier to ride since there's no shifting.
It may be embarrassing, but I've never learned to ride a bicycle and I'm 18. What are your thoughts on people beginning with 3 wheeled motorcycles (trikes, right?)? Trikes is the common term. The skills don't transfer because the physics aren't the same, unless you get a 3-wheeled vehicle that leans like a Piaggio.
Starting on a trike may help with the shifting aspect, though.
Having taken the MSF class about 5 years ago, I've often wondered what I should be working on to improve my riding. Is there a common mistake you see experienced riders make? So many. To be honest, I see other coaches ride who make me question their own skills. Fine in a parking lot, but scary on the street.
Braking. You have to practice it to get better. The hardest I've ever used my brakes is while practicing in an empty parking lot, just to know how much I can apply them.
Slowing down in a turn. Not trail braking (slowing down to the apex all the way into the turn), but being on the gas in the turn, getting off, then getting back on. That's a great way to crash as you upset your suspension. If you're in the turn and not on the brakes, you better not touch them. Keith Code has a great line, "Once the throttle is applied in the turn, it should be smoothly and continuously applied throughout the turn." Don't roll off. Trust the bike.
Looking ahead, faaar ahead. Hugely applicable to safe street riding. On the same note, avoid target fixation.
When I did my MSF basic course a rider fell off in the final test. He still passed and scored 100%. This never made sense to me. Any thoughts? If you fall or drop the motorcycle during the evaluation you automatically fail. He should not have passed.
What is the best way to be safe on a motorbike when dealing with other people on the road? Avoid them.
What's the worst accident you've had on a bike? 70mph crash from failing to negotiate a turn that left me with a spinal fracture and some fractured ribs.
Ouch! How long did it take to recover from that? 3 months, just broken bones. Compared to my racing friends who have crashed well over 100mph, my injuries were minor.
What kind of motorcycles do you ride personally? What tires do you recommend for grip/stopping power on a heavy frame cruiser bike? I ride sportbikes, typically supersports. I would like to get into trail riding with dual purpose bikes but don't have the time.
My knowledge is limited on cruisers, but I've heard great things about the Metzler ME880s. All the Harley guys I've spoken to who came from the Dunlops swear by the Metzlers now. Great mileage, great grip. You just have to keep the tire pressure up pretty high.
What do you prefer when it comes to sportbike tires for the street? I'm planning to do a tire change soon with a Michelin PP3 up front and PR4 in back. My goal is sport-touring without sacrificing much grip. Your tire choices sound good for your goals.
Any little known facts or helpful advice that riders who never took the course may not have figured out on their own? It's worth the money to take the course. You can find the pdf of the handbook online for free. I recommend at least reading through it once or twice. There's a massive amount of information in it.
Could you provide me with a link? Link to
Say there's two people, one's never driven a car but takes and passes a driver's ed course, then gets their full driver's license (not a learner's permit). the other has never riden a motorcycle but has their car license, and they go thru proper training to get their 'cycle endorsement. will the brand new motorcycle rider have a harder time adapting to the real world on US roads? does our 'car culture' create too much of a safety challenge for bikes, compared to Italy or Vietnam where bikes are far more prevalent? I've only ridden in the US, but I believe if motorcycles were more common there'd be less accidents (as a percentage of the total). Car drivers might then actually look for motorcycles, which is one of the main reasons riders are in accidents.
Speed is another one of the big factors. We drive really fast in the US thanks to all our open space. Riding in India is insane, but rarely fatal because they hardly move. Riding in the US is pretty tame in comparison, but we have more (reported) fatal collisions due to the high speeds.
Do you mention trail braking in your classes? No, it's not in the curriculum. If it's brought up by a student, I'll mention it's an advanced technique and give an overview of what it is. The reality is that students who have never touched a motorcycle before have no ability to properly gauge how much they can brake in a turn, so we do our best to advise against it.
How hard do you laugh at the Harley Davidson decked out posers? I'm required to respect all riders equally. They're free to laugh at me in my power ranger outfit.
Do you teach advanced riding? If so, what would you say is the most common mistake made by riders who've been riding for a while (like several years)? I don't teach advanced riding, but I'm pretty competent (I can run A group at the track on a 600cc bike). User akraut asked the same question above and I gave some feedback there.
I've never taken the MSF course and I have been riding several years. I have been thinking of taking the class this spring with a friend. How often do you see experienced riders in the class ? Would you think I'll learn anything new if I have close to 17k miles on a bike already ? Every class has experienced riders. Part of the certification to become a coach requires re-taking the Basic course and passing. I had ridden for over 6 years and over 50k miles when I re-took it. I still learned new things.
Have any of your students been killed in a motorcycle accident? I don't know, I hope not. None of my students have been seriously injured while taking the course. Usually after the class I never see students again unless it's at a shop to buy gear or supplies.
At the driving school my son went to, they have a wall where students who have been killed are noted. Not a lot of names there, but it's quite sobering. We don't have any walls nearby at the locations I've coached at.
Will do. Every seat is likely different, but as a general rule how much can I expect to be able to shave off before it becomes an issue of "this seat isn't padded anymore"? About an inch.
I've developed the really bad habit of easing off the throttle or breaking in corners - especially if I think they are getting too tight - which just straightens me up and has the opposite effect of what I'm trying to achieve. How can I train myself out of this? Practice. Take a turn you're comfortable with over and over again until it's drilled into habit.
What is your opinion on the British Isle of Man road race? If you're unaware then click the link provided. The event consists of 5 races on the small, winding roads of the Isle of Man. It averages more than 2 deaths per year. Link to It's crazy. Looks fun, but crazy,
Really? o-o that's so odd. I was never asked for the UK CBT which is similar. Why is it needed? I would imagine the skills are transferable but not that one is a prerequisite for the other. The physics of balancing a bicycle are the same as balancing a motorcycle. It's preferred that you don't try and learn yet another detail while you're trying to learn motorcycle controls. Especially since the consequences of a mistake are greater on a motorcycle.
I took the beginner course a few months back, isn't there also a pre-beginner course for people who don't know how to ride a bicycle? I heard the people in my class say it also helped them with the shifting aspect but they never went into detail why. Not that I'm aware of. But the MSF offers a ton of different courses and the ranges I've worked at only hosts one of them.
How does the motorcycle community feel about vespa riders? There's no general opinion on Vespas.
Scooters, however, are shunned. Sorry :/
What's the highest failure rate you've had in a class? When I took the basic class a few years ago 5 students out of 14 failed. The largest class size is 12.
Just guessing since I don't record the numbers, I'd say the highest failure rate I've had is 3 out of 9. However, usually 2 of those 3 get sent home early while 1 will make it to the test and fail.
In the UK we have a compulsory basic test, a 6 to 8hr day, before you can even ride a 50cc scooter on the road regardless of age. Is there a similar scheme in the US? No restrictions in the US. When I started riding at 17 I could have taken a written test and legally ridden a 2300cc motorcycle. There's talk of changing that.
[NOT OP] I can't imagine riding a bike being neccesary, the motorcycle keeps its self upright after a certain speed from momentum. The ability to ride a bicycle is a prerequisite to take the course.
No questions. Just want to say thanks. I took the MSF basic course and Id say it has saved my life a few times. You're welcome! I'm glad it was beneficial.
Would you ever ride a four wheeled codormycle? it has windows and doors. And a steering wheel... You mean a car? I have a car.
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2013.12.23 21:19 ActuallyTheOtherGuy Reading EEPROM while it's in use? Modding an energy meter

I've got an energy meter, and I thought about connecting it to an Arduino so I could log the data (live) on a computer. I considered connecting to the LCD's segments, but that would be way too much work.
I then noticed the EEPROM - a HT24LC02, tells the text - and thought about reading the memory. However, I'm completely new at these things and I'm not sure if two "clients" using the chip at the same time would work at all. Would it?
In case it woudln't (and I'm suspecting this), how should I go about this? Should I just drop the PCB and use the 3 wires on the meter itself to power the arduino and read the current wattage?
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