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On-Screen Couples Who Stopped Acting Together Because Of Real Life Circumstances

2020.08.31 23:29 MurderIncRecords On-Screen Couples Who Stopped Acting Together Because Of Real Life Circumstances

This isn't a list of actors who stopped working together all together (though they are some in this list) just some stories of why some actors stopped working together.
The story was that Nargis and Raj fell in love during the days they were delivering some classic movies together, but Raj himself was in a arranged marriage. She tried to get him to go through a divorce and marry her (which would have been frowned upon in those times) he did not let up, they parted ways all together and Nargis married Sunil Dutt. Decades later Raj Kapoor's grandson potrayed Nargis's Son in Sanju.
(Silsila) This was before my time but these two are recognized as iconic, but basically Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha were in love and had an affair while he was married to Jaya, Jaya came to know about that and the on screen couple was history (actually this one was well documented.)
Now we have every award show doing a deep zone on Rekha whenever Amitabh is on stage likewise the otherway.
A heavily rumored relationship emerged with Sunny & Dimple following her divorce and seperation from Rajesh Khanna, Dharmendra had a rule for his son's "Never date/marry a actress", so when Sunny wanted her for Ghayal (1990) a movie Dharmendra was funding he flat out said no to her being cast.
I am not going to go in detail as this one has been explained well in other threads and is well known even by people who do not follow bollywood that closely. Aishwarya remains that Salman verbally and physically abused her during their relationship while they were making movies, and she left him, moved on with her life and never worked with him again.
Wanting to repeat the success of the pairing of Sunny and Karisma, these two were paired together in Ajnabee and was going to be repeated for the movie Kranti the very next year. Then the production of Ajnabee happened, Kareena was extremely rude to Bipasha. There was a wardrobe problem during the shooting . Bipasha didn’t have a dress designer. Bobby’s wife Tania came to her rescue and this irked Kareena even more . Kareena would look down on Bipasha for her skin colour while Bobby & Tania were protective of Bipasha. Karerna did not like that and refused to work with Bobby for 4 years until Dosti.
But then things picked up again for Jab We Met, where Imtiaz felt Bobby was suited for the role of Aditya, he went to cast Kareena. Kareena only would sign on, on the condition that Bobby was dropped from the film so Shahid Kapoor can enter the picture, so that pairing is officially dead.
After the success of their pairing in K3G the pairing was repeated with the films Yaadein, MDK & Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon. Rumors were wild that they were having an affair, Hrithik's wife stepped in and told him to flat out never work with her again along with the fact that their solo movies tanked led Hrithik to never work with her again.
Abhishek worked with Kareena in 4 films and worked with Karisma Kapoor in HMBPK (They even kissed in the movie). Abhishek was engaged with Karisma then the engagement got broken off for a long list of reasons, and I don't think you can expect to ever see any of them opposite each other except in cameos (Kareena passed on Players because of this). It is no bad blood just isn't really appropriate for them to play romantic leads also Karisma is basically retired nowadays anyways.
After classics like Devdas and Mohabbatein, Srk's company Red Chillies was producing a movie called Chalte Chalte the company was not doing well at all and was on the brink of going under. Chalte Chalte needed to be a hit (at a relatively low budget) in order for everyone to get paid and survive so Aishwarya was casted in hope to cash in on Devdas success. Then Salman Khan (this was towards the very end of the relationship of him and Aish) came through kept interrupting shoots, and dragged her away from shoots, costing money and delaying the filming to be completed. Srk realizing he couldn't lose any more money, let the company and people jobs go under, dropped Aishwarya out of the movie and replaced her with Rani who was accommodating with dates. Aishwarya held that against him and Rani and chose not to invite the both of them to her wedding years later. her and Srk patched up thanks to Abhishek & Karan for ADHM 14 years later.
Working together in Andaaz, Aitraaz, MSK & Waqt early PC was heavily paired or was in a main cast with Akshay, and some scenes in their movies were intense (particularly in Aitraaz) and when you are working with someone in many films, very close together in release dates you pretty much spend a lot of time with them. Rumors of an affair were wild and Twinkle flat out told Akshay to stop working with Chopra, and that was that.
Giving out classics Yuva, Bunty Aur Babli, KANK, etc (and almost Guru) Abhishek and Rani were each other's best on screen pairing, the chemistry was probably the best or among the best of the 2000s. Then Abhishek married Aishwarya which basically meant he had to inherit all her adversaries which included Rani going back to the whole Chalte Chalte dispute, plus with the rumors that Abhi and Rani were actually in love and Aishwarya elected not to send Rani a invite to the wedding, basically killing that connection and not allowing him to work with her again.
They were in a very long term relationship for years, they both have conflicting stories of their break up (rumors of infidelity, John refusing to tie the knot, etc) and Bipasha swears that she will never ever work with John again.
Like Salman & Aishwarya their are other threads that explore this one in detail, but it is heavily rumored and very much believed that Srk and Priyanka had an affair with each other (and Srk wanted to marry her), Gauri Khan got wind of this and used her connections to stop the pairing from ever happening.
They dated, broke up and won't work together (unlike Salman and Katrina), they elect to stay away from each other for now at least.
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2020.07.24 14:19 pakspy Bipasha Basu was dating Cristiano Ronaldo? See VIRAL Pictures

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2020.04.26 12:07 DForDosa The short lived romance of Abhishek and Dipannita

Excerpt -
As per reports, Sumit Joshi's book 'Affairs of Bollywood Stars Revealed' had spilled the beans on this hidden relationship. It is said that it was Sonali Bendre who had introduced Abhishek Bachchan to Dipannita. While Dipannita was impressed by his chivalry, Jr Bachchan was floored by Dipa's simplicity and clarity. The relationship was initiated by Abhishek Bachchan and two reportedly dated for almost ten months before calling it off.
Several reports stated Abhishek Bachchan had thrown a party while he was dating Dipannita but didn't invite her. Aishwarya Rai was invited to the party and Abhishek showered her with all his attention and praises. It was Bipasha Basu who had warned Dipannita of Abhishek being close to Aishwarya.
"Abhishek was never a friend," Dipannita once told TOI.
Full article -
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His eyes skewer through me. He's sparring with Akshaye Khanna before the camera. At Hotel Renaissance, Bobby Deol is shooting for Abbas-Mustan's untitled film. Dressed in black, he's looking dapper. He certainly doesn't need to play up his good looks. He has a face that's hard to sabotage. There's something about Bobby Deol. Shot over, he looks at me sullenly. He's suffering from a nasty attack of flu. But he gamely agrees to a chatteroo.
The topic of the day: his heroines.
Tina and I didn't get along from day one. We were at each other's throat throughout the making of Barsaat. We'd fight about silly things.
I used to irritate her by talking about the morning ablutions and the importance of a clean stomach. She used to find that obnoxious. She hated it when I used abusive words, she'd get all hot and bothered. And I loved needling her.
Once I remember we were shooting in Rohtang Pass near Manali. The oxygen supply was close to scarce. And she fainted. We had to pack up, she really gave us a scare. On the day of the premiere, we travelled together in the same car. I was a nervous wreck. I'm sure even she was but she hid it well. Throughout the car journey, I just held her hand.
And you know what happened after the premiere? I heard her use foul lingo. I was taken aback. Throughout the shooting, she'd nagged me about giving gaalis. And here she was doing the same. When I told her she just chortled.
Today we laugh about the stupid things we did then. She's now married to my pal, Akshay. Recently, I met her on a cruise while shooting Ajnabee. We had a ball.
Then the press wrote that we were sun-bathing together. And that Akshay kept a check on us throughout. That was hilarious. I never strip in public. So where's the question of sun-bathing?
It's good to see her happily married.
Vidhu Vinod Chopra had discovered her in Delhi. There is a certain vulnerability about her. Kareeb was my third film and I was just beginning to feel settled. Neha was raw. And Vinod gave her a tough time. He'd yell at her constantly. No one pulled me up, maybe because my father's famous.
For one scene, Neha had to come down mountain and give me her left hand. But she kept getting confused. When she couldn't get this right after repeated takes, Vidhu asked her to bite her right hand. She did but she still got it wrong in the next take. After 20 takes, Vidhu lost his cool. And you know what he did? He bit her right hand. I was too shocked to react.
Poor thing, she was shivering with fright. But even in the okay take, she puts out her right hand. Check out the movie.
I got along fine with her, though we didn't become friends.
While shooting for the song Bechaniyaan in Gupt, she had to bring her face close to mine and then bite my chin for the shot. As she brought her face close to mine, I got a blast of bad breath. She'd eaten channa chaat full of raw onions just before the scene. It's a wonder how I even managed to do the scene. Because romance was the last thing on my mind then.
I wanted to get back at her. The fight master and I conned a newcomer, who was playing her brother, to eat onions.
We told him that they were good for concentration and that they'd help him to emote better. He had to do a scene with Manisha. So we asked him to breathe heavily when he got close to her. The camera rolled and we waited with bated breath. But she never reacted. Our joke fell flat.
She's sooo beautiful. Even though she was a newcomer, there was a buzz about her. I think she's the most beautiful Miss World to date. We were shooting in Switzerland for Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya. And the Swiss just couldn't stop gaping at her.
Since it was her first film, I tried my best to make her comfortable. I know how awkward a newcomer can feel on the sets.
But I hated every minute of doing the film. The atmosphere was vitiated, things were totally disorganised. I don't have a single happy memory of that film. I want to forget the entire experience.
Karisma was to make her debut with me in Barsaat. But she got tired of waiting and finally walked out. That was a good decision. See where she is today.
We'd fight bitterly while attending dance classes. Since I was also taking horse riding lessons, I'd invariably be late for the classes. She'd yell at me, threatening to complain to my dad about my latecomings. And I'd get back at her in the acting classes by improvising on the dialogue. I'd shout at her purposely.
I've worked with her in Hum To Mohabbat Karega and Aashiq. Both the films didn't do well. But Karisma impressed me with her dedication and professionalism. Frankly, no one works as hard as she does.
She is as different from her sister as chalk is from cheese. I've seen Bebo ever since she was a kid. She used to visit her sister with her mother. Even then she wanted to be an actress.
She's very talented. I was amazed to see her in Ajnabee. But for all her talent, she isn't half as dedicated as her sister. And I've told her that. But Kareena Kapoor has arrived.
I call her Pritam Singh affectionately. I've known her long before she joined the movies. She was doing a course in criminal psychology and had come to analyse my personality for one of her papers.
Then I saw her screen test for Tara Rum Pum Pum in Shekhar Kapur's office. She looked good. So when Abbas-Mustan offered me Soldier, I suggested her name. That's how we became even better friends.
We had a blast during Soldier. Preity Zinta has verbal diarrohea. I discovered this when we were returning from New Zealand. The flight takes 14 hours to reach Mumbai. And she yakked non-stop.
While we were shooting in Bikaner, the entire unit ganged up against Preity. We asked fight master Usman to behave like a drunkard. We told Preity that he was the local zamindaar's son who'd lost his girlfriend. The incident had mentally unhinged him. So whenever he saw a beautiful girl, he thought she was his girl. This went on for two days.
Once Usman pretended to hit me just to scare her. I had fake blood oozing from my lips. Then he ran towards her with a knife. She was so scared that she just ran ran and ran. When I caught her, she was shivering with fright.
When we told her about our prank, she was furious and decided to get back at us. She got one of the local guys to pose as her husband while she covered herself from head to toe. She wanted to touch our feet and trick us into believing her sob story. But unfortunately for her, I got to know about this and I blew her cover. That irritated her even more.
Rani is my buddy. I call her dedh footiya because of her height. She's the sweetest person I've ever come across. Besides, she's a terrific actress.
We didn't get along in the beginning though. We even fought on the sets of Badal. We had to stand facing each other on a boat. But she was standing against the wind. As a result, my hair was flying all over the place. When I told her to change her position, she accused me of dadagiri. Ultimately, she had to stand where I'd told her to. That bugged her even more but we became great pals later.
I even tried the Usman trick with her. But it failed. Because before she could get scared, another girl nearly fainted with fright. So we had to call it off.
I'm her mom's favourite too. She knows that I love Bengali food. So she's forever plying me with machher jhol.
Gupt was my second film. I was still finding my feet in the industry. There were times when I used to feel like an outsider on the sets of Gupt.
Kajol kept to herself most of the time. We never really interacted. She was always engrossed in her books. She's one of our best actresses, it's a pleasure watching her on screen.
The only time we got talking was on an outdoor schedule. I'd just met Tania and fallen hopelessly in love with her. I couldn't contain my excitement. And I blurted out everything to Kajol. Apart from that, we never bonded. Recently, she visited the sets of Ajnabee at Filmistan studio. She made so much noise on the set that I had to shoo her away. I just couldn't concentrate on my shot.
Urmila came to our rescue when we were facing a heroine crisis in Dillagi. She was very accommodating with her dates. We'll never forget her gesture.
On the sets, Urmila likes to keep to herself. She's a professional. She gave her heart and soul in Dillagi. Unfortunately for us, the movie didn't do.
I love the way she dresses. And the way she dances. Incidentally, we were supposed to do another movie together. But it failed to take off. I hope we work together again some time.
She's soft-spoken. Though she comes from the modelling world, she's adapted well to the film culture. She looks stunning in Ajnabee. I'm doing David Dhawan's Chor Machaye Shor with her. And believe me, she has improved by leaps and bounds.
We had a great time shooting in Switzerland for Ajnabee. Since she was new, Tania and I would be very protective about her.
While shooting in Mauritius, she had to fall into the sea. I had to rescue her. But she didn't know how to swim. Though the water was just six feet deep, she was sereaming at the top of her voice. It was so hilarious. To her credit, she did the scene pretty well.
I'm doing two films with Amisha. Both are untitled yet. Amisha, I'm told, is a gold medallist in economics. She's so brainy. I always ask her why she's joined the movies.
I thought she was brilliant in Gadar. I get along well with her mom. In Switzerland, where we were shooting for Vicky Kumar's film, we'd even travel together. We always be playing cards. Amisha is a bookworm. She keeps to herself on the sets. Maybe I should try reading books too.
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2019.09.21 18:11 _batata_vada Found some really funny stuff on India Forums. Don't know how much of it is true.

"Spoken words are broken eggs"; think of the million things that you may have said in your life. They would sound pretty funny & irrelevant now. While you wish that you would have rather not said some of those things, some others may still bring a smile to your face. Well, thank your stars that they are not on record on some part of the web. However, our B-town celebs are not so lucky. Pretty much everything they have said are on record and make an interesting, funny read even today. Here are some that I stumbled on, which I found worth sharing. On a philosophical note, it makes you wonder about how people and situations change drastically over time...Anyway, get a cuppa and enjoy the light read...
"I'm not at all a Salman fan. I don't like him, he's a very bad actor."
"She can keep Ajay. I am not interested. When Ajay Karisma have babies, they will look like Zebras"...
"I'd have loved to romance Aishwarya Rai. But I'm 58 now, so I have to play her father."
"I don't think Akshay ever had anything to do with Rekha. As a matter of fact, he would run away from her. Akshay tolerated Rekha because of the film. At one point she wanted to get lunch dabbas for him from home. That's when I put my foot down. I felt it was taking things a bit too far. She's a wonderful person, but she should learn where to draw the line."
"He is so powerful. He knows kick-boxing and karate. Bush should call back his army from Iraq and send Vivek instead. I am very scared of Vivek. I will never be able to work with him now. I may shout at him on the sets and he may call a press conference against me. All the heroines should touch his feet for protecting their dignity...The media should be ready to cover every event at the Oberois' residence. If Vivek's dog has dysentery tomorrow, we should be prepared to hear Vivek talk about it on camera for three hours."
"I don't think I would like to do a film with [Kareena] again. I believe she called me a 'Kaali Billi'(black cat). Because at the end of the day I want to have fun."
"When I go abroad, women throw themselves at me. But I'm not into one-night-stands or flings."
"The best way to sober me down is by kissing me all over."
"I love [Aishwarya]. I am not hounding her. It's not a teenage obsession that I feel for her, it's pure love. She's such a traditional Hindustani girl at the bottom of her heart. The fact that she respects her parents so much makes me admire her more."
"I've sent a legal notice to the columnist who's written that Kajol and I are breaking up. Either she tenders a written apology or prepares to face the consequences."
"Salman Khan's like a baby. We're always sparring on the sets. If he gives me attitude, I give him loads of it return."
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2015.05.07 10:52 aVerySexyName All of Bollywood celebrities reactions(mostly stupid) and family members reaction on Salman(bhai)'s Case !

Bollywood (being Stupid)
Arjun Kapoor
Mika Singh
Ali Fazal
Sushmita Sen
Pulkit Samrat
Parineeti Chopra
Abhijeet(singer) calling homeless people kutta
Farah Khan Ali
Farah khan Ali trying harder
Farah Khan Ali
Farah Khan Ali comparing it with railway tracks
Waheeda Rehman (acting as if salman is the victim)
Bollywood (not being defensive but rather being both Sensible and Supportive)
Alia Bhatt(atleast acccepting that he has done a mistake)
Preity Zinta
Karan Johar
Reteish Deshmukh
Rishi Kapoor
Rajeev Masand
Varun Dhawan
Ayushmann Khuranna
This is particularly both disturbing and interesting !
Article by a columnist who works at International New York Times
Bollywood(neutral reactions)
Sonakshi Sinha
Bipasha Basu
Family Members
Arpita Khan Sharma
Atul Agnihotri
Meanwhile Abhishek Bachchan/Vivek Oberoi must be celebrating !
EDIT- To all those still busy defending/downvoting citing the reason that it was just an ACCIDENT, do remember that he is still gonna go to jail for black buck poaching case whose hearing date is due later this month and no that was not an accident !
EDIT 2-Many Salman fans are giving the argument that Salman should get less punishment as many others(Nanda etc) who were involved in similar cases were let off with lighter punishment! But I would like to tell them that their argument is correct and many of the lesser known cases didnt even get to see the court but then even Nirbhaya's rapists should be let free as even they would argue that many rapists have been let free and got away with very less punishment !Even they should be set free and should be given less punishment if we are to take your logic into account !
Also, lets for a second even if we say that Salman doesnt deserve to go to jail as it was just an accident and he is guilty for it, but then did he compensate those victims who got disabled and some of them even lost their legs ! Go see their interview on news channels and you will realize that they are in so pathetic state that they cant even feed themselves forget even having a satisfactory life !
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